Not everyone is the same. This applies to sexual desires too. Some people need a little more adventure before they can get sexually satisfied. The number of people who are into sexual fetishes is growing by the day.

According to research done by the Journal of Sex Research shows that one in every six people have indulged at least once in their sexual fetish. Porn websites too have seen the rise in demand for different types of sexual fetishes. And they have capitalized on this and are now making videos of different fetishes.

Webcam models too, need to capitalize on this and start offering different types of fetishes to their followers.

Reasons why cam models should start offering fetish cam shows?

1.There is a rise in demand for different types of sexual fetishes online.

As discussed at the beginning of the article, there are many people who are seeking to experience their sexual fetishes. Whether they are seeking sexual satisfaction or adventure, people’s interest in sexual fetishes has risen. Webcam models who offer fetishes services will get more viewers that those who do not provide such services.

2.Chat models are more likely to earn more from them.

The rise in demand means an increase in a models income. Models that offer fetish services charge more than others. Even with few clients, a webcam model can earn a lot of cash from them if they can offer highly marketable fetishes.

3.Fetishes are fun.

Moving away from doing things in the usual orthodox way may make a model at first uncomfortable. But just like any adventure, the fun always begins when a model finds a fetish they are comfortable with. Just like their client a model can enjoy their sexual fetish as they earn at the same time.

4.There are tons of different types of fetishes to engage in.

There are many types of sexual fetishes. Others are abnormal while others are very entertaining and satisfying sexually. A model has a wide range of fetish options to choose from. They can offer fetish services they are only comfortable with and still earn well.

Below is a list of fifteen popular fetishes for a webcam model to choose from.

1.Foot Fetish.

Apart from standing or walking did you know that you can earn money showing people your legs? Foot fetish is one of the most popular fetishes out there. Regardless of how your feet look, there is someone who would pay you to look at them. People with foot fetish have even gone to the extent of paying models a lot of money to lick or smell their feet. People get turned on with even the tiniest details of people’s

Those toes or even sweaty feet can turn out to be the best someone has ever seen. Not only can foot fetishes make you rich, but they can also improve the confidence and self-esteem of a model. People who love your feet for what they are can give you a completely different perspective of your feet that you never saw.

Just like anything else, people have different preference when it comes to foot fetish too. A model can groom their feet depending on a client’s demands. Some like naturally maintained feet while others like feet adorned with jewelry or even socks.

2.Latex Fetish.

Wearing clothes made out if latex is considered by many as a fashion statement. Wearing that latex catsuit not only makes you feel like a superhero but in some ways makes you comfortable in your own body. However, others do get sexually arose when they see someone wearing latex. Latex holds the body, exposing a person’s physique.

Latex fetish can also mean being attracted to latex clothes or material. This implies a webcam model does not only satisfy people’s sexual fetishes but also their love for the latex material. Both men and women have a weakness for latex, allowing a model to get clients from both sexes.

Moreover, it is easier to satisfy such fetish. Most webcam models take pictures of themselves wearing latex and post them on their social media pages to market their services. Not only are latex lovers into seeing people wearing them but also the way they smell.

3.Transformation Fetish.

The thought of a person transforming from one person to the other or an animal has been around for centuries. Transformational fetish is where someone is gets sexually aroused when they see someone transforming into an animal or another gender.

Just like BDSM, there are different types of transformation fetishes. A person tends to incline to their preferred transformation depending on their personality or desire. As a result, it becomes tough for a person to find those with the same passions as them. That’s where models come in and capitalize on the uniqueness of peoples desires.

4.Financial Domination.


Also referred to as findom or money slavery, financial domination is a branch of BDSM where someone who is submissive gifts the dominant money and gifts. Even though men usually play the role of submissive women too have started to pick up the character. They submit control of their money to a dominant.

Unlike a sugar daddy or mama relationship where the submissive person gives money and gifts for sex or companionship in return, the submissive does not expect anything in return from the other party after gifting them. The submissive person enjoys giving the dominant money even if they have never met. Some money slavery relationships go on online even without the parties ever meeting.

Technology has made it easy for people to meet and start a financial domination relationship. There quite a good number of websites that connect a submissive to a dominant online. This is one of the most profitable fetishes a webcam model can ever engage in.

5.Adult Baby Fetish.

image source: halloweencostumes.com

Adult baby fetish is one of the most challenging fetishes to understand. Also known as paraphilic infantilism, this is a fetish where an adult enacts being a baby. They dress up like babies, with some putting on diapers, and play like a real baby. To be clear, no babies or children are involved in this fetish.

People who are into this type of fetish pay good money to daycares who deal in such fetishes. At a first glimpse, you may think it is a daycare for children, but if you look closely, you will find adults dress up as toddlers. The daycares are equipped with toys, cribs, baby sweaters, and all sorts of baby paraphernalia.

People are into adult baby fetish because they feel secure and find it as a way of getting away. People from all walks of life from the rich to the not so rich are into this kink and not for only a selected few. A webcam model can become a babysitter to a person with such a fetish, and if they have enough clients, they can open an adult baby daycare.

6.Group Sex Fetish.

Just like its name suggest group sex is sex where more than two people are engaging in the sex. More people are engaging in group sex than people think. A survey published by the Time Out New York’s Sex Issue 31 percent of New York residents have ever tried group sex at least once in their lifetime. Considering New York has a population of 19.5 million people, that’s a considerable number.

Though group sex is hard to come by, more couples tend to engage in group sex than single people. This could be because more couples want to make their relationship more adventurous and spontaneous. Such couples tend to stay together longer than couples who have never done it. As odd as it may sound such couples tend to have better communication and trust.

As much as it may sound adventurous group sex has its drawbacks. Contracting sexually transmitted diseases is one of them. And the other is having unwanted pregnancies. Group sex seems to be here to stay, and models should find ways they can capitalize on the fetish.

7.Anal Sex Fetish.

Anal sex popularity is rising by the minute; both men and women enjoy having anal sex. Though common in men, more women have started engaging in anal sex. Statistics from the US national survey of family growth 44 percent of couples do engage in anal sex. And the number is rising, especially in women. According to data from PornHub, there was an upsurge of anal searches on their website from 2009 to 2015 by an incredible 120 percent.

Even though it is still a taboo in many parts of the world, including America, there is still a rise in people who have anal sex fantasies. This rise could be attributed to a lot of exposure by the mainstream media and rise in gay rights. This has led to those who have never had anal sex to experiment.

However, research shows that anal sex is one of the most effective ways of contracting HIV. Moreover, the anus harbors a lot of bacteria, and it is common for people who engage in anal sex to contact infections. Also, because the anus does not lubricate its self and as a result, anal sex can be excruciating. Therefore models should take the necessary precautions like using protection and lubricating their anus when having anal sex.

8.Rape Play Fetish.

Research shows that a good number of women and men both fantasize about getting raped and enjoying it. To fulfill their fantasies, they engage in a role play where they are forced into having sex or performing sexual acts.

First and most importantly, both parties should agree into playing whatever role they desire and not being forced into the act because that will be real rape besides acting as the victim others enjoy reversing the role and acting as the perpetrator. The victim gets to resist before being subdued by the aggressor.

Just like most kinks on this list, both parties can put on costumes of their desires to make the scene as real as possible. Some use cuffs, ropes whips, or anything they desire. However, it’s not a must. It all boils down to an individual’s desires.

9.Cosplay Fetish.

Cosplay is the short form for costume play. It involves dressing up as your favorite actor, carton, a book character, or anybody you want to be and taking up the role completely. It is a way of expressing yourself or your desires and paying tribute to the role. Cosplay is related in any way to Halloween. Depending on a person’s desire, cosplay can be sexual or not.

Over the years, the mainstream media, internet, and social media have popularised cosplay. Now it is possible to meet someone dressed up as their favorite character on the streets even when it’s not the time for Halloween. Cosplay competitions and parties are held around the world regularly for people with such a fetish to link up together and enjoy themselves.

Even though cosplay may be innocent, a good number of people do get sexually aroused when they dress up or when they see someone dressed up as their favorite character. Webcam models who enjoy dressing up can enjoy themselves and earn at the same time as they entertain their clients.

10.Stocking Fetish.

Both men and men women get attracted to stocking for many reasons. Not only are they attractive to the person wearing them but also those not wearing them. They feel good on the skin and also help to hide blemishes and improve how the legs look. Women like wearing them because they make them feel more confident and powerful.

Some people think that those who wear them are trying to be a little slutty. But that’s not usually the case. Stockings have been a fashion statement for a very long time and can be worn for many occasions.

People are attracted to how they look and how they feel when touched. For men with a stocking fetish, they love women who wear them because they ignite a lot of imaginations in their mind. Some men also like putting them on and masturbate thinking of a woman wearing them. To market themselves a webcam model can buy different types of stockings wear them and take photos of themselves wearing them and post them on their social media pages.

11.Squirt Fetish.

Squirting is considered as female ejaculation. During sex, a woman may release fluid from her vagina involuntary followed by an orgasm. This occurs when a woman’s G-spot is rubbed gently and continuous for some time. Most people confuse squirting to urination, but that’s not it.

It is thought that this fluid is excreted by the Skene’s gland, which is found on the upper walls of the vagina. Some squirt large amounts of fluid while others squirt small amounts. A woman can still squirt when they pleasure themselves.

However, not all women can squirt. As a result, men find women who squirt as a turn on that they can pay to experience a woman squirting. Others have gone to the extent of learning how to make a woman squirt. Because it is rare, a webcam model that can squirt is bound to get a lot of clients who are fascinated by it.

12.Futanari Fetish.

Futanari is a Japanese word that stands for a woman that has both sex organs, also known as hermaphrodites. Though it was popular in Japan, more people around the world have become interested while some have become obsessed with it. Off late, many pornography websites have been uploading a lot of futanari videos, probably due to an increase in demand.

Models too have started picking up this fetish. Some were born with both genitals, but those without have opted to use strap-ons or dildos. Models like combining futanari with other fetishes to make the experience more memorable.

13.BDSM Fetish.

Even with the exposure mainstream media has given BDSM, many people still do not fully understand it. The mainstream media has also done its fair share of misinterpreting what BDSM is. BDSM in full stands for bondage and discipline, dominance and submission and sadism and masochism. It is some form of role play which involves bondage, discipline, dominance, and submission between two adults who have agreed to engage in this fetish. BDSM is a term used to categorize a wide range of fetishes into one umbrella.

This fetish is not limited. A girl can enter into a BDSM relationship with another girl or a man, or a man can do the same. If you do not like some aspects of BDSM, there are others which you may find interesting and fun to engage in. Most people associate this type of fetish with cruelty, but that’s not usually the case. People who engage in BDSM typically do it because they want to please each other and not hurt each other. Some
people find satisfaction in pain and submitting to other people.

To make things interesting, a model can buy BDSM paraphernalia like a whip, clothes, or cuffs online to make their clients happy. Models who are interested in this type of kink should know their limits and also strive to learn more about it. Before entering into such a relationship, they should get to know a client well.

14.Daddy Fetish.

Daddy may mean a father, but it can also mean many other things. Many people usually think that daddy fetish involves fantasizing having sex with your father which is not often the case. Daddy fetish is where a man enjoys role-playing and being called daddy, or a woman enjoys calling a man daddy during sex. A man does not have to be older than the woman to enjoy daddy fetish. A man can also call the woman different types of pet names princess or baby but never daughter because that’s just awkward
and that’s not their intention.

Most daddy fetish relationships are characterized by the daddy taking control and the woman being dominated. There are a lot of advantages for a model who engages in such a fetish. Not only does the girl enjoy financial help from their daddies, they also enjoy protection and encouragement from them. However, there is a downside to engaging in a daddy fetish. When a model makes a mistake, the daddy can also discipline them by withholding gift or even whip them depending on how the relationship is. But this does not always have to happen.

Webcam models who try this fetish tend to find long term clients who enjoy their company and not just sex alone. Models may like such kind of a relationship since it may help them find comfort and can depend on someone without feeling you are being used.

15.Lactating Fetish.

Men love sucking on a woman’s breasts when trying to arouse them. However, others like going an extra mile and get turned on when they suck a lactating woman’s breast. It’s not a man’s thing alone. Women like it too. Not only does it excite them but also helps to flush out exes milk, which usually spills off making a mess.

There are different types of lactating fetishes. The adult nursing relationship, where a woman allows a man to suck her breast milk. Pumping is the other where a woman enjoys pumping milk out of her breast with help or not. The third is lactating prostitution, where a woman allows others to suck her nipples for money. The fourth and the last is forced lactating where a woman or man forces the other to milk or suck milk.

If a model is a lactating mother, they should be cautious when lactating other people. Nipples are very sensitive and may carry germs, which is dangerous for a lactating child.

In conclusion.

Webcam models should take the profession as a business and think out of the box about ways they can make more money by attracting more or new clients every time. Since the number of people with different fetishes is rising, they should start offering different types of fetishes to capitalize on this.

First, they should find what their fetish is or which of the above fetishes they like before specializing in them. Specializing in a couple of fetishes is essential because it allows them to offer better services to their clients. Last but not least, they should be comfortable with who they are. Most people who regularly practice their fetishes are very comfortable with who they are. Most of them are not afraid of expressing themselves and their desires.

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