Most Popular Married Pornstars

Although it may come as a surprise to those that watch porn, many of your favorite porn stars, both male and female, are married or in long term relationships.

It is much less common for porn stars to be married to non porn stars, but it does happen, and has worked out for several very famous porn actresses. Usually, though, it is much more common to see porn stars married to other porn stars, and there are some that have marriages that have lasted upward of ten years with both of them still working in the porn industry.

Just as in marriages between non porn stars, there are divorces and regular marital stresses and problems. Often you’ll see that actresses retire from porn once they begin having children, although that isn’t always the case.

Some actresses have multiple children and are still working in the industry, however, that is a rarity because of the expectation in porn to maintain the perfect figure.

Obviously, maintaining a figure that is worthy of being nude on film is much harder to do once women begin giving birth to children.

The most interesting factor of pornstar couples seems to be the ability to share their partner or spouse with what appears to be no jealousy whatsoever in the relationship.

Although not all of the pornstar couples on this list are swingers or have open marriages, the majority of them do sleep with other people both on and off screen, and openly talk of inviting other people into their bed.

Yet, even with all of the partner swapping taking place, such as in marriages where one or both of the spouses are bisexual, they seem to have found a happy outlet for their sexual excursions both on and off screen.

Many of the most successful marriages in the porn industry occur when the porn stars not only work in porn together, but also operate production companies together. This is because they are able to control who they work with in the industry and the types of films and scenes that they perform in. Often the couple are business partners in this type of scenario, and several porn star marriages are also lucrative business partnerships.

Although it isn’t often a suggested career path for spouses, it seems that some pornstar couples have found the secret to a happy marriage.

Maybe the secret is the open communication they seem to have about sexual matters.

Maybe it’s the fact that they sleep with whoever they want on and off screen. Whatever the secret is, there are some couples on this list that have been together for decades and still appear to be going strong. In relationships like that, really, how can you judge their career path, when they seem to be happier than a lot of people working regular 9 to 5 jobs?

The following is a rundown of the most popular married pornstars and married pornstar couples:

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Best Married & Couple Pornstars of 2021

Dani Daniels And Victor Cipolla

Victor’s Instagram:

Victor Cipolla is a producer of mainstream films and television shows with a fairly decent resume under his belt. Dani Daniels is a porn star that got her start in porn in 2011 at the age of 21. She dropped out of art school, and initially only did girl/girl scenes in porn. They married in 2017 and are still living in wedded bliss with no children.

Nina Hartley And Ernest Greene


When it comes to well known porn stars, you don’t get much more famous than Nina Hartley. She started in porn in 1986, and has been a porn star and sex positive feminist and sex activist for almost as long. She has lectured on sex education at Harvard, Berkeley and Dartmouth, and is well known around the world for her sex positive messages to women. Nina also has had several mainstream acting gigs, including the film Boogie Nights and also an appearance in the Tupac Shakur music video for “How Do You Want It?” Interestingly, Nina graduated magna cum laude with a nursing degree, and she was an RN prior to working in porn. She has been in an open marriage to Ernest Greene since 2003. He is a porn director and producer.

Stormy Daniels And Brendon Miller


Stormy Daniels is known around the world currently for being the porn star to expose the shady dealings of President Donald Trump, allegedly receiving a $100K payoff as hush money from Trump’s attorney at the onset of his presidency. She has been in porn for over ten years, and interestingly enough was also the 2010 Republican candidate for Senate from Louisiana until she dropped out of the race.

Stormy is also a lover of equestrian events, and has won several blue ribbons for events. She was married to Brendon Miller from 2011 to 2018, and they have 1 daughter together. He cites the reasons for their divorce as infidelity on Stormy’s behalf. It was her third marriage. Brendon was a drummer before starting in porn in 2012.

Kendra Lust and Chuck Mason


Kendra Lust is another porn star with a Bachelors in Nursing. However, in 2012, she ended up taking in her sister’s kids and needed a quick way to hustle up the money to take care of her family. She turned to porn. Currently, she heads a talent agency called Society 15. She is married to a non porn star, Chuck Mason, who is a former cop. They have one daughter together. Kendra is most well known for doing both MILF and big black cock porn, and she has stated to the press that she and Chuck have an open marriage.

Sandee Westgate And Jared Grey


Both of these porn stars have now retired from the skin business, but prior to doing so, Jared got his start doing mainstream PG13 movies, none of which are really well known. Sandee is a Canadian porn star, and they married in 2015. Sandee is most well known for doing MILF porn, and they have starred in multiple threesome films together.

Charlotte Sartre And Lance Hart


Lance Hart is one of the most well known bisexual male porn actor in the business. He married Charlotte Sartre in 2020. Charlotte is a goth and alt porn star, but they costar in a lot of MMF and Male Bisexual films together. He also run Man Up Films, which handle several online gay porn sites. Charlotte has been in a lot of hardcore dominated and kink/fetish porn films, but their most popular scenes seem to be the femdom and pegging scenes that they shoot together, where they both are performing anal on one another. Lance has been in many pegging scenes and is also known in the shemale/trans circuit, as he is bisexual and also has starred with trans adult stars.

Tori Black And Lyndell Anderson


Lyndell Anderson is the director of Arch Angel Studio. He married Tori Black in 2012, and she was already well known for taking big black cock on and off the set. They have a son and a daughter together. Tori won the Female Performer Of The Year AVN two years in a row, the first female to ever do so. She has also done several mainstream screen appearances, including on the Showtime show “Ray Donovan”. Although Tori was initially in a lot of schoolgirl and lesbian scenes, she very quickly became known for taking big black cock in anal scenes, and is also no stranger to scenes in the double penetration genre. She also is frequently filmed giving blowjobs to big black cock, and has no intention of stopping anytime soon.

Joanna Angel And Aaron Thompson


Joanna and “Small Hands” Aaron met in 2012 when he started off as her merchandise guy. They married in Las Vegas in 2016. She is the owner of Burning Angel Production Company, and he became an award winning porn star himself. She is actually credited with helping to get the alt porn scene started. Joanna has a Bachelors in English Literature from Rutgers, and she writes and directs much of the content for Burning Angel.

Bibi Jones And Jim Grdina


Married in 2014, Bibi and Jim have four sons and one daughter. Jim was on the show Millionaire Matchmaker. Bibi, however, was linked to several professional athletes prior to getting with Jim, including Rob Gronkowski. Bibi has been retired from porn since dating Jim, and most in the industry believe that is one of the conditions of their marriage, although that has not been confirmed by the couple. Bibi was well known for teen porn scenes, and also for the fact that she loved facials. She was very easily recognized by her tiny pert ass, and she was often in porn scenes wearing pigtails. She also does a great deal of schoolgirl anal porn scenes, and has done several gangbang scenes where she is anally gangbanged.

Sunny Leone And Daniel Weber


Married in 2011, Sunny and Daniel have a daughter and twin sons together. Sunny left porn to go into mainstream Bollywood acting, which is actually quite a feat to have accomplished. Daniel is a musician from New York who is fully supportive of all that his wife does in her career. They are still happily married. Sunny began her work in porn shooting only girl on girl or solo masturbation scenes, but she evetually ended up doing scenes with male pornstarts as well. Her first mainstream television appearance was as a red carpet reporter for MTV.

Tera Patrick And Evan Seinfeld


Evan Seinfeld is a singer, and was the lead vocalist and bassist for metal band Biohazard. He was married to Tera Patrick from 2004 to 2009, and he did 7 pornos under the name Spyder Jonez. Tera was a model starting at 14, then went on to porn work. She owns Teravision Production Company. After their divorce, Tera and Evan went on to marry other people. Tera married Tony Acosta, a fellow porn star. They were married from 2010 to 2015, and they have a daughter together. Evan married Lupe Fuentes, another porn star, in 2011. Interesting side note, Evan is the second cousin of comedian Jerry Seinfeld.

Jasmine Jae And Ryan Ryder


A professional singer and mainstream actor, Ryan Ryder is from Scotland. Ryan starred on Andrew Lloyd Webber’s TV show “Any Dream Will Do”, and it was his ticket to mainstream fame prior to porn. Jasmine Jae is a British former marketing manager, and they began porn together as a married couple in 2012. She does a lot of MILF and big tits scenes, and they do threesome scenes together regularly as well. The couple, although still being married and very much in love, state that they don’t plan on retiring any time soon, and they have no plans to have children either.

Tabitha Stevens And Gary Orona


In 1995, Tabitha Stevens got a late start in porn at the age of 25. She was married when she entered the scene, but quickly divorced. She has many mainstream film and television appearances and holds a current SAG card. Gary is a porn producer and director, and has produced and directed many soft porn films for HBO and Cinemax. He is one of the most well known soft porn creators. They married in 2007, her third marriage. Interesting side note, Tabitha is “addicted” to plastic surgery, and she has spent around 200K on plastic surgery altogether.

Katie Morgan And Jim Jackman


Katie Morgan got her start in porn to pay off her bond and plea bargain when she was charged with transporting over 100 pounds of pot for distribution. Jim Jackman is a mainstream actor, and Katie has several mainstream appearances in both television and film. They were married until 2009, when they divorced.

Casey Calvert And Eli Cross


Casey Calvert is from Gainesville, FL, and graduated magna cum laude with a Bachelors in Film Production, minoring in zoology and anthropology. She started working as a fetish model, then got into porn acting. Eli Cross is a director that is 22 years her senior. They are still together, and Casey films custom porn in an effort to combat piracy of her films. Her husband directs all of her customer porn scenes. Casey is most well known for her anal porn scenes. She is often seen in interracial anal porn scenes taking big black cock as well as doing double penetration scenes. She also does a great deal of schoolgirl anal porn scenes, and has done several gangbang scenes where she is anally gangbanged.

Peter North And Nadia North


Married in 2014, there is a sad ending to this story of wedded bliss. In 2019, Nadia filed for divorce after multiple domestic violence incidents where Peter was arrested for beating her. Peter North started in gay porn in 1983 as Matt Ramsey. The Canadian has been in over 2,000 porn films, directed over 70, and produced over 20 for his company, Northpole Entertainment. Nadia did several scenes with him, and starred in the Northpole series Anal Addicts. Although their divorce isn’t yet finalized, the judge did issue her an order of protection in 2019.

Jesse Jane And Rick Patrick

Jesse’s Instagram:

Jesse and Rick were married from 2005 to 2012. They have one son together, who is now 18. Rick Patrick is 6’9, and was once married to porn star Tawny Roberts. Jesse is in the AVN Hall of Fame, and she was exclusively signed to Digital Playground from 2002 to 2014. Jesse once dated Tommy Lee prior to getting together with Rick. Jesse is in a lot of teen and lesbian porn scenes. She also is well known for blowjob scenes, including facials. She also does a great deal of schoolgirl anal porn scenes, and has done several gangbang scenes where she is anally gangbanged.

Asa Akira And Tony Ribas


Asa and Tony were married from 2012 to 2017. Tony is a porn star from Spain who is in the AVN Hall of Fame, and has about 1,300 films under his belt. Tony was also married to Sophie Evans, porn star, prior to his marriage to Asa. Asa was born in Manhattan to Japanese parents. She began as a dominatrix at 19, then worked into porn. She was on the Bubba The Love Sponge radio show regularly, she is a director, and has had several cameos in mainstream films. Asa was engaged to Rocco Reed prior to being married to Tony. She has one son, born in 2019.

Faith Leon And Marcos Leon

Faith started in porn in 2004 at the age of 19. She and Marcus wed in 2015 and are still married. They’ve done 12 scenes together. Faith is known for her blowjob scenes. Marcus is in over 200 films. Although they are retired, Faith is also well known for interracial and anal scenes, and Marcus has done many fresh faces porn scenes with new porn starlets . Interestingly, they met in an LA bookstore, neither knowing one another from the industry. They confessed to each other what they did for a living, and they have been together ever since.

Jessica Drake And Brad Armstrong


Married in 2006, Brad Armstrong is an actor and producer. He is Canadian and started as a male stripper. He was married to Jenna Jameson prior to marrying Jessica. Jessica started on Playboy TV in 1999. She teaches sex education around the world. She has many mainstream film appearances, and is in the Lady Gaga video “Telephone”. As a side note, Jessica is one of the porn stars to accuse President Trump of sexual misconduct.

Francesca Le And Mark Wood


Married since 2001, Mark and Francesca own and operate LeWood BMC, which they began in 2002. Both of these porn stars have been directors for Evil Angel. She got her start in porn in 1992, while Mark started in 1998. Francesca is a MILF porn star, and they star in a lot of threesome FFM scenes together. Currently, Mark does all of the casting for LeWood, and stars in most of their productions as well.

Mia Malkova And Danny Mountain


Another tale of the wife beater, sadly, Danny and Mia were married from 2014 to 2018, and there are rumors that he abused her. It is well known that he abused his former wife, porn star Eva Angelina, whom he has a child with. Danny is a British porn star, while Mia is from California. Mia has made several mainstream screen appearances, including in G Eazy’s video for “Still Be Friends”. Interestingly, Mia’s brother, Justin Hunt, is also a porn star.

Keiran Lee And Kirsten Price


Keiran and Kirsten have been married since 2013, and have three kids. Keiran was formerly married to porn star Puma Suede. Also, Keiran has his dick insured for 1 million dollars. He has also done some mainstream acting, and was a judge and mentor on the show “The Sex Factor”. Kirsten was a criminal justice major, and was married to Barrett Blade prior to marrying Keiran. Kirsten has been an extreme sports correspondent and also had a role in the TV series “Weeds” on Showtime.

Anikka Albrite And Mick Blue


Married in 2014, Mick and Anikka were the first married couple to win the AVN Performer of the Year award simultaneously in 2015. He is from Austria and she is from Denver Colorado. Anikka double majored in molecular biology and business, so she certainly isn’t lacking in the brain. Anikka and Mick say that they have a monogamous marriage off screen. They had their first child in 2018, and Mick aspires to be an Indy Car driver currently.

Kayden Kross And Manuel Ferrara


Married in 2012, they have one daughter. Manuel is one of the most famous male porn stars of all time. However, Kayden is pretty well known in the industry, and is a known adult industry activist. Kayden has also done mainstream acting, including shows such as “Breaking Bad”, and an appearance in the FX comedy “The League”. In 2013, Manuel asked her not to perform any porn scenes with other men, so she all but retired from porn to have her daughter and be a wife.

Kelly Madison And Ryan Madison


Married in 2015, Kelly Madison is an actress, director, and producer. She owns and operated 413 Productions. Ryan Madison is a male porn star, and they do a lot of threesomes and FFM scenes together. In addition to doing MILF and cougar porn, Kelly also owns, which is a search engine specifically for porn. An interesting side note, Kelly is the cousin of porn legend Janine Lindemulder.

Johnny Sins And Kissa Sins


Another couple that is a force when operating a business together, Johnny and Kissa operate Sins Life, their website. They have done many porn films together, but sadly, they divorced in 2019. Johnny Sins has around 3,000 films under his belt, and is a winner of multiple awards. Kissa is an AVN Award, Pornhub Award, and XBIZ award winner also. She also does a great deal of schoolgirl anal porn scenes, and has done several gangbang scenes where she is anally gangbanged.

Mia Khalifa And Robert Sandberg


Mia and Robert are a very interesting couple. He’s a chef that is absolutely covered in tattoos, and is pretty hot for a guy who spends his day in the kitchen. He’s also Swedish, and they met when he cooked and she was so impressed, she sent a message to the chef, and it went from there. They were set to be married in 2020, but due to the Coronavirus, their wedding has been delayed for an indeterminate period of time.

Rocco Siffredi And Rosa Caracciolo


Rocco Siffredi started his career as a fashion model. Rosa is a Hungarian model who did one film with Rocco. They were married in 1993, and they have had some serious ups and downs in their marriage, mostly due to the fact that Rocco is an admitted sex addict that will sleep with pretty much anyone or anything. Aside from being a porn star, Rocco is also a director and producer, and has done some mainstream acting, including Celebrity Island. They have 2 sons together, and Rocco retired from porn in 2015, vowing to finally be loyal to his wife.

Danny D And Aleska Diamond


Danny D, also known as Danny Dong, is arguably one of the most recognizable men in porn today. He is from England, and started porn in 2003. He also is a Shafta Award, XBIZ award, and AVN award winner in multiple years and categories. Aleska is a Hungarian model, turned porn star, and acrobat.

She started in porn in 2008, then retired in 2013. She currently is still working as an aerial acrobat. Danny and Aleska broke up in 2014, with Danny moving on to date and marry porn star Sophia Knight. Sophia is also retired from acting, but she still produces porn. Danny has not retired, and is still quite well known for his endowment throughout the industry.

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