Cam shows are becoming the new normal in the world of online porn. Even with all the websites venturing into this field, one sands out. Flirt4free!

Flirt4free is a website you must have heard of, considering it has been around for more than two decades. It is a site with decent webcam shows, given the experience.

After spending some time on the site, I can tell you it’s not a site you can easily walk out from given the service. Flirt4free specializes in adult cam shows and emphasizes customer satisfaction.

The cam site is flooded with hot webcam models to tend to all your fantasies and needs. Flirt4free is a pioneer in this game, so you cannot go wrong. Here is a full review of the cam site.

Flirt4free gives you access to different types of models depending on what turns you on. There are hundreds of models on the site to help you get your rocks off, which is one of the features that I loved about the site. Here are some of the webcam models you will come across on flirt4free.

The girls

The first thing we check for in our webcam girls is a stunning face and a sexy body. We guarantee you that all the girls on flirt4free are nothing less than gorgeous!

The girls on flirt4free are not only attractive, but they are also keen to tend to your needs. Did I mention that they are also quite engaging? You will love them.

The site also allows access to varied girls to ensure you meet one to fit your taste. Are you into black women, Latinos or white women? Flirt4free has that and more to offer!

The guys

Flirt4free is the best cam site for all the live gay chat you need. The cam site allows you access to a great selection of gay sex chatting. If you are appealed to by men, you are in the right place. I must say I was surprised to find almost more men than women on the site.

The men on flirt4free are the accurate description of perfection. They are well built and nothing less than charming. They are also quite engaging and don’t fall short of wild. Who said you could not realize your fantasy?

The versatility on this site is also something you will absolutely love. There are different guys at your disposal to maximize your pleasure. You will find the hunks, bears, cubs you name it. Flirt4free has it all!

The couples

Couples are not very common on flirt4free cam site, but that doesn’t mean you will not have the freedom to choose. I was fortunate to come across close to ten webcam live chat couples.

So, if you are looking for a fun experience with your partner, do not hesitate to go on flirt4free and find many engaging model couples. The couples are all smoking hot and definitely sexy.


Flirt4free does not shy off from any category. Trans is another category I came across while making my visit on the cam site. Although not a popular category, flirt4free has made sure to bring you one or two trans. The cam site, yet, focuses on the girls and guys so you will not have much variety for these models.

For every cam model, you will be able to view a full profile before engaging them for a sex chat. You get the models age, birthday and zodiac sign, the languages they can speak, the appearance build, ethnicity, hair color and such and much more.


Flirt4free has a pricing plan for every user. These are the pricing plans offered for webcam live video chats.

Standard show type

A standard show entails a one-on-one live video chat with any model of your choice. Remember you are first given a prerecorded video with the model before the live video. This is the most frequented show type. It costs 30-60 credits per minute depending on the performer of your choice.

Premier chat

Flirt4free has exciting offers for premium members. In this chat option, you choose from the premiere models who are the ultimate best. You are guaranteed undivided attention and expertise on the show. Also, premier chats use the highest quality videos. The pricing plans cost between 70-500 credits per minute only!

Voyeur mode

We all like consistency. If you are looking for your fav model and you find them engaged in another live chat, flirt4free allows you to have a peak in the private chatroom. You can watch a show they are already performing, but you will not be able to engage in texting, or there will be no audio. Voyeur mode is cheaper going for 10-40 CPM.


The more, the merrier! Multi-user showrooms entail multiple customers chatting with a model or models in a singles chat room. Think of it as an online live chat orgy. You can experience this for 10-120 CPM, depending on the number of models performing.

Why should you choose flirt4free?


Great pricing

The feature you will love about this website is that it comes at a reasonable price. What’s more, flirt4free gives you flexible payment options. What does this mean? When I first used the website, all I had to do is enjoy the kinky and sexy models as pricing was friendly and affordable. You are guaranteed a total peace of mind and service that will have you coming back for more.

Zoom option

How does being able to zoom in on live webcams sound? Perfect, right? The zooming option is unique to flirt4free. You will not find it in any other sex chat or webcam sites. Flirt4free allows you to zoom in on scenes. I indeed found this option to be the most useful.


Flirt4free accommodates all sexual orientations, meaning you can find your taste. Are you down for gay models or are you into the girls? Whatever turns you on, flirt4free has got you covered! Flirt4free has everything from gay models to girls, transgender and couples. So, what is keeping you from getting down and dirty?

There are other positive remarks I would make about Flirt4free cam site from experience. I loved that all their webcam videos are in HD and you get a preview before paying for the model. Also, there are tremendous and user-friendly features to ensure you have a comfortable and enjoyable time. However, the cam site has its own downsides.


The price

Considering the site has the word “free” on the name, a lot of people expect to find completely free sex live chats. Those who are not willing to spend a few bucks for an excellent live webcam immediately turn away.

Also, although you get great content, private shows can be a bit pricey.

Lagging and downtime

It is common to experience some lagging on the website. The website also experiences a bit too many downtimes which can be annoying.

So, if you are looking for a cam site to watch live cam action, look no more. Flirt4free has it all!


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