Cam Soda is more than just a cam site; it has some porn videos as well. A kind of one-stop-shop for porn. Since it is primarily a cam site, I will start with a review of some of the girls.

Kiki Vega

This very professional looking beauty was dancing against a wall when I entered the room, she certainly could move, and she used facial expressions well. Big silicone tits and shapely hips make her very attractive.

She was wearing a very short skirt, and just protruding from the bottom of the dress was a Lovesense vibrator, which was activated every time someone tipped her. She squealed and squirmed appropriately every time a tip appeared in her chat window. A very sexy young woman

When I turned away from the window for a few moments and came back, she was sitting straddled a seat and using a larger vibrator, adjusting the camera to ensure that we got a good view of her delightful pussy. I could have gone on watching her a lot more as she was something special. You must look her up when you come to Cam Soda.


For this cam girl, I went right to the last page. Sometimes if you go there, you get girls who try much harder to improve their rankings. Yoursexxymilf, an Asian girl, was sitting down with her tits out and groaning as if she was in the middle of sex. She then took off her panties and started touching her pussy. All the time she was doing this, she remained in character and was both making sex sounds and pulling faces.

She then readjusted her camera to give a close up of her pussy with a Lovesense vibrator inserted. Flexing her muscles, she clenched and unclenched her pussy. Yes, another model you should look up as she works her way up through the rankings on Camsoda.

My Lady & My Lord

The next cam room I visited was a couple. There was a really chubby girl with massive jugs bent double while an old guy was thrusting a vibrator in and out of her pussy. This continued for a while, and then he told her to move sideways on and remove her bra, allowing these enormous boobs to spill out. She spent a few minutes sucking on her own tit while he touched her pussy, he then oiled her up. All this time, she has a butt plug shoved way up her ass. He was consistently telling her what do do and pushing her around, and she was very compliant. An impressive enough performance for free if you like really chubby girls. I decided I had enough just as she was giving him a blowjob far away from the camera.

There was something about this couple with the guy looking very sleazy and continually monitoring his computer. Now one of the best rooms on the site.

I looked at a lot more rooms on the site, and generally, the girls were giving great performances and reacting to the tips they were being given. I thought I would go check out one of the porn videos the site features while I am here.

Camsoda Pizza Dare – Kelsi Monroe, Bailey Brooke, and Evelin Stone – Camsoda Exclusive Video

This video featured a pizza delivery guy delivering to a house where three girls await the pizza (dressed in bikinis). Lots of action as slices of pizza get placed on pussies, tits, and he gets to enjoy the pizza and more. He gets to suck and fuck all the women during the video and eventually cums on a slice of pizza, which the girls then eat with this extra topping. A well shot and sexy video, as were all the videos on the site.


The performers on the cam site were of pretty high quality and performed well.No annoying popupsPorn videos were of high quality and well produced. Also long enough for a guy to use if he so wished.A clean, looking modern design site.A lot of cam rooms available


The site has so much content, but some of it is hard to find. There is a whole section of public-nudity videos, which are really hot but almost impossible to find. I suspect that there may be other gems around the site that are equally difficult to access.


Free membership allows you to buy tokens to tip the girls.

Buying Tokens costs as follows.

$5.99 for 50 tokens$10.99 for 100 tokensOther quantities with price reduction according to the number purchased.

Premium membership – $19.95/mo premium membership.

Includes 200 tokens FREE. No ads, send PMs & adjust tip sounds with a

About the site – Special features

When you join the website, you have your own private media library area set up, where any videos you purchase or choose for free will be stored. Around the site, there are lots of videos that you can view and save to your media area.

If you worry about the girls on these cam sites being exploited, then Cam Soda is anything but that. They treat their models so well that they even assist with health care. There is a leaderboard for the girls, and the top models get financial rewards as a bonus to their earnings.

A neat feature in some chat rooms is that the girls have a Lovesense toy in their pussies that responds to tips. It does this through Bluetooth on their mobile phones. For around 4-0 to 50 tokens, you get to control this sex toy remotely for a while. Check out the button marked “Control her” in the chat room. If you accept the token charge after the button has been pushed, you get control of four vibration settings so you can control the girl and have some fun.

Chat rooms often have other games set up like spinning a wheel and depending on what color it arrives on. You will get a prize, like the model fucking herself with a dildo or sending a video. Its features like this that sets this website apart from other cam sites. I Definitely recommend Cam Soda. I hope you enjoyed this review of the camsode site.


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