Cam Modeling Survey, Best Cam Sites, Salary, Charts and Much More… (2020)

Webcam modeling (cam modeling) industry is growing that’s for sure, especially today when pandemic is all around us and we’re all looking for some extra ways to make money from home.

I’ve been doing cam modeling for 10 years now and one major thing this industry lacks is the support of the community and some concrete data about what is the best next thing to do.

So I went on to a quest to create one of the first and biggest cam model survey to collect as much data as possible and to help my fellow models (cam models) from all around the world.

So let’s start with some introdcution…

Using survey tool called surveymonkey I have created cam model survey for 2020 and added 11 simple questions.

Those questions were:

1. Which is the primary cam site you broadcast on?

2. In a typical week, how many hours do you spend camming?

3. In a typical week, how much do you earn from camming?

4. Which type of broadcaster do you identify as?

5. How long have you been camming for?

6. How satisfied are you with your primary cam site?

7. If you could change one thing to make your primary cam site better, what would it be?

8. What is your preferred method of payout?

9. Which country do you come from?

10. What kind of webcam equipment and tools do you use the most?

11. Please specify your favourite equipment.

It was a really tough job to do, I got rejected by so many webcam modeling communities and cam models attacked me for no reason, telling me that I’m collecting data for my own purposes and not for writing an article…

But we still have some really good people out there and communities like wecamgirls and cam sites like soulcams, camsoda, stripchat were the only ones who replied first and gave me the data I needed. (Big Thanks)

We got over 300 replies to our survey from the cam modeling community called and others, here are the results:

Which is the primary and best cam site you broadcast on?

We gave over 10 cam modeling sites to choose from, 9 most popular ones and left one field for cam models to enter their favorite and best cam site not mentioned on the list.

How is it like working as a Webcam model in 2020? 

Q1: Based on our survey results, the most popular site camming models use this year is Chaturbate, where almost every 2 out 5 models broadcast. We also found that Streamate (28.6%), Stripchat(8.6%) and Cam4(8.6%) are also popular choices among cam models. 

Over 42% of cam models voted for Chaturbate as a best cam site, that’s nearly half of the replies we gathered. Second place went to Streamate, and third place to Cam4.

Cam models also voted for other cam sites like imlive, myfreecams and others like soulcams and firecams.

Strangely enough, Camsoda and Flirt4Free got no votes, which surprises me, but it’s possible that cam models who submitted their replies are just not working there (yet).

Xcams got over 2% of votes and this surprised me also, because they are new and are fighting for their place in the camming industry, good job xcams…

Here is the chart:

In a typical week, how many hours do you spend camming?

We’ve been all asking ourselves this question, right? How can some cam girl earn this much by working only few hours? You also asked yourself, how much money would I make If I worked let’s say 30 hours/week? How much is too much, or should I push the limits and work every day?

Q2: As major determing factor of how much a cam model earns, we can see from our survey dara that the average amount of time a cam model works in a typical week is 33 hours. However, this varies largely due to individuals, which could range from as low as 2 hours/week up to 60 hours/week. 

This part of the survey has you covered, let’s start with some graphs..

Average number of hours cam models spend camming in a typical week is 33. Which translates to almost 5 hours of work each day.

In a typical week, how much do you earn from camming?

Q3: In a typical week, a cam model earns on average $500 in 2020.

Based on our survey data, the top-earning models earn up to $1500-$1600/week, while the lowest-earning models earn as little as $0-$20/week.

If we adjust for the different amount of time each model spent broadcasting on camming sites, the average hourly earnings for cam models is $21.25 per hour

Do every new cam model earns more, do more established cam models earn more or less? Can I expect to loose money while time goes on? So many questions rushing through your head right now..

Some number were big and some were low, we had to calculate with external tools and always got to the same number…

Based on the hours they spend weekly on camming and getting naked on live cam shows these girls and guys are making over $500/week or exactly $515/week. This translates to $2060/month

I must say that this data disappoints me, it only shows how saturated webcam modeling industry became, or is this the effect of pandemic pushing so many new cam models to the playing field? Who knows, but I will be sure to repeat this section again in a year.

Here are the charts for more in detail of what I wrote…

Webcam Model Earnings Based On Hours Worked Per Week (with average hourly earnings of $21.25 per hour)

Hours WorkedEarnings Per WeekEarnings Per MonthEarnings Per Year
5 hrs / wk$106.25$425$5.100
10 hrs /wk$212.5$850$10.200
15 hrs /wk$318.75$1.275$15.300
20 hrs /wk$425$1.700$20.400
25 hrs /wk$531.25$2.125$25.500
30 hrs /wk$637.5$2.550$30.600
40 hrs /wk$850$3.400$40.800

Which type of broadcaster do you identify as?

Q4: The majority of the cam models are unsurprisingly still Female broadcasters(75%), while the rest identify themselves as Couple (11%), Male (11%) and Trans (3%).

How long have you been camming for?

Q5: Almost 2 out of 5 cam models who answered our survey have more than 5 years of experience in this line of work, 1 in 3 respondents said they have worked as cam models for 2-3 years. We have also found a fair amount of respondents to be beginner models – 20% have less than 1 year camming experience. 

How satisfied are you with your primary cam site?

Q6: On a scale of 1-5, half of our surveyed cam models are satisfied(4/5) or extremely satisfied (5/5) with their primary cam site. Only a small amount (23%) of the respondents would like to see improvements of the sites they use. 

If you could change one thing to make your primary cam site better, what would it be?

Q7: The top 3 improvements cam models would like to see from their primary cam sites are:

1) more consistent and increased amount of traffic towards their feed.

2) more support or tips on how to rank higher on the website.

3) less promotional freebies. 

What is your preferred method of payout?

Q8: Based on our survey data, the 3 most popular methods cam models would like to get paid out in 2020 are Paxum (34.29%), Wire Transfer (22.86%) and Direct Deposit (22.86%). Although a variety of other payout methods are currently provided by cam sites, such ePayService and Blockchain, they are not very well received among cam models. 

Which country do you come from?

Q9: Most of the survey respondents are from Europe (45.7%), including Romania, UK, Ukraine, Italy, Germany, Hungary, Spain and Slovenia, followed by North America (40%) – USA & Canada. South America is only represented by a small group of respondents.

What kind of webcam equipment and tools do you use the most?

Q10: We also asked the cam models what tools or equipment they would usually use during their sessions. While (unsurprisingly) Webcam is used as a necessary tool by 77% respondents, Lighting (11.5%) and Vibrator (11.5%) are considered the other two most used tools. 

Please specify your favourite cam modeling equipment.

Q11: Among those who use Vibrators during camming sessions, the highest rated vibrator brand is Lovense Lush with over 50% of the votes.

Cam models also told us that Logitech C920 is the best Webcam they’ve used, with one respondent citing ‘without a good quality webcam, you are nothing’.

There doesn’t seem to be an obvious winner brand in terms of Lighting, however most cam models mentioned using natural light during day time and ring light or lamp at night. 

Well, thank you for reading till the end, we had a really tough time interpreting all of the data to make it all work in the way presented here. So we (Emma and I) apologise if some errors are to be found, but the data we’ve gathered should be 99.9% correct. This cam modeling survey showed us some interesting changes in the camming industry and some of the logical steps that cam sites should make in order to keep their models happy.

Stay safe everyone and let us know in the comments if you have any questions or suggestions.

Amy & Emma


My name is Emma, I have founded along with Amy and other webcam models. Writing more about adult industry as a whole. European cam girl.

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