Canadian Pornstars didn’t just walk into a porn studio and got accepted immediately because they also find it hard to breakthrough in this business. Although there are a few who seem to have popularity served to them on a silver platter, those people are just plain lucky. But some are not so lucky and need to go the distance to get noticed by bigwig sites and get a gig, well there are many of them in the porn industry.

And as most of these Canadian Pornstars said how they stayed in the business, which is by pure grit and determination, one has to have been holding that inside. They need to face rejection with determination, and to keep going no matter what.

These listed pornstars, who are Canadian find it not an easy feat to do, to get cast in a different porn film, to even get noticed and paired with the golden boys in the business, but most of the time they have to struggle and to make the most of what they have.

They thought someday they can, and they will earn that popularity and – they finally did.

Definitely, they are doing what they love doing, and the society is now more open with stars like them, unlike from a few years ago when just talking about porn makes many people cringe in disgust.

They are now being accepted in society, and they feel that most people are now open-minded and know the difference between reality and film.

Most of the listed pornstars here have made a niche for themselves as they were able to film many porn videos. They get to have huge followers now in social media; they have fans everywhere and not just in Canada, but in many countries where porn is legally accepted.

Shanda Fay

Born on June 13, 1973, from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. This Canadian pornstar is not just a knock-out but also a talented star. She had her breast enhanced to further complete her allure. She’s also into fitness to keep her body well-toned and shaped so that every filming, she’s ever ready for her co-stars.

Most of the categories she favors include Hardcore, MILF, Blowjob, Mature, Anal, and Masturbation.

She’s not just active in filming adult videos, but she also manages her official website, which now has a thousand followers and continuously increasing.

You can follow her via Instagram, and Twitter and you can check out her daily postings and videos.

Sunny Leone

Sunny Leone, whose actual name is Karenjit Kaur Vohra was born in Canada, and she was ranked no. 7 in a list of global pornstars.

Considered one of the most beautiful pornstars in the industry, Sunny is also one of the top searched celebrity from India in the past years.

Although she has already retired in 2013, she delved in some reality show on TV, and then she became successful in her career in Indian Film after.

She is also an entrepreneur who owns a studio, Sun Lust Pictures. Sunny has ventured in the porn industry, but now she has made a name for herself even now that she’s away from doing adult films. Her fans still love her.

August Ames

August is another famous Canadian porn actress who joined the adult film industry in 2013. She also models from time to time. She has filmed many adult videos over 290 films.

She’s also widely followed on Twitter with over 600,000 followers. She was also nominated for many awards and considered well-liked in the industry.

Apparently, August hanged herself after she was bullied by co-stars for not wanting to have sex with a co-star who shot gay porn.

Ames was supposed to be bashed left and right by those who didn’t like what she said about others who have gay scenes. Ames just wanted to make herself clear that she’s only saying what she feels about all of it as she’s also after her safety. Which presumably didn’t go well with many pornstars.

Lanny Barbie

Lanny is from Montreal, Canada, and is now one of the many popularly known porn stars.

Lanny likes porn movies as she’s a fan of such at a young age. She sometimes sneaks to her bedroom just so no one in her household will know that she’s watching porn.

Vivid in 2005 got Lanny to sign up for them to do porn movies, and she did. And the rest is history.

Lanny is now filming porn left and right and getting gigs and photo shoots for famous paysites as well.

When Lanny is not busy cumming in front of the camera, she’s at home tasting the cum of another man or woman. She’s a pro at orgy scenes and anal. But just tell her what you want to do and consider it done.

Nikki Benz

Nikki doesn’t enjoy being left all by herself, cause she thinks of more naughty ways to pass off her time.

Nikki, who was born on July 7, 1978, from Ukraine and raised in Canada, is what you call the love it and leave it kind of girl.

She loved the limelight of the porn world for ten years, and then she left to do something else with her life.

She made a breakthrough in the mainstream media after they featured her on VH1’s Supergroup, Fox Sports Cubed, and Howard Stern Show, among others.

She also copped out some awards and nominations, which adds to this overachieving lady’s credential.

She’s not just a woman with a fine ass and lovely body, she’s also got the smarts.

Kylee Strutt

Born on February 12, 1987, in British Columbia and considered one of the most desirable pornstars in the industry. She’s got the most expressive face and beautiful, sexy, body plus her tits that can slap your face, and you will still want more.

She is well-liked by the top paysites such as Brazzers and Jules Jordan, not just by her physical attributes, but let us give credit as well to her top acting prowess and her get-go attitude.

Kylee is one tough lady, for she can do whatever you asked of her, and she knows whether to spit or swallow.

Catch her in action in some of her videos Red and blonde big tits get fucked, Little Black Dress, redhead chick with bigtits fucking her baseball trainer, Hot Kylee Strutt Gets Fucked Hard and many more.

Amy Anderssen

Born on May 4, 1985, from Windsor, Ontario, Canada.

Considered a sweetheart by most of her co-workers, Amy is one lovely lady. She is such a dear off-camera, and she seems to change persona on camera. Amy’s got that oozing heat when she’s performing, and you can easily get burned by this bombshell beauty.

When Amy is in front of the camera, you won’t be able to take your eyes off her cause that is just how mesmerizing she is. When she rides the big, juicy dicks of her co-stars, all they can do is to moan in pleasure, and when Amy told them not to cum yet, they obliged with a smile on their faces and kept on pounding her love hole.


Bryci was born on November 30, 1985, and she started her career in 2009 up to the present. She and her husband love filming their life and whatever they do and putting it on the web for members to watch.

Bryci considers herself naughty and a bad bitch. She enjoys being dominated, gagged, and tied while being fucked. She screams and moans so much, which would make you think she’s in pain or something but don’t get fooled because she’s having the best time of her life.

Bryci’s got everything that you are looking for in a babe pornstar, which is having a curvy, satin-skin body, piercing expressive eyes, and the tits that you can hold on to while filling her up.

Capri Cavalli

Hailing from Vancouver, Canada, this lovely woman can give you the best pleasure there is. With her luscious lips, full and round tits, her body that just curves to no end and her pussy that is always begging to be fondled and licked. She’s just the siren you are looking for to end your frigid nights and heat it to no end.

Capri can make you cum in minutes just by looking at her open mouth while her hole is being filled, you would imagine standing in front of her face and giving all your hard-on to her mouth and Capri won’t be able to do anything about it.

Kianna Dior

Kianna is a woman who’s interested in both sexes cause she’s a woman who’s always up for an adventure.

She was born on November 17, 1973, and she’s from Sardis, British Columbia in Canada.

Kianna’s pastime is hiking, working out, going outdoors, gardening, and shopping. But she’s inside the bedroom most of the time, getting her fill.

Kianna is the go-to girl when co-stars would like someone to have their loads plastered on a woman’s face, and Kianna can always take it, even want it all the time.

She is a very professional porn-star as she works hard, and if she’s needed any time of the day, you can just call her, and she’ll come running even if the “work” is on or off-camera.


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