Have you always dreamed of a lifestyle you could never afford? Well, your dreams have just become a lot more real! Have you ever heard of webcamming? If you didn’t, or if you think that your laptop’s camera is only good for making calls, this article is for you! We’ll show you how the online world has changed and how cam models manage to do so well that they can live the life they’ve always dreamed of.  Let us show you why webcam models live the life and a have secure income too and why you should pursue your modelling career at ImLive, the best platform there is for models, or, as they call them, Hosts. 

Cam sites are thriving more than ever since the Coronavirus outbreak, due to the “new normal”, a.k.a. #stayhomedontdate – staying at home and refraining from sex with strangers or random hook-ups via dating sites. This is a certain plus for girls looking for steady income, knowing that their skills will for long be sought after. The fact that the state of the world is rather unpredictable does not mean people stopped having ‘urges’ – we still long for a release of tension, human contact, and definitely also ‘good old’ sex. A way to fulfil those urges is to go online and look for the next best thing, girls online who are available for sexy entertainment, but for those interested and willing to look for a bit more than the obvious, also for warm, meaningful human contact.

ImLive is one of the most popular cam sites today, offering its Members high quality entertainment and at the same time giving the models, who provide the entertainment the chance to make a very good living. Hosts receive continuous support, guidance and advice from ImLive to make sure they can do their camming in the best way possible. They are well protected and can reach out to Host representatives at any time, for professional or technical backup, but also for emotional support. 

Seasoned ImLive Hosts have stated what they love about camming is creating actual relationships with Members. It’s common to think that most visitors look for quick satisfaction or something kinky, but this idea is not accurate. Making meaningful connections is crucial in this industry, which explains why the models are advised to show a little more of themselves than just sexy lingerie and a set of dildos. Camming does definitely appeal to introverts on both ends, but making the effort of opening up to your Members is a much better option, as a genuine bond will propel these long-distance relationships to new heights – also financially. With a real connection between them, Members are much more inclined to spoil models with lavish gifts and attention. 

As a Host on imlive.com, you can receive between 30-100% of what Members pay to begin with, but you can also count on their generous tips as well. The amount of your commission depends on you. For every ImLive Credit you earn, you are paid $1. Rates per minute range from 0.98 to 4.80 (and 5.80 if you are a celebrity pornstar) – depending on your category, your seniority, on what you decide to charge, and on the rating you receive from Members. You also earn commission for bringing new paying Members to ImLive, even if they spend Credit on another Host. In addition, ImLive offers a full calendar of events and competitions in which you can win cash prizes, luxury gifts, and more! 

Let’s hear it from the ImLive Hosts

We asked more than 40 ImLive Hosts about their camming experiences. They gave us really insightful answers! Feel free to click on their names to go to their ImLive profiles.  

“The best thing about camming is the compliments you get every day. To the users, your body is art”, LindaF0xx said. “Here you can be yourself without being judged or criticized.” GabrielaMort agrees on this aspect, adding: “I’ve managed to gain confidence. Before this, my self-esteem was lower and I wasn’t feeling as feminine as I feel now. And not just that: it also improved my overall appearance.” It’s quite common for cam models to get a major confidence boost from camming, for the simple fact that Members look at them and admire them on a daily basis. Karla_Dfiore’s experience even enhanced her comfort with her own sexuality: “Thanks to webcam modeling, I’ve learned to be more flirtatious and fun. What I enjoy most about camming is that it increases my confidence and self-esteem. I learn about my sexuality like never before.” ErikaStevens adds: “You’re literally drenched in compliments on the daily. Guys will compliment everything about you and love everything you do.” Talk about a win-win situation!

Others emphasized the importance of lowering cultural differences and creating a common understanding that works for most Members, regardless of their location. Ella_May lets us in on this: “the different contributions I receive from my clients are very much fed by their cultural diversity, and without a doubt make my personality stronger. Each one of them represents a different world and I am grateful for their contributions because they help me to see life in a different way.”

Stream your money maker!

Of course, there’s more to camming than just nourishing the soul. The financial aspects, as we discussed before, are not bad either. LittlePao states: “Even though I’m so young I’ve already earned on ImLive what the average person would earn in 10 years.” JesiDreams adds: “There is no way I could have been able to afford my private education as I have done so far, and still be able to help my family financially.” FaylinneDoll says: “I’m very satisfied with what I’m making, but there always is room for more. The sky is the limit.” Take note, ImLive Members – always tip your favorite Hosts!

The Hosts we talked to also emphasized the importance of preparing for on-cam activity. Models in general, as we all know, make money off their looks and have pretty high standards to uphold: they need to buy clothes, lingerie, beauty products, and visit their hair stylist and their spa quite frequently. The fundamental requirements of camming do not stop at the equipment either. In addition to a computer or laptop, a camera, and a nice environment to broadcast from, models also have to be ‘armed’ with loads of sex toys and “be disciplined, maintain a good physical appearance, dress in nice clothes, have good makeup, and be ready and able to be connected for a considerable amount of time”, says LizKhalifa. “To be a good Host, you need a good attitude first and foremost, but also a good wardrobe and good makeup, and it is essential to speak some English”, adds MafeSuarez , raising a very important aspect with her last remark. Although the camming experience is not really focused on a verbal connection between the Host and the member, they need to be able to communicate with more than just body language to really connect. “The translator tool on ImLive is very helpful!” exclaims JesiDreams. Members expect a model to speak English to be able to communicate well and avoid misunderstandings. It really is a necessity for models if they want to build a closer connection to their Members. And, as we mentioned before, to become a successful model, you really need these close connections to Guests & Members.

Some models offer Members a so-called remote ‘girlfriend experience’, while others take it slower, like RachelMilles: “I do have special relationships with some Members and we do discuss our lives and they ask my opinion about their activities. Sometimes I even have a cam2cam session with fellow pet lovers!” DulceLu created deep bonds on ImLive: “I have two special Members, one is my platonic love and the other is my best friend.” On one thing, all Hosts agree: the benefit of safety when interacting with Members is very important. They are much more in control doing what they do online and from the safety of their own homes, and as a result feel comfortable enough to build more meaningful relationships with Members. 

We also asked the girls to sum up what, in their opinion, makes for a successful model. For LoonaLux, it’s very clear: “when you are in the top 10 on ImLive!” Luna_Bell elaborated, saying that “a successful Host is one who invests in her personal presentation, who has a good disposition to transmit, and an excellent attitude.” Natalie_Ash summed it up as follows: “The key to a Host’s success is being very creative, kind, humble, and accommodating, but also knowing how to listen.“ It may seem somewhat complex to some, but the main message here is that if you are dedicated and willing to invest the time and effort, you can really thrive in this business. 

Why ImLive?

We really wanted to know why the ladies (and some gentlemen) like performing on ImLive since they certainly love spending their valuable time here! They are particularly fond of the Hall of Fame feature that ranks them by popularity and tells them when to up their game to attract more Members. They also mentioned the themed parties that allow them to be creative and show Members a whole different side of their personality. GabrielaMort said it like this: “I like it because it is a site that doesn’t just look for ways to benefit the Host, but also wants to keep our customers satisfied.” 

We thank all the Hosts who kindly replied to our survey and voiced their opinion. Their feedback has been very valuable and gave us great insights. If you’re interested in joining ImLive as a Host, you’ll appreciate a short summary of what you can expect as a Host at ImLive to conclude this article: 

ImLive provides a safe and healthy environment for all Hosts, allowing them to cam from the comfort of their home. In addition to the daily broadcasts, you can win Members’ hearts with custom made videos you can sell. You also have the opportunity to participate in themed parties (e.g. Oktoberfest, Halloween, Hentai) that take place on a regular basis and allow you to dress up and get as creative as you can be. You can offer Candy Shows, special shows you set up yourself that Members can join for a small fee – a great tool to introduce yourself to the Members if you’re new on the site. You can also try earning some extra cash by participating in the lucrative Monthly Video Contests

Join ImLive today, and start making big money! 


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