If you are looking for some of the best cam models in the world, then it is always worth listening in to the XBiz Cam Awards. This amazing award show goes through some of the most amazing cam models in the world. On this page, we are going to take a look at some of the lop models from 2020.

The History of the XBIZ Cam Awards

The XBiz Cam Awards are part of the XBiz Awards. This is actually a trade magazine for the porn industry. So, while consumers will probably have some sort of interest in who picks up some XBiz awards, it is more to tell the trade who the better people in the industry are to the rest of the porn trade. 2020 was the very first year that the event was streamed online (you can thank COVID-19 for that!), and while we do not have any stats on the number of people that watched the event, by all accounts it was a fairly substantial number.

The XBiz Cam Awards’ main sponsor is ‘My Free Cams’ but don’t worry, other major cam streaming sites also take a role in sponsoring the event. This means that the list we will talk about in a short while isn’t going to be dominated by My Free Cams, it is people from several different porn sites. In fact, all of these people are on safe porn sites, so you can enjoy any one of these porn stars.

Winners of the 2020 XBIZ Cam Awards

So, without further ado, let’s jump into a list of the winners at the 2020 Xbiz Cam awards. We are going to cover absolutely everything awarded at this show, so buckle up, because we have a ton to cover here. We do want to point out that these cam stars do move from website to website, so it may take a while to hunt some of them down. However, since they have picked up some of the most important awards in the business, you can bet your bottom dollar that they will be heavily promoted by wherever they head.

Best Female Cam Model – Blonde Rider

This is probably the award that most people pay attention to at the XBiz Cam Awards. After all, it is women who tend to dominate sex cam websites, and people always want to know who the best performer is. Turns out that this year it is Blonde Rider (we are 100% sure that isn’t her real name!). This isn’t the first time she has picked up an award either. Back in 2017, Blonde Rider was also lucky enough to win the couples cam award too, which goes to show just how brilliant she is at performing.

While most of the money for this blonde minx comes through OnlyFans.com now, she still puts on cam shows across multiple platforms. When you see her on them, you know that you are going to watching some really dirty shit. If you miss one of this blonde, tattooed lady’s shows, then you will be pleased to know that there are plenty of ‘free’ recordings over on PornHub.com and the like. This means that everybody can enjoy one of the most beautiful ladies in the world.

Best Male Cam Model – Max Konnor

There aren’t that many cam models out there with their own fan clubs, and there certainly isn’t that many male cam models with their own fan clubs either. Enter Max Konnor. It isn’t difficult to see why this completely ripped African American man was able to pick up the best male cam model award. His cock is absolutely fucking huge. Seriously, one of the largest that you are ever likely to see…and he really loves to show it off.

You will only find Max Konnor on Cam4.com. He won’t be broadcasting all that often, mostly because he is highly active in the porn industry, but if you do stumble across one of his shows, then we are 100% certain that you will be enjoying the best male cam model. Hell, we wouldn’ät be surprised if this lad picked up the award over the next few years too. We seriously struggle to see anybody better than him right now.

Best Fetish Cam MOdel – Vickie Jay

Vickie Jay has some amazing looking tits, so we are kind of glad that she woke up one day and decided that she wanted to be a cam model. We get a smile on our face every time she pops up on cam.

So, what fetishes does this lass do, we hear you ask? Well, she is mainly focused on titty play. Although, she is willing to do most things…assuming you are willing to pay her. Obviously, there are some places where this black-haired lady draws the line, but we do hear she is perfectly willing to do a lot of things. Things that other cam models do not tend to do. She did win an award for fetishes, after all. Hell, we once saw somebody pay her to eat on camera. It isn’t all about nudity with her!

Bost Cosplay Cam Model – Lara Loxley

We are surprised that this was an award handed out, mostly because there doesn’t seem to be that many cosplaying cam models. However, from what we have seen, if somebody had to win this award, it was almost certain to be Lara Loxley, the Canadian cosplayer.

We can’t say that we recognize any of the outfits that this lady rocks on cam. However, to be honest, we do not really care all that much. All we care about is the fact that we are going to be looking at a dreadfully sexy lady.

We suppose that one of the main benefits of this lady being a cosplayer is that each time she goes on webcam, you tend to be enjoying a look that is completely different to before. You know what we love about her the most, though? It is the fact that she always has awesome hair colors. We find that it adds to her allure a little bit.

Best Inked Cam Model – GoAskAlex

If you love your cam models to have that cute, nerdy look, but also be heavily inked, then GoAskAlex is probably right up your street. This girl has that classic ‘girl next door’ look. Seriously sexy. We mean that. Seriously sexy. The way that she looks at the cam is out of this fuckihg world.

Of course, to pick up an award like this, you kind of need to have some good ink too, and believe us, GoAskAlex has some good ink. She is covered in it, and all of the artwork is amazing. We especially admire the fox she has on the top of her left arm. The artist that designed that deserves a lot of credit.

She doesn’t go on cam much nowadays, opting to spend a lot of her time putting together some awesome videos for OnlyFans.com but, when she does go on cam, she always puts on quite a show.

Best BBW Cam Model – Zariah June

When we say that Zariah June is a BBW, we seriously mean that she is a BBW. Massive tits. Massive body. Seriously sexy. She has a bit of ink too, so if you love BBW ebony ladies, then Zariah June is probably going to be the perfect lady for you.

Like many of the cam models on this list, she is also into professional porn. If you do catch her on webcam, then we are almost certain that her show is going to be featuring some boob play. Hell, if we had tits that looked at great as this, then you can bet your bottom dollar that we would be playing with them on cam too. People throw a ton of cash at her to see her play with those epic nipples. Until you have seen Zariah Zune, you honestly have no idea just how sexy BBW models can get.

Best MILF Cam Model – Ainslee Divine

The problem with the world of cam models is that, on occasion, it feels like it is an arena dominated by the younger models. This is why it is so great that there are people like Ainslee Divine there. Although, if you look at her, you would probably be forgiven for thinking that she is much younger than she actually is. And, no, we do not have any information about how old she is. If we had to guess, then we would say that she is either in her late 30s o early 40s.

Perhaps her most prominent feature is her tits. She probably has had some work done on them, but that isn’t going to stop them being any less eye-catching, is it? If you are lucky enough to see Ainslee Divine on cam, then expect there to be a shit ton of tit play there. Although, this is a lady that loves thrusting things into her pussy too.

Best Trans Cam Model – Casey Kisses

While we know that trans cam models do not get as many viewers as some of the other models on sex cam sites, it is a great shame. There are some seriously beautiful trans models that are begging you to watch them.

This beautiful blonde pre-op trans lass boasts a stunning face, and a massive cock. Expect her to be spending a lot of time playing with her tits and her cock on webcam. If you want to experience more of Casey Kisses, then you will be pleased to know that she often kicks around on some of the major porn websites too. Oh, and yes, she has her own OnlyFans.com profile, so you can enjoy more sexy pics like that.

Best Cam Model Duo – Sophie and Eva

Normally when you have a cam model couple, you do not expect them to be a real couple. Well, Sophie and Eva have nipped that idea in the bud. This is a real lesbian couple, and they are more than happy to perform on webcam. You can find them spending most of their time on the Chaturbate website, but they do hop from place to place, so you can probably catch them on any of the major sites at some point.

It is likely that this dynamic duo won the award simply because you can see just how much they love each other. The result? A far sexier and sensual performance, which is just going to be pulling you in right from the get-go. This is a duo that you really want to watch. They are guaranteed to get you horny from a simple look alone.

Best Rising Cam Star (Female) – Belle Creed

It was very easy for us to see why Belle Creed won the award for the best rising cam star. This is because she genuinely isn’t like other cam girls. In fact, this is her whole ‘brand’. Belle Creed believes that other girls are not really the perfect example of your average women. She thinks that they look too much like models.

This is why this lady is unique. While she wouldn’t win any awards on the catwalk, she is the perfect ‘girl next door’ sort of women. A little bit of chunk, smaller tits (i.e. no work), but a stunning face and an amazing personality. We think that it won’t be long before she picks up an award for being one of the best game girls. Period.

Best Rising Cam Star (Male) – Jason Williams

While we haven’t seen this lad online too much, mostly because he spends a lot more time working in other types of porn nowadays, but all accounts he is always fun when you watch him. He boasts an incredibly muscular chest, and he is coated in tattoos. It seems that one of the main reasons why people love Jason Williams is the fact that he seems very ‘down to earth’ when you chat to him. It is more like you are chatting to a mate, rather than an up and coming cam star. We like this.

Best Female Clip Artist – Reislin

Reislin (obviously, not her real name)) is one of those people that can find kicking around on PornHub, although she has an OnlyFans too.

This is a lass that loves to be a bit quirky. If you look at her PornHub.com profile, you should get a decent overview of what her personality is like from her profile picture alone. Thrown in her hand-drawn banner, and you really start to get a feel for what she is about.

Now, she is sexy as hell. However, since she won the best female clip artist award, we are pretty positive that you already knew that. Most of her clips try to play into certain fetishes. This includes clips where she acts as a stepsister. She has a decent amount of anal porn too. It seems barely a day goes by where she is not sharing new clips with her fans. You need to check her out.

Best Male Clip Artist – RealMrSmith

RealMrSmith sells most of his clips on ManyVids.com (so, one of the better safe porn sites), although he also provides private videos too. Again, as you may expect, he looks really good. He did win the best male clip artist award, after all. His cock is huge and there is also that muscular body that he boasts on camera.

Most of the clips that he produces involve him either oiling himself up or jerking off. However, there are a few blowjob and full sex videos out there too, although these may be a bit more difficult to track down.

Best Fetish Clip Artist – Ceara Lynch

Do you have a foot fetish? Nice! Ceara Lynch has you covered. While this naughty little minx provides video clips of all sorts of fetishes, pretty much everything she does will involve her feet in some way. Although, to be honest, we can’t blame her for that. She has some really good looking feet. You can find her kicking around d all of the major porn clip websites. However, if you want to just seem some good looking feet without the nudity, then you will also find her on Instagram…and there are plenty of images to view there.

Best Cosplay Clip Artist – Evie Rain

This is an Asian cosplay clip artist, so we guess that Evie Rain plays into two different fetishes.

Once again, we do not actually know what sort of character she is cosplaying. Although, based on what we can see, it seems to be popular anime characters. She absolutely loves to color her hair. Although, to be honest, she has massive knockers. You will probably be staring more at those than that any of the outfit she wears. This is a huge shame, because she does actually boast some seriously good-looking outfits.

Best Inked Clip Artist – Samantha Mack

While Samantha Mack’s ink may be a bit lighter than some other porn stars, it is clear why she won this award. She plays into several different fetishes. If you love good-looking women with banging tits, ink, and being a MILF, then Samantha Mack may be for you. She produces a ton of different clips. This includes threesomes, lesbian sex scenes, and some POV videos too. Hell, if you want something, then Samantha Mack probably has a clip for it.

Best BBW Clip Artist – Sofia Rose

Sofia Rose is the absolute epitome of perfect BBW. We aren’t just talking about how she looks either, although if you love BBW women, then you will not be disappointed with Sofia Rose. It is the fact that she puts together some bloody amazing porn clips. She does a little bit of everything. A lot of it will involve her being fucked by a big, black cock. However, she also has threesomes and lesbian clips. Hell, she even has a bit of bating content too. Just about everything you could want, she has.

Best MILF Clip Artist – Annabelle Rogers

Annabelle Rogers may look a bit on the older side of things compared to the other models on this list, but this really plays into the kink that she satisfies. Most of the clips that she produces seem to be focused on mother and son porn, although she has some cougar and teacher shit thrown in too. She really does play into her age in her clips. She is a tremendous actress too. You really believe the role she is playing. It makes everything so much hotter.

Best Trans Clip Artist – Vanniall

This trans model won an award because she looks good and makes amazing clips. That is pretty much a given, and you do not need us to tell you that part. However, you probably do want us to tell you that Vanniall is probably one of the best people in the porn industry when it comes to her fans. She is more than happy to answer any message that comes her way (assuming it is not offensive) and she puts out a lot of content. She regularly teams up with other performers too, which is always nice.

Best Clip Artist Duo – MySweetApple

MySweetApple is a real male and female couple. They bill themselves as being a couple that likes to fuck just about everywhere, and that is what their clips focus on quite heavily. Most of their content is outdoor fucking. This includes some beach nudity. You also have a couple of threesome clips here and there, but most of it is just straight fucking from a couple clearly in love.

Best Rising Clip Star (Male) – ItsBen

Gay porn is his thing. He has plenty of clips about it. Although, you will also find some decent solo content from ItsBen, a lot of it involving cock rings. It is surprising he managed to pick up this award. Not because he is bad. He really isn’t. He is one of the best clip creators around. It is more the fact that he is 18, so brand new to the industry. There was some stiff (quite literally) competition and he managed to knock them out. This guy is going places.

Best Rising Clip Star (Female) – Aubrey Diamond

While Aubrey has yet to product that many clips, you can tell that this young girl is going places. Most of her content is solo, but all of it is incredibly hot. You just know that it won’t be long before this 18-year-old is picking up the top model award.

Best Premium Social Media Star (Female) – Maitland Ward

Maitland Ward used to be a Disney Channel star (in Boy Meets World), now she is rocking porn. It is no wonder she has a massive fan base. Since she is a professional actor, nearly everything that she produces is fucking gold too. You need to check her out.

Best Premium Social Media Star (Male) – Matthew Camp

Matthew Camp does a lot of gay porn, and it is some of the most hardcore mainstream stuff we have seen. If you are gay and want to subscribe to one of the best premium stars there is, then Matthew Camp is exactly where you need to be looking. We wouldn’t be surprised if he won this award multiple years in a row.

Community Figure – Amberly Rothfield

Amberly Rothfield does produce clips and operates phone sex lines, but that isn’t why she won this award. Instead, she won it for the help that she gives to newcomers to the community. She teaches them how to create content, as well as stay mentally healthy in the business. She has really taken the world of porn forward.


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