You may not have heard of Gattyan Gyuri before, but you will almost certainly have used his website. LiveJasmin is the most visited sex cam website in the world. Hell, LiveJasmin generates so much traffic that it actually attracts more people than some major news organizations. Let’s take a little look at the LiveJasmin founder and discuss how he brought this awesome sex site to you.


Before we talk about the LiveJasmin CEO, we just want to ensure that you are clear on what LiveJasmin actually is. If you aren’t, then all you really need to know is that it is a sex cam site. People go live on the website and attract donations for the sex-related shenanigans that they get up to on webcam.

While it is not the original sex cam site, it is the one that managed to take the world by storm, mostly because of the tech it boasts, and the number of people that the site attracts that are somewhat on the attractive side. Even now, if you want to feast your eyes upon some of the sexiest nude models in the world (particularly famous porn stars), then LiveJasmin is the place to be.

Gattyan Gyuri Net Worth

We know a lot of people are going to come on this page, eager to see how much this sex mogul is worth. Interestingly, being LiveJasmin CEO doesn’t pay anywhere near as well as you would think that it pays.

While it took a little bit of effort to find accurate stats, Gattyan Gyuri seems to be worth about $6,000,000. Not really a lot, considering his company is worth so much, and the impact he has had on the world of online sex. However, you do need to remember that LiveJasmin is a Hungarian company.

The wages in this country are not that high and, as a result, the staff do not earn that much. We are not quite sure where all the money is going for the company, but it doesn’t seem to be going into Gattyan Gyuri’s pocket.

Obviously, $6,000,000 is going to be a rather hefty sum of cash for most people reading this article. However, it is surprisingly low for a porn legend. That being said, despite this figure being fairly low, he is actually still one of the richest people in Hungary. As a result, we can’t really see him complaining all that much. He can afford a ton of stuff in his home country.

Gattyan Gyuri’s Early Life

Not much is known about the early life of Gattyan Gyuri. As you know, he was born in Hungary, Budapest, to be exact. This was back in 1970s.

His mother and father were just your standard mother and father. They weren’t famous in Hungary at all so, this guy is pretty much a self-made millionaire. However, it is likely that his father inspired him to get into the world of business. His father did run a construction firm, although we are not quite sure how successful this was.

Honestly, throughout his early life, there wasn’t really any indication that he would enter the world of porn or computing. In fact, the main focus of his studies seemed to be on sport. We have no idea whether he planned to become a coach or something in sports, but there was certainly no indication from his studies that he was technologically-minded. We suppose that just about anybody can change their career choice after heading to university.

The Founding of LiveJasmin

It was in 2001 that he founded LiveJasmin. Although, we do not actually know how he came to that idea. Hell, we do not even know how managed to fund the initial development of the technology. Although, as we said before, his father was a businessman, and he probably taught his son to spot business opportunities.

It was around 2001 that the world wide web was really starting to gain prominence among the masses and, as a result, he probably spotted that porn would be big in porn, and that he should come up with a way to capitalize upon this.

Of course, in 2001, live video streaming online wasn’t really a popular thing. Most people were still running on dial-up modems back then. They didn’t really have the connection speeds to keep videos streaming, let alone stream themselves.

Of course, this is not something that stopped the development of LiveJasmin. While the site was initially focused solely on the Hungarian market, it was a couple of years after it was launched that it managed to take the world by storm.

Part of the reason as to why this guy isn’t as rich as he should be is due to the fact that everything he has made from his businesses has been poured back into the business. This is one of the main reasons as to why LiveJasmin has continued to be such a prominent player in the market. A lot of cash has been poured into developing the tech. The result is one of the smoothest online sex video chat platforms out there. If you head to LiveJasmin now, you will see just how far ahead of the game that they actually are.

Gattyan Gyuri In 2008

In 2008, Gyorgy realized just how brilliant the video streaming tech he had developed was. He then founded a company to manage this tech. This company is Docler Holding Enterprises. This is actually the company that now owns LiveJasmin, although Gyorgy remains the CEO of this company.

The company started to expand into a few other ventures. The most prominent of these This took a similar form to LiveJasmin, but instead of having nude models on camera, it has live fortune tells. As we have said several times before; this is a guy that really knows how to spot gaps in the market.

Of course, the company also operates outside of the world of streaming too. It has invested in a lot of different projects over the years and outright owns others. This includes department stores. Of course, the bulk of the investments he has made are within Hungary, although the company also operates a little bit further afield too.

There are very few companies that have risen quite so fast on the international stage as Docter Holding Enterprises. Part of this is, once again, the philosophy that Gyorgy has to invest all of the money that he makes into the constant expansion of his company. Although can you blame him? Almost 1,500 employees in Hungary depend on his company for their income!

Other Business Ventures

We are not sure whether it is through Docker Holding or not, but Gyorgy is well-known for producing movies and children’s TV shows in Hungary. In fact, he is listed as a producer for several films now. He also runs several film festivals within Hungary.

One of the interesting things about this man is that he is really trying to push Hungarian culture overseas. He runs a regular Hungarian film festival in Los Angeles. In fact, a lot of what this man does has been designed to support Hungary and generate further investment in the country that he grew up in as opposed to funnelling money to other parts of the world.

Charitable Ventures

Once again, a lot of this is going to be focused on the Hungarian market. All of the charitable ventures are carried out through Docker Holdings. In fact, he has a dedicated team of staff that exists purely to dish out charitable donations.

This is where part of the studies Gyorgy carried out in the past come into play. As we said before, he studied sports but, as far as we know, he never did anything with the education. Now he does. He is well-known for investing in sporting ventures throughout Hungary. He has a particular love of donating cash to disabled sport professionals to help them to thrive in sporting competitions.

In recent years, he has also invested heavily in Hungarian culture. This is not only to promote it within his home country, but to also promote the culture around the world.

He has also become particularly active in the world of climate change. While we cannot find any specific information about any particular causes that he has donated to here, he does list his love of combatting climate change on his website. He sees it as his social responsibility to try and do something to change the world on that front.


Going forward, we can expect to see his organization expand even further, although due to the way in which he funds things, we cannot see Gyorgy getting any richer due to this expansion. We can see him investing a lot of cash in Hungarian culture, and we can expect to see him taking a lot of sport stars ‘under his wing’.

It is a shame that not many people that use LiveJasmin know the story of this fella. He is somebody that is having a major impact on the world that we live in, and it shows that he really does have a love for his country.


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