I was cruising the net the other day, working through my favorite porn sites, just following different links, when I came across a cam site called

It was the first time I had come across this particular website, and I have to admit that it was pretty hot.

Maybe it was the mix of girls working at that time, but the site came over as much more fun than other cam sites I had visited.

Bongacams Review From Personal Experience

Anyway, I was a bit short on time on that occasion, so I bookmarked the bongacams site and came back today to do a review. I am going to talk to you through today’s visit.

On reaching the home page, it told me that there were some 1506 girls online at that time. That’’s one hell of a lot of pussy. The first girl that attracted me was “ErikaBird.” There she was, this beautiful girl totally naked touching her pussy.

It was a pretty good angle that gave me a close-up view of her pussy but also so I could still see her whole body. She seemed to be speaking what sounded like Russian. I watched her FREE for a while before moving on.

Next to get my attention was “KenBarbby.” Lucky Ken was getting a great blowjob from Barbby (lucky guy) she had these fantastic pouting lips with bright red lipstick. Once again, she was Eastern European.

Search For Your Perfect Cam Girl

Since the site has a filter function where you can view selections of particular types of models, I thought I would try that next.

I thought I would go for “Anal Play” first, but there didn’t seem to be much anal play going on, so I clicked on an attractive dark-haired girl called “Ladykotya” with really tiny tits, who was standing dancing in just a pair of thin panties.

Her dancing was pretty entertaining but not enough to keep me amused for long.

How Did the Site Perform?

I have talked about how some of the girls perform, but how does the site perform? Does it work as it should? Yes, I have to say that it seems a very well organized site that does exactly as it should. Up until now, I have just been enjoying wandering around the site for free, but let’s look at membership and how to pay for extras. As a guest, you cannot chat with the girls. You must be a member for that.

Joining Bonga Cams

Joining the website was quite easy. Just click on join, make up a username and password, then click on join. They ask for your email to get you five free tokens, and you have to verify your email, and that is it. It took just a couple of minutes.


The basic price 26 Tokens for 1.99 € (~0.08 € per token) The more you buy at one time, the cheaper it becomes, going right down to 50800 Tokens for 2,500.00 € (~0.05 € per token). The site recently halved the price of tokens, but I guess the girls now expect twice the tokens in payment. They do have a promotions page where you can get access to several exclusive deals designed to give you better value.

Help Choose The Winners on the Leaderboard

Go to the contests page and vote for your favorite, and she can win a cash prize. I must admit that for me, I would prefer to frequent the cams of the least popular girls. I feel a bit sorry for the less popular models who sit there for hours and get a minimal reward, but hey, that’s just me.

Time to spend my free tokens I got for becoming a member.

I chose to spend my five free tokens (wow big spender) on “Epicplaytime.” This cam featured two girls. One was straddled the other in a reverse cowgirl and being pounded by the girl underneath who was wearing a strap on dildo. They weren’t impressed with my massive tip!

Just before I left that cam, they moved on, and one of the models started to insert a MASSIVE soft dildo up her ass and proceeded to pull it in and out.

The only downside of this model is that you never got to see her face, just a view of her gaping ass after she had finished with the dildo. I must say the rock music playing in the background was pretty good as well.

I really could have spent hours on this site as there is just so much hot action going on for whatever your taste in sex.

There are sections for Trans, Males, Females/couples, each of which is divided down into sub-categories like Anal Play, Asian, BBW, and so on. There really is something for everyone, no matter what your particular thing is.

Cam Model That Impressed Me

One model I was not impressed with was “SaraSweet-Hor,” a pretty Asian girl who sat there with a boob-tube on and her face half out of frame.

She had received a lot of tips from various punters and just remained there to do nothing and fully covered, not even chatting. It is incredible the difference between the girls.

Some will just sit there, and others will get fucked silly. The amazing thing was that “SaraSweet-Hor” had 53 people watching.

Which brings me to the final section on the site, where they recruit new cam girls.

Become a Cam Girl

On Bongacams, you receive 50% commission on what you take,

25% commission on referred members,

and a 5% commission on models that you refer to the site.

Based in Cyprus

Bonga Cams is based in Cyprus. Cyprus has signed up for the EU laws regarding pornographic and adult material and is very strict on where porn can be sold.

Which may be why Cypriots are the most avid viewers of online porn. Cyprus is quite a popular location to set up a porn business. Bongacams was awarded three different awards last year as the best porn website of 2019.


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