In gratitude to all of the incredible broadcasters and viewers who continue to inspire our community

International adult streaming site CAM4 has launched their highly anticipated brand-new collection of swag.  CAM4 is one of worlds most popular adult broadcasting platforms, where consenting adults, regardless of sex, race, size or sexual preference can express themselves on webcam. CAM4 is much more than a traditional webcam site, its dedicated to building a strong community with a strong focus on social networking where people can make global connections and form communities without discrimination. Its reach is global, as it is translated into 43 different languages and millions of members worldwide from more than 230 countries and receives over 3 billion views each year.

Launching of the CAM4 Swag Store is in gratitude to all of the incredible broadcasters and viewers who continue to inspire our community especially during the course of this wild year. Fans and CAM4 favorites alike now have full access to the CAM4 merch table – and trust us, it does not disappoint!  COVID-conscious of course, the CAM4 Swag Store also offers a variety of fun branded masks and prints to choose from.

From sexy little bikinis, bags, and ultra-soft hoodies, the brand-new Swag Store has something for everyone. The brains behind this innovative retail experience note that the store was designed and curated by some of the industry’s most unique minds, and inspired by the sensuality and power of their community of broadcasters. 

“We were so inspired by the incredible feedback and demand we received for CAM4 specific clothing when we launched our co-branded partnerships with Chris Habana, The Museum of Sex, and New York City’s Lower East Side pop-up store.  Because of this demand we wanted to make an accessible line of swag fans and broadcasters alike would truly enjoy.” 

– Ashley Jacobs, CAM4’s Manager of Performer Development. 

Why a Swag Store? 

Self-expression is one of the pillars of camming, and CAM4 continues to design pieces that can act as catalysts of individuality. Each piece was crafted with the hope of it being worn by our favorite broadcasters on-screen, or our beloved viewers looking to spice up their wardrobe. After partnering with New York City Designer and legend of the underground, Chris Habana, it became abundantly clear that tastemakers and sex workers alike love our brand and wear it proudly. 

“Donning the CAM4 brand is an instant statement of self-expression, individuality, and liberated sexual exploration.  I love to support this brand and let other knows the platform I feel most comfortable on” – Cornelius, 23, CAM4 Broadcaster   

You Asked, CAM4 Delivered!

The promo teams and broadcaster liaisons were constantly being asked where folks could find more swag, so the team decided the best response would be to draw up a brand-new line for the community to enjoy! The line itself is diverse in offering, ranging from teeny tiny swimwear to comfortable loungewear and accessories.  There is a wide offering of products to choose from and many variations of different products within this initial launch.

“Swag can bring communities together, and it’s an important display of pride and empowerment. We’re so grateful when someone does a live show in our gear – it really adds that extra exclusive feel and shows that our brand is being fully supported by performers!”Ashley Jacobs

 CAM4 gear has been seen all over the internet and at live shows, conferences, MTV, celebrities, and legendary adult stars. Throughout the years, trade shows have given us a first hand look and understanding of what people want, what types of clothing they respond to most, and how they want to feel when they wear our clothes.  Folks absolutely love the stuff, and the retail line has created the opportunity for the team to be creative in the industry while providing people unique clothing that makes them feel sexy, empowered, and full of pride. 

“This is something we’ve been wanting to do for a long time. Broadcasters are constantly reaching out and asking us for fun little things to wear in their shows, to their appearances, and their social media channels, We are stoked to be able to now cater to this request.” – CAM4 Design Team  

Launching with six distinct collections- Fans, Viewers, and alike may shop unique looks focused on categories they are calling Classic, Cheetah, Python, Graphic, Pride, and Spotted collections.   These different product offerings create different fantasies and feelings for the person wearing them.   What type of print does a performer or a fan feel like wearing today? 

CAM4 Classic 

Our designers wanted to take a traditional approach to this collection of ready-to-wear items and showcase our brand logo.  The items on this roster are consistently simple, clean, and fun to wear.  Our logo is recognizable within the industry, and we love giving broadcasters the chance to show their pride for the community.


Sultry animalism is what this collection brings to our line. A sexy, one-of-a-kind red print logo is the perfect addition to anyone’s lineup of wild wear. We wanted our performers to feel free to be whoever they wanted in their performances, and if the Cheetah suit fits, why not wear it?! This is uur modern take on a cheetah print combined with the CAM4 logo print.

Python Print

Another timeless trend is the classic python print; a favorite in the bedroom and onscreen, and flattering to those confident enough to slip into the delicious pattern. Truly a style made for the insatiable, our python print speaks to both what’s popular right now and what’s always been a mainstay in the adult industry.  Python seems to be exploding and we wanted our performers to have a print that was impactful, unique, and fun to wear.  The python print is modified with the CAM4 logo and designed to look like an optical illusion – if someone is viewing the piece vertically, it will look like a python print. However once turned on its side, the CAM4 logo will appear.  Feel free to tame the snake or be tamed. 

Graphic Collection

Inspired by luxury lifestyle brands, CAM4’s designers wanted to give fans and viewers a more athletic-inspired line of apparel. Channeling the energy of high-end designers like Balenciaga, Gucci, and Fendi, we wanted a print that stood out and struck on sight. This sport-inspired print is bold, strong, and recognizable.  We adapted this print in two ways: black over white and white over black.  This collection is reminiscent of motorsport brands with the logos printed over unique pieces of clothing.   Take a walk on the graphic side.  It won’t disappoint.

Pride Collection

This is one of our favorite collections in the new line – and potentially ever! CAM4’s designers aimed to give broadcasters and fans the chance to wear their pride with a print to represent our community of LGBTQ+ performers and viewers.   The goal was for this collection to be fun and full of pride, offering pieces that could make any outfit exciting.  We think it’s important to recognize the millions of LGBTQ+ individuals that perform, visit, or are fans of our site.   Not only is the clothing great for PRIDE, but it can be worn 365 days a year.  It’s bold, colorful, and lets others know the community you stand with.   It grows the community even further and creates visibility wherever you are.

Spotted Collection

This line is inspired by leopards in the wild, offering a unique take on our distinct brand colors. It’s an innovative approach to mixing a trending print with an adult brand, incorporating hidden messages into the design. Can you spot the letters? The spotted collection is great for any broadcaster who’s about to go live.  It looks great on every skin tone and is the perfect graphic for shows and photoshoots. 

“This line gives everyone who loves CAM4 the chance to get their hands on some of our coveted gear. The clothes are super-versatile, and much like CAM4, there truly is something for everyone! As we continue to develop this line, we have the opportunity to create even more impactful and exciting pieces”CAM4 Design Team

“We’re already working with our design team on the next round of styles,” Ashley shares, not-so-subtly hinting at an abundance of fun and innovative products for broadcasters to perform in and fans to have fun with. “The clothing was designed as a testament to the platform itself, offering an array of looks and accessories folks can really have fun with!

As collections grow and seasons change, the team is focused on providing a multitude of different styles, prints, and even incorporating home decor.   They understand that there is a need for performers to have products they can stick within their private rooms, items they can broadcast with, and features that will distinctly create unique CAM4 environments.   From mugs, carpets, to wall drapery, they are looking to develop products that will help performers promote their shows even further. 

As many adult stars know, it’s getting harder to promote the cam platforms they are on due to censorship issues many are facing with social media.   With home decor or branded swag, they think this gear may help performers communicate to fans, the platform they will be appearing on during their live broadcasts.  A simple image holding a CAM4 pillow may instantly create visibility and communicate that they will be appearing on CAM4.   It may be a stretch, however, they want to do anything in their power to gain performer visibility through any channel or means necessary.  Many individuals within the industry have started to do this and it seems to be a great trick for promoting the platform they love in a subtle yet playful way.

Since Cyber Monday has recently passed, many viewers are now looking forward to Christmas and deciding what gifts they would like to give to their favorite performers.   Having created the CAM4 Swag Shop, the idea is to integrate the store within performer profiles.  This will then give fans and viewers the opportunity to purchase products for their favorite performers and allow performers to communicate their favorite items.  Having a marketplace readily at their fingertips will create such a unique gifting opportunity for those appearing on the site.  It’s an exciting feature we hope to rollout very soon.

Shop your Christmas List with CAM4 and keep an eye out for exciting new things to come! 

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More About CAM4:

CAM4 was one of the first sites to embrace diversity, anyone, regardless of race, gender, orientation is free to come and be a part of their community. This is the reason they are one of, if not the biggest adult site in the world today.  In an industry that stereotypically promotes a particular type of female with a particular look, CAM4 is a breath of fresh air as they welcome men and women of all shapes and sizes to celebrate who they truly are.  

CAM4 has always sought to create a safe space for its broadcasters to express themselves making it a point of partnering with various sex worker advocacy groups along the way. 

Innovative site features are available to help performers earn more tokens from viewers.

Performers can take advantage of Private Shows, Fan Clubs, Video Shops and more to add additional revenue streams for their cam career.

Today, CAM4 remains one of the leading webcam platforms in the world, with well over 3 billion views monthly. Every single day, millions of viewers visit CAM4 from all around the world, with many varied tastes and interests. On any given day, over 50,000 different people are broadcasting live on CAM4 from all over the world, with top earners grossing $200 – $500 per hour in tips! CAM4 is the industry’s leading cam site as far as accessibility and inclusivity are concerned and is truly a platform for people of all genders, sexual preferences, body types, and ethnicities.

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