You have heard of a podcast, right? They have been kicking around for years now.

However, did you know that there are some awesome sex ed podcast options out there?

Before we dive into what we feel are over 40 of the best sex podcasts around, we figured we would take the time to talk a little bit about what podcasts are and, of course, how you can listen to them.

For those who are unaware, a podcast is simply an audio recording. Pretty similar to a radio show, we guess.

Although, podcasts you can listen to whenever, and they tend not to include any music in them.

They are topical discussions, really. Most sex podcasts will launch a new show each and every week that you can listen to, and while there will be an overarching topic across the entire set of podcasts, each individual recording will be dedicated to something a little bit different. They are fantastic to listen to while you are at work or driving, or just chillin’ in bed, really.

In the past, the only real way to listen to a sex podcast was to download it to your device and play it as an audio recording.

Software such as iTunes made this easy, but it was still a rather convoluted process. Nowadays, you have plenty of different ways that you can listen to the best sex podcasts. For example, you can listen to Spotify sex podcasts, where you simply need to stream them through the Spotify app.

You can download a select few through the Apple iTunes store, and some can be downloaded or streamed directly from the site that produces the podcast. We have included a handy little link on each of these podcasts, so you should be able to listen to them a bit easier.

We know that there are a lot of sex podcasts out there to choose from. That made putting together this list difficult.

However, we are positive that you will be happy with your choice for the best sex podcasts around. We have made a deliberate attempt to go for some of the most popular ones out there, although there are a few hidden gems thrown in for good measure.

All of these bring something a little bit different to the table. While we do not believe you will be able to listen to them all, give as many of them a try as you can. You never know what awesome stuff you will uncover!

So, without further ado, let’s jump into this list of the best sex podcasts, shall we?

40 Best Sex Podcasts:


We admit that this is a podcast that isn’t only about sex, but it is going to tap into a little bit about it on occasion. This podcast, apparently, deals with some of the ‘big’ questions in life. Obviously, you are going to get a bit of sex chat here and there. However, it is never going to be a crude discussion about sex. Instead, it is going to be just general hints and tips on improving your sex life. This show also dives into finances, death (as the name suggests), divorce, relationships, and a whole lot more. Every single release brings something a little bit different to the table. It comes out weekly, and this is easily one of the most popular podcasts currently on Apple.


Dan Savage hosts this tremendous podcast that dishes out advice on both sex and relationships. There are tips galore packed into this podcast. The most recent podcasts of his talk about gay threeways, sex toys, and not shaving your pubes. So, you know, you have quite an eclectic mix of shows that you can listen to in this show. Although, do bear in mind that Dan can be a bit harsh with his advice. I suppose it suits that he has the name ‘Savage’, right? It is always going to be an enjoyable show to listen to!


There are very, very few sex podcasts that have managed to garner an HBO show, a massive sellout tour, and a global book. My Dad Wrote a Porno is probably the only show on this list that has achieved raving success like that. This is a comedy podcast. The premise is that the main show host’s father has written a porno book. Each episode, a chapter is read out. Experience hilarity galore. You are probably not going to be picking up much in the way of sex tips here, but you are going to have a good chuckle. This is one of the best Spotify sex podcasts there is. Guaranteed.


Photo credit: Vivien Best, Getty Images for SiriusXM

This sex podcast is actually hosted by a real doctor. Yep. We know. Crazy! There are doctors of sex. In this podcast, Emily takes on those questions that other podcasts are too afraid to answer. She gives amazing tips on how to deal with certain situations (think along the lines of finding your daughter’s vibrator), and a ton of information on how to keep a relationship going. You can even submit your own questions to her. There is actually a pretty damn good chance that they may end up getting answered on her show, which is always going to be nifty!


This show has a decent combination of women fronting it. One is a sex expert dishing out a ton of advice, and another one is highly active in the sex toy industry. Together, they are able to impart their sexual wisdom on the world. There is a decent mix of interviewees on the show, and they always have something different to talk about. Recent podcasts include a discussion on whether orgasms are important during sex (hint: not so much!), as well as how to boost your sexual prowess using some exercises. Interesting stuff, without being too ‘over the top’


Yeah. This is a pretty ‘basic’ name for a podcast, but boy is there going to be a to unravel here. Once again, every single episode of this show offers something different. You are going to hear interviews with some pretty amazing sex therapists, and those active in the sex industry. However, some of the best episodes are when the average couple is featured, where they discuss their sex life. You will be able to learn a lot from these ‘normal’ people.


This is a pretty short podcast. There are only six episodes, and it certainly is not going to be for everybody. In this podcast, it follows somebody who has been diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer and, of course, she wants to experience the world of sex before she passes on. Yes. It is going to be sad in places, but it is also going to be quite eye-opening, and you will even laugh at times. This is one of the best sex podcasts we have ever heard. You do need to listen to it. As we said; it is pretty short, so it shoudn’t take too long.


As the name suggests, this is a sex podcast that is going to touch upon gay issues. However, this doesn’t mean that you need to be gay if you want to have a listen. You see, it isn’t just designed for gay people. Each episode will do a deep dive into some serious gay stereotypes and try to debunk them. Each episode is fantastic, and is the right mix of hilarious and factual. Hosted by two awesome guys Kyle and Mike, they both came out as gay later on in their life.


This is a sex podcast designed specifically for women. In this show, you are going to be coached by one of the best female dating coaches in the word. You are going to learn how to find the man of your dreams. It is a pretty damn amazing show, and there are hundreds of episodes that you will be able to dive into. Men may even want to pick up and have a listen. You may even be able to discover a few tips of your own!


In this podcast, a married couple talk about their adventures in their married life. They are able to share countless tips that they have managed to pick up over the years. They do bring a few guests in from time to time too, which means that you will be able to enjoy an awesome mix of shows. They do not just talk about the sexual aspect of their relationship, though. They will also talk about their mental health, falling in love, and a whole lot more than that.


As the name suggests, this is a podcast that is all about queer relationships. Of course, this is a sex podcast, which means that there will be a lot of discussion about the sexual aspect of sex. However, you will also be able to learn a little bit more about what it is like to live as a gay person. You will get tips on dealing with abuse and depression, and a whole lot more. This is probably the best podcast out there for gay people. There is just so much covered in the show that you will want to dive into pretty much every episode.


Ok. This is the first podcast on this list that is actually going to go into the ‘good’ part of sex in every episode. Each episode is packed to the brim with tips on learning how to be better in bed. For example; recent episodes have talked about how to give a decent blowjob, and others about how sex is like a drug. Despite getting into the cruder nature of sex, you never really feel as if it is ‘forced’ upon you. This is because every episode really does feel as if you are going to be given some damn decent information. It is a ‘must listen’ for anybody who wants to be a better lover, which we are pretty sure is just about everybody.


This is the first sex podcast on this list of best sex podcasts that actually has a video offering as well, although we assume most people will be enjoying Don’t Blame Me in the car. This is an awesome podcast that takes the form of a ‘call in’, so you never really know what you are going to be getting from episode to episode. Some will be deep on the relationship stuff, and others will be packed with sex. You can even call in yourself and appear on the podcast…if you dare.


This is a fun podcast for gay, bi and straight people. In this show, you will hear people tell their coming out stories. Some of them funny, others not quite so much. This is a podcast that is designed to ‘break down the walls’ with regards to the idea of coming out to your friends and family. If you plan on doing that soon, or simply want to hear other people who have done so, then this is going to be the sex podcast for you.


In this podcast, you are going be learning a lot about sex, particularly with regards to marriages. A lot of marriage stories are discussed here (think along the lines of erectile dysfunction), but the podcast also brings in some sex experts from a variety of walks of life to discuss their sex life tips. There are almost 500 episodes at the time of writing, which means you have over 250-hours of content for you to sink your teeth into, so if you feel that your sex life needs a little bit of spicing up, then Sexy Marriage radio may be one of the best sex podcasts for you.


This is a podcast that is pretty damn filthy. It is not going to be for everybody. Each and every week, some seriously kinky (we assume true) sex stories are shared with the world. Think along the lines of discussions about threesomes, big dicks, Tinder dates, and a whole lot more. There is a good mix of gay and straight content here, so there is something for everybody. Sadly, there are not as many episodes as some of the other podcasts on this list, but that is cool with us. This is because it is evident that these episodes are far more feature-packed than other similar podcasts out there. The filthiness of this means that it is probably a show that you will want to listen to alone…unless you have a kinky friend or partner that wants to join in on the awesomeness.


This podcast is only available in Spanish, so if you don’t speak Spanish, then Martha Debayle is probably not going to be a good podcast for you. Although, if you are learning Spanish, then oh boy, are you going to be learning some awesome sex tips here, and a way of speaking that a teacher simply isn’t going to share! This podcast is mostly a ‘sex help’ podcast, so if you do have any questions about the world of sex (and can speak Spanish), then you are probably going to find all the answers that you need packed into this podcast. It probably helps that the lass behind the show has a pretty damn sexy voice too.


Next up on our list of the best Spotify sex podcasts is We Gotta Thing – A Swinger Podcast. In this show, a married couple talk about their (still active) adventures in the world of swinging. Although, surprisingly, there is a ton of information here that is actually useful to anybody who is up for a regular bit of boinking. Yes. Issues such as erectile dysfunction are looked at from the point of view of somebody who is a swinger, but we are positive that the information here is information that can be used by damn near anybody who struggles to perform in bed. There are dozens and dozens of episodes to dive into, and the hosts behind the show are aways going to be a true joy to listen to. Honestly, if you ever do a spot of swinging, this is almost certainly the type of couple that you hope to meet in the lifestyle.


This podcast talks about the world of being a sexually liberated woman. The woman behind this podcast is probably one of the best hosts we have ever heard on a podcast. She has a great way of speaking, and can add a touch of humor into her words, while at the same time somehow managing to convey a ton of important information that you can listen in on. Subjects touched include masturbation, dating, living with a man, and a whole lot more. Bear in mind that a lot of this podcast takes a ‘no holds barred’ approach to things, so do expect things to mostly get crude on occasion!


This is another podcast that focuses on swingers. Although, to be honest, a lot of the show has long since expanded beyond the simple idea of swinging. It touches on everything about relationships, including those non-sexual ones. Of course, there is still a ton of swinger-related content that is thrown in. This means a ton of discussion on starting your own swingers club, and bits and pieces like that. We think that one of the true joys of this podcast is that you never really know what you are going to be getting with the next episode. This is probably why it has thousands of listeners each and every week.


This is a podcast that will take a slightly more ‘scientific’ approach to the world of sex. This means that you are going to be able to enjoy a ton of sex therapists offering advice, as well as a ton of other people being interviewed by the show. You are going to be learning a lot about sex when you listen in on this podcast, and that is something that is going to be pretty bloody awesome. Hell, to give you an idea as to the extent of the variety of different topics of discussion covered in this podcast, you may be surprised to know that there are a few episodes that talk a little bit more about bondage and making it better for everybody.


This is a dating podcast, obviously focused on men. In this podcast, you are going to be learning how you could potentially end up scoring the woman of your dreams. This is a podcast put together by an actual dating expert, so you know that you are going to end up being able to enjoy a ton of advice here. We have also heard it on the grapevine that there are a lot of men out there who have put this information into practice, and they have managed to score some pretty beautiful women, even if they were struggling to do that before. So,if you want to end up banging some pretty damn beautiful women. Hell, some of the most beautiful lasses in the world, then this could be an amazing podcast for you to start listening in on.

OH BABY Podcast

This is a German podcast so, of course, you are probably not going to be able to listen if you do not speak the language. Although, if you do, boy are you going to be in for one of the most enjoyable podcasts around. In this one, you are going to be enjoying all sorts of wonderful sex tips with a dose of humor thrown in for good measure. In our opinion, this podcast is pretty damn simple to understand, even if your German knowledge is a little bit on the basic side, so even if you are not a massive fan of your German skills, you should give this podcast a spin. You may end up loving it!


This is one of the weirder ones on this list of the best sex podcasts, and we are unsure as to the best way to describe it. We guess it is just a podcast about those weird decisions people make about sex. Like, the questions that you have always wanted the answer to, but you probably would never be able to get yourself. For example; what it would feel like if you were being fucked by two men at the same time. That sort of thing. We do want to point out that this podcast can be a little bit crude at times. Actually, no, it is going to be pretty damn crude. This is not a sex podcast for everybody, but still worth listening in on.


Honestly, it is pretty damn surprising just how many swinger podcasts are out there. Front Porch Swingers is another one. Although, this one also touches a little bit upon the married lifestyle too, so you have a pretty awesome mix of content to discover here. There is even a little bit about BDSM as a married couple. This is another podcast that takes a ‘no holds barred’ approach to discussing things, so expect it to get a little bit crude on occasion. However, it is all in good fun, and a lot of the podcast can be quite eye-opening, even if you are not a fan of swinging and that lifestyle.


Alright. This is 100% not going to be a podcast for everybody. However, if you enjoyed the classic TV show ‘Sex and the City’, then this may be right up your street. The entire podcast is dedicated to the show. Each episode, the two hosts go through the episode and discuss it. Obviously, you are not going to be learning all that much about sex when you listen to it, but that is cool. It is a damn funny approach to an awesome TV show, and that is all that we can really ask for, isn’t it? Hell, give it a listen, even if you have never seen the TV show. It can still be quite funny at times.


This isn’t so much a sex podcast, but more a podcast designed to teach you how to become a better man. In this podcast, guru Casey Zander will take you through dating tips, and general tips for becoming a whole lot more masculine. This is a podcast that may be able to score you a few extra dates but, even if it does not,we can guarantee that what you learn in this podcast is going to turn you into a far better person.


This is, sadly, a podcast that is becoming ever trickier to find. This is because it does jump from site to site. However, if you do stumble across it, you will have stumbled across a truly joyful podcast that will teach you about love, sex and relationships. You know, pretty much staple things when it comes to a sex podcast. D is for Desire tends to take more of a romantic approach to things too, which is always nice.

THE SEX ED Podcast

This is like the school sex ed class that you never had. In this, some of the more taboo topics are covered. Listeners are free to submit their own questions to the podcast, which means that the podcast always offers something a little bit different. If you have burning questions that you are just dying to get answered, then have a listen to the backlog of this podcast that already exists. You never know what you are going to be able to uncover when you listen in on it. Hell, you may even learn something that you really needed to know, but you never thought you needed to know…if you catch our drift on that one!


This podcast is all about sexual wellness. Once again, this is a podcast that invites the community to submit questions, which means that the´things that are discussed in this podcast are the things that people really want to know the answers to, as opposed to the things that the host believes people want to know the answers to. There are a lot of topics covered in this podcast. You have sexual health (e.g. erectile dysfunction), and a little bit about relationships too. It is fun, and there are plenty of awesome episodes to explore.


This is a short and snappy podcast. And no, it is not six minutes long, despite what the title may have you believe. However, it is rare that an episode is going to go over about ten minutes long, so it is always something that you can listen to if you have a few moments of downtime. This is another podcast that pretty much teaches you about the wonders of sex and the like. This means plenty of discussion about the type of things that are covered in sex classes…but in a whole lot more depth. There are topics here that your teacher would never have dreamed of covering when you were younger. It is a great podcast to listen to if you want something a bit more on the educational side of things.


Sadly, despite the name, this is not a podcast that takes the form of a musical. Believe us, we were exceedingly disappointed when we found that out! However, don’t worry. Once you start diving into the content, you probably won’t care all that much. This is pretty much one of the most down to earth sex podcasts we have ever heard. Here, you will be listening to candid interviews that cover topics other podcasts don’t touch. Seriously, how many other podcasts will dedicate an entire episode to the idea of being a black swinger?


This is a podcast that looks at the link between sex and spirituality. You will learn how people use the concept of sex to heal. Now, this is not a sex podcast that is going to be all that dirty. So, if you are into that sort of thing, then you may want to go elsewhere. This is a podcast that is going to teach you how to have a better sex life, and to discover a little bit more intimacy in what you are doing as a person in your day-to-day life. This is a breathtaking podcast that truly will introduce you to some wonderful concepts. There are not that many episodes yet, but this is a podcast that we reckon is going to get real big soon.


This mother and son team provide some awesome advice on the world of sex. Don’t worry. Despite the name, it is not going to be too awkward. Sure, it will get awkward at times, but you will have heard worse. The son part of this team is a comedian, so the bulk of the show is going to be absolutely hilarious. It really is going to feel like a mother and son talking at times, and that is wonderful. This is a show that is probably going to make you wish that you had a closer relationship with your mother so you could discuss more things like this!


There is not a single stone that this woman doesn’t turn over when she talks about sex. Hell, there is just so much discussed in this podcast that we are struggling to know where to begin! A lot of her more recent shows talk about gender fluidity and the like, but she has also covered sexual wellness and health, a bit of bondage, and a ton more on top of that. She is quite frank with the way she talks, so if you want somebody that is willing to speak the truth in a podcast, then Eve is probably for you.


This podcast is a little bit different to the other ones we have covered on this page so far. This is because this one is really a comedy show. Like, your traditional radio play, that dives into the dating life of a man and a woman. It is pretty short, which means that this is one of those sex podcasts that you really have no excuse not to be listening to at least once. It is a surprising amount of fun!


This is a podcast that, mostly, discusses the link between sex and gender. This is a show that takes a highly scientific approach to things, so if that is not really your style, then this is probably not going to be the podcast for you. This podcast, mostly, will teach you about gender and why it is different to the idea of sex. It will teach you about the way your brain works, and the way your biology works. We honestly do not think we have seen a podcast quite like it. Don’t worry. Even though this is a podcast that is known for diving into the scientific side of things, you never really feel confused. Everything is explained clearly.


This is a podcast that likes to go really deep into the pleasures of sex and how to get more enjoyment from it. It is pretty simple stuff, and there is not much to say other than that. All you need to know is that this is a podcast that is going to help take your sex life to the next level. Sex is simply going to be feeling a whole lot better.


This is a podcast that will tackle some of the heavier sex topics on occasion. This means talking about abortion and plastic surgery. However, there are also a ton of more lighthearted episodes of the show. Everything here is based on a true story, which means that you really are going to be ending up with advice that you are probably going to end up finding incredibly useful when you listen in!


This is a podcast that is going to let you listen in on people’s stories of their Tinder dates. If you thought you have had a bad Tinder date, then listening to these stories will show you how much worse things could have been! Funny stories. Sad stories. You have the lot in close to 300 episodes of this sex podcast.


This podcast pretty much covers everything that you could possibly want from a sex podcast. You have stories of swinging. You have sex advice. You have relationship advice. Each and every episode of this one of the best sex podcasts brings somebody different into the mix. This means that each episode has something new to share. You never know what you are going to get until the next week rolls around!

U UP? Podcast

This is a podcast about dating in the modern world. This means that you will get advice that no other dating podcast touches. This means keeping up to date with the world of technology, and how to date with a busy lifestyle. Tons of fun, and the hosts of the podcast are always on point with their banter.


This is a podcast that features two ladies reviewing porn they have watched recently. Yep.A unique podcast, and one that will probably introduce you to porn that you may not have ever heard of before. This one is always going to be worth a listen!


The last but not least podcast is all about sex education. An acclaimed doctor goes through some of your ‘must be answered’ sex questions. Again, a scientific approach to things, but everything is ‘dumbed down’ to make it dead easy for the masses to understand.

Thank you all for reading till the end, let us know in the comments if we missed anyone.

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