While CES isn’t really a place that you would expect sex toys to be on show, in recent years, the largest electronics trade show in the world has started to allow them. This means that we have started to see some really innovative products on show at the event. On this page, we want to take a little look at one of the most famous sex toys to appear at CES. We then want to dive into some of the more awesome sex toys to appear at the latest CES.

What is CES Tech?

The Consumer Electronics Show, or CES for short, is an electronics trade show that has been running in Las Vegas for the last 50-years. At CES, electronics manufacturers from all over the world showcase their new innovations. Their hope? To try and attract major purchasers for their goods, or maybe pick up a couple of awards that they can use in their marketing material.

One of the major benefits of being showcased at CES is that, more often than not, quality products will end up getting featured in the media. This can generate an astonishing number of sales for a product, particularly if it manages to score itself a couple of awards at the same time.

Now, in recent years, CES Tech has been faced with somewhat of a dilemma. It is fair to say that sex toys are becoming more technologically advanced. The problem is that CES Tech tries to have a clean-cut image. This means that they really did not want to have this type of product on show at their event. However, they ended up recognizing the demand, and they started to allow sex toys. This created a little bit of hubbub, and probably changed the way that CES works forever.

Why was the Ose Stimulator from Lola DiCarlo Banned?

The year that the Ose Stimulator was shown at CES was one of the very first years that sex toys were allowed at CES. Sure, they are a piece of tech, but the CES tries to focus on the electronics that are a bit more palatable to consumers. However, since sex toys were on the upswing, they decided to introduce them to the show. One of the offerings was the Ose Stimulator from Lola DiCarlo. Although, this sex toy ended up entering a competition for the best robotics and drones. It won an award. The CES Innovation award, in fact. However, this was quickly rescinded.

The Ose Stimulator is a vibrator. It isn’t just like any vibrator, though. The whole design of this vibrator has been carefully crafted to try and replicate the feel of oral sex as closely as possible. By all accounts, it does a pretty damn good job at this too. It was one of the first dildos of this type on the market. It is evident that the judges at CES saw some potential in the design of the Ose Stimulator too. They gave it the CES Innovation Award, after all.

The problem was that the head honchos at CES were not a fan of the Ose Stimulator receiving the award. In fact, they felt as if the vibrators should not have been at their show at all. They claimed that the rules state that no electronics seen as offensive should be on show. They deemed a vibrator to be offensive. It is baffling as to why, since sex is so normal. Alas, the rules are the rules. The device was then stripped of the award that it won, and discussions started to take place with regards to whether sex toys could be on show the next time that CES rolled around.

Thankfully, once the whole situation had been ironed out with CES, the Ose Stimulator received the CES Innovation Award again. It also helped to pave the way for sex toys becoming a more prominent part of CES in Las Vegas. While we doubt that you are probably going to see people talk about the sex toys in the media all that much

Of course, managing to the get the CES award back against meant that Lola DiCarlo had a bit more promotion on her products, and this meant that she could design some pretty nifty gadgets for the next CES with her new-found funds. We want to take a little look at those in the next section.

The Best Sex Toys at CES 2020

While COVID-19 meant that the Consumer Electronics Show in 2020 couldn’t be as big as shows in the past, we still saw a number of sex toys on show. Some of these were from Lola DiCarlo, which helped to make up for the whole banning fiasco the previous year!

These are going to be mini-reviews of each of the products. However, please do bear in mind that some of these products have yet to be released commercially. This means that there may be a few changes made to them before they are unleashed on the public. Although, we doubt that this is going to happen. By all accounts, these sex toys are fantastic, and they need very little in the way of change to really take the market by storm.

Lola DiCarlo Baci

We must say that Lola DiCarlo is probably quite lucky that this wasn’t the first sex toy that she showed at CES. We doubt that the company would even have let this be displayed, because it is so damn unique, and it almost certainly breaches the old guidelines that they had. However, luckily for her, she changed the rules, and the Baci was allowed to be shown at the latest CES and, damn, is this a fantastic sex toy. One that you will unlikely have seen before.

Unlike the other sex toys on this list, this isn’t a vibrator, nor is it a dildo. It is a completely new breed of sex toy. Perhaps the best way to describe it as being akin to a suction cup. Although, even that is not technically true. The Lola DiCarlo Baci is designed to simulate oral sex. The unique design is meant to feel as if somebody is gently sucking and stroking your clit with their tongue and, by all accounts, this as close to the real thing you can get without actually having another person’s tongue close by.

While some people may believe that the Lola DiCarlo Baci is on the more expensive side of things, if you want one of the best CES sex toys to be shown this year, then the Baci is the way to go. Hell, we just love the fact that the world of female sex toys is expanding a little bit more. We haven’t really seen huge innovations like this in that market for a good long while now.

Lola DiCarlo Onda

The Lola DiCarlo Onda is a bit closer to your traditional vibrator. Although, still not quite. Rather than trying to simulate the idea of having a massive dick inside of you, the Lola DiCarlo Onda uses clever robotics to try and mimic the sensation of a good pair of fingers. Once again, reviews seem to indicate that it works pretty damn well at that.

To really understand how the Lola DiCarlo Onda works, you should probably see it in action. For the most part, it is going to look pretty similar to a traditional dildo. However, there is a small moveable piece inside of it. This moves slowly up and down, much in the same way that a finger does. It will even provide variable pressure to try and make the experience as realistic as possible.

This particular piece of kit has been designed to massage the g-spot. This means that it is going to be heavily focused on the part of your body that is going to give you the most intense orgasms. It even comes complete with a rechargeable battery, which means that you can enjoy those orgasms over and over again. No need to stumble around looking for new batteries when you are feeling horny as fuck.

Lioness Generation 2

The Lioness Generation 2 was pretty much made for events like CES. It is one of the most innovative products that we have ever seen on the market, and we really do feel that it is going to help women enjoy some of the best orgasms of their life.

Now, the Lioness Generation 2 is a typical vibrator. It is going to provide you with an awesome orgasm experience. The real excitement from the Lionesss Generation 2 comes from when you connect it up to your smartphone via Bluetooth. There is a special little app that you can use.

The purpose of this app is to monitor your use of the Lioness Generation 2. You will be able to see how your body responded to the vibrating. You will be able to see exactly when you were driven to that mouthwatering orgasm. By looking at this information, you will start to get a feel for what your body loves when you are masturbating. This means that, over time, you will learn more about yourself.

This means that you can start to tinker with the way that you use the vibrator a bit more. This means that you will be playing with yourself in a way that you really enjoy, while avoiding the methods that do not seem to do much to your body. This means that each and every orgasm will be better than the last.

Oh, and if this wasn’t enough, the information collected by the Lioness Generation 2 is collected for scientific research on the female orgasm. Although, do bear in mind that you can turn this feature off if you do not want anonymous data collected about your vibrator usage.

Lovense Max 2

Lovense is well-known for the awesome female toys that they produce. A lot of people forget that they also produce some epic male sex toys too, and the Lovense Max 2 is probably one of the best male sex toys that they have produced in years.

This male masturbater has one of the longest tubes of all the male masturbaters on the market. This means that even men with the largest of cocks will ensure that each and every part of their hard cock is going to be stroked.

The real thrill of using the Lovense Max 2, however, is that it is a 360-degree revolving masturbater. This means that it feels pretty damn real. It also feels amazing when you are using it. It is almost as if no part of your dick is left untouched.

This is one of the very first male sex toys on the market to have an adjustable air vent. This means that you will be able to control just how much the Lovense Max 2 sucks on your cock. This means that it is far, far easier to get the masturbation experience that is right for you.

While male sex toys are nowhere near as popular as their female counterparts, we have no doubt that the Lovense Max 2 is going to take the world by storm.

Satisfyer Curvy 2

It seems that CES 2020 was the year of ‘app-based’ sex toys. Next up is the Satisfyer Curvy 2.

The Satisfyer Curvy 2 has been designed for those that want the best possible clitoral stimulation. This suction vibrator forms a seal around the clitoris, offering the most pleasurable experience possible.

While the Satisfyer Curvy 2 can be used ‘on its own’, it works best when hooked up to the companion app. Oh boy, you can do some damn crazy things with this app too.

Built into the app are a variety of different ‘rhythms’ that you can use to control exactly how the Satisyfer Curvy 2 pulsates as it pleasures your clit. You can even create your own programs too. However, one of the more interesting features is that you are able to program the app to vibrate in tune to your favorite piece of music. Yes. You may think that this is an odd feature but, by all accounts, it provides one of the best masturbation experiences possible.

If you want one of the most customizable female masturbation experiences ever, then the Satisfyer Curvy 2 has you covered.

OhMiBod Blue Notion Next 3

If you enjoy having a bit of sexual play with your partner, then the OhMiBod Blue Notion Next 3 may be the CES sex toy for you.

This one is designed to be worn as a ring by your partner. If you are feeling particularly kinky, then you may even be able to wear this ‘out and about’, although it may be a little bit too obvious for that.

This product is controlled via a smartphone app. You have a variety of different rhythm options available with the OhMiBod Blue Notion Next 3. If you want, you can even time this one with your music too.

Probably the best thing about this product is just how simple it is to use. This is perfect for a bit of couple’s play, and we can see it being one of the more popular sex toys over the next couple of years for couples.

MysteryVibe Poco

The problem with most bullet vibrators is that they tend not to be all that powerful. The MysteryVibe Poco has put that idea to the test. Not only has the team behind the MysteryVibe Poco created one of the most powerful bullet vibrators possible, they have created a bendable product that can provide fantastic amounts of pleasure from multiple angles.

The great thing about the MysteryVibe Poco is that it is small enough to slide into your handbag. So, if you ever get a free moment for some simple pleasure, then you will always have it to hand.

Like most of the sex toys on this list, there is a companion smartphone app. This means that you will have full control over the intensity of the vibration, which means that you get pleasure that is customized to you. You can even let your partner control your pleasure with the same app.

Final Thoughts

So, there you have it. A rough guide to the history of sex toys at CES, as well as a couple of sex toys which really blew our mind at the last CES. We hope that they do start to become more popular at the event. We actually can’t wait until the day you can open up a newspaper or browse to your favorite website and read about the latest CES sex toy without hearing about how they were banned from the event. We love how a new startup from Lola DiCarlo completely change the landscape of the most important consumer electronics show. We doubt anybody else could have accomplished this!

If you are looking for an awesome new sex toy, then you may want to check out some of the ones we listed. We are fairly confident that you will be happy with any of them.

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