Let’s be honest, with one of the best domain names that you could possibly get for a live sex cam site, you already know that is going to be at least semi-good. But, how does it compete against some of the other sites out there? That is what I set out to discover in order write this review.

Quick Overview of

I am going to dive into the nitty-gritty of what brings to the table in a short while, I thought it would be worth telling you a little bit about has been kicking around online since about 1999, although it has only exploded in popularity over the last decade or so. This is, no doubt, down to the fact that internet connections have become faster, and webcams have become better. has not only become more accessible to viewers, but it has also become a whole lot more accessible for the models too.

In the past, this was a live cam site that kept almost everything behind a paywall. Nowadays, the vast majority of streams on are going to be ‘free to view’. You don’t even need to register for an account but, of course, registering for an account is going to unlock a lot more of the site’s potential. You should also remember that you need to pay a bit of cash if you want to see nudity on here. It doesn’t come for free.


At the time of writing, there are over 90,000 registered models on Obviously, most of these accounts are ‘inactive’, but you still have a good few hundred people live at any one time. Right now, I can see over 400 people live, and it isn’t even peak time for a live sex cam site, so you are always going to have tons and tons of models to enjoy whenever you login.

One of the great things about is that there is a good spread of people on here. I don’t know if you have visited other sites, but you will often find that many of them are ‘mostly’ young people. College students and such. Not that I think this is a bad thing, but if you are looking for models that are closer to the mature end of things (anybody want to watch a filthy MILF?) then the site isn’t going to work for you. Not I just checked, and there is pretty much an equal spread of people for the three named aged groups.

You have a whole host of options to choose from if you really want to narrow down the exact type of woman that you want to watch. Sometimes, I love to tinker about with these settings as you never really know what type of woman you are going to uncover. I have stumbled across some pretty sexy people just by clicking options randomly. Don’t just stick to the front page if you are on You are going to be effectively shutting out a ton of really horny women. does seem to veer towards more professional models than other live sex cam websites. I guess this is because the domain name is so damn generic. also heavily advertises for new studios to sign up and offer up some fine ladies for video streaming. Sure, professional models give a good show, but a lot of people do love the more ‘raw’ amateur models, and you may have to dig around a little bit to find them.


Registering for is completely free. Most of the time, there is an offer running that will give you a sweet 100 tokens to start throwing at the women of your choice. I suggest you take advantage of this.

Once you have found a couple of sexy women to watch, I wouldn’t be surprised if you want to pick up a few extra tokens. It is going to cost you about $12 for 100 tokens. Not too shabby!

The problem is that your money isn’t going to go all that far with some of the women. If you want to stretch your 100 tokens as far as possible, then head to one of the amateur cams. Free to view, if possible. You get much more bang for your buck. In my experience, most of the professional models that are kicking around on are veering towards the ‘unaffordably expensive’ side. I get why they do it. This is a popular site and they can, but I just wish their services were a touch more affordable…particularly when they run their private shows.

Some women offer a ‘fan club’ that you can buy into. This is great if you are a fan of specific women, but the costs can really start to add up if you enjoy a ton of women.

There is also a ‘Premier Club’ option, which is about $19.99 per month. You don’t get any tokens with this membership, but you get a bit of cash-back, access to pre-recorded videos, and the ability to see tons and tons of different free galleries. It can be worth it if you are spending a lot of your time on but bear in mind that you also need to spend money on tokens too. I do both, but I can understand how it may not be for everybody.


When it comes to a live sex cam site, I don’t think I have found a single website that has a better offering on mobile devices than The site works absolutely perfectly. Now, obviously, you aren’t going to be watching live streams on your morning commute, but you might wanna watch them in your bed…if you know what I mean.

The streaming quality at is absolutely impeccable. The site is earning a ton of cash, which means that the infrastructure is top-notch. Many of the professional cams stream in full HD, for instance.

There are tons of free cams streaming on the site but bear in mind that none of them are going to offer any nudity. In my opinion, this is actually a good thing. The whole purpose of the free cams is to provide you with a bit of a ‘teaser’. Once you have a membership, you can find ‘free private’ shows and ‘free tipping shows’, and the prices to see some awesome stuff once you get inside is great. I actually love this. It results in a higher-quality show. It also means that you do not have a ton of people leeching off of everybody else. If you want to see some quality nudity, then you need to contribute.

The quality of the models at is second-to-none from all the big sites too. This is because of the whole focus on professional models. There hasn’t been a single person I have found at where I haven’t thought ‘yeah, I got an awesome show there’. I can’t say the same for competing sites.


Some people are not fans of the fact that veers heavily towards professional models. In fact, head there right now and I can guarantee that the front page is going to be dominated by professional models. There are some amateurs on the site, but these are going to be few and far between.

I also would have loved it if there were a few more filters on It can be tough to really narrow down your searches. Although, I guess I have been ‘spoiled for choice’ by heading to other cam sites out there. I mean, it is still easy to find somebody that you like, but the ‘age ranges’ are far too generic for my liking (for example). There is no searching for specific age groups. Annoying!

Other than this, I don’t really have any concerns. None of them are the fault of, at least. It probably wouldn’t kill some of the women to lower their prices on here, but if they are earning money at the prices that they are charging, how can I complain?


If you want guaranteed quality cam shows, and you are not afraid to spend a bit of money, then I absolutely recommend a trip on over to


My name is Emma, I have founded along with Amy and other webcam models. Writing more about adult industry as a whole. European cam girl.

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