What are video chat sex parties?

Sex parties are nothing new, video chat sex party is another thing, and it’s been happening rampantly because of the recent pandemic.

People can no longer attend sex parties physically, so they must find ways to satisfy their hunger, and this is the only way they can still fill their insatiable appetite and be safe.

It is not the real thing and not mind-blowing as having to touch someone and feel the body heat, but it is the next best thing, and it will do for now.

A video chat sex party is where people who are up for online “adventure” can dress up depending on what chat room they will enter. They can even wear lingerie, or use fetish wear, and can even enter the scene nude.

They also allow voyeurism for those people who don’t have the confidence yet to be seen and would like to get the feel of the room first. Sometimes it takes one or two parties before they let their guards down and join with their partner and have a go at having sex, even if they are seen by other partygoers.

There are people too who would rather have a chat with someone else. This is mutual, and they can find other people who want the same thing.

How to find an online sex chat party during a pandemic?

There is an online version of the physical sex parties happening before the pandemic, and they are now offering the online version at a cheaper price. There is a corresponding minimal fee so you can be a member and enter the chat room.

Some sex clubs have also transferred their business online, trying to still make the business grow even further during the pandemic. It is somewhat a wise move because pandemic will come and go, but the sexual thirst of many people will be there for a very long time. Even if there is already a cure for the virus, video chat parties are here to stay.

The availability of an online app that is open to be used discreetly also helps in making this online sex party successful.

How to start your own party?

Inviting friends, can be something of a hurdle, most especially if you don’t have friends that have an open mind. What if you only have three friends that you can invite? Perhaps that three friends have another set of friends who can add to the number.

Any number of participants is a start. You can add participants as you go along and get better in hosting your own party.

Once the attendees had an enjoyable time with the online sex party, they will surely tell their other friends whose interest may be piqued if there is positive feedback.

You may have a theme for the online sex party as this will be more interesting for other people since they can dress up or can even wear a mask if they are not that confident to face the camera. Think of a gimmick where people will be excited to join your party.

Then find a date where many people will be able to join, and many can stay up late for the said party. It can be a Friday or the weekend as long as there is a day to rest after the party. That is fine.

The next thing you will have to think about is the platform you will use to host the party. Although there are available platforms nowadays where most people have experienced using, at the same time, it is easy to use with this kind of party.

Software to use

Zoom is one platform being used by other people hosting video chat sex parties since it is low-key, it is free, and it is easy to utilize, however, there are issues with using the Zoom platform, and it may not be available for use with sex parties soon, but until then, this can still be utilized.

WhatsApp platform is also available and is being used to meet friends where kinky things happen.

Another platform that you can use is Skype, but there is a no-nudity policy that makes this activity somewhat hard to realize.

Google Hangouts is another example of a room that you can use, but remember that Gmail is connected to this app, and so does another app where you used your Google account.

Facetime is in the race as well, and they consider it more secure since it uses end-to-end encryption, and for the members to join, they must use an iPhone or Macbook to join the party.

You need to make sure you are highly discreet when using the above platform, and you need not advertise the party too much so you will not be found out and get shut down before you even enjoy the party.

How to Prepare your environment

Make sure that you will be in a private place if ever you will be with a partner so that when things heat up, you are also ready for the action anytime.

Do not use a place where any of your children can see you partying or hearing talks of strangers loudly, and worse, hearing moaning sounds, if any.

Swearing is another word that should not be heard by anyone in your household, so make sure you are using the most private location in your home for the party.

You can either decorate your room with fur or perhaps just use lighting effects to make the background one of a kind and will be something that will keep you in the mood to party.

It is also up to you or even for your partner if you would like to get in the mood before the start of the party by having some wine to take the edge off. This will somehow help you relax and give you confidence.

Use Sex toys such as vibrators

This is the time to bring out your kinky stuff and the toys you’ve been meaning to use for a long time. Whatever item you want to use to make the play more exciting while you are having Video Chat Sex Parties. You need not feel embarrassed for having the biggest dildo there is, or perhaps your vibrator will now see the light.

Some people have a bottle of oil handy, also handcuffs, spanking kit, and other necessities for other people.

Men can also use their toys the same way the girls can use whatever they fancy. There is no room for judgment here, but just enjoyment for everyone attending the party.

Wear provocative clothes

You will be more in tune with the party if you wear your most beautiful and sexy lingerie. You can wear whatever you like as long as you are comfortable with it.

Some wear their dominatrix get up while others wear their cocktail dress, and they don’t mind wearing such because it gets them in the mood.

Men can wear their sexiest outfit as well, or just wear their skimpiest briefs if they want to.

Another popular outfit is fishnet stockings worn by most women, crotchless panties, latex undies, latex is also popular, and sexy clothing paired with high-heeled shoes will work too.

Women or even men can wear makeup if it gets them in the mood and if it will boost their confidence. There is no right outfit during these parties, and as long as you are relaxed with what you are wearing, you are ready.

And since you are the host, you can opt to change your getup to anything you desire and changed to as many outfits as you like.

Protect your privacy

The place where you will be, need to be private, where no one will just come barging in while you are taking off your clothes or when you are dancing in the dark with your partner.

Be mindful about the other people who live with you, let them know beforehand what schedule you may have so that if the place is just small and you need the privacy, they can give you the privacy that you need.

If there are also children with you, make sure that they will not get a hint of what’s going on inside your bedroom. Lower the volume if you need to so that they will not be bothered with any sounds that may come from your bedroom.

Also, do not just take photos of the party with no one’s consent or if there are people that you want to get a picture of, let them know first that you want to take their pictures, otherwise if they decline, you should not bother taking their picture.

You can also turn off your camera if you are not at ease with letting others see your face, and if your identity will be exposed, you also have the right to not show your face on camera and are up to your preference.

Although you may just be starting in hosting this type of party, you also need to have ground rules that you need to abide by and to which you will adapt to after a few parties more.

Have fun

This is now your time to have fun and enjoy the party. It is also up to you on how you want the party to be more lively. There are gimmicks you can do, such as getting some dancers to grace your party, other performers can also do their specialty, and it will serve as the icebreaker for your hosted party.

Getting a DJ to play some sensual music while the party is ongoing is another idea that you can adapt.

You can go over the rules if and when there are enough people online. Coming up with a list of programs you have in mind is also the best way to keep everything in order.

Games are another way to break the ice and get the laughter going. Truth or dare is an example of a popular game being used for this kind of party, and you may like to borrow this game for your entertainment.

After the game, it is now a matter of getting the party started and who will start to act naughty. Anyone can start it as there is no specific information about who should come first and who comes next.

When you are hosting an online party, make sure that the others present know the rules, such as respecting other “party goers” by not just sending them their nude pictures or rules about not pestering guests and vice versa.

This is the time for those who cannot go out and join physical sex parties and adjust to what is available.

This is a different format, but the fun never stops as well, and as long as you want to stay and not sleep, the party can also stay as long.

The survival of these types of parties will depend on the people who will support it. There are already numerous followers for these online sex parties, and they are increasing day by day.

What can you expect at sex chat parties?

There are many people dressed up for the occasion. They can wear their best lingerie, men can wear just a towel draped on their manhood while other males or females can even attend the party naked.

There may be a lot of lights for some party-goers while others may have a flickering lamp beside their computer, plus most of the partygoers may have come with their whip, paddle, or even their vibrators.

games will be played next to remove the awkwardness in the room, and it can be the game truth or dare, but other games are being played, such as never have I ever, where you will tell the others what is one or two things you have never done before.

Expect that there will be people who will take off their clothes while in front of the camera, while others will show some kissing style, some fondling and touching will, of course, follow suit.

Other people will just let other party-goers watch what they are doing to themselves, such as pleasuring themselves, and they just like other people to watch them.

Everyone is free to chat with someone, or they can show others what they are doing with their partners, or simply let others watch what you and your partner are doing.

Many things can happen in sex chat parties, and you should be able to tell if you are ready for such and if you will be willing to participate in the said party.

Final thoughts

What is good about these types of parties is that everyone has an open mind, and they will not judge you or whatever pick of sexual fetish you have. There are many kinds of people attending, and everyone is just there to have fun and make it a night or a day to remember.

Each one can do their thing, in front of the party-goers or away from the camera. There will be no one to tell you what to do or what not to do. Although there are some rules to follow, it is also in place to protect everyone’s privacy and to keep the party going on.

Online sex parties are proof that humans will find ways to still do what they were used to before the societal and medical issues we are facing today. People will find ways to explore their sexuality amid the pandemic, and this is a way for others to face the crisis without letting go of their sexual wellness.

One good thing about online sex parties is that many people who cannot attend physical sex parties may now do so in the confines of their home without fear of dressing up, going to the venue, meeting strangers, trying to adapt, at the same time finding someone to connect with sexually. With the help of this activity, they can now meet other people, express themselves, enjoy the party, and can even do it again the next day, and no one will stop them from attending. Afterward, when the party ended, they can turn off the computer and go to bed, and it is so convenient for them.

Those who are longing to go out and meet people and connect sexually may need to adapt to the new norm with their sexcapades. They may have to adapt to what is available for now and enjoy it in the meantime.

For now, they have to make do with what they have and to be creative cause it will help with these people’s mental health most especially nowadays that we don’t know yet what is in store in the next months or so.

Online sex parties are here to stay, and it is not going away even after the pandemic cause it now belongs to what we call the new norm.


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