Pandemic hit us hard, many of you probably lost their jobs and need extra income source like RIGHT NOW. Webcam modeling is something you probably heard of before, but now you want to give it a test in order to make some quick buck.

That’s perfectly fine with me, becoming a cam girl helped me tremendously in the last 10 years, It helped me to earn more and live life on my own terms. This global pandemic can only be your ticket for something better, and becoming a cam model is a great choice.

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How to become a cam girl?

Performing live in front of your webcam for thousands of people and getting paid from the tips they send you?

Sounds like a dream job, right?

For me and other cam girls, this actually IS a reality, with flexible working hours, being your own boss and doing stuff you want, while still making money performing on some of the highest paying webcam sites.

Complete step by step guide on how to be a cam girl

How to Become a Webcam Model (Step by Step)

In this article I’m about to show you and walk you through some of the most important and basic steps you need to learn if you want to become a cam model.

Let’s go through them together:

Step #1

Learn Webcam Modeling Basics

Learning webcam modeling is easy. Whole Industry works like this:

You have a paying kinky customers on one end and us on the other end (webcam models) getting ready to take their money 😉

Getting Paid as a Webcam Model

It’s easy, you get paid by the minute or you get paid with tokens. Each cam site is different, and each site pays different margins.

Webcam models get usually anywhere between 40% and 80% of the sum earned.

You can convert those tokens for money (it’s usually all automated by the company site you work for).

Protect Your Privacy

Don’t tell anything anyone about who you are and what’s your real name. Stalkers can be a nasty problem to get rid off.

Use your cam name, create an easy to remember name and create a brand out of it.

You have 3 types of industry scams to watch out for:

Webcam Studios

Webcam studio is essentially someone who is taking a cut from the cut they get from the webcam site or company they sign you up for.

It goes like this:

Cam Site > Webcam Studio > Webcam Model

Now you see this BS right? You do all the work, while they take all the cash and rewards, thank you but NO thank you.

Webcam Affiliates

Webcam affiliates are not scam actually, but they get too far sometimes, writing and reviewing cam sites which are either a complete BS, white label and waste of time.

Before trusting any affiliate, check the site for yourself first, search what percentage do they give to cam girls or guys.

It goes like this:

Webcam affiliate > This Cam Site Is AWESOME > Webcam Model Signs Up > Turns Out to be a Lie > Webcam Model Makes Money For Studio or Agency.

White Label Webcam Modeling Sites

These are the biggest LIARS, they are essentially a person or a company, taking a website code from the cam company (legally of course through their affiliate programs).

Once they have the code, they setup the same site but with a different name.

Why is this bad?

Because you end up working for some FAKE cam site and you get to build your reputation on a fake website where the white label owner gets a cut from you as long as you work there.

It goes like this:

Webcam company > White Label > Affiliate, Studio copy the code > You end up signing up for the FAKE cam site.

These were straight to the point and basic webcam modeling facts that you need to know, let’s go straight to step 2 of learning how to become a webcam girl.

Step #2

Find Highest Paying Webcam Modeling Websites

Bling bling bling, it’s all about who gives a biggest cut and who protects you better right?

There are a lot of FAKES out there, white label webcam sites like I mentioned before, and studios taking your money.

We want to SKIP those right? Of course

Only few webcam sites are the BEST, SECURE and HIGHEST PAYING ones.

Let’s go straight to the list:


Chaturbate Model Percentage: 60%
Payout periods: (1st-15th) and (16th-31st) of each month and DAILY.
Payout min: $50
Payout Method: Check, Direct Deposit, Paxum, CosmoPayment, ePayments or Bitcoin


BongaCams Model Percentage: up to 50%
Payout periods: each Friday, automatically.
Payout min: $50Payout Method: Paxum, Webmoney, ePayService and ePayments.


Livejasmin Model Percentage: up to 80%
Payout periods: two times a month.
Payout min: $100Payout Method: Check, Bank account, Paxum,


StripChat Model Percentage: up to 60%
Payout periods: weekly, bi weekly.
Payout min: $50
Payout Method: Paxum, Wire, Bitcoin, ePayments, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum


Paying cam girls and guys up to and over 60% of every earned dollar.


On CamSoda you get paid $0.05 to $0.055 (50%-55% payout) per token. You can set the rates.

Step #3

Setup Your Payment for Withdrawing Money and Getting Paid

Getting paid as a webcam model can be tough from time to time, since for all major payment processing companies webcam modeling is still in the grey area if not in black area of online payments.

Then what should I do?

Not a big deal, there is always a solution, right? You have all heard for online payment processor like paypal and stripe, well there is a similar solution called PAXUM.

It works with payments from adult industry, and it helps you get paid online, fast, not cheap to use, but only working option for EUROPIAN based models.

Recently in 2019, paxum stopped working with models based in USA.

But again, there is a solution for that too. Here we go..

How to get paid as a webcam model:

PAXUM: Europe and Rest of world (NO USA), 
Direct Deposit: USA

Other payout options: CosmoPayment, ePayments or Bitcoin

Step #4

Find Other Passive Sources of Income

Ok, at this point you probably started working as a webcam model. You have learned step by step on what to do and how to start a career in the camming industry without being scammed and ripped off.

But you earn while you work in front of the webcam, and it can be a time consuming job from time to time. And you don’t earn when you’re not working, how to change that?

Now I have to teach you how to earn while you sleep, yessss 🙂

Start selling your videos, photos, and even underwear…wait what!

Other passive sources of income for webcam models:

You read this correctly…. here is the list of sites where you can do just that, create content once, schedule it, upload it, whatever…and the money keeps pouring in even WHILE YOU SLEEP.

Sites to Earn Passive Income as a Webcam Model:

Fancentro — a platform where you can create your profile, upload photos, videos and charge monthly prices for your content. Great and easy way to make some extra cash on the side.

It’s like your snapchat but for adult community, one of the reasons they call this platform as one of the best Premium Snapchat platforms.

They don’t relate with snapchat, it’s just a term used when you want to sell adult content online.

They even have a tool called ModelCentro which helps you to make your own webcam modeling website or presentation without any programming or design knowledge. Cool right?

ManyVids — started by ex cam girl, online content selling platform where you can sell anything and everything.

It is a “one-stop shop,” where your fans can buy everything from you. You can sell individual vids, subscription memberships, or even make money with their camming service called MV Live. You can sell physical goods like panties, bras, shoes, toys, you name it!

Other platforms:


Thank you for reading

I really do appreciate your time and thank you for reading, hope you learned something new and good luck with your webcam modeling job.

Amy xoxo

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