In this new age of porn and technology, the webcam industry is steadily increasing in popularity. With many people resorting to live porn as a way of social interaction, there is a lot of good cam sites that offer great service to the user.

The cam site that I deem to be the most favorite is LiveJasmin.

LiveJasmin is a live sex cam website that provides beautiful top of the art amateur models and porn stars from around the world, a chance to masturbate and perform in front of fans and users, establishing a connection in a way of tips and support.

I’m going to give a complete review of LiveJasmin, the pros and cons of the website, how much it will cost you, and the number of models that is present.


Signing up for LiveJasmin is completely free, as it is not a monthly subscription cam site. When registering, all you need is an username, email address, and a memorable password.

After you submit the registration, you will be asked to verify your email address in order to experience the full satisfaction of LiveJasmin. Even though registering is free, in order to be a part of premium content you will have to purchase credits. LiveJasmin credits act as currency, that you can use to tip your favorite models, or make them strip naked and play with themselves.

After you register, you will get a chance to spin a wheel that contains a variety of bonuses that will be added on to your purchase. For example, if you spin and land on 80%, it will be an 80% bonus added to your purchase of credits.

The range of credits come in packages (28, 68, 98, 158), with the 28 credits costing $36, 68 credits costing $80, 98 credits costing $113, and 158 credits costing $179.

Number of Models

LiveJasmin has thousands upon thousands of sexy amateurs and porn stars both female and male, enough to satisfy every preference. LiveJasmin has many categories to choose from, such as Celebrity, Amateur, Newbies, Matures, Trans-girls etc. It is then followed by the show type, so you can choose what you want your show to persist of.

My favorite is the video chat section because it allows for a more personal connection between the model and the member, and you get to see them perform at your own eyes without the distraction of others.

The other categories include pricing that range from 0.01 credits to 9.99 credits, willingness of the model, language, age, ethnicity, appearance, and hair style.

Pros of LiveJasmin

LiveJasmin is a cam site that is prioritized on great experiences and interactions, therefore all models are 100% real and verified, meaning there is no fake profiles and bots.

One thing I hate about certain live sex cams is the possibility of dealing with bots and automated profiles, but LiveJasmin does not comply with that. It is the cam site that I can expect real interaction with real models.

With LiveJasmin having a large selection of models, I can categorize my options based on my personal preference. I am a huge fan of submissive milfs, and I am able to view profiles of models that exactly fit that description with no hassle. This cam site is great for having a good variety of models.

LiveJasmin also gives you an opportunity to rank yourself among the best in the entire cam site, which is called Club Elite. Club Elite is a loyalty program that offers LiveJasmin members a chance to gain instant desire from the models, and stand out on top of the others.

The rankings from least to greatest includes six stages: Crush, Lover, Sweetheart, Lancelot, Romeo, and Casanova. Each stage comes with greater benefits in the form of points. The higher you’re ranking, the bigger multiplier of points you receive.

And did I not mention the models? the models on LiveJasmin are by far one of the sexiest and freakiest women in any live sex cam. Each model comes with a bio, that you can get to know her once you meet.

And after you tip her with your credits, she will fulfill your desire of having a sexy, horny and needy woman to play with, and make her orgasm like no other.

Cons of LiveJasmin

A few things to keep in mind however is that LiveJasmin do come with some flaws, one of them is credit purchasing. Every model on the cam site has a price that ranges, so it’s best to choose a model that has an affordable credit price per minute.

For example, a model that charges 2 credits per minute might be the better option than the model that charges 15 credits per minute, especially if you can only afford 1 credit package at a time.

There is a chance that the model might lean towards someone that is tipping way more than you, and enter a private chat mode without you even though you tipped as well.

Another flaw is the ranking system. Every day there is a LiveJasmin member looking to reach the top of the Club Elite ranking, therefore if you don’t interact with the cam site consistently there is a chance your ranking will drop, and you will have to start over from where you left off if you want to be at the top of the ladder again.


In summary LiveJasmin is the best live sex cam website in the market. It is filled with over thousands of freaky amateur models to choose from, and is guaranteed to leave you satisfied for your experience.

Each model is 100% real with no bots and fake profiles, so you know that you’re hard-earned money is going to your favorite model and not somewhere else.

I am very skeptical when it comes to cam sites, and after checking out LiveJasmin and giving it a try on my own, I can honestly say the ads you see of LiveJasmin before every porn video is nothing but the truth.

You will have a fun time on the cam site, and leave you feeling happy and satisfied. I hope this review has inspired you to sign up for LiveJasmin today, thank you for reading and happy sexting!


My name is Emma, I have founded along with Amy and other webcam models. Writing more about adult industry as a whole. European cam girl.

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