On Chaturbate, users can enjoy free naked shows choosing among the public categories of live sex cam sites. The site and the models encourage you to tip, and you’re welcome to do so. But you are not required to tip. You can simply sit and watch without spending. I will explain everything in this Chaturbate review.

But my recommendation is to tip more, so that webcam models can make money on chaturbate and provide better shows in the future.

How much does it cost?

As mentioned above and as I will remember several times in this Chaturbate review, this site is free. Users can sign up or watch the show anonymously. The site accepts anyone. Everyone can watch the present live shows.

Models may be performing live sex acts by themselves, with other male or female partners. You can end up seeing everything that the site allows models to stream. Yet, as in similar sites, private sex chats have different prices. Models set the prices for their private shows. This means that you will have to check every time the price before accepting to see the Private Sex Show.

Average costs of a live cam show

Public Sex Chat Rooms with Naked Women – Free (Tipping can make the model perform specific tasks. You will find a menu with different options for brief requests that anyone can enjoy.)

Private Sex Chat – Between $ 0.60 and $ 9 per Minute (or in token terms: Between 6 and 90)

The best Chaturbate promotions include:

Free group nude shows

Bring your friends to Chaturbate via a personalized link and get Tokens

You can get Tokens by broadcasting your show and receiving tips from other users watching you.

Registration fees for:

Basic Registration – Free.

Premium Membership – Free, you only need to buy credit.

Supporter – $ 19.95 per month (but you will receive 200 tokens and your chatrooms will be ads-free).

Payment options

Chaturbate accepts all major credit or debit cards, Visa, Direct Debit, Discover



DIRECT banking


Wire Transfer


You can buy tokens for fixed amounts. The more you spend, the less you pay per token. The best deal is 550 tokens for $ 49,99. They start at 100 tokens for $ 10,99.

How many models are there?

Chaturbate divides the cams into five large groups. These are female, male, couple, trans, and followed. If you sign up, then you may access the spy cam tab, where you can peek at snapshots from private shows you can join after payment.

The female category is the largest. Usually, it displays forty to fifty pages. Every page shows more than eighty cams. The numbers are impressive. Each page refreshes every minute to updates your browser with the live cams available. Sometimes, you may click on a cam too late and the cam model may have just signed off. But you have so many to choose from.

Male cams have fewer pages, yet they manage to reach the 20 pages maximum most of the time. Couple and Trans categories don’t go over 10 pages each. The spy shows category shows all different kinds of models. You will have to rely on the snapshot or the icon to understand if the model is male, female or trans.

Groups can appear both in the male or female categories, as well as in the Couple tab. As long as the models can stream (that means that Chaturbate staff accepted the documents of each model who wanted to stream on a particular channel), Chaturbate allows using whatever label, both male and female.

What about Quality?

As long as you don’t tip a Chaturbate model, it’s like you’re watching a porn video. When you get involved though, things get hot quickly. Even if you tip, sometimes you will feel like you are one in the middle of a dozen. It may be difficult at times to attract the attention of a camgirl during busy hours.

It’s not the models’ fault. They have a lot of spectators to please, and the best way to have an exclusive conversation with a hot model is to have a private sex show. You can see how many visitors are in a chat room, and the numbers go high pretty quickly when a hot model goes live.

Eventually, Chaturbate will offer bonuses to get you involved in their community. You can get extra tokens for anything here: inviting friends, updating your subscription, increase your daily spending limit and the only thing you may have a problem with is the entire “broadcast yourself” offer.

You have to go through a verification process, and that may not go as smoothly as you may think. I got rejected 4 times because of supposedly unreadable pictures. One of my friends posted one photo of him with a document cut in half, and he got approved right away. They have a weird sense of selecting people. What’s more, if you stream, you can get a notification of a moderator that suspended your channel. Then, you need to contact the support and they rehabilitate your channel back without even saying sorry. You have to watch out for this. Last time I did not saw the notification and wondered why I had not earned any token during my last streams. I couldn’t.

The community

The users of the Chaturbate community are mostly nice. If you let others watch you, you can get token just by being in front of your webcam. It is an option that is not for everyone, but it is there. And when a woman pays for your private show, that’s an ego-booster you just have to experience yourself.


It’s great to see amateur sex shows, but amateurs gain experience over time. Some become genuine talents. Usually, amateurs can’t keep you interested for more than ten minutes. Among the benefits, there are so many models that it’s very easy to find some of the cheapest private sex shows you could ever see on the web. Beware though, choosing the cheapest option isn’t always a good idea.


Huge variety of models at any time of the day

You can request weird things from performers

Most models are just sweet and easy to talk to


Many private shows cost too much for what they offer

No indicators that measure the quality of the performers

Some camgirls may ignore you even if you tip, so it is better to try to talk to them and agree on the act to perform before tipping.


My name is Emma, I have founded Lustfel.com along with Amy and other webcam models. Writing more about adult industry as a whole. European cam girl.

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