What Is A Sex Doll?

Sex doll, also known as blowup or a love doll, is an adult toy, coming in the different shapes and sizes. Sex doll can be created as an entire body with additional parts and features as penis, mouth, vagina, etc…


Parts can be removed, changed and at times, vibrating. Sex dolls are differentiated from sexual robots and exists in different forms. You can get sex dolls with actual human features you prefer and can customize skin color, hair color, eye color, size, gender and the like.

Types of Sex Dolls

Sex dolls come in different types, price ranges and features. Find the best sex dolls for men and for women depending on what qualities and features give you the most pleasure.


The most expensive dolls are made of silicone can be posed in every position. Silicone dolls come with all the correct body parts, gender of your choice and skin that feels real. Some even vibrate and all come in customizable features depending on what the customer wants.

These nearly-lifelike creations are an innovation from past blow-up dolls. They are so lifelike they are often used in photographs or artists studios. In Japan, the term Dutch Wives refer to sex dolls. Needless to say, finding the kind and type you prefer is your prerogative, as there are more variations to choose from than ever.

Blow Up

The cheaper versions are inflatable and are filled with air. These represent the lowest price ranges and are made of welded vinyl. A lot of times, this type bursts at the seams after a few uses. Given as gag gifts, these dolls are the most traditional, oldest kind of sex doll.

More expensive blow up dolls are made with latex or thick vinyl and welded with a silicone polyurethane mix. There are usually correctly molded feet and hands on these types. The more expensive kind is made of silicone or TPE, which stands for thermoplastic elastomer. These can be very lifelike with modeled bodies and faces that look like actual people.

Cloth And Stuffed Sex Dolls

Unlike TPE and silicone type sex dolls, the stuffed cloth type are more animated. Instead of trying to be lifelike, these dolls come in various anime-style features. Their vagina is a slit so there is no worry about having to worry about the plastic.

Persons that love plush will love this type. In fact, if you hate lifelike sex dolls and find them creepy, this is the kind to get. Some cloth and stuffed sex dolls are lighter with no skeletons while some have a skeletal base that makes them have the ability to pose.

You can check and see which kind of doll you prefer. Some prefer the most lifelike dolls they can get their hands on, while others love to play pretend with their favorite anime characters.

Sex Doll Sites – Where to buy sex dolls?

Let’s start with best sites where you can buy real silicone sex doll:

Silicon Wives

Luxury sex dolls

Don’t you love the pure pleasure of feeling real, life-like skin against yours? It makes such a huge difference when a sex doll feels one hundred percent real. Silicon Wives Luxury Sex Dolls feature realistic sex dolls and silicone sex toys for your purest pleasure.

You can select among the lifelike silicone breasts, torsos that include vaginas, asses and torsos as well as legs and feet. It goes without saying that eye color and hair color are also up to your selection.

Dolls by Silicon Wives are made of TPE and premium silicone materials. There are many positions available with the flexible joints and durable metal skeleton. These dolls are all tested thoroughly and are hand made. They are safe to use by humans.

The luxury sex dolls are made with pure pleasure in mind, both inside and outside the doll. These are hand-sculpted by professional artists. For the luxury line, only the most lifelike materials are used. Discreet packaging and billing are included in the free shipping express services.

Gone are the days when you had to pretend your blow up sex doll was your actual sex slave. These days, you can feel and see the real thing without much effort. Isn’t technology fabulous?

Sexy Real Sex Dolls

sexy real sex dolls website

The folks behind Sexy Real Sex Dolls aren’t kidding, their dolls look amazingly real and very sexy. When you want an actual sized sex doll, this is the site to get it from. All your payment details are secure plus, there are a hundred different features to choose from.

The best part is that they feel amazingly real. When you get your own sexy real sex doll from this site, you can fulfill all your wildest fantasies with the doll including playing pretend, BDSM, gentle sex and even hard and fast sex if this is your preference.

The reason is that these realistic sex dolls are agile and flexible with every enhanced feature where it counts. In fact, some buyers love to use sex dolls to enhance their marriage. The reason is that these days, silicone sex dolls feel real and you can show your spouse exactly what you mean when it comes to sexual positions and the like.

The best part is that these dolls look and feel truly real without actually being human. You not only fulfill all your bedroom fantasies with or without your spouse, you are also saving your marriage.


ovdoll sex dolls site

Never has a love toy felt so good next to your skin. OvDoll Silicone Doll Shop features various dolls of many different height and size variations. You can get a doll as long as two feet and even one that is five feet tall.

There are also male sex dolls with body parts that feel real. Dolls are pliant and the skin feels real. The hair even looks authentic, so much so you might forget you are playing with a doll.

OvDoll features twenty-four hour support with online consultations, safe shopping, confidentiality and free shipping. You can choose the features you want in their dolls and wait for the doll to arrive at your doorstep. You can request the size of buttocks and breasts you want as well as the length of the penis for the male doll.

These dolls feel so good against your own body you may want to get more than one. Their slogan is that a sex doll may change your life, and we agree, it very well just may, OvDoll.

Featured on the website are dolls of various sized breasts and buttocks as well as those with mouths available for blowjobs. Every doll is created for pure pleasure and we have no doubt you will be coming back for more.

Sexy Sex Doll

sexy sex doll

Sexy Sex Doll satisfy your every male or female fantasy. In fact, dolls by this brand are probably on the top ten list on any of the most realistic sex dolls in the world. The vast collection only has your satisfaction in mind.

Each of the dolls available from this website feel real when you thrust them and as your penis moves within these dolls’ vaginas, you would most likely swear it feels real. This company develops dolls according to the requirements of their client. Whether you want your own personal doll to be enthralling, sexy or innocent, this company aims to please in more ways than one.

Sexy love doll Britney is one of their most popular sex toys with an F-cup and measuring 165cm. Created from top of the line TPE material, Britney is dynamic and flexible, able to enjoy any sexual position you have in mind. Her super tight pussy can be selected on the website as tight or as long as you want it.

This blonde, blue-eyed bombshell feels real when you hold her close to you. Pump her as hard as you can, she won’t mind. After all, she loves it, this is the reason she was created in the first place. And yes, she knows her place very well.

Real Doll

realdoll online shop

RealDoll is aptly named. Their silicone top of the line creations have been featured in The New York Times, HBO, Discovery Channel, TLC and Rolling Stone.

You build your own doll by customizing all the features you prefer and voila! You get the girl or guy of your dreams. The reason that Real Doll is world famous is that their dolls are nearly human–or so it seems.

On the website there is twenty-four hour chat support and an array of body parts you can choose from. The details even go as far as selecting your dream girl’s nipple size. The best part is that this product can be contoured and posed in any position you can possibly think of.

It’s almost as if they took your wildest sex doll idea from your imagination and made it real. In all honesty, there is nothing you could possibly ask for more than the pleasure-giving RealDoll and all its fantastic qualities. Never has sex with a doll been so lifelike, so real you may even forget they are dolls.

RealDoll also features RealCock in which you can select and purchase the real life cock of your choice. It also features RealBotix with a slogan Discover The Future. Indeed, the future never looked so appetizing.


For most of the dolls, shipping happens to be free. The shipping is discreet and so is the packaging. There won’t be an indication of what you purchased from the box exterior.

Sex doll companies value the confidentiality of their clients and aim to please. In fact, your neighbors will most likely think you bought a brand new telescope when the box arrives. Never in their wildest dreams will they assume that the most realistic sex toys have just arrived on your doorstep.

Other sites will determine shipping based on your location and the weight of your brand new sex doll. It is best to find out through direct contact with the website if your particular area is eligible for free shipments.


Privacy is top priority among sex toy makers. The reason is that they realize the importance of how much privacy is essential for an ongoing business such as this. Even credit card statements are going to be showing the name of a third party and not a sex doll shop.

Your credit card information is safe and secure along with the billing statement. In fact, you might say they have thought of everything. First time buyers can clarify every detail with the online chat support available twenty-four hours seven days a week for most of the websites mentioned here.

You can also get in touch with them via email or cellphone. Contact information is available for the respective websites on their corresponding pages.


Pricing for these sex dolls vary according to your specification. In fact, one price does not fit all. Price will vary according to the size, materials and type of doll you prefer. One hundred percent silicone dolls are going to be more expensive than plush dolls, for example.

Of course, a small sized silicone doll may just be priced similarly to a longer plush doll. It depends on the size and material you are ordering. For one hundred percent accuracy, you can go ahead and find out through the chat support message boards on each website about how much your particular specifications are going to be for the sex doll of your dreams. After all, we don’t want you to be disappointed.


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