So, you’ve decided that you want to look into stripping. It has long been described as a great way to make quick money, and it certainly can be.

There certainly are women in the industry that can make several hundred or even several thousand dollars in one night of work..


Don’t expect that much cash on your first night; you are going to have to learn the ropes to be pulling in great money like that. Even if you are the most beautiful and sexy woman within 5 counties, in this game beauty is only half the battle. Far more important that beauty is your self-confidence and your hustle.

What is a stripper?

A stripper is an entertainer in an adults-only bar or clubs, dancing and performing semmy or full naked using a stripper pole in front of an smaller or larger audience.

There are generally two parts of a stripper’s job; the stage show and the floor. While on stage, a stripper dances and performs, while taking her clothes off on a stage in middle of the club.

Patrons generally tip dancers money while on stage, often tucking a dollar bill into her G-string panties. Many clubs will allow the dancer to be topless, while select few clubs allow the women to dance totally nude.

After a few songs on stage, the stripper will then interact with customers on the floor of the club. Her goal is to entice the customer to spend extra money for a one-on-one private show. Some clubs will allow the dancer to make varying degrees of contact during a private show.

How to become a stripper?

Once you’ve made the choice to be a stripper, you need to prepare yourself for the job following these simple advices:

Physical and mental preparation

Your body will be on full display to everyone, and you need to first be comfortable in your own skin. You need to love and embrace your body before you can expect anyone else to. Part of that confidence will come with getting your body in great shape. Of course, you want your body to be as appealing as possible and being fit will go a long way, but you also need to have the endurance to do the job.

This is a physically taxing career; you can expect to be on your feel for hours at a time, and dancing and walking in often uncomfortable shoes. You are going to need the energy to do this for hours, and also look fresh and bright-eyed while you’re doing it.

Before you can be successful as a stripper, you are going to need to dig deep and find the motivation to get yourself in shape. Once your body is prepared, however, it’s also very important to make sure you are mentally ready for this job.

Once you’ve gotten over being nearly nude (or completely nude) in front of strangers on stage, now you need to be ready to work the floor. Your job is to engage with customers, make a personal connection, and use your sexuality to convince the customer to spend their money to spend some intimate time with you.

You are rarely going to find these people attractive, appealing, or even tolerable. You need to get past this and work your hustle.

Learn how to dance like a stripper 

Your stage show is your opportunity to advertise and begin the connection with your audience. Your goal is to be sensual and lively, and make eye contact with curious customers.

how to dance like a stripper

To begin developing your moves, look online for some basic instructional videos. Start slow; find moves that you are comfortable using and try them.

You’re probably going to feel awkward at first, but just stay “in character”. If you’re having fun with it, your potential customers will notice. Add a new move or two every night, find what works on stage for you, and begin to put them together. Before long, you’ll have a regular routine developed.

As important as learning how to dance on stage, though, learning how to give a private dance is more essential. Many clubs permit lap-dancing, or dancing while seated on the customer’s lap.

Once you have a customer in the VIP area, you are suddenly earning an average of $20 per song, so your ability to keep him sitting there is how you get paid.

Many clubs permit lap-dancing, or dancing while seated on the customer’s lap.

Depending on how permissive the club is, you are going to be essentially be simulating sexual acts while your customer is clothed. You will be essentially be using your butt to tease and massage the man’s erection. The key to a successful trip to the VIP room is to keep the man wanting more. If he wants more, he will want to pay for more dances from you.

You do want to keep the dancing under control, though, and don’t give him too much stimulation. You risk causing him to have an orgasm, which not only can be a mess you don’t want to deal with, but it also means your VIP session is over. So tease, but don’t please too much.

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Start with pole dancing excersices

Once you have the basic moves on stage worked out, and you’ve mastered the art of lap dancing, it’s time to get friendly with the pole.

Make Your Arms Stronger

The best dancers have mastered the pole and make it look effortless, but don’t let them fool you, this is an incredible full body workout. Pole dancing begins with your arms, as you need to condition your muscles to be able to support your weight.

Push-ups are a good place to start. Begin by concentrating on good form, and finding out how many you can do while keeping that form. Once you begin to get some strength in your arms, you can change to diamond handed push-ups or doing them while your legs are spread. You can try triceps dips or a rowing machine if you have access to one.

Do Yoga

You should also find some lightweight dumbbells to begin biceps curls and other exercises. One of the most valuable things you can do for overall body fitness and conditioning is yoga. Yoga workouts will add to your strength and your endurance, and also is a great stress relief for mornings after a frustrating evening at work. Yoga is every stripper’s friend.

While you’re getting your body in the kind of shape it’ll need to be to be a master on the pole, you also need to practice. While you might be able to come into the club during off-hours or when the club is empty and practice your pole-game, generally the club isn’t the best place to practice.

Watching a stripper slip and fall isn’t sexy, and you don’t want to miss out on a chance to make money.

How to install a stripper pole

Many strippers become great by installing a stripper pole in their home. This way, they can practice and get exercise whenever they want. Installing your very own stripper pole can be a sexy addition to your bedroom, and is very simple and quick to install.

How to instal stripper pole
Image source: Amazon

There is generally a mounting bracket for the floor, one for the ceiling, and the pole itself. Some poles install with no mounting hardware, while more secure stripper poles are mounted to permanently placed brackets. For ceiling mounted brackets, you should located the wooden stud and mount the bracket into this stud for a more secure hold.

Be certain you install the pole in an area where you have enough clearance to spin, or you’ll risk smashing the room as well as your body. Be sure to measure the height of your ceiling, and find a pole that will be tall enough to reach.

When shopping for poles, you’ll find two different types; static and spinning. A static pole is firmly held in place, it does not move. A spinning poll uses bearings in the top and bottom of the brackets that allow the pole to spin freely.

While there may be a few spinning poles at strip clubs, the great majority of them have static stripper poles installed. You want to install a practice pole the same way the pole in your club is installed because there’s no use practicing on a pole that’s different.

A spinning pole might be easier to learn and rather fun, this is your profession so learn to do it right. Install a static pole and start your journey.

How much is stripper pole

Stripper poles for your home are more affordable than most think.

You can find portable stripper poles for shorter bedroom ceilings for as low as $50 online, and range to around $150 for most home models.

The less expensive stripper poles are generally made with weaker metal and aren’t mounted as securely as higher-end models. Many of the stripper poles available for sale online are spinning poles, which are more for amateurs who are playing.

Make sure you buy a static stripper pole because you want to simulate the actual pole you will be dancing on when the customers are watching closely. You should buy one in the $100 range, as you will be putting some amazing stress on this pole when you start getting really good at it.

Things you will need to get started

When you’re going to get started stripping, there are a few things you’re going to need first.

Stripper Outfit

In topless clubs, you are required to wear G-string panties always. Some states and localities have different rules on what is a legal G-string to wear in these clubs, so be sure to ask.

You’re going to need some extras, so make sure you have at least 3-4 clean G-strings for each shift. Also ask the club about floor attire, as some clubs will allow you to wear a bikini top around the club, some clubs have a dress code that requires you wear a sequined gown while not on stage or in the VIP area.

Be sure you have a couple of extra outfits also, as drinks get spilled and you want to look your best. To complete your look, you should also find some heels that you can walk and dance in.

Image source: Amazon

When you’re putting together a stripper outfit, you should look for stores that specialize in dance wear, or you can find a range of options available online. If you’re working in a laid-back club without strict dress codes, your choices are more varied.

For the simplest option, a bikini top or bra that works with your G-string is a nice go-to choice. While not as elaborate a look as others, this one is quick to take off and put back on and can be a sexy choice.

Some strippers who work in topless clubs will often wear outfits with skimpy shorts or a skirt rather than simply wearing a G-string while on the floor; it’s often easier to draw someone’s eyes to the stage when you’re pulling off a skirt and revealing the G-string hidden beneath, rather than walking up the stage stairs already showing off your assets.

In some cases, a little modesty may serve you well as it works the customers up when you’re revealing something that was hidden. These outfits begin as simply as a bathing suit but also range into quite complicated and involved outfits.

Different outfits can help kill the monotony of the job and gives you the chance to try some different looks, and maybe a matching attitude to go with it. Perhaps you want to dress modestly like a sexy secretary or break out the plaid skirt and garters for a school girl look.

If you want to mix it up, try something with leather and metal buckles and show the customers your dominant side. This is an act, so get into a character and have fun with it.


Stripper shoes are going to be uncomfortable and impractical, and once you get past that you’ll realize how fantastic your butt looks when you wear them. When strippers ask, how high should I go? The easy answer is, as high as you can. The higher the heel, the better it sculpts your backside and that translates into more money in your pocket.

stripper shoes

Go to the dance wear store and find the tallest heels that you can work with. Look for shoes with adjustable straps on your ankles, because some nights you’re going to need them on a little bit tighter.

You want the shoe to hold nice and tightly on your ankle, because any looseness in the ankle will mean wobbling and potentially falling on the floor. Beyond holding tight to your foot, you’ll need a shoe that’ll hold onto the floor. You want a shoe with a good tough sole that isn’t going to slide out from under you.

A good gripping shoe can save your butt, as you can’t afford to give yourself bruises in this job. Protect your body, pick great shoes.

Stripper license

Once you’ve located a club that you believe is for you, now you have to get some legalities out of the way. Most states require strippers to obtain an exotic dancer’s license, a business license, or other legal documents before you can legally take to the stage.

The costs for these licenses vary, but in some states like Nevada, they generally cost as much as $300 per year.

These licenses ensure that dancers are of legal age to prevent minors from engaging in sexually oriented work. They also run background checks to make sure they’re upstanding citizens.

They require that you get a business license because you will be acting as an independent contractor; your very own stripping business. Yes, generally strippers are not employees of the club, but contractors paying to work in the club. Yes, you will generally have to pay the club to strip there.

Find the right stripper club where you can work

Finding the right club for you is essential, as it can make or break your experience.

There are 3 basic types of strip club:

  • gentlemen’s clubs.
  • neighborhood clubs.
  • and dive strip bars.

Gentlemen’s clubs are usually found in big urban cities and tourist destinations.

These clubs have a dress code for the guests, and often for the strippers also. The neighborhood clubs are more laid-back; customers will be dressed casually and you can wear a bra and G-string for your entire shift.

You won’t be attracting the high-dollar clients in this place, but you can easily make great money with some regular customers. The dive strip bars are often in rough parts of town and attract some rough people.

The clubs are generally very light on rules, so you can wear what you want while chatting with customers. Be very careful working in these places, as some dive clubs are known for extra services in the VIP rooms.

Oh and speaking of that, you are going to get propositioned. Men are going to offer you money for sex, and probably often. Don’t take it personally.

Stripper salary – how much do strippers make a week?

Of course, you’re asking, how much can I make? Of course, that’s not an easy answer. First, the money is not going to be steady. There are going to be good nights and bad nights.

Your money depends on dumb luck, but also how you look and feel, how busy it is, and how hard you hustle. Some nights you might go home holding $500, and it’s also possible to go home owing the bar money. You need to understand, you owe money to the bar for each shift you work.

Stripper salary - how much do strippers make a week?

Until you make at least this much, you’re going home broke.

On average, a good stripper at a neighborhood bar might take home $1500 a week. In a dive bar, probably less than $1000 in a week. At a top gentlemen’s club in a big city, a good dancer can easily average $3000-$4000 per week.

You won’t be able to depend on anything, but eventually, your hustle and fortune will reward you with some great nights. Strippers always have stories about nights when they’re barely breaking even, and then they’ll entertain the right table of guys and go home with $500 just because they picked the right customer at the right time.

That’s why it’s important to exude confidence and bring your smile to work; every bit of eye contact can end with a lucrative experience in the VIP area.

Do stripper pay taxes?

This seems like a great job, and since you’re paid in cash you don’t owe taxes right? Well, no. Everyone owes taxes, and not paying them is a felony, so don’t skip that part.

Since you are a business and not an employee, taxes work a little bit differently. First, you have to keep a log of what you’re making, because you have to know what you owe taxes on.

You also will have to pay estimated taxes quarterly, so make sure you’re doing this every 3 months.

One good thing about being an independent contractor, though, is the tax benefits. You can write-off that G-string or those 10″ heels, or the pedicure and haircut. Those are all business expenses and are tax-deductible.

If you drive your car to the club, you should record your mileage because you can write that off also. You can even write off cosmetic surgery if it furthers your dancing career, so if you’ve been considering breast enhancement or liposuction to sculpt your look for the stage, you can deduct that expense from your taxes also.


Being a stripper can certainly be financially lucrative without an education or experience as advertised. You should, however, walk into this lifestyle with open eyes.

You need to understand that you’re probably going to get talked to inappropriately or touched when you don’t want to be. While you are allowed to stand up for yourself, if you are unable to let things like this roll off your back, you might want to rethink this.

You will definitely get the chance to meet wonderful people and have very meaningful connections and conversations, but you are also going to meet some odd ducks. You’re going to run into rude guys, cheap guys, and guys offering you money for a whole range of things (with insultingly low prices, might I add).

All of that gross stuff is going to happen, but if you pick the right club you can enjoy the camaraderie with the other girls, meet some great people, and take home great money.


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