Have you been pulled in by the allure of performing on webcam? Have people told you that this is a brilliant way to earn a bit of cash and you want to get in on the action? Well, read on. Here, we want to run you through everything that you need to know about how to become a cam girl.

How to Become a Cam Girl – Complete Guide For 2021:

What is a Cam Girl and What is Webcam Modeling?

To start with, we should probably discuss what a webcam girl actually is.

When we are talking about webcam girls on this page, we are talking about women that perform on camera for money. In the vast majority of cases, this will involve some sort of nudity. While there are people that will make money doing webcam modeling without getting nude, these cases are so rare that you honestly cannot expect something like this to happen. If you are going to be a cam girl, then you have to consider the idea of getting your kit off, and maybe using a couple of sex toys.

When we talk about how to become a cam girl here, we are going to be assuming that you will be self-employed. There are people that make money in this profession by joining cam girl groups. However, that is going to be out of the scope of this guide.

We are assuming that you will just be diving in and performing on camera with no middleman trying to take a cut of your cash (outside of the commission you must pay to the cam site). This means that you are free to set your own working hours and prices for your services.

How to Choose Your Cam Girl Name?

Honestly, just go with whatever you want.

In our opinion, you should probably stay away from anything that is similar to your real name. We have heard some horror stories of cam girls being tracked down by their biggest fans, and we really, really do not want that to happen to you.

You should always try to ensure that your selected cam girl name is unique and memorable. Let’s give a couple of basic examples so you know what we mean. These names have been taken from people that are currently live on Chaturbate. One of them is popular this very second, the other not quite so much. Let’s see if you can tell which one is which:

  • Karenkitty
  • Sweetxxdiana36

If you guessed the first one, then you are correct. It is a name that just rolls off of the tongue. While the second name is fairly decent in comparison to some of the ones we have seen online, it isn’t perfect. We like to stick to two words at the most, and often you can ditch the number.s. You want a name that stands out from the crowd and doesn’t blend in with the other people. For example, with the second name, there are a LOT of people that have XX or XXX in their names on Chaturbate, so it isn’t particularly unique.

As long as you stick by these rules, then you should be fine when you are putting together a decent name for your webcam modeling.

What Kind of Webcam Equipment Do You Need?

Before you start to stream your webcam, you are probably going to need some equipment. This means webcam equipment, plus a few other bits and pieces.


Obviously, you cannot stream on a webcam without a webcam. We recommend that you purchase the best quality one that you can afford. This will ensure that people are able to see you absolutely perfectly on camera. This, of course, means that you stand a much better chance of being able to make money. We have seen some people go live on webcam for the first time with blurry as hell cameras. This is probably the quickest way to turn people off.


Do not use the microphone built into your webcam. While it may be good for chatting with your friends and the like, it isn’t going to be good enough for proper webcam streaming. You need something that people can hear you through. For $100 or so you can buy a decent external microphone for your computer. People will be able to hear you with clarity, and since they are mostly going to be there to hear you moan, this exactly what you want.

A computer

We have seen some cam girls stream from their cellphones or tablets. While this is going to be OK for short-term use, we can’t imagine that many people will be able to build a career off of using cellphones and tablets. Instead, you are going to need to have a fairly decent computer (one made within the last couple of years)

Internet connection

Video streaming requires a strong internet connection. So, make sure that you purchase the fastest internet connection that you can afford.

Sex Toys

While not actually part of your webcam equipment, any streamer that is looking to make the big bucks when it comes to webcam modeling will invest in some decent sex toys. We particularly recommend that you get hold of a Lovense. This can be hooked up to your tip system, and you will make a lot of money like that.

Sexy outfits

You probably won’t make that much money on a webcam if you head on camera wearing sweatpants and a t-shirt. Invest in some decent, sexy outfits. Just look more presentable and the tips will flow in.

Best Cam Sites for Cam Girls to Sign Up To

There are a few different cam sites that you can sign up to. While just about any one of them is going to be an awesome place to show off your body and make a bit of cash, there are four that we think stand head and shoulders above any other. In fact, these cam sites are so good that we recommend that anybody looking into how to become a cam girl starts with one of these.


Chaturbate is one of our favorite websites online for new cam girls. This is because it is an exceedingly popular website. There is a lot of competition, but it is easier to get noticed as a newcomer to cam modeling due to the number of viewers on the site. These people are always on the hunt for somebody new that they can watch.

Chaturbate also makes it exceedingly simple for a newcomer to make money. This includes apps and bots built into their system (make it easier to gain tips). While the site doesn’t look the best on the design front, this is always going to be the best place for effortless money-making, particularly when you become a more popular streamer.


Stripchat is far smaller than Chaturbate, but we find that it does a better job at highlighting models than Chaturbate. This means that it can be easier to stand out if you are in a less popular kink. Stripchat looks great, and it has more filter options than Chaturbate.

The only major problem with the site is that newcomers do find it tough to gain any headway here, mostly because there are far fewer viewers to go around. However, Stripchat has been running some decent promotions as of late, so this is something that could change.


BongaCams is far smaller than any of the other 2 websites. However, BongaCams is available in a variety of different languages. This means that this site may be a good option if you are looking to stream in a language other than English. It is particularly good for Dutch streamers.

The major downside is that there are fewer viewers (about half of what Stripchat has, which is a fraction of what Chaturbate has), and this means that you may have to charge far lower prices if you really want to make any headway on the platform.


We have always seen LiveJasmin as the premier cam streaming site. Free cams (relying on tips) are not a thing here. It is mostly private shows. This may not be a good place to head if you are brand new to the industry, but once you know how to perform well on camera, then you could potentially make hundreds of dollars per day through LiveJasmin.

Attracting Viewers/Followers and Getting Tipped

So, now you know the best sites to start your cam career on, how do you go about actually attracting viewers and gaining tips for your shows? We have a couple of tips for you, but you may have to experiment to see what works for you.

Complete your profile

Whenever you sign up to a webcam site, you will have the opportunity to create a cam profile. This will be a biography of you, and you may be asked to include some photos and videos too. Try to complete as much of the profile as you possibly can. The more information you include, the more attractive you will appear to potential viewers.

Put on a good show

This should probably go without saying, but we have seen a lot of cam performers that are quite frankly boring to watch. Please do not fall into the same trap. Be interesting on camera. Put on a show. Don’t just sit there and look pretty. Do something. This could be a bit of teasing, or it may just be talking to the people in your room. On many of these cam sites, people will only be able to watch one streamer at a time. If you bore them, they will quickly leave you.

Interact with your viewers

Talk to anybody watching you on webcam. You don’t have to respond to every message, but we find that the people that attract the most tips are those that make it seem as if they care about their viewers. You never want your viewers to feel as if they are just watching a video. if you do, then they would probably just leave you and go and watch an actual video.

Have a regular streaming schedule

We have seen a lot of successful streamers on webcam. They all bring something different to the table. However, guess what thing that each of them had in common? It was the fact that they had a streaming schedule. If you want to gain followers and tips, particularly from the people that watch you the most, then you will need to be predictable at the times that you stream.

This way people will know when to have their money and tokens ready to tip you. If you do not stick to your schedule then your fans will quickly become irritated, and they will quite often miss when you are live.

Charge a fair price

You are in the business of making money here. However, this doesn’t mean that you are going to be able to charge extortionate amounts of cash when performing on camera. Your tip structure should be reasonable.

A woman selling a titty flash for $100 is probably going to make less than a woman selling a titty flash for $5. Now, we know that some women may feel that they are undervaluing themselves if they charge a low price, you have to remember that lower prices are what make you the real cash and gain you followers in the cam business. Only top porn stars and those that have been plying their trade for years can charge high prices and, even then, that is rare.

If you are unsure about how to price yourself, look at other performers in your niche and choose prices that are in line with whatever they are charging.

How Much Do Cam Girls Make?

A lot of this will be dependent on your popularity. if you are looking into how to become a cam girl with the expectation of making hundreds of dollars per day right away, then this is not the career path for you. It will take a lot of time and effort to get anywhere close to that.

There are some cam girls that, try as they might, may make $100 per week. Some even less than that. Successful cam girls could easily make $2,000 per week.

Various studies have been carried out and it seems that the average wage for a cam girl is $21 an hour. This means that it quite far above minimum wage if you live in the United States, but in many western European countries, the average income isn’t actually that much higher than minimum wage.

Of course, you can always top up your income with a few methods (we will talk about those in a short while). If you are willing to put in a huge amount of effort and market yourself, then we see no reason why you wouldn’t be able to make more than the average. Many girls do. The only ones that have lower incomes tend to be the ones that are not promoting themselves as hard as other models.

Extra Sources of Income

As we said, there are a few ways that you can make a bit of extra income from being a cam girl. Most of these opportunities will open up to you as you become more successful when you are performing on camera. During the early days of learning how to be a cam girl, you should purely be focused on developing your fanbase and gaining tips.

Do not put too much focus on additional income methods as it will appear as if you are there to ‘fleece’ the viewers of every single cent, and that is the last impression you want to give. We both know that you are performing on camera for money, but you do not want to make this obvious.

Only Fans

For many cam girls, the best route to making money is through Only Fans. If you haven’t heard of Only Fans, this is a platform where you can encourage people to pay to subscribe to you. You can then give them videos and photos for their money. There are women that are making thousands of dollars per month from Only Fans alone.

The best part is that if you pump out regular content through the platform, then the income should be fairly stable. In fact, for many, the only way is up. You may have to tinker about with the price a little bit to come to one that is going to be suitable for most of your viewers. Some cam girls will offer ‘free trials’ in a bid to get people through the door.

Private Snapchat

Private Snapchats have pretty much been replaced by Only Fans nowadays. However, it is always worth trying. The most it will cost you is time. The idea is that you sell a subscription to your Snapchat. People will then get nudes and videos for their money. For an extra cost, you may even be able to work a private conversation into the mix.

Selling videos and photos

If you don’t want to go down the route of Only Fans but still want to sell private videos and photos, then you have tons and tons of options available to you. Some sites will allow you to sell private content to people. In fact, many of the cam websites that we mentioned previously will allow you to do this. This is brilliant!

Selling panties

While we know that there are some people that will turn their nose up at this idea, selling panties (particularly used ones) is a viable source of income. It is a great way to get rid of your old panties too! Some people are willing to pay a couple of hundred dollars for panties.

If you really want to push the income barrier, then some men will pay extra for period or cum-stained panties. The latter options will probably not be good for everybody, but we figured that we would put it out there. After all, many of the people looking into how to become a cam girl are trying to push their income as far as they possibly can.

How To Stay Safe While Camming

There are a few ways that you can stay safe while camming.

For starters, you probably shouldn’t be giving out your real name. Trust us, if certain people do get hold of your real name, then they are going to be putting it to use, and you are probably not going to be a huge fan of how they use it.

This is why we are strong advocates for having a screen name. Remember, there is a reason why many of the top porn stars will have porn star names. It isn’t just because it is hotter, but it helps to protect their private lives.

We also recommend that you only stick to the major cam sites. Do not try out a new cam site unless it is well-reviewed. If you receive any sort of payment, then make sure that it is going through a legitimate website. This means that you should be avoiding taking direct payments from PayPal. Yes.

These sites are going to charge a healthy commission for their services, but there is a reason why they charge these commissions. It is to ensure that you are protected when you are using their services. They put in all of the hard work so that you do not have to.

Obviously, you should never meet people that you have met through camming sites. This applies even if you have known them for several years. The risk is just far too high.

Finally, if something doesn’t feel right when you are talking to somebody, then end the conversation. Ban them from your chat room if you must. Make sure that you tell yourself that you are always in control. It isn’t just about making money, you also need to ensure that you stay as safe as you possibly can while you are in this profession.


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