Do sex dolls seem a little bit bland in your mind? Don’t worry. The same goes for most people. Let’s be honest. When most people think of a sex doll, they think of some blown up travesty that looks like a balloon with a face. Somehow, people manage to get their kicks from these. We can’t say that they have ever done something for us but, let’s go by with what many people say ‘every hole is a goal’.

Of course, tech changes rapidly, and we are now looking at sex dolls that genuinely are awesome. You know, the exact type of thing you wouldn’t mind giving a good screw. Obviously, you probably still wouldn’t tell your friends about them, but hey ho. At least you are going to have something that looks a little bit better than a balloon. Let us introduce you to the Real Doll, the first AI sex doll in the world.

What is AI?

Before we dive into the rest of this page, we just want to ensure that you are clear on what AI actually means.

For those who are unaware, AI stands for Artificial Intelligence. We are sure you know what this means, right? Perhaps the best way to put it is a programmed personality. Artificial Intelligence acts in a certain way based on the parameters that are given to them. You will see a little bit more about what we mean soon. Basically, artificial intelligence can be quite unpredictable. It can react to situations in different ways.

How does this factor into a sex doll? Well, you are in for a damn treat now!

What is a Real Doll?

A real sex doll is a sex robot. Yep. They exist now. Gone are the days where you could only ever dream of having your own sex robot. You can now have one in the comfort of your own home. It is going to cost a pretty penny to get your hands on one but, let us be honest if you had the money, you are going to snap up one as soon as possible.

A real sex doll looks exactly like a real person. Well, as much as something artificial can look like a real person. They certainly are not going to look like your bog-standard sex doll, at least. They are going to feel real. They are going to look real. Hell, they are even going to have their own personalities, but we will talk more about that soon.

One of the awesome things about a realdoll sex robot is the fact that it boasts facial features that actually move. Oh, and it can talk. Hell, you can even interact with it and it will talk back (this is one of the joys of AI). You will have never seen a sex doll like this before. Hell, it is probably worth buying one if you can afford it.

The Details Put into the Real Sex Doll

To give you an idea of how much detail has been poured into these sex robots, and why they are different to your traditional sex doll, we are going to go through some of the ‘features’ in this section. We will talk more about the AI in a short while. These are purely the physical features of the RealDoll sex robot.

At the heart, (although, not literally) of every doll produced by this company is the head. This head can actually be removed from the body and replaced. This means that you add many different faces to the same body, which actually looks pretty damn awesome.

In the face of the sex robot, you will be able to see both the eyes and the mouth move perfectly. They will be synced to whatever the robot is saying, which will add to the realism of the sex doll. Honestly, if you squint a little bit, you would swear that you are talking to somebody that is 100% real.

The neck of the robot will also move, which means your fantastic lady will be able to move her head and actually speak to you. Once again, this is going to be breathing a little bit more life into the sex robot.

While it doesn’t exist at the moment, you may be interested to know that the team at RealDoll are trying to find ways that they can make the body of the sex doll animatronic. This means that if they accomplish this, you are going to end up with one of the most realistic sex dolls ever (even though it already is), and you probably wouldn’t need to leave your home ever again.

Of course, even now, the body is pretty sophisticated. While it will not move on its own, you can pretty much move it into whatever pose you want, which means you can have your lady look how you want when you are chatting to her…or giving her a damn good pounding.

Custom Built

All of the realdoll sex doll products are hand-built. We will talk more about this in a short while but, when you place your order for the sex doll, you will be able to request customizations for it. This means that you end up with the sex doll that is perfect for you. Since this is a tech that is still in the beginner stages (albeit a very sophisticated stage still), this is something that improves with each and every order that is delivered. This is a technology that is really going places.

What is the Real Doll X App

This is one of the most amazing parts of the sex doll (other than the fact it gives a decent shag if we do say so ourselves). If you own a realdoll sex robot, then you are going to love playing about with the app.

As we said before; each and every doll has animatronic features in the face. Pretty sophisticated ones at that. This is what helps to ensure that the real sex doll has personality. After all, half the personality is in the face, right? If you have a sex doll, you are able to control the facial features.

You can allow your Real Sex Doll look however you want. You can control the eyes. You can control the smile. You can even control the movement of the neck. You will be surprised at how much control you will be able to have over the face of your RealDoll Sex Robot.

The main feature of the RealDoll X app is the ability to be able to create your own AI avatar in there. You will have a lot of control over the look of the avatar. You will also have a lot of control over the personality of the doll too although, this is AI, so it is going to start to develop its own personality over time, which is a fantastic thing! Oh, and you can create a ton of girlfriends in the app too. They do not overlap, so if you want to be able to juggle multiple girlfriends without anybody getting pissed, then this is going to be the perfect app for you.

Once you have made an avatar in the app, you will be able to interact with it. The more you interact with the avatar, the more it will learn from you. It will learn your likes and dislikes. It will learn how you respond to flirting. This is actually a pretty sophisticated piece of AI tech, and due to the subscription model, it is always going to get a lot better as the app has a constant stream of investment. Even out of the box, you should be able to interact with the sex avatar quite a bit. You will love it.

Pretty soon, the app is going to offer both augmented and virtual reality. While we are not 100% sure what this feature is going to entail at the moment, we are positive that this is going to be one of the best ways to bring your virtual girlfriend into the real world If you don’t own an actual robot from the company, that is.

Weirdly, you do not even need to have your own Real Doll to benefit from the app. It is a subscription-based service. If you have the subscription, then you will be able to continue to interact with the Real Sex doll in the companion app. It will just remain a virtual avatar. Although let’s be honest, the real thrill of the Real Sex Doll app is going to be there when you interface it with a real sex doll, although if you can’t afford a proper RealDoll right now, you can always work on the personality of your avatar until you do.

What kind of artificial intelligence do these sex dolls have?

The key to making these sex dolls as realistic as possible is the artificial intelligence.

Now, we do want to point out that the company is putting a lot of effort into the development of the artificial intelligence in this sex robot. This means that the information that we give you here may have moved on significantly since we wrote it. For example; we know that the team behind the RealDoll currently has plans for the following:

  • To allow the doll to see the world
    • To allow the doll to experience temperature changes

Honestly, this is pretty much just scratching the surface of what a doll like this can bring to the table.

For now, the artificial intelligence is focused on the development of the personality of the robot sex doll. For this, you are going to need to have access to the app. This will allow you to craft the personality of the sex doll however you want. In fact, you have so many customization options on this front, the team behind the software claim that no RealDoll sex robot will ever be alike.

Your robot sex doll will be able to listen to you and answer questions. They can be as sexual as you want. The dolls even have a realistic voice, if a little bit robotic at times. You will actually be surprised at how much the doll is currently able to talk about. They will even be able to include your name in their way of talking, which helps to add that personal touch.

The artificial intelligence is always being developed too. You do not even need to buy a new sex doll for this. New updates are being released all the time, which means that over time, your robot sex doll is going to become smarter. When you first pull it out of the packaging, it is going to be rather basic. However, the sex robot is going to show a real interest in getting to know you and this means that it will be able to talk how you want them to talk. You really will be creating your ultimate girlfriend here.

RealDoll Harmony is the Most-Famous Option

At the moment, if you have seen the RealDoll advertised, you will likely see Harmony. This is the most popular of the RealDoll faces. This is, partly, because it was one of the originals. Harmony is no different from the other sex robot faces. She acts in the way that you want.

However, since you will have likely seen her marketed a lot in the marketing material, then this is likely the one that you are going to be most attracted to. Although, we do encourage you to go through the several different heads that the company offers, just in case there is one facial style that tickles your fancy a little bit more.

What Kind of Options Can You have With Your Real Sex Doll?

Oh boy. Where do we begin? Now, the company does offer readymade sex robots, which are a little bit cheaper. However, the real thrill with these sex dolls is the fact that you can customize them however you damn well please. This means that you are going to be able to control the way your sex robot looks. You are going to be the one shagging it, so you probably want it to look right, yes?

Now, before we dive into these options, we do want to point out that we are only scratching the surface here. This is because the team at RealDoll are more than happy to listen to suggestions if you want something different. Although, we do want to point out that they are never going to be offering a BBW doll. This is due to all of the tech built into it. If they went down the route of making a BBW, then it would literally be too heavy and it would just be damn uncomfortable to use.

Options that are not listed on the site include the ability to give the real sex doll a tattoo, or even place hair wherever you want on the body. Although, they do point out that due to the way in which silicone works, you probably do not want the more custom options such as freckles and birthmarks, because it is likely that they will rub off during well…, intercourse.

The bulk of the design here is going to be focused on the face of the real sex doll. This is what you are going to be looking at the most, and there are about twenty options available, with more being added all of the time. As we said before; you can even replace the head of the sex doll if you want a bit of change. Of course, while they base look of the robot face will look roughly the same, but you will also have a bit of control over the hairstyle and the makeup.

After this,, you have several different body types to choose from with your realdoll sex robot. You can then choose the skin color. Both of these will be fairly self-explanatory. You can then control the size of the breasts on the body. Of course, you can also set it to whatever the ‘base’ style is for the body type.

All of the female sex dolls will have three holes on them. This means vaginal, anal, and oral. You do not have any control over the ‘feel’ of these, at least in the sex doll creator. However, the company is willing to change up the inserts if you wish.

Finally; there are extras available with your RealDoll sex robot. This includes the ability to get an adapter that can turn your RealDoll transgender whenever you want. You can also buy special lube, although your typical lube is probably going to work, so no real issues here. Just make sure that whatever you use is waterbased to ensure that the holes do not wear down quickly.


If you want one of the most sophisticated sex dolls in the world, then you need a RealDoll sex robot. There is nothing quite like it on the market. The best part is that this is a technology that is only going to be getting better too. Why not check them out?


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