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What is a wireless Vibrator

Gone are the days of old and simple vibrators. Today we have tip-activated vibrators (remote control vibrator) used in a long distance relationships and also by cam models.

Some of you will find a way to keep your relationship alive and kinky, while others will figure out how to make tip-activated toys profitable on websites like bonga, chaturbate, and others.

Since many of you still don’t know or aren’t sure which remote vibrators are the best, safe or how do they work.

For that reason I have created this article so you can quickly and easily decide what’s the best vibrator sex toy for you.

In my career as a webcam model I have tried and tested almost all of the app controlled vibrator and the classic ones.

What I watched for the most is the safety, material it is made of and the quality, as these remote sex toys are my “work” tools and I need to be sure that they will last and will not endanger my own health.

Today we have very unique types of wifi vibrators, a step up in the technology that helped many long-distance relationships and webcam models to connect with people who cannot be there in person.

The remote control vibrator is a smart vibrator usually controlled over an app, wifi or bluetooth, remote controlled vibrators have many features and are quite modern looking.

These vibrators use bluetooth connections to allow remote control over the internet.

As long as you have it with you and it’s connected on the same network, they can work flawlessly.

Best Remote Control Vibrators:

Now comes the most interesting part and what this post is all about, wireless remote controlled vibrators, toys for couples or webcam models.

#1. Lush by Lovense


Is one of the best remote control vibrator out there, first version came out in 2015, and this “lovense remote” sold in over 300k units worldwide. Last year I got a new and better/updated version of this wifi vibrator, with a few changes like bigger motor to increase the power without loosing the battery life.

This app controlled vibrator is silent and it has changed my life, most of us in camming industry are using this tip activated vibrator to earn extra money on cam sites. But as I mentioned it can also be used in long distance relationships and as a chaturbate vibrator.


  • easy app to use
  • supports multiple operating systems (IOS, Android, MAC, Windows)


  • you will need to buy usb separately in order to use it with windows OS
  • the tale is not that much of use for clitoral stimulation

But still Lush is one of my favorite and best bluetooth vibrator, was in 2015 and still is in 2019.

PRICE: $119
MATERIAL: body safe silicone
USAGE TIME: 192 minutes

CHARGING TIME: 70 minutes
WARRANTY: 1 year

#2. IDA by Lelo

I just love my IDA, when I want to show off to my friends I just show them this amazing sex toy by Lelo.

It looks luxury, it has a great remote for local control and it’s safe to use, vibrations are strong and you can’t even hear while vibrating.

Personally it helps me and my partner with adding extra pleasure when we’re almost close to it.

What I don’t like sometimes that this remote control for lelo can be hard to handle and from time to time it gets lost. But overall this is one great piece of remote sex toy, highly recommend it.

PRICE: $199
WARRANTY: 1 year

#3. Vibease by Vibease

Small and wearable remote control vibrator, with easy to access spot to control it while and keep it steadily in place.

It’s waterproof, same as lush, controllable by app, it’s made of safe silicone for your body.

What I liked the best about this small wireless vibrator is the fast charging and the fact that I can use it with my favorite audio books while changing the strength and patterns of vibrations.

PRICE: $89
USAGE TIME: 3 hours

#4. Nora – by Lovense

Nora – different from Lush as it stimulates the G spot more effectively. What I liked the most about is the rotating head and that it has more power to stimulate me when having solo fun and charging was fast.

This rabbit remote vibrator is great for long distance relationship and has more control to offer for couples.

What I didn’t like from time to time is it’s size, sometimes it can be frustrating to handle and figure out what kind of vibration I want.
And the fact that is not waterproof.

But since the material is safe for my body and it took me few minutes to set it up, I always go with Nora if I need a quick pleasure.

PRICE: $99
USAGE TIME: 245 minutes

#5. Nova by We-vibe

Nova changed the game for me when it comes to rabbit vibrators. It’s new designed was justified the moment I started using it.

Usually my clitoris cannot be that much stimulated by vibrators like lush since it’s tale has no any actual use.

While with nova bluetooth vibrator the clitoral stimulator was bending and putting even more pressure when I was using it.

The app looks great and my partner loved to use more than 10 types of vibration Nova has to offer, which means it’s great for long distance relationship

PRICE: different, depends on where do you buy it
MATERIAL: body safe silicone

How Tip-activated Vibrators Work

Most of the wireless vibrators have smartphone apps which you can use to remotely, over wifi, control the vibrations and movement of the vibrator.

They can also be controlled over bluetooth, and you can change the speed or the way of vibrations.

Some vibrators, from the list above, have a control panel program that can be downloaded to Google Chrome. Cam girls can set their vibrator’s intensity and duration in accordance to tip amounts.

The higher the tips, the stronger and longer the vibrations will last, offering more pleasure and making sure that people tip even more.

Features of the Remote Controlled Vibrator

Some of the features are vibration synced with content (music and sound activated), vibrations that you can control, like length and strength, and much more.

The first smart vibrator was the Vibease, which was a crowdfunded project, and we have many others like Lush from lovense (highly recommended remote vibrator).

All you need to do is to install an app and connect it with the wireless remote controlled vibrator, then all the fun can start.

Best Bluetooth Vibrator

How to Use Remote Vibrators on Cam Sites

People wanted this and lovense listened to them, this is a second generation of wireless tip-based vibrators. Control your favorite cam girls with this amazing remote controlled vibrator.

How does it work?

In these short few steps I will show you how to start using your Bluetooth vibrator on your favorite cam sites.

  • First step: download lovense cam model extension.
  • Second step: Sign in
  • Third step: Choose your remote vibrator
  • Last step: set tip amount and reaction time, meaning set how much do you want to charge for the duration of the…well, vibration.
  • Click Save and get ready to broadcast.

Cam Sites and Webcam Vibrators

You can use your favorite toy on these webcam sites:


Old vs New One

Old vibrators had limited capabilities to pleasure yourself and your partner.

The new player is in the game and it’s a wireless vibrator. Why limit yourself and your partner to one location when the distance can be a big factor that connects us. Wireless controlled vibrators can help you to enjoy more and have fun with the person on the other side.

The idea is pretty simple: vibrators can be connected to wifi and be controlled from your device (smartphone), with a lot of options for enjoyment. That’s why I wanted to create this list, to show you which wireless vibrators are the best ones to buy so that you can enjoy yourself.

These are just some of the companies and their products, if you want to check out more and learn more details about webcam modeling and tip-controlled vibrators for cam models, please visit the sites I mentioned and let me know in the comments what you think.


What are they, and what’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear about them?

They are toys for adults; they make you happy/satisfied; they vibrate; and they’re one of the best and most interesting inventions ever, right?

Remote control vibrator come in every size, shape, speed, color, and today, with all kinds of apps. I will tell you more about that later, but wifi vibrators are the next big thing in the industry and bluetooth vibrators are something that will catch your eye and increase yours and your partner’s pleasure.

Plus, it can help you with doing your webcam job the right way.

History of vibrators

Vibrators were actually invented in the late 19th century as a medical instrument to relieve pain in patients. The first usage of such a medical instrument was actually in Paris (France) in 1878.

English doctor and inventor Joseph Mortimer Granville is actually considered as ‘father of the modern electromechanical vibrator’. The device was designated to relieve muscle aches and pains.

We’re so lucky to live in times where they don’t look like this anymore, that’s for sure.

Other Types of Vibrators

There are many different types of vibrators, I will mention the most famous ones and the ones that cemented themselves in the whole adult toys industry as a whole.

Every type has its own use, and it all depends from what the end goal is and what kind of pleasure you want to achieve.

Bullet Vibrator

They are the most basic types of vibrators, similar to egg vibrators, they are small, discreet, easy to use, cheap and you can use them both internally and externally.

They have narrow and short design, which makes them easy to carry around with you, usually have a cable or are wireless vibrator and they get the job done.

They’re good to use on your nipples, labia, clitoris or G-spot. You can insert them vaginally during sex or anally for increased sensation, and can be enjoyed by women or men.

Bullet vibrators are designed using either plastic or metal and in the shape of a bullet.

Check these bullet vibrators:

Realistic Vibrator

The name says it all, they are made to look more realistic, they have a shape and look of a real penis, and are usually made out of silicone or rubber materials.  They come in all sizes and can be used both internally and externally.


Rabbit Vibrators

Is a phallus shape vibrator and they usually have a clitoral stimulator attached to it, it’s called rabbit because the top of the stimulator looks like rabbit ears. If you want an amazing pleasure both internally and externally at the same time then these kinds of wireless vibrators are for you.

Those were some of the most popular types of vibrators, they all play a huge roll in our satisfaction, and they all do their job pretty well.

There are other types of smaller vibrators like clitoral stimulators and a g spot vibrators, but we all like different things, so I’m sure that you will find one that suits you best.

Rabbit vibrators you should try:

Traditional Vibrators

Traditional vibrators are straight, vibrating, basic hard-shelled plastic vibrator, made in different textures and colors, they can be anywhere from four to eight inches long.

They are called traditional vibrators as this is the first shape of the modern wireless vibrator and is typically used for clitoral and vaginal use.

Traditional vibrators vibrate in multiple speeds, since of it’s hard shape, the vibrations are more powerful and the controls are usually at the bottom of this vibrator.

Thank you for reading.



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