There is something about short, midget pornstars that just makes your cock stiffen and your pussy drip. The porn industry is home to some of the world’s hottest little sluts and some truly stand out at the head of the pack.

Fans that crave watching short pornstars often do so because they love to watch the way that a tiny woman can take on the impressive cocks that are found on today’s porn sets. They also love the way that they can manipulate their bodies into some of the most erotic positions imaginable.

We have put together a list of the top 20 hottest short pornstars currently working in the porn industry during the 2021 calendar year. These lovely ladies all have massive fan followings and it is easy to see why once you watch them getting freaky with their co-stars.

All of these girls are short but they don’t let that stop them from having their hungry holes filled with some of the biggest male members that can be found anywhere in today’s porn industry. With this said, these are the top 20 hottest short pornstars of 2021.

Hottest Short Pornstars

Dolly Little

Starting with Dolly Little is the perfect way to kick off our list of the top 20 hottest short pornstars in 2021. This tiny little redheaded trollop knows how to get down to business and she knows her way around a raging hard, throbbing cock. Dolly Little is the true slutty embodiment of a spinner. Her body seems to be built for sex. Her sweet 28A tits go perfectly with her sweet little ass and her juicy pussy lips.

It is a thing of beauty to see this little slut taking a cock down her throat or watching her ride the cock of a hung stud. This woman could be described as the dictionary definition of a slutty little tart and her appetite for massive cocks seems to be unending. It is truly amazing to see such a petite little babe take on the biggest cocks in porn with ease.

Briar Rose

Briar Rose has built her porn industry reputation off of the countless slutty exploits that she engages in when the camera starts rolling. This filthy little whore was a no-brainer as a choice for our list of the top 20 hottest short pornstars in 2021. You will marvel at how such a tight and petite frame can accommodate some of the largest members in the adult industry.

This short pornstar makes up for her small stature by taking on as many big-dicked studs as she can and sucking and fucking them dry. This fact has helped Briar Rose to build up a massive fanbase during her career in the porn industry.

Penny Nichols

Penny Nichols loves to show off why good things often come in short packages. You simply have to see her in action taking on one huge cock after another to be able to believe that her small frame could handle such well-endowed studs with ease.

This is one slut that aims to make a big impression on her fans and that means taking on as many huge penises as she possibly can. If you have never had the pleasure of jerking off to this filthy little slut, then today is the perfect time to change that.

Luckey Ross

The sight of a Luckey Ross when she is naked is one that simply must be seen to be believed. It is a sight that will cause your cock to throb. Watching Luckey Ross get to work fucking and sucking is the perfect way to get in a good wank session.

This little slut is the ideal short porn star at 4′ 9″. She has perky 32B tits and a perfect, shaved pussy that begs to be licked and pounded. She might be small, but this little trollop knows how to take the biggest cocks in porn into her tight shaved snatch with no problem at all.

Karla Ambrosia

A sampling of Karla Ambrosia will only leave you wanting more of this amazing short pornstar. This tiny brunette slut knows how to put in work whether she is on her back with her legs spread or riding furiously on the cock of the male talent that she is working with.

It is a pleasure to jerk off to the filthy antics of Karla Ambrosia and to watch her expertly handle the biggest cocks that the porn industry can offer up. She is truly one of the top short pornstars currently fucking her way across the porn industry.

Mini Vanilli

Mini Vanilli has that adorable look that you just can’t help but be intrigued by. She also has the look of a relentless little slut that can take on massive cocks with glee. Browsing through her body of work will show her taking on one massive cock after another.

Mini Vanilli loves to fuck and suck all of the biggest dicks in porn and it is a beautiful sight to see her using her small and sexy frame to coax massive loads out of the male talent that she is working with. You won’t believe just how cute this little slut’s shaved pussy and sweet ass are. This short pornstar is one of the world’s top 20 hottest without a doubt.

Skylar Valentine

Skylar Valentine just loves showing that amazing pornstars can come in short packages. She is only 4’7″ but that doesn’t stop her from easily navigating massive penises with ease. This filthy little blonde has burst onto the porn scene and quickly built a large fanbase. She has perky, pierced tits and an adorable shaved pussy. Perhaps her most cock-stiffening feature is her juicy little ass.

This is a little tramp that looks amazing whether she is on her back, squatting on cock, or bent over taking it doggy style. She is also happy to get down with women whenever she gets the chance. If you have never seen Skylar Valentine put in work before, do it today. Your cock or pussy will thank you for it. She is truly one of the top short pornstars of 2021.

Alice Merchesi

The career of Alice Merchesi has seen this tiny little slut feature on some of the most popular porn sites in the industry. She is only 4’6″ in height but there is an absolute mountain of sexual energy and skill pent up in that small frame. This tiny, short brunette tramp is always ready to get down with guys and girls and though she is short, she can easily swallow up some of the largest cocks in porn when she spreads her slutty legs and opens her dripping cunt.

Alice Merchesi also has tons of amazing solo content and she loves a good group sex session. All of these factors add up to a spot on the list of the top 20 hottest short pornstars in today’s industry.

Luna Bright

Luna Bright is a short little tart with a juicy ass and pussy who loves nothing more than to bend over for one big cock after another. This little brunette is an insatiable little slut who simply can’t get enough of the biggest cocks in porn.

Watching her fuck and suck her male co-stars to explosive orgasms will have you reaching your own climax as well. The career of Luna Bright has truly brought her to the position of being one of the top 20 short pornstars and she continues to gain new fans daily.


Thainee is a short little Thai slut that is always looking for another big cock to suck and ride. Her performances on the sets of world-leading porn studios have become legendary since she first entered into the adult industry and her fame continues to grow daily.

If you have never checked Thainee out, today is the perfect time. She makes for an amazing wank session and you will soon find your cock exploding with pleasure as you watch her go to work. She is a deserving member of the list of the top 20 hottest short pornstars.

Jasmine Grey

Jasmine Grey is a little 4’9″ Asian hottie that loves nothing more than pleasing her fans by letting them watch her getting her tight cunt stuffed relentlessly by huge cocks. Her fans also love to watch her impressive blowjob skills and this dirty girl is always ready to get freaky with the ladies as well.

This is a short pornstar with serious sex appeal and serious skills and she has been showing them off during her impressive career in the porn industry. She is definitely one of the top 20 hottest short pornstars currently fucking on sucking on screen in 2021.

Kenzie Reeves

Kenzie Reeves has quickly become one of the most popular pornstars in the world over the last few years. You will know why the second that you see her. This tiny little 4’10” blonde tramp has the kind of body that can have you busting your nuts before you know what hit you.

Her petite frame comes along with perky little tits and a sweet little ass that you just want to lick and fuck. Perhaps the most notable attribute that this little slut possesses is her puffy, delicious pussy lips. She is good at using both of her sets of lips to swallow massive cocks.

Seeing Kenzie Reeves riding cowgirl is one of the most beautiful sights in porn and her fans regularly marvel at her ability to take the largest cocks in porn despite her petite and sweet size. You will also love how hard her cute nipples get when this filthy whore is horny. She is most certainly one of the top 20 hottest short pornstars in 2021.

Piper Perri

The name Piper Perri has become synonymous with impressive feats of sexual prowess during her career in the porn industry. She is one of the most popular porn stars in the world and one of the top 20 hottest short pornstars. At 4’10” Piper Perri is the perfect example of a short pornstar and like many of the other sluts on this list, her pussy and mouth have an impressive ability to swallow up the biggest dicks in the porn industry.

Watching Piper Perri taking massive cocks effortlessly is one of the hottest sights in all of porn. Her petite body is incredible with her sweet little tits and even sweeter ass and pussy. You must check out this little trollop’s reverse cowgirl. It is one of the hottest things you can witness in all of porn.

Holly Hendrix

Brunette stunner Holly Hendrix is might only be 4’10” but she knows how to fit the cocks of the most well-endowed talent in porn easily into her dripping cunt. This little slut started fucking and sucking on porn sets when she was only 18 and she has built one of the largest fan followings in the industry since that time.

You can find Holly Hendrix on camera sucking and fucking huge cocks and you can also find her eating pussy in hot girl/girl action. This little tramp can also handle double penetration action with ease and delights in having her sweet, tight little asshole pounded. These factors have helped to make Holly Hendrix one of the leading short pornstars of 2021.

Kaylani Lei

Kaylani Lei is an Asian hottie that exudes pure sexuality from her 4’11” frame. This little slut comes from Singapore but she has amassed a dedicated following of porn fans from around the world due to her impressive sexual skill set. This skill set includes taking huge cocks up her pussy, her asshole, and down her throat.

She is also happy to fuck her female co-stars and to engage in some serious group sex. Watching Kaylani Lei should be considered a must for all serious porn fans as she is one of the top 20 hottest pornstars of 2021.

Aspen Romanoff

Our next short little slut on our list of Aspen Romanoff. She is a Russian beauty who stands only 4’11” in height and has the kind of look that makes it obvious why she has such a huge following of porn fans around the world. She is always ready to show off her sexual skills with men and women and can take cock with the best of them.

Watching Aspen Romanoff take on the biggest cocks in the business effortlessly is truly impressive as one is left wondering where they go when they enter into her tiny little twat. She is truly a pro at inducing the orgasms of her male co-stars and her fans around the world. We had to include Aspen Romanoff on our list of the top 20 hottest short pornstars of 2021.

Lilly Ford

Lilly Ford is a 4’11” sex machine who’s cock taking skills have been on full display during her porn career. Her adorable little tits and her sexy little ass are perfect for stiffening cocks and her fat juicy pussy lips are perfect for draining balls. This little slut loves to play with women as well.

Whether she is riding dick, eating pussy, or engaging in a gangbang with multiple big-dicked studs, you can rely on Lilly Ford to give her all when you masturbate to one of her scenes. Her exploits in the porn industry have led to her position as one of the top 20 hottest short pornstars.

Sheridan Love

Sheridan Love is the next entry on our list of the top 20 hottest short pornstars of 2021. She is only 4’11” but sports sexy big 34 G tits and a thick, delicious ass. This little brunette slut puts these attributes to use by coaxing massive loads out of the big dicks of top porn industry male talent.

Her fans love to watch her tits bounce and her ass jiggle while she takes one dick after another. Her skills have helped her to land on the sets of some of the porn industry’s top studios and they have helped her to build a massive fanbase of dedicated strokers.

Joanna Angel

Joanna Angel is a tattooed little tramp with a relentless appetite for cock and pussy. Her sexy 4’11” body is covered with tattoos and it is always ready to get to business with the industry’s top male and female talent. Whether she is performing in a boy/girl scene, participating in lesbian action, or doing a solo squirting scene, Joanna Angel always gives her all by putting on one slutty performance after another.

The adult career of Joanna Angel has seen her handled massive cocks and it has seen her bring her female co-stars to furious orgasms. These factors have led to her induction into the AVN Hall of Fame. They have also led to the delight of her countless fans around the world that love to jerk off to her exploits.

Madison Ivy

At 4’11” and only 88 pounds, Madison Ivy is the definition of a petite and short pornstar. She was born in Germany but grew up in Texas. Her porn career has seen her working with some of the world’s most successful porn studios and she has gained widespread acclaim for her erotic performances.

Watching Madison Ivy spread her legs to reveal her sweet cunt is a beautiful sight and her cock riding skills are truly impressive. No matter how big a man’s member is, Madison Ivy’s hungry vagina seems to be able to swallow it with ease. This brunette stunner is truly one of the top 20 hottest pornstars in 2021.


We hope you have enjoyed this list of the top 20 hottest short pornstars of 2021. These girls are all famous for giving their all when they get naked in front of the camera. They have put in some of the most legendary sexual performances that have been seen in today’s porn industry and they are deserving of their spots on this top 20 list. These ladies have provided their fans with countless hours of masturbatory bliss and we think you will agree that they all are absolute stunners.


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