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hottest indian female pornstars

The exotic beauty that is possessed by the women of India helps to make them a porn fan’s dream. Today’s porn industry has a healthy crop of talented ladies that are either from India or come from an Indian background and these ladies consistently put on the kinds of filthy performances that are sure to please even the most experienced of porn fans.

India has produced some of the hottest female talent currently active in today’s porn industry these ladies have become synonymous with passionate, filthy sexuality that helps to stiffen the cocks and soak the pussies of porn lovers around the globe. With this in mind, this is the list of the top 12 hottest Indian pornstars currently working in today’s porn industry.

The filthy sluts that grace this list are all stunningly beautiful and have the kinds of bodies that make your pulse rate instantly increase. Their amazing physical beauty will also make your cock start to harden or your pussy start to drip. That is only the start because once you see these filthy tarts getting down to business, the sexual tension goes to the next level of intensity.

These ladies of India all know their way around a huge throbbing cock and they know their way around a slick, sweet wet pussy. Their commitment to giving their all when they get in front of a porn camera has helped them to carve out careers of note in today’s industry. These girls have plied their sexual skills with some of the leading studios in the porn industry and they have built massive fan bases as a result of this perverted work.

Any true porn fan that is not familiar with the ladies on this list is only depriving themself of true pleasure and should make amends for this shortcoming. With this said, these are the top 12 hottest Indian pornstars.

Hottest Indian Pornstars:

Neela Sky

Neela Sky’s petite body maker her the perfect little fuckdoll. Her porn career has seen her use her petite frame to take one huge throbbing cock after another and she seems to never be able to get enough. This Indian princess has been fucking her way across porn scenes since 2010.

Her work has earned her a large fanbase of horny strokers that love getting off to the filthy work put in by this petite little slut. Any true porn fan that is unfamiliar with the on-screen exploits of Neela Sky will do themself a favor by changing that fact quickly.

Priya Anjali Rai

Twitter: https://twitter.com/priyaanjalirai

The stunning rack of Priya Anjali Rai is one of the first things that will catch your attention when you lay your eyes on this goddess. She is one of the most legendary pornstars of Indian heritage in the industry and has been helping her fans to get off for more than a decade.

Her professional exploits included a long career stripping before she entered the porn business. It is a heavenly sight to see Priya’s 34E tits and her round juicy ass going to work. Her career has seen her bring home multiple AVN and XBIZ awards for her filthy on camera exploits.

Shazia Sahari

Shazia Sahari is a tiny little trollop who exudes pure natural beauty. Since she arrived in the porn industry, she has worked with some of the industry’s leading studios and has developed a huge fan following. Her fans love the way that Shazia throws herself into her filthy sex performances.

This is a little slut that knows what she wants, and she demands it when working with her co-stars. The result has been one sizzling scene after another and countless fans adding her to their spank banks.

Sunny Leone

Twitter: https://twitter.com/SunnyLeone

No list of the hottest India pornstars would be complete without the presence of Sunny Leone. She leaped into the porn industry when she was 21 years old and has won a legion of fans that are driven wild by her stunning looks and her searing sexual performances.

These performances have included Sunny taking one giant cock after another. Though she is the perfect little fuckdoll for monster cocks, she initially specialized in lesbian scenes when she entered into the porn industry. Her legendary career has seen her win many awards in recognition of her cock-stiffening work.

Latika Jha

Twitter: https://twitter.com/latika_jha_xxx

Whether its a hot solo scene, a scene where she is taking a huge cock into her dripping pussy, or a filthy group sex scene, Latika Jha always delivers. Her unquenchable thirst for filthy sex has made her one of the top Indian pornstars in the industry and her fans just can’t stop getting off from watching her as she shows off her hot body and her impressive set of skills.

Latika always seems ready and willing to take on all comers and once she does, it is not long before she has them literally cumming. She is a lusty beauty that is not to be missed by anyone that is a true porn fan.

Rai Blue

Rai Blue is a truly skilled woman and this might never be more true than when she is on her knees sucking off one huge cock after another and draining them of every last drop of cum. This filthy slut is truly proud of her cock sucking skills and they have helped her to become one of the top women in porn from an Indian background.

Fans find it impossible to stop themselves from cumming as well once they see Rai get to work intently sucking one the heads of her co-star’s cocks and working her way down the shaft.

Sahara Knite

Twitter: https://twitter.com/saharaknite

Sahara Knite has an immaculately fit and toned body that makes her the perfect fuckdoll. She has continually proved this to be the case during her career in the industry. Her skills have become legendary during the filthy exploits that she has put forward on camera and much of this is due to the amazing flexibility that allows her to execute some of the craziest positions ever captured on a porn set.

Sahara has been making a habit of leaving hard cocks and dripping pussies in her wake everywhere that she goes and it has earned her a legion of devoted fans.

Sexy Jill

Twitter: https://twitter.com/jeck_n_jill

Sexy Jill has that young and innocent look when you first see her, but once she gets ahold of a cock, that innocence goes out the door. Her ability to fuck and suck cock has been helping her to quickly make a name for herself since she entered the porn industry.

This stunning little starlet is still only 19 years old but she has a sexual skill set that goes well beyond this young age. Watching a Sexy Jill flick is the kind of thing that is likely to get you furiously masturbating before you even know what has happened.

Ishka S

Ishka S is another porn starlet who just couldn’t be left off of a list of the hottest Indian pornstars. This filthy slut can fuck and suck with the best of them and she also loves to make custom videos for her devoted fans.

She is committed to continuing to make her name as one of the top talents in the porn industry and her efforts are gaining her a great deal of notoriety with even the most seasoned of fans. Seeing Ishka in action just once is enough to make virtually anyone a new enthusiast for her filthy work.

Katrina Kaif

Katrina Kaif has had an impressive professional life in both the porn industry and the vanilla film industry. This voracious sex addict has straddled some of the biggest cocks in porn and worked for some of the industry’s top studios.

She has also enjoyed a highly successful career in India’s famed Bollywood film scene. All of this work combined has helped her to build a massive fan following around the world and it would practically be criminal to leave her off any list that discusses the hottest Indian porn stars in the business.

Kaira Nisha

Twitter: https://twitter.com/nishakaira

Kaira Nisha is a rising star in the world of porn and one of the industry’s hottest ladies of Indian background. The numerous skin flicks that she has been involved in have seen her going solo and they have also seen her taking on throbbing swollen cocks and working them until they explode. This little tart has some serious skills and a hot little body to go along with them and she loves to show all of it off to the world.


Jazmin has featured with some of the leading porn studios that the industry has to offer and has delivered a host of pussy soaking and dick stiffening scenes with both male and female co-stars. Her tight little body is the perfect vehicle for taking the biggest cocks that she can find and Jazmin does so with great joy.

Her amazing performances have helped her to become one of the top Indian pornstars currently active in the world of porn today. She continues to find her way into the spank banks of new fans on a daily basis.


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