Have you ever heard of DDLG? Well, it’s a really popular kink in the wide variety of fetishes. It is a lifestyle to some, others a fantasy, and even just a one night thing in bed to some people.

We all have our kinks and fetishes. Though I did say it is a lifestyle to some, it is just fiction, a roleplay scenario.

There are different types of DDLG, different ways to use it, different relationships, but overall is still a fetish. In some ways it is similar to BDSM if you have ever heard of that, not completely, but it has some comparisons depending on the extremity of the roleplay.

This article will explain to you how to take yourself into the world of DDLG to an extent, and what makes it what it is. It all starts with energy and effort, and how far you are willing to take it. 

What is the DDLG and it’s meaning?

DDLG stands for “Daddy Dom/Little Girl.” Daddy Dom is the role of a caregiver and dominant to the Little Girl who plays as a more submissive and childlike character.

DDLG is not a real relationship between a “daddy” and a “little girl.” It is in fact just a roleplay scenario, which can carry on over time.

DDLG is a popular roleplay but is not the only type of DDLG fetish, there happens to be MDLG, MDLB (Mommy Dom/Little Girl or Boy) fetishes, but they are not as common as DDLG.

DDLG is a roleplay that started off as a fantasy of power and dominance from the Daddy figure, or even a fantasy of submission from the Little figure. The fetish is an entire relationship at times, not just a roleplay in bed for a night.

The whole fetish relies on the Dom and Little playing their parts to their full extent in order to make the DDLG roleplay work.

DDLG Relationships

The Daddy Dom/Little Girl fetish can be considered a lifestyle for some people that are really into that specific fetish. For those some people, the fetish is a huge part to their relationship, meaning it can always be in effect.

The relationship is not only based on sexual tensions, but it can help intensify those feelings and tensions.

There are different types of DDLG relationships, not meaning MDLG or MDLB, but the intensity of the relationship. A DDLG relationship can be considered vanilla, which means there are no sexual tensions within the roleplay, just that the Daddy Dom and the Little stick to their roles in the relationship as caregiver and little.

The kinky DDLG relationships involve some sexual tensions, but the roleplay is just a little more intense that can lead to some intense sexual desires. There is another type of DDLG relationship, which is more hardcore.

The basis of the fetish is all still the same, but the Daddy Dom character is more intense, they are responsible for everything. The little to the Daddy Dom is more of a slave within the roleplay. But, remember, it is all still roleplay.

Ddlg outfits

To submerge deeper and further into the DDLG fetish, outfits can add more reality to the roleplay.

The outfit aspect goes more in the direction of the little in the relationship. Their outfits are more childlike, being as they are playing as a little girl.

Colors and patterns such as floral are important when it comes to finding outfits, possibly colors that a little girl would like or wear.

Youth is seen as bright or even pastel like colors. So with looking the part, a full outfit would make the experience just a little sexier or more exciting.

The little can wear whatever they like, something like onesies, or skirts, anything. Some littles use pacifiers to complete the look even.

When it comes to the Dom Daddy, just like the little, they can wear whatever they like as well. But I feel a suit or dress shirt with slacks would complete the look as they are playing a fatherly figure.

With some DDLG outfits, some are paired well with accessories. I mentioned a pacifier, but there are hairclips, and even “daddy’s” belt. Daddy’s belt can even be used as a toy for the roleplay.

Toys are not always used as just toys though. With the relationship, there is punishment as there is with every daddy-daughter relationship.

Ddlg punishments

The DDLG fetish cannot be complete without a little bit of punishment, right?

The punishments basically involve the normal punishments any father-daughter relationship would have.

They include; telling the little to go to bed earlier, stand in the corner, no tv or candy, the normal punishments.

But, they do get a little kinky whenever the Daddy Dom feels the want for them to intensify. Some of those kinky punishments include; no panties in public depending on what the little is wearing, making the little beg for whatever the little wants, even dirty things that the Daddy Dom desires from the little.

Another punishment is the Daddy Dom telling the little not to play with themselves inappropriately, assuming that they are even allowed to do so.

All punishments come from the Daddy Dom, and can get harsher if the little decides to disobey those demands, just like normal discipline.

There are so many punishments that can be used within the fetish, from vanilla like punishments, to kinky, to hardcore, which brings in somewhat of a BDSM like fetish.

The punishment intensity really depends on what kind of DDLG relationship is going on, and what the Daddy Dom wants from his little in their roleplay.

Littles, do not forget to find outs for punishments, because there are ways for that, you are technically daddy’s little girl.


Since we have talked about the meaning of the DDLG fetish, we know that it is a fantasy turned to real fiction about power and dominance, and in some cases, submission.

The fetishes outcome relies on the role player’s energies, so go into it with the same energy as the other to get the outcome both characters desire from one another.

The DDLG relationship will not succeed if the characters are not putting in the same work as they want to receive. The DDLG fetish is kind of a team effort.

We also know that playing the roles require putting a little bit of work into it, like the outfits, toys, and accessories if you want more of a reality to come into the fetish.

The Daddy Dom/Little Girl fetish is a popular growing fetish as it is a kink for both roles, all because sometimes people feel they want to assert their dominance while others want to be a little submissive. Are you ready to submerge yourself into the so called “creepy” DDLG fantasy?

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