In the porn industry, there is no doubt that the ladies get the overwhelming majority of the attention. Who doesn’t love a hot and slutty little porn trollop that just wants to fuck and suck one cock after another. While this is true, it must also be remembered that male pornstars play a key role in today’s porn industry.

Their presence is essential to making many of the best scenes as great as they are. Porn fans want to see their favorite porn hotties getting their pussies and asses ravaged by big-dicked studs and that is what the industry’s leading male pornstars provide them with.

There are a lot of great male pornstars out there, but there are some that truly stand out from the pack. We have put together our list of the world’s best male pornstars. These dudes are all icons of the industry and mainstays on porn‘s leading sets. With this said, these are the world’s top 20 best male pornstars.

Famous Men Pornstars:

Manuel Ferrara

image source: brazzers

France’s Manuel Ferrara is an absolute staple of today’s porn industry and one of 2021’s top performers. This stud has a massive cock that he uses to pound the pussies and assholes of leading starlets from across the porn industry. He even owns his own porn production company which serves as the perfect vehicle for him to engage in the rough sex that he loves.

Manuel Ferrara has fucked some of the most popular starlets in porn and has delivered countless mind-blowing orgasms over the years. His consistent ability to perform has helped to make him one of porn’s most recognizable male performers and one of its top 20 best male pornstars. It has also garnered him numerous coveted AVN awards.

Danny D

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British porn legend Danny D has performed in countless adult videos during his long and impressive porn career. It is a career that has seen this hung stud fuck and get his massive cock sucked on the studios of some of the porn industry’s leading studios such as Brazzers. The female co-stars that he appears with consistently go wild when they slide their dripping cunts down on Danny D’s massive member and his pure enthusiasm for what he is doing have helped him to become one of the best male pornstars in the industry.

Rocco Siffredi

Few dudes in the porn industry have a name as established as legendary big-dicked pornstar Rocco Siffredi. He has been working in the porn industry for decades now and his career has seen him tap some of the hottest pussies and asses in the world. This Italian hunk is known for his love of rough, filthy sex and his legendary anal sex scenes.

There are few things that Rocco loves more than burying his huge shaft to the balls in the asshole of a hot slut and he has been doing it on camera for decades now. He has gaped the willing holes of countless sluts over the years and has also participated in many gangbang scenes. No top 20 list of the best male pornstars would be complete without including this guy!

Johnny Sins

image source: brazzers

Johnny Sins has the perfect body for the work he does as one of the world’s top male pornstars. This fit and well-muscled stud has a huge cock that serves him well when he goes deep into the willing holes of world-leading porn starlets. This guy routinely provides his female co-stars with some of the best rides that they have ever experienced. His massive tool is the perfect vehicle for delivering one huge orgasm after another. Johnny Sins has punished more pussies than one could count during his career in the porn industry and this has helped him to become one of 2021’s top industry performers.

Jason Luv

Jason Luv has been giving his female co-stars plenty of love with his big black cock for many years now and it has earned him the reputation as one of the top male pornstars in the industry. His heavily tattooed body is muscled and toned and his energy for delivering one pussy pounding performance after another is seemingly unending. He has appeared on leading porn sites such as Blacked where he can be founded destroying the cunts of many of the hottest and horniest sluts in porn.

Jason Luv has some serious skill wherever the scene goes. Whether he is bending a slut over and pounding her doggy style or picking up her in the air and bouncing her up and down on his shaft, his scenes always deliver and he is a definitive pick as one of the top male pornstars in today’s industry.

Jordi El Nino Polla

image source: brazzers

The career of Jordi El Nino Polla has seen this Spanish hunk use his big dick to drill out the hungry holes of one slutty female pornstar after another. Top porn sluts happily leap to their knees to suck on his gigantic schlong with hunger in their eyes and they quickly begin to explode in orgasm once he begins to penetrate their dripping cunts.

Many porn fans are caught off guard by the massive proportions of Jordi El Nino Polla’s massive cock given the fact that he stands only 5’5″. This fact has helped him to land spots in many scenarios that feature older starlets that are playing the role of a naughty stepmom. Jordi El Nino Polla’s on-screen sexual antics have helped to make him one of the most recognizable figures in today’s porn industry and a top 20 male porn performer.

James Deen

image source: brazzers

James Deen has that true heartthrob look that is notorious for drawing the eyes of ladies and soaking panties. His hot looks and his huge cock have made him one of the most popular male pornstars in the industry. This is the case with both his female co-stars and with female porn fans. James Deen is absolutely one of the go-to studs that many women turn to when they masturbate to porn.

He is known for his rough sex scenes as well as performing as a dominant in many bondage scenarios. Some of the world’s top porn studios have worked with James Deen during his career and this has helped him to become one of the most recognizable men in the porn industry. His career has spanned many years and it is still going strong in 2021.

Ricky Johnson

image source: realitykings

Ricky Johnson is aptly named as it is a fact that he is packing a truly impressive member in his pants. His impressive big black cock has please the vaginas, assholes, and mouths of many of the hottest and sluttiest starlets in porn. Ricky Johnson has been seen fucking pussy and ass on some of the biggest porn studio sets in the industry and he has earned his place as one of the top 20 best male pornstars. His career has resulted in many explosive orgasms from the hot sluts that he has boned across today’s porn industry.

Mick Blue

image source: brazzers

Austria’s Mick Blue has the kind of relentless sexual energy that women find to be irresistible. They also find it impossible to resist his massive cock. It is for these reasons that the world’s hottest porn starlets routinely drop to their knees to suck on his massive shaft and head before letting him stuff their hungry holes until they are gaping from the relentless pounding that he gives them. After watching a scene where Mick Blue has been involved, it will be easy to see why he is ranked as one of the world’s top 20 best male pornstars.

Owen Gray

Owen Gray has the kind of look that causes women to cream in their panties as soon as they see him. He is a tattooed stud with a big dick that always seems to find itself buried deep in hot pornstar snatch. His impressive skill set is quite varied and he has proven that he knows a myriad of ways to please his female co-stars. These are a few of the key factors that have helped Owen Gray to assert his position as one of 2021’s top 20 male pornstars.

Johnny Castle

image source: brazzers

Johnny Castle has the kind of rugged good looks that women find impossible to resist. That is probably why it is such a regular occurrence for his female co-stars to throw themselves at him while begging him to give them his big dick. His skill at stretching out pussies is legendary in today’s porn industry and he continues to delight porn starlets across the world. Johnny Castle has left countless sore pussies in his wake as he has fucked his way across the porn industry and he is definitely one of the dudes we first thought of when compiling our list of 2021’s top 20 male pornstars.

Prince Yahshua

image source: brazzers

Prince Yahshua has put his big black cock to great use over the years that he has worked in the porn industry. It can regularly be found attached to some of the sweetest, wettest, tightest pussies in porn. He has the ability to deliver one orgasm after another to the female co-stars that he works with and he has left many a slut walking funny after they had a sexual encounter with his thick prick. Prince Yahshua is a true professional who revels in the ability to get his slutty co-stars truly hot and bothered.


image source: julesjordan

The name Mandingo is one that virtually any self-respecting porn fan is going to know. This ebony stud has one of the biggest cocks in porn and he has used it to pound some of the hottest little tramps in the industry. He seems to truly delight in using his massive cock to work over the tight little wholes of petite little porn sluts that are practically split in half by it. Mandingo has been a prominent figure in porn for many years now and he shows no signs of slowing down either. He is a must on any list of the world’s top male pornstars.

Lexington Steele

image source: julesjordan

Lexington Steele is the perfect name for an ebony pornstar who has a cock that seems to be hard as steel itself. This stud has been named as the AVN award winner for the top male performer on three different occasions and his eleven-inch dick is truly legendary in the porn industry. It is certainly a favorite of many of the industry’s top starlets. If you have been watching porn for any length of time, then chances are, you have seen some of Lexington Steele’s impressive sexual feats.

Tommy Pistol

image source: brazzers

Tommy Pistol is truly one of the most recognizable male faces in the world of porn. He is also one of the most recognizable male cocks. Tommy has appeared in countless hot and steamy skin flicks during his long porn career and he has fucked many of the industry’s hottest little whores. His big dick and his desire to please his female co-stars make for a perfect combination as Tommy Pistol continues to be one of the most sought after male talents in today’s porn industry.

Mike Adriano

Mike Adriano is a true legend of porn and a guy known for his love of rough sex scenes that involve everything from pussy and ass fucking to gaping and shoving his massive cock deep down the throats of the sluttiest starlets in the porn industry. Rough sex is a true passion for Mike Adriano and he is known for absolutely destroying the cunts of the porn starlets that he works with. He is also happy to throat fuck them into oblivion. For those porn fans that truly love rough sex scenes, Mike Adriano might just be your go-to male pornstar.

Marcus London

image source: brazzers

Marcus London currently enjoys one of the most successful porn careers of any male performer out there. Before he started fucking porn starlet pussy for a living, he found success as a male model and as a stripper. He was able to seamlessly transition from these occupations into the world of adult movies. His huge cock certainly helped him as did his fit and muscled body. This guy’s ability to make women scream in ecstasy is renowned across the porn industry and he is truly one of the top male performers out there.

Jovan Jordan

image source: brazzers

Jovan Jordan has that special ability to make women go absolutely crazy. He routinely has top starlets begging him to fuck the shit out of them and it is easy to see why once you see his amazing looks and his massive cock. Jovan Jordan has been using his big black cock to please to horny holes of female starlets across the porn industry and he has become a fixture at many of porn’s top studios. You will not have a hard time identifying why he is considered to be one of the premier male talents in the porn industry today.

Flash Brown

image source: brazzers

Flash Brown’s huge cock and amazing physique have helped him to become one of porn’s leading male performers. This ebony stud has the kind of look that makes women start touching themselves uncontrollably when they masturbate to his professional work. He has become a mainstay at many of the porn industry’s leading studios and his sexual exploits have led to him garnering impressive awards from the industry-leading AVN organization. In 2016, Flash Brown was named as the top male performer at the AVN Awards ceremony. Watching one of his scenes is the best way to see why he is considered to be one of the top male pornstars in the industry in 2021.

Christian XXX (Maxx Diesel)

If you are a true porn fan then chances are that you have encountered the work of Christian XXX. He is one of the porn industry’s most prolific performers and famous for his impressive versatility. This tall porn stud is known for his great physique and his bald head. He is also known for his massive cock and his willingness to use it for fucking pussy and ass.

One of the things that have really set Christian XXX apart is his willingness to try virtually anything when it comes to sex. He is known for his straight sex scenes with porn starlets that range from petite little trollops to luscious BBW goddesses. Christian XXX also shows off his adventurous side by performing in scenes with some of the hottest transexual starlets in the industry.

He is happy to pound sexy transexual ladies in the ass and he has even been known to let them fuck his tight ass as well. Christian is also known for how passionate he is in his sex scenes. He loves making out with his co-stars and is known for having sensual sex. All of these factors make Christian XXX one of the most unique and popular male pornstars in the industry and a sure pick for our top 20 list.


We certainly hope that you have enjoyed our list of the world’s top 20 best male pornstars. These guys are all at the top of their game. They all have massive cocks and the kinds of bodies that drive women wild. Their contributions to the world’s best porn scenes are deserving of recognition and respect as they help to drive the explosive orgasms that we love watching our favorite porn starlets enjoy. There is no doubt that these hung studs have achieved success in today’s porn industry for good reason.


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