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The world of sex toys is an ever-expanding one. There are a lot of great sex toys out there that are designed for solo play. They are designed with women in mind and with men in mind. The great thing about today’s sex toy industry is the fact that it is also releasing a lot of great sex toys for couples. These sex toys for couples can help you and your partner to take your sex life to a new level of enjoyment and orgasmic bliss.

When you are looking for sex toys for couples, you want to find the best. We are going to help you out with this by providing you our list of the top 20 best sex toys for couples that you and your partner need. These sex toys are the cream of the crop when it comes to couples play. We truly hope that this list gets you inspired to explore and experiment when it comes to your sex life!

Best & Fun Sex Toys For Couples:

LELO Tor 2

We will kick off our list of the top 20 best sex toys for couples with the LELO Tor 2. This is a vibrating couples ring that has made quite a splash in the realm of sex toys. Countless couples have used this amazing sex toy to add a new level of intensity and pleasure to their coital activities. The powerful vibrations will help you and your partner to achieve intense orgasms and it is designed to fit all sizes. There are countless positive reviews from couples that have used the LELO Tor 2 to take their fucking routine to the next level. It is a great place to start for our top 20 list of sex toys for couples.

We Vibe Moxie

The We Vibe Moxie is a great way for you to pleasure and tease your partner into one furious orgasm after another. Once this great sex toy is placed against the clitoris, its intense vibrations can be controlled remotely. This means you can control the level of intensity that your partner is receiving, or they can choose for themself.

The high-quality design also means that the We Vibe Moxie operates quietly. The device is also waterproof and easy to clean up. These factors make this the perfect accessory for your next steamy night of lovemaking with your significant other. We definitely have to recommend the We Vibe Moxie as one of the best sex toys for couples.

Dame Fin

The Dame Fin finger vibrator is the perfect way for you and your partner to add a new twist to your erotic play. This finger vibrator is easy to use and provides excellent stimulation for the clitoris. It is one of those amazing sex toys for couples that either of you can use. You can use it on your finger while you tease your woman’s clit into a furious orgasm, or she can use it on herself while you jerk off and finger her pussy. These are just a few of the kinky options that you can use the Dame Fin for. It is another one of those sex toys for couples that we had to include on our top 20 list.

We-Vibe Melt

The next entry on our list of the top sex toys for couples is the We-Vibe Melt. This is a sex toy that is specifically designed for couple’s play. You can provide your partner with continuous waves of pulsation. You can also provide her with a gentle sucking that will bring on mind-blowing orgasms.

Couples who purchase the We-Vibe Melt love the fact that it is a quiet device that offers the benefits of the We-Connect app. It is also body safe in its silicone construction and rechargeable. These are some of the great additional benefits of the We-Vibe Melt. You will not be disappointed with this one as it is one of the top 20 best sex toys for couples.

Hot Octopuss Pulse Duo

The Hot Octopuss Pulse Duo is another one of those amazing sex toys that have been designed specifically for the enjoyment of couples. This is a device that will help you to bring your foreplay activity to another level of enjoyment. You will be able to control the vibrations through the convenient remote control This means that either you or your partner can control the vibrations that her clitoris is experiencing. For this reason, the Hot Octopussy Pulse Duo makes it easy to cum again and again and to do it with no hands. This is a must-purchase when it comes to sex toys for couples.

Calexotics Hype Flexi-Wand

This high-quality body massager from the team at Calexotics is good for far more than the body. It is also ideal for use on your partner’s clitoris as you drive her through one orgasm after another. The silicone construction is slim and it is of high-quality. The Calexotics Hype Flexi-Wand is also a great vibrator for couples because it can be flexed and bent into many different positions.

The push-button controls are easy to operate and easy to see due to the presence of LED lights. It is hard to argue with the quality of this product or the intense vibration that it provides. These are factors behind the inclusion of the Calexotics Hype Flexi-Wand on our list of the top 20 best sex toys for couples.

The Ohare Double Vibrating Rabbit Cock Ring

Our attention now turns to the Ohare Double Vibrating Rabbit Cock Ring. This is one naughty little bunny, to say the least. Once you slip this rabbit around your cock, you will be able to deliver a great deal of extra stimulation to your partner’s clit. One of the things that makes this one of the best sex toys for couples is the fact that its double ring is comfortable and designed to stay in place while you and your partner fuck.

The material is 100 percent silicone that can stretch and bend. There are three speeds available with the Ohare Double Vibrating Rabbit Cock Ring. Check this one out as a great addition to your sexual routine with your partner.

Jive Couples Vibrator

The Jive Couples Vibrator is an app-controlled sex toy that will deliver endless hours of fun for you and your partner. The comfortable design is composed of silicone that is body-safe. It is also a waterproof sex toy that is easy to clean. The rumbly, powerful vibrations offered by the Jive Couples Vibrator is really where this outstanding sex boy for couples shines. It is also the factor that allows it to deliver orgasm after orgasm. It is another couple’s sex toy that is a must-have.

Lelo Ida

The Lelo Ida is a vibrator that rotates. It is designed for couples play and offers the benefit of remote control. Eight different stimulation modes are offered with the Lelo Ida. The device itself is composed of body-safe silicone and it is waterproof. Another great benefit that you get with the Leo Ida is the fact that it can hold a charge for up to two hours of sex play before needing to be recharged. When you also combine this with its motion-sensitive technology, you can see why this is one of the best sex toys for couples currently available. This sex toy is proof of how these devices just continue to get better with each passing year.

Complete Le Wand Pleasure Set

You and your woman will have endless hours of sexual pleasure when you purchase the Complete Le Wand Pleasure Set. This truly is a pleasure set as it adds the benefits of Le Wand with some great accessories that add to the fun and orgasmic intensity. The device is cordless and fully rechargeable.

This is a huge benefit as compared to many similar products. It is also splashproof and can be cleaned up easily. The flexible head makes it easy to get maximum stimulation onto your partner’s clitoris. She can use the wand herself or have you do it for her. The additional head attachments add another dimension of fun to this great sex toy for couples.

Match Couples Vibrator

We had to include the Match Couples Vibrator on our list of the best sex toys for couples. This device really shines in a lot of impressive ways and can help to turbocharge your sex life with your partner. The dual stimulation is perfect for couples play and there are ten different vibration settings so there are a lot of options.

The Match Couples Vibrator also comes with a remote control and it is composed of body-safe silicone material. Couples who use this quality vibrator routinely comment on how much they enjoy it. They also note the quality of its construction. These are all factors that ensured that the Match Couples Vibrator would land a spot on our top 2o list.

Novice Butt Plug

The Novice Butt Plug is the perfect introduction to vibrating anal play. Both partners can have endless hours of fun using this great sex toy for couples on each other. It really is the perfect size for beginners and is composed of a body-safe material. There are a total of fifteen vibrating settings and six different levels of intensity so there is a lot of experimentation that you and your partner can enjoy. If you are thinking about trying anal play, we highly recommend giving the Novice Butt Plug a try. We are sure you will find that this one is a winner and a deserving member of our top 20 list.

Double Dildo

There is a lot of fun that a couple can have with a quality Double Dildo. You have two ends to try out on your partner’s pussy and ass, and you might want to try it on yourself as well. You can also both have fun with this Double Dildo at the same time. It is a great toy to use for experimentation purposes and an ideal way to encourage try8ing new things. This is why a high-quality Double dildo has to be included as one of the best sex toys for couples.


The Ohnut really is a sex toy for couples that can help you to transform your sex experience. This unique sex toy makes it possible to control the depth of penetration that your partner is experiencing. At the same time, playing with this toy feels good for both partners. Many couples feel that the Ohnut has allowed them to have better sex than they have ever previously experienced. It is all thanks to the toy’s ability to give them a customized depth of penetration. When you factor in these points, it is obvious why the Ohnut had to be on a list of the top 20 best sex toys for couples.

Liberator Heart Wedge

The Liberator Heart Wedge is the unique sex pillow that is perfect for couples. This pillow can help you to achieve ideal angles for penetration whether your partner is in doggy style or on their back. With the Liberator Heart Wedge, it is easy to take your sex to another level of fun and excitement as well as comfort. The pillow can provide vital support that helps to reduce the amount of energy that has to be spent in this area. This means that you can save that energy for more enjoyable sex instead!

Happy Rabbit Remote Control Cock Ring

You are just going to love what the Happy Rabbit Remote Control Cock Ring has to offer. This rabbit is designed to fit around most penises with no problem. It offers a snug fit that is also comfortable. Another benefit of this cock ring is that it can help some men to attain better erections and can help them to last longer when giving their partner penetrative pleasure. The remote control feature makes it easy to explore all kinds of hands-free fun with this amazing sex toy for couples. This is another one of these pics that was an easy call when it came to compiling this list of the top 20 best sex toys for couples.

Eva II

The Eva II is an outstanding couples vibrator that was an easy choice for our list of the top 20 best sex toys for couples. This waterproof couples vibrator is perfect for adding in that extra clitoral stimulation that your partner craves during sexual intercourse. The flexible wings that come with the product allow for it to stay in place. They can be tucked underneath the labia themselves. This sex boy for couples really makes it easy to create a truly erotic and orgasmic moment that you and your partner will not soon forget!

The Sweet Sting Riding Crop From Fifty Shades of Grey

This fun little bondage item is one of the best sex toys for couples on the market. It is flexible and there is a soft rubber handle that comes at the end of its braided stem. The Sweet Sting Riding Crop From Fifty Shades of Grey is the perfect way to give a run spanking to your partner whether they have misbehaved or not. For those that love to get rough and kinky, this is simply a must-have in the world of great sex toys.

Club Vibe 3.OH

This panty vibe is a whole lot of fun and it can be used in a variety of situations. The good thing about the Club Vibe 3 OH is the fact that it is remote controlled. This means that you can take your partner out for a night on the town while this little devil is pressed against her clit inside her panties. From there, you can have fun teasing at your own discretion. It is also fun to let her have control so that she can enjoy some clitoral stimulation over dinner. By the time that you both get home, you will have a soaking pussy awaiting you and your hard cock.

Fin Finger Vibrator

To round out our list of the top 20 best sex toys for couples, we have arrived at the Fin Finger Vibrator. This product is notable for how easy it is to use. You can move it in and out with ease. The Fin Finger Vibrator also has various stimulating sides such as a squishy and pointy end. It can be used above or below your hand and can provide a tremendous amount of stimulation to the clitoral area. These factors have led to the obvious inclusion of the Fin finger Vibrator on our top 20 list for best sex toys for couples.


This wraps up our list of the top 20 best sex toys for couples. These toys all have the capability of helping you to add entirely new dimensions to your foreplay and your sex. This list is the perfect place to head when you need to find the products that will help you and your lover to spice things up in the bedroom. All we can say is, be safe, and have a whole lot of fun!


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