Porn stars are normal people. While they do spend a lot of time in the limelight, they have their own problems, just like we all have had problems. This means that every so often you are going to be ending up with an arrested pornstar. Unlike most of us (we have never been arrested, just pointing that out!), a lot of these arrested pornstars will have their arrest constantly following them, even if the charges were subsequently dropped.

On this page, we are going to look at the top arrested pornstars. Now, we are not making any judgments on the crimes that any of these people have potentially committed. It just seems that there has been a lot of buzz surrounding arrested pornstars in recent months, we figured we would go through the world of pornstars and see what is what.

Most of these are big names in porn, so you will probably recognize them. We may not have complete arrest information for all of these stars.

Tory Lane

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Let’s start with AVN Hall of Famer Tory Lane. She got started in the porn business in 2004, being one of the few women that were personally scouted by Peter North. She has starred in over 600 videos, so he made a damn good pick there! Tory Lane’s arrest happened in 2015 on a Delta Airlines flight. Apparently, she assaulted some of the flight crew on the flight. She was removed and, ultimately, arrested for the fiasco.

There seems to be no information about what happened on a criminal charges level after this arrest. However, we can tell you that one of the people that she assaulted on the plane did sue here. At the time of writing, nothing seems to have been mentioned about any claim that flight attendant made. However, unless she was seriously injured, and we doubt that she was because it would have made the news, she probably wouldn’t have received that much money anyway.

Asia Carrera

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Ever since leaving the porn business, Asia Carrera hasn’t had the best of times. While she is a top porn star, outside of the world of porn, she is probably best known as the lady that tried to make a stink when she wanted to wear a pasta strainer in her driver license photo. She claimed that she was following the Pastafarian religion.

Guess what? People were completely fine with her wearing the strainer on her head. However, she didn’t manage to keep that strainer on her head for too long. She ended up getting a DUI and banned from driving. She ended up being placed under house arrest. To make matters worse, she was actually picking her child up from school when she received that DUI. Crazy, right?

Dakota Skye

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One thing that you will probably notice on this page is that a couple of porn stars have managed to get themselves arrested for domestic violence. Some are claiming in self-defense, which we can believe, while others not so much. Dakota Skye is one of those ladies that seems to fall squarely into the ‘not so much’ category. She, allegedly, was using her phone a little bit too much for her boyfriend’s liking.

He asked her to leave his home because it was probably pissing him off. She decided to hit him, leaving him with a lip injury. As far as we can tell, she never tried to claim self-defense, she was just irritated that somebody asked her to leave the home after sex. It was a bit of a fall from grace for Dakota Skye. Just a few years previously, AVN named her as one of the people to keep an eye out for in the porn business.

Cameron Diggs

Cameron Diggs is probably best known as the gay porn star that loves his Nazi tattoos. You would think that he would have ended up being arrested for racism or something, but nope. Turns out, he was a drug dealer. He was caught with a shit ton of crystal meth. Like, a shit ton of it. This was after a massive SWAT raid.

While people didn’t really give that much of a crap about him after the arrest, we have no idea what actually happened to him. However, if he genuinely was guilty of having all of that crystal meth in his home, which he clearly was, then we have no doubt that he is probably going to be in prison for the rest of his life.

Montana Fisburne

Yep. This is the daughter of Laurence Fishburne. This lady did have a considerable amount of issues over the course of her life. This culminated in her being arrested for a DUI, something which seems to be common among arrested pornstars. Oh, but the DUI wasn’t the end of it.

She decided that during the arrest, she would pee on the officers. This was all captured on camera. As far as we can tell, she never actually went to prison for these issues. Instead, she committed herself to rehab where she, hopefully, ended up getting the treatment that she needed.

Jenna Jameson

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Jenna Jameson is one of the biggest names in the world of porn. Of course, that didn’t stop her from being arrested. When she was arrested, the amount of fame only amplified her case. Although, that is probably because she wasn’t arrested just once in her life, but twice. Her first arrest was for a DUI. However, under a year later, she ended up being arrested for battery.

We aren’t quite sure what happened in the battery case. It seems to have fallen off the internet. However, by all accounts, Jenna Jameson claimed that somebody broke into her home (a friend) and attacked her. She said it was only self-defense. We assume that this is how it ended up, because Jenna Jameson was serving a suspended sentence at the time for her DUI, and we probably would have heard if she had gone into prison, right?

David Meza

So, now we have a guy that we do know what happened to him, and you probably aren’t going to like it. David Meza is a murderer. He is currently serving life in prison. He was accused of murdering his wealthy gay lover who was many years his senior. It wasn’t a simple murder, though.

Oh no. You never get that when somebody murders their lover. Instead it was a crime that was completely heinous, and the judge described it as one of the most evil crimes he had ever seen come through his courtroom. David Meza almost decapitated his lover. Crazy.

Marilyn Chambers

Finally, we have somewhat of a normal arrest with this lady. One person who we do not actually believe should ever have been arrested. Marilyn Chamber’s arrests happened back in the 1980s. She was arrested for stripping on stage. She was actually arrested a couple of times. Most people believe that she was being arrested as part of a political game, which she probably was. Thankfully, the charges never seemed to come to anything and she continued to perform her act.

Bruno Knight

What is it with gay porn stars and trying to deal in drugs? Bruno Knight was arrested for his attempt to get crystal meth sent over to the UK, which is crazy when you think about it because, by all accounts, crystal meth isn’t that popular in the UK. Oh, and the whole drug trafficking thing.

That is pretty bloody crazy too. It turns out, Bruno Knight really did enjoy having things shoved up his rectum. There were three packages of crystal meth shoved up there, and he had to go to the hospital to get one of them removed it was that lodged in.

John Curtis Holmes

John Curtis Holmes, start of over 500 pornographic films, could have gone down in history as having one of the largest penises in the business. He had other ideas. Now, we do want to point out that John Curtis Holmes was never found guilty of his crimes, but many people believe that he was guilty to this day.

It is something known as the Wonderland Murders where several people ended up being murdered. John Curtis Holmes was arrested several times, and charged with the crime. However, he ended up being acquitted of everything. He died in the 1980s from AIDs, and the Wonderland Murders remain unsolved.

Jesse Jane

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The arrest of Jesse Jane is probably one of the most recent on this list. It happened back in 2020. According to sources, after a night of binge drinking, she felt that beating the hell out of her boyfriend would be a good idea. It doesn’t seem to have been a simple punch either. Oh no. Apparently, she really laid into the fella. She probably isn’t going to go to prison, but that charge probably didn’t do her any good.

Stormy Daniels

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If you haven’t been keeping up with the porn world, then this may be the first name that you recognize on this list. This is because she was in the news a lot between 2016 and 2020. This is all down to the fact that Donald Trump allegedly had an affair with her, and tried to pay her off so she didn’t speak about it.

Her arrest actually stems from that case. When that whole fiasco was in full swing, she was performing in a club where she was arrested for being too lewd. It was claimed that the arresting officers were arresting her as pay back for what she did to Trump. The charges ended up being dropped.

Lana Rhoades

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Lana Rhoades is a bit different to some of the other porn stars on this list. This is because when her arrests happened, nobody in the world of porn cared about her that much. She hadn’t entered the industry at that time. In fact, it is apparently entering the industry that saved her life. We cannot verify her arrest details, but Lana Rhoades claimed that she was arrested a whopping 20 times for various drug related offenses. As near as we can tell, she wasn’t arrested again once she entered the porn business. Go her!

Nacho Vidal

Probably the most unique arrest on this list so far. Nacho Vidal was arrested for manslaughter. Bad, but seems fairly normal, right? Well, nope. You see, this manslaughter charge involved some sort of weird toad venom ritual where he accidentally poisoned somebody with a toad.

This is a case that seems to be ongoing. We cannot see Nacho Vidal getting any prison time, but it certainly is one of the craziest porn arrests we have ever seen in the porn business, if we can exclude the Wonderland Murders that may or may not have happened by the guy they claimed.

Mikaela Spielberg

Yep. The daughter of the famous director. She is in the adult entertainment business. Bet you didn’t know that? She was arrested for domestic violence. The charges never seemed to be that intense, though. She was released with a rather paltry bail sum, and nothing seemed to come of the case, although it could have just been hidden, we suppose!

Ron Jeremy

Holy shit. Where do you begin with Ron Jeremy? This guy was a complete legend in the porn business. Fuck. There are people that will say he is a legend still. He is one of the most recognizable of porn stars. However, Ron Jeremy is going to be banged up for the rest of his life. He has had hundreds of sexual assault accusations thrown at him.

Apparently, he was sexually abusing people at porn conventions that took photos with him, etc. Once one person came out, the entirety of the people that he abused started to talk about what he put them through too. This guy’s issues are only just starting. The case has yet to go to court properly but, by all accounts, he is looking at multiple life sentences. Since the guy was knocking on a bit anyway, we can’t see him being a free man ever again in his life.

Teanna Trump

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Other than the murderers on this list, Teanna Trump seems to be the only person that has served time in prison. She stayed in there for 180-days after she was caught smoking marijuana. Probably not the worst case out of all of these arrested porn stars, but it happened.

Yes. This was her only arrest. By all accounts, while she was arrested for smoking marijuana, she did have the intention to distribute it too, which is probably the main reason why she ended up becoming part of the prison system.

Aubrey Gold

image source: wicked

We have our first female murderer on this list! Aubrey Gold is likely to have a trial in 2021, so you will want to keep an eye on this one if you want to know about the life of an arrested porn star. We assume that she isn’t getting out of this one either. She was charged with shooting her boyfriend and then burying him in a shallow grave.

So, y’know, your typical murder of passion story. At least she didn’t behead him like the previous murderer, we guess. By all accounts, she didn’t carry out the murder alone. Two other people were charged alongside her. As with most murderers, this wasn’t the first arrest on her record. She was also arrested 6 times prior to this, mostly for minor crimes.

Johnny Rapid

We are getting into the crazy side of things now. Well, actually, downright sad ones. Johnny Rapid beat his girlfriend. Now, this would be bad in a normal situation. However, things get worse. The whole reason that he ended up beating his girlfriend to death is because his girlfriend refused to convince a 14-year-old girl to have sex with him.

Purely sickening. He only stayed in jail for a single day, and he is now back and active in the porn industry. We are not quite sure how he managed to do this, because the guy has been known for assaulting various people for a long time now.

Sunny Dae

image source: realitykings

And now we will wrap up this list of arrested porn stars by talking about Sunny Dae, a lady that is now serving 40-years in prison for murder. It all happened at a sex party where she apparently beat in another partygoer’s head with a sledgehammer after stabbing him. She then had sex close to the corpse.

So, y’know, some pretty bad shit went down at that party. She did have sex with the guy before she took part in the beating him to death, though. The person she was with is in prison for life, but we do not see Sunny Dae ever leaving the prison system. The crime was heinous. They stole $6,000 from the guy that they beat to death too, which appears to be the motivation for the crime.

So, there you have it. A list of arrested pornstars. Some have committed minor crimes. Some truly sticking crimes. All have been through the system, though.


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