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Want to keep abreast of the latest sex news? Well, you aren’t going to be getting that from the BBC News website or anything like that. You need to find a site that deals with adult industry news. There are plenty of them out there too.

Here, we are going to run you through what we genuinely believe are the best adult industry news blogs around. We have selected these sites because of the amount of information that they boast. This information tends to come through in an unbiased way too. This means that you get the raw information that you need with none of the fluff. All of the sites on here are regularly updated, so you can have a flick through them to see whatever one tickles your fancy. You will probably want multiple news sources, to be honest.

AVN.COM is one of the original adult industry news blogs. In fact, at one time it wasn’t even a blog. Back in the 80s, AVN would be distributed to various people in the porn business in physical form (yep, remember printed newsletters?). Obviously, the whole blog format works a little bit better for what the company is trying to do. If you head to their site, a lot of the information that they share is squarely focused on those working in the porn business. A lot of the information that AVN shares is related to the legal side of things. Oh, and they run several shows throughout the year, so they are regularly reporting on their own shows too…just to keep people updated on the awards and stuff that they are handing out.

One of the things that we absolutely love about is the fact that it goes beyond just talking about adult industry news. Sure, the news is going to be a major focus of the site, but it isn’t just about the porn studios here. You also have a ton of news on what is happening in the sex toy industry. Very few sites actually cover that sort of thing, so we were really impressed with that side of things. However, the real excitement come with all of the features that they put together. These features talk about things that you really need to know about the porn business. A lot of them will give you an insider’s glance at what is happening in the world of porn. Oh, and there is a ton of information about porn stars too.

Unlike some of the other sides on this list, is not really a site aimed at readers working in the adult industry.

Instead, it is all about sharing news with the punters of the adult industry. Some of you guys are unlikely to be fans of the writing style of The Porn Dude, but he is able to pump out a ton of articles covering information that you would do well in knowing.

For example: you get a lot of information on upcoming releases, top porn stars, that sort of thing. Oh, and a lot of listicles. This is pretty much like Buzzfeed, just for the porn industry.

If you have browsed social media for more than twenty seconds, then it is likely that you will have stumbled across Lad Bible. This social media page is famed for picking up on trending items and trying to pass them off as their own. However, did you know that they are so much more than just a social media site? They also have a website! Now, their adult entertainment sections are not getting as many updates as they did in the past. However, they do like to share a couple of meme stories every now and then. Lad Bible is probably not somewhere you are going to be heading if you want to stay on top of the latest in the world of adult entertainment news, but it is worth checking in on occasion to see if there are any hilarious stories that have been shared.


This site is actually aimed at the German-speaking market. However, since all of their stories are translated into English, this is probably not going to matter all that much. While a lot of what the site does is focused on porn sites and the like, there is also a ton of information about webcam sites. This is actually a fantastic place to head if you work in the sex industry. This is because they try to keep you abreast of any news happening there. This means offers that you may want to take advantage of by signing up to certain sites. That sort of thing. While they are not putting out stories all that regularly, what they do put out is class. doesn’t have much in the way of adult industry news. Well, at least not for those who are actively working in the adult industry. It will give a couple of the main stories every so often, though. This site is more of a blog. Top tips on how to do things e.g. right now, the current story they are running with is ‘how to make your own sex toys’‘. So, that should give you an idea as to the type of market this website is aimed at. That being said, when they do run some top stories from the world of the adult industry, you can expect something that is well-written. That is always a plus.

This is an adult industry news site that is pumping out a lot of stories each and every day. They go beyond the world of porn, often looking at legal decisions related to the sex industry etc. This is a site that is pretty much focused on both the people that work in the sex industry, as well as the people who love the sex industry (i.e. pretty much everybody). Their news covers a lot of different areas. This includes the latest in the world of DVD sales, for instance. Mike South acually has a few different writers working on the site, which helps the flow of content coming through. It also means that the company is able to stay on top of what is happening in various parts of the sex industry even better. is heavily focused on sex industry news. This is actually one of only a few sites that seems to focus a lot on the gaming side of things, with news related to top porn games popping up quite often on the website. There is a lot of content here too. Obviously, they are writing several news stories per day. This covers pretty much every part of the sex industry you really need to know about. They also put together some amazing features which are a riveting read. However, they also have a fantastic PR news wire. This is because the team at know that not every single story is worth writing about, but that their readers will probably want to read it any way. So, they post raw press releases on the site. This way, you can stay on top of the news that matters.

Sure, isn’t at the forefront of riveting news, but it is still a good blog to browse. It is more for the consumer rather than the sex workers. On, for instance, you can learn about the new movies your favorite stars are in. That being said, they do have a lot of categories if you want to browse through them. However, do bear in mind that you are not going to be getting New York Times levels of reporting here. It is just going to be a bit of fun for those who love the sex industry. is probably best-known for the plethora of reviews of brand new porn DVDs that it puts together. In fact, if you want porn DVD reviews, there is probably no better site online than this one. Beyond this, they also have a thriving news section. The best part is that the news here is ‘raw’. No biased spin or anything like that. It publishes around 10 stories per day. Some of these stories are coming directly from some of the PR companies that represent the porn world, while a few others are written by the staff. This is a site that seems to be (mostly) focused on delivering cold, hard news. While their delivery on the news front can be a little bit dry on occasion, they are fantastic at what they do.


So, there you have it. These are our favorite adult industry news blogs. Remember; the adult industry is no different from any other industry. You really do want to take care to know that your news sources are varied. This way you get the full information rather than ‘fake news’ (yep, this is a problem in the sex industry too). This is why we suggest you use more than one of the sites on this list. That way you know you are getting quality information.


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