Holy crap. Have you ever seen Polish pornstars? Hell, have you ever seen Polish ladies in general? No? Well, boy are you in for a treat. When it comes to the hottest country, there is very little that can beat Poland. This country churns out hot ladies like there is no tomorrow. We are glad that so many of them decided to dabble in the world of porn.

Due to the number of pornstars from Poland, putting together this list of the best Polish pornstars was ridiculously difficult. Hell, there were dozens and dozens of people deserving of a place on this list. Sadly, when you are putting together a top 20 list, cuts had to be made. We do think we have selected the best of the best, though.

Go through this list of pornstars from Poland. We are positive that you will love each and every one of them…even if many do have slightly ‘unique’ names (you will see what we mean soon!)

Hottest Polish Pornstars Ever:

Natalia Starr

We are going to kick off this list of the best pornstars from Poland with Natalia Starr. This is because you may already have heard of her. She is one of the top porn stars on PornHub. Even if you do not recognize her by name, you may recognize her face. While she lives in the United States no,w, this blond beauty is Polish through and through.

She has such an amazing body and stunning face that if she wasn’t doing porn, she would probably be a top model. She has worked with top porn producers such as Lesbian Glam and Tushy. However, in recent years, she has started to work more for herself. This means that you will find most of her best stuff on Only Fans. However, she still has a treasure trove of older content to tap into too!

Sexy Susi

image source: evilangel

See what we mean about some of the Polish pornstars on this list having names that are a little bit more unique? Sexy Susi isn’t exactly the most original name in the world. It doesn’t even show that she is from Poland. Shame that. Thankfully, if you can look past her name, you will be enjoying a really sexy milf with some of the greatest knockers we have ever seen.

While she isn’t as active in the porn industry as she used to be, there is still so much content to watch. This lady spent most of her time doing gang bangs with Group Banged and Wild Gangbangs, so make sure you check those out.

Misha Cross

Love anal? Love erotic lesbian sex scenes? Love deep throats? Great! You will love Misha Cross. Misha Cross is a lady that isn’t afraid to try anything on camera. Hell, she makes it a point of pride that she was willing to dive into performing anal from Day 1 in the porn business, whereas most other porn stars may wait months, sometimes years, to do the same thing.

A lot of people are predicting that Misha Cross is the next big thing in the porn industry. It isn’t hard to see why. her videos rack up views like there is no tomorrow the second that they are uploaded. Having worked with top producers such as DDF and Penthouse, this is a lady that has clearly demonstrated that she has what it takes to succeed in this business.

Klaudia Figura

We hate when it is tough to find out information about certain pornstars, particularly when it comes to people as hot as Klaudia Figura. This Polish pornstar, despite producing some epic content, is relatively unknown online. Sadly, she hasn’t been active in the business for a good while now. Many of her videos are from the early 2000s.

However, she used to put out some pretty amazing gang bang videos. She has a bit of solo content here and there too. While we doubt that Klaudia Figura is ever going to return to the porn business, at least you have her older content to enjoy still! It is a shame that none of it is available in HD, though.

Lovely Vanessa (Vanessa Y)

image source: scoreland

At 41-years-old, this blondie from Poland is deep into MILF territory. In fact, as near as we can tell, she jumped right into the world of porn as a MILF. This means that you won’t be able to find any younger videos of her. Although, this probably won’t matter too much to most people.

Lovely Vanessa, despite her odd porn name, has the body of a much, much younger person. it looks great when she rides cocks with her bushy pussy. Her cocksucking shows years of experience in the bedroom too. She is the epitome of top quality Polish MILFs, so you need to check her out. Trust us on that one.

Natasha Starr

Despite having a similar name, Natasha Starr is not the same as Natalia Starr. We wonder if anybody ever got confused by that? Don’t worry, though. Natasha Starr produces porn just as brilliant as her similarly named Polish counterpart. She boasts huge 34C knockers, while also rocking an athletic body. Her lightly tattooed body is drop-dead sexy.

Natasha Starr has worked with a metric ton of porn producers. She has starred in porn videos from She Will Cheat, Naughty America VR, Love Her Feet, and Dirty Datng Live. While she is willing to do anything for a bit of cash in her pocket, she seems to be a big fan of that straight, hardcore-fucking, perhaps with a healthy dose of lesbian sex thrown in for good measure.


Nope. That isn’t a typo. There is not meant to be a space in her name. In fact, HotKinkyJo makes this incredibly clear. There is a little bit of confusion about where she is from. Some people think the Ukraine, others think Poland. We are going to go with the latter, mostly because we want to tell you about HotKinkyJo. This lady is known for being an ‘extreme’ pornstar.

Well, about as extreme as mainstream porn allows. We are talking about anal fisting (yes, she does this herself). Shoving candy into her pussy and ass, or whatever else tickles her fancy. If her asshole doesn’t prolapse during a video, she is disappointed. HotKinkyJo is certainly not a Polish pornstar for everybody, but she is still worth checking out. You may love her.

Sandra Boobies

Sandra Boobies may be one of the worst pornstar names we have ever seen. However, come to think of it, it describes her pretty well. Her name is Sandra, and she has boobies. It is a bit of self-advertisement wrapped up in a porn name. Now Ms. Boobies doesn’t act in the porn industry now. It seems as if she just disappeared overnight.

This is a great shame, as any video we have seen of her on major porn sites has attracted millions of views. Luckily for you, since she worked extensively with the DDF Network, you can still find plenty of content out. This content pretty much features this blond milf lady showing off her epic tits before being fucked. Oh, and there is a good amount of tit sucking thrown into the mix too.

Gina Blonde

We don’t know much about Gina Blonde, other than the fact that she enjoys a good fuck. This blond lass from Poland offers some epic natural titties. One of life’s greatest pleasures is being able to see these tits bounce up and down and she is being railed from behind.

Gina Blonde has worked with some big porn producers. This includes Swank Mag, Magma Film, and 6 Movies. Pretty much all of her scenes involve her being fucked by a cock that never in a million years looks like it will fit in her tight pussy. She has also dabbled in a bit of lesbian porn on occasion.

Angelica Wild

We love hairy pussies and women with slightly more intense looks on their face. We love it when they look like they need your cock and they are not going to take no for an answer. Luckily, Angelica Wild fits the bill here. This 38-year-old lass no longer seems to be active in the porn industry, but she has left a ton of awesome porn behind for us to enjoy.

Most of it is free too. Most of her work was done with Roby Bianchi, although she has also done a little bit with Porn Stream Live. Most of her stuff is just straight sex, although she has done a small amount of lesbian porn too.

Teen Kasia

At 20-years-old, you would think that Teen Kasia would have outgrown the teen part of her name. However, we doubt that this is something that she is going to be ditching any time soon. This is because she retains those youthful looks. Surprisingly, none of the videos that she is featured in involve a dick at all. This is because all Teen Kasia does is film herself playing with dildos in a variety of different situations.

She is pretty much a cam girl performing in professionally shot videos. We know that there are some people out there who really just want to see a dick pound a tight pussy, but, watch Teen Kasia drive herself to orgasm using nothing more than her fingers. We bet you will change your mind about this type of porn.

Sara Nice

Love a bit of DP action with a sexy milf? Fucking cool. Sara Nice is well…nice. She hasn’t starred in that many scenes, which is a great shame. She probably boasts one of the best natural racks in Poland. However, everything she has made is absolutely golden. Some of her content has racked up well over 10-million views on Porn Hub. British Blue Movies and Anal Fuck Tour are where she has done most of her work. Both of these companies offer a LOT of anal sex, which is just as well since Sara Nice really loves that.

Mollys Bedroom

Finding out anything about Mollys Bedroom is nigh on impossible because let’s face it, porn is not going to be the first thing that pops up when you search Google for Mollys Bedroom. Sometimes known as Molly Space, Mollys Bedroom is a black-hiared Polish lass with a fetish for the crazy.

While most of her content is her stripping on camera, she has also done a few piss videos and a bit of BDSM too. We love ladies that are not afraid of trying anything (check out her golden shower smoking videos, they are a sight to see!). This is why we are more than happy to include Mollys Bedroom on our list of the best Polish pornstars.

Kora Kryk

Busty Kora Kryk seems to only do lesbian porn. To be honest, we don’t mind that. We love seeing her soft, large, natural boobs being grabbed from behind by another woman. This black-haired MILF has also dabbled in a bit of fetish porn. One of the most epic videos we saw from her was her being wrapped up in leather straps, dancing on wooden beams. We are not sure why she was actually dancing on the beams. But, you know what? About a fraction of a second we didn’t give a shit. We were watching a sexy Polish lady get her groove on. For 5-minutes, we were completely content with life.

Bea Flora

Another busty MILF pornstar from Poland. What a surprise, eh? As near as we can tell, Bea Flora has never been fucked by a cock on camera. She has done a bit of brief lesbian porn, but we can’t stress just how brief that phase of her career was. It seems the bulk of what Bea Flora does nowadays is play with her massive assets on camera.

She doesn’t even need to touch her pussy to get most men going. All she does is oil up her tits and you will be horny as fuck. These do not appear to be natural tits, since they do seem to be getting larger over time. However, you know what? We don’t care about that. Bea Flora’s tits look real enough. She doesn’t look bad for being 40-years-old either.

Busty Sara

This blond Polish beauty has been in the business for a few years now. Her tits seem to be getting larger each year too. So, no, they are not natural. However, you will quickly forget about this when you start to see just how adventurous this lady is in her videos. She loves being fucked. Her videos where she is fucked by two monster cocks at the same time are among the best around. However, she also has some good normal sex videos too. This is a lady that has a lot of experience under her belt, and she isn’t afraid to show it off to the world.

Magda Polak

This frizzy-haired Polish lass has been getting pummeled on camera for years now. While this sexy milf hasn’t produced any new content for a while, you still have a ton of high-quality anal videos to get your dick hard to. This is also a lady that knows how to give a fucking amazing blowjob. Watch mesmerized as this milf takes cocks deep into her mouth. You will also enjoy her stunning, bushy pussy that she isn’t afraid to show off whenever the moment presents itself.

Ines Cudna

Ines Cudna has that typical blond, Polish model look. This means that she rocks a style that is drop-dead sexy. While we are positive she is classed as a milf nowadays, she hasn’t done much in the way of work in that area. Instead, she is still fucking on camera as if she is in her early 20s. She doesn’t do much in the way of straight porn, but that is fine. She has plenty of solo bate videos, and some awesome lesbian porn videos where some of the hottest porn stars in the world suck gently on her nipples.

Aneta Buena

It is another busty milf, and another lady that only seems to appear in lesbian porn. However, we love Aneta Bunea’s tits so much that it would be wrong not to include her on the list of best pornstars in Poland. She does a couple of unique videos too. Ever wanted to see a lady work out topless in a gym? Well, now you can. Aneta Buena made a video about it.

Joanna Bujoli

She may be getting on in years (and made enough money from porn to move to Monaco), but Joanna Bujoli is still pumping out a lot of content. If you want to see gaping assholes, sexy tits, and some of the best pounding you will ever likely see in her life, then check out Joanna Bujoli. You may even want to check out her social media where she is regularly posting new content, or even highlighting stuff that she did many moons ago.


If you are looking for the best pornstars in Poland, then we reckon the list you just read will serve you well. Check out each and every lady on this list. While we are sure that you are going to end up having a favorite from this list, we are also positive that each and every lady is going to make you horny as hell. This just happens when you are looking at some of the finest ladies in the world.


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