Best Webcam Sites to Work For in 2021:

  1. Chaturbate
  2. BongaCams
  3. OnlyFans
  4. LiveJasmin
  6. CAM4
  7. CamSoda
  11. IMLIVE
  13. XCAMS

The webcam modeling business is one of the largest and fastest-growing sectors within today’s adult industry.

Webcam modeling platforms are the best place for fans to go and watch their favorite performers engaging in a long list of sexual acts.

From solo masturbation and anal to couples sex and toy play, these platforms are a great place for fans to follow their favorite sex workers.

Fans of live cam performers can also find virtually every fetish that can be imagined on their favorite cam sites.

These camming sites are the best places to find the world’s hottest women, men, and transgender models that perform for their fans while receiving tips for the work that they put in.

There is a nearly endless list of amazing webcam modeling sites that are currently available in today’s adult market.

Working for top webcam modeling platforms is an amazing way for motivated models to make good money for their services. Many of these platforms pay quite generous percentages in relation to what the platform takes. You can find webcam jobs for couples here if you’re interested in making a quick buck together.

But finding the best webcam sites to work for can be challenging at some point.

The ability to build a large fan base makes it possible for hardworking models to make a great living through the webcam modeling profession.

For those aspiring adult models that are thinking about making the leap into the business, it can be helpful to have some information about the top platforms currently available in the market.

In order to help out, we have put together our list of the top 13 best paying cam girl sites in 2021.

These webcam model platforms all provide an outstanding outlet for today’s hard-working cam models to work and make a good living. We can recommend all of these webcam jobs as being great places to check out when looking to get into what can be a very lucrative business.

To find success in the business, it takes hard work, but it also helps to have a list of some of the best sites to check out if you are wanting the best opportunity to make good money.

There are certainly some platforms that stand out above the pack. The sites on this list are examples of this.

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First of all, these are all legit cam sites for models, so let’s start with the list.


Chaturbate is one of the biggest and best webcam site in the world for models to make money. There is no doubt that the site is one of the webcam industry’s top 13 leading sites and one of its better-paying ones as well.

The site is a premier platform for live streaming and webcam modeling. It was first launched in 2011 and it quickly rose to a status as an industry leader. Chaturbate categories include female and male cams as well as categories such as transgender and couples. There are both male webcam jobs available and female cam jobs.

The Chaturbate platform works on a system of tokens that are paid by site visitors to the webcam models that they view. When it comes to the overall breakdown, 50 to 60 percent of a webcam model’s earnings go to her while Chaturbate takes the remaining 40 to 50 percent.

When models join Chaturbate as a broadcaster, they are taking part in one of the most well-recognized platforms for adult cam jobs in the adult industry.

This fact means that they also get to take advantage of the site’s high traffic from camgirl fans around the world. The overall quality of the platform helps it to maintain its status as one of the best places to find the world’s hottest webcam models. The pay breakdown also means it is one of the most lucrative sites for models to cam on.


The BongaCams adult webcam model platform has been going strong since its founding in 2012. The platform is an award-winning one and it brought home the 2017 Company of the Year award at the YNOT Awards.

The ability that BongaCams has demonstrated to provide top webcam models with an excellent platform for their fans has helped to establish the site as one of the adult industry’s preeminent ones within the camming sector.

When you do the math, BongaCam models get about 50 percent of the money that is sent to them by their fans. Models usually start out at 4 cents per token which is then increased to 5 percent after a short period of time and a meeting of fairly basic requirements.

As with all top webcam model sites, a model’s own performance is really what determines how much money they can make. The quality of the BongaCams platforms makes it an ideal place for today’s top webcam models to provide their service to their fans.

The ease of navigation on the BongaCams website makes it easy for fans to find the kind of models that they are looking for and models can join by clicking on the become a model button on the main page. The consistent performance of this outstanding webcam modeling site has helped to strongly establish it as one of the industry’s top platforms and a definitive member of the top 13 highest paying cam model job sites in 2021.


OnlyFans is the next website on our list of the top sites for adult models to make good money in 2021. It is important to note that OnlyFans is not a webcamming site and is instead a site where adult models can post a wide range of erotic content that their fans get access to by signing up for a monthly subscription plan.

Beyond adult models. OnlyFans is also the home to other best onlyfans content creators such as musicians, and fitness instructors. The OnlyFans platform was launched in 2016. Its growth since that time has been impressive and it has become one of the leading sites for adult content creation in today’s industry.

OnlyFans offers some of the best pay for today’s adult models, as the site pays 80 percent of the model’s earnings to the model while keeping 20 percent as the platform’s fee. In the years since its founding OnlyFans has become the go-to platform for many of the top adult performers in the industry. It is considered to be one of the leading sites that allow for adult content fans to connect with their favorite performers and to compensate them monetarily for their work. These facts have helped the OnlyFans platform to become one of the entries on our list.


The LiveJasmine adult camming platform has a long history that extends back to 2001. This makes LiveJasmin one of the longest established adult webcam sites in the industry, created by the Gattyan Gyuri.

It is one of the most recognized and successful cam platforms in the business and it has garnered numerous major awards during its history.

These awards include taking home a prestigious AVN Award in 2013 for the Best Live Chat Website.

LiveJasmin has also won major industry awards at the XBIZ Awards, YNOT Awards, AW Awards, Bucharest Summit, and the Venus Awards. The popular reputation of the website, along with the fact that the LiveJasmine platform is one of the highest paying webcam jobs currently available in the industry has helped it to become one of the definitive go-to webcamming spots for the hottest models currently working in the adult business. Models who perform on through the platform get the benefit of being able to entertain fans from around the world for pay that is highly competitive within the industry.

The pay rate that models make from their LiveJasmine earnings starts at 30 percent and can go up to 60 percent. These are some key facts that make LiveJasmine one of the undisputed industry leaders and one of the top 13 best webcam modeling sites where models can make good money.


STRIPCHAT is another one of the most recognizable names in the world of webcam jobs. That means that the models who work there get the benefit of a massive audience of potential fans that can pay them.

There are 15 different ways to make money by performing as a cam model on the platform. This fact is another key reason why so many models are happy to broadcast through the platform. On average, models that work on STRIPCHAT will get paid about 55 percent of the money that is sent to them by their fans. This rate means that STRIPCHAT offers percentage payouts that are well within industry standards. This has helped the platform to achieve a notable status that includes being listed here as one of the top 13 highest paying webcam jobs currently available in today’s industry.


CAM4 has been going strong since 2007. The years since the platform’s founding have seen it become one of the top sites for performances from live cam models. Like other top sites, CAM4 offers fans the chance to see their favorite models performing acts that include anything from dirty talk to striptease, masturbation, couples sex action, masturbation scenes, and much more.

The CAM4 platform is considered to be one of the best webcam modeling site currently available in the industry. The payment percentages on CAM4 are determined by the number of tokens that a customer bought. The percentage that the model gets will depend on how many tokens her fan purchased and the more they buy, the higher the percentage that goes to the performer. On average, CAM4 models will get anywhere from 50 to 65 percent of the money that they are sent in tips from their fans. This fact certainly makes CAM4 one of the highest paying webcam jobs in today’s adult business. It is a platform that is deserving of its position on the list of the top 13 best paying cam sites for webcam models in 2021.


Since 2014, CamSoda has been providing the top webcam models with a platform to make good money by performing a variety of acts for their fans. During its history, CamSoda has become well known for offering live streams with a virtual reality feature. It has also become known as one of the top webcam jobs available in the industry.

The models who perform for fans on CamSoda will see as much as 65 percent of their earnings that will go directly to them for their work.

This is a rate that makes CamSoda rank as a highly competitive platform for webcam models. The platform’s massive popularity with webcam girl loving fans around the world means that it is easy for top models to build large fan followings if they are willing to put in the work necessary to succeed.

Viewers who come to CamSoda will see models performing in everything from solo scenes to couples action and much more. We definitely had to include this outstanding webcamming site on our list of the highest paying webcam jobs for the 2021 calendar year.


The team at MYFREECAMS has been offering a platform for the sexiest webcam models since 2002. This gives the platform quite a storied history within the realm of adult camming sites. More than 60 percent of site revenue is paid out to the models who perform on MYFREECAMS. This fact helps to clearly establish the site as one of the highest paying webcam jobs in today’s market.

This has led a large number of the hottest and best-known webcam models to broadcast on the platform. Models that are willing to put in the time and effort, and to offer fans what they are looking for, can find themselves doing very well on the MYFREECAMS platform.

The site regularly attracts a large audience of webcam fans from around the world. The site is very good at providing webcam fans with an impressive selection of performers that do a variety of explicit acts. This has helped to establish the site as one of the best webcam modeling job site available in 2021.


Since its founding, the CAMS.COM webcam model platform has quickly earned a place among the top sites for models to perform for large numbers of devoted fans. The popularity of the site has allowed it to be able to offer pay that is highly competitive within the webcam modeling industry. The payment system is a tiered model at CAMS.COM. It is based on the number of tokens that the model brings in.

The percentage that models can make range anywhere from 32 percent all the way up to an impressive 70 percent. This fact easily helps establish CAMS.COM as one of the highest paying webcam modeling jobs.

The site’s outstanding industry reputation combined with the fact that it offers a great money-making opportunity for models is the reason that CAMS.COM is a definitive choice for our list of the top 13 webcam sites for models in 2021.


FLIRT4FREE is another one of the top 13 best webcam model sites in 2021 where models can make good money by performing. This is an amazing cam site for the hottest female and male performers out there. The site also offers some of the world’s hottest transgender models as well. The list of awards that FLIRT4FREE has garnered over the years is impressive.

The platform has won multiple XBIZ, AVN, and YNOT awards. It has also claimed awards such as the Best Live Cam Site in 2010 at the Cybersocket Web Awards. This feat was repeated in 2015. The large following that the site has means that it is a great place for models to attract new fans.

The platform offers great services that include camming, and fan clubs. It is important to note that FLIRT4FREE does not currently reveal the percentage that its models get paid in relation to their tips, but the site is regularly able to present an extensive offering of beautiful women and men for the viewing pleasure of fans. The quality of the available models on FLIRT4FREE has helped the site to become one of the world’s most popular as well as a member of the top 13.


IMLIVE has a reputation as one of the best places for today’s adult models to make a good living by entertaining their fans. The platform has been around in the adult business since 2002.

Cam performers on IMLIVE begin with a 30 percent take of their earnings from tips but they have a chance to continually increase their earning percentage. The model’s percentage can rise up to 70 percent.

When a model converts her a new member from a free member to a paying one, she receives 100 percent of the initial credits that he spends on her for that initial transaction. These kinds of incentives have helped IMLIVE to build its reputation as a go-to site for many of the most beautiful cam models in the world. It is pretty easy to see why IMLIVE had to be included on this list of the top 13 best webcam modeling jobs in 2021. It is an outstanding platform for models that are ready to get out there and put in the work.


CAMSTER is another major site that offers webcam jobs in today’s adult industry. It is a site that has been making a big name for itself over the years that it has been in operation. Fans head to the CAMSTER website to watch the hottest women in the world masturbating, squirting, and getting together with their partners, among many other hot adult acts. The site has been able to attract some of the world’s hottest camgirls by paying a percentage that is competitive within the industry’s standards. Models that work on CAMSTER have the benefit of being able to attract the attention of viewers from around the world. Many of the biggest camgirl fans routinely visit the site to tip their favorite models. CAMSTER has a significant following and this benefits the beautiful models who perform on the platform. It is another one of the 13 best webcam modeling jobs available in 2021.


We had to include XCAMS on our list of the top 13 best webcam modeling jobs available in 2021. The site has been growing rapidly by offering excellent webcam jobs to today’s sexiest models. Fans come to XCAMS to get a chance to watch the hottest women, couples and transgender performers engaging in many erotic acts. Models like working for XCAMS because the site offers a percentage that is competitive within today’s camming industry. There is regularly a large number of cam performers online at any given time at XCAMS. This means that the site attracts many fans as well. This makes it easy for cam models to build a strong fan base. These factors have helped to earn XCAMS a spot on our top 13 list for 2021 as one of the best webcam modeling jobs.

Our Concluding Thoughts

This concludes our list of the top 13 highest paying webcam jobs for 2021. We hope that this information has been helpful to you.

These sites have made it onto this list because they offer an outstanding platform for today’s dedicated adult models to work and make a great living. The sites that made it onto this top 13 list did so because they offer payout percentages that are highly competitive within today’s adult webcamming industry.

All of these webcamming sites bring in large viewer bases. This gives models an excellent chance to continually add new fans.

These sites also were able to make it onto this list because they have reputations for rewarding models that are truly putting in the work that is necessary to succeed. The notoriety of these sites has been built on their abilities to attract a large number of customers.

To do this, they have to be able to maintain a strong roster of the hottest webcam models currently working in today’s adult industry. We recommend checking out what makes these platforms great if you are an aspiring adult model that is getting ready to enter into an exciting life working on a live camming platform.


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