8 Best Sex and Relationship Blogs

With the millions of blogs on the net right now, all talking about sex and relationships, how do you know which ones to spend your precious time on?

We have gathered together a short list of the best sex and relationship blogs for you to bookmark and save you time. Sex blogs and relationship blogs are the most informative, interesting blogs out there especially if you want to improve your time in the bedroom.

Undeniably, sex is a great way to unwind, get in touch with yourself, relax after a hard day at work, name it. It is a great therapy. Thus, paying more attention to improving sex in ways that you can, whether you are going solo or in a relationship can only be a good thing. After all, isn’t sex a part of everybody’s life? It is how we got here in the first place.


This ad-free toy review clinic and sex education blog is amazing. On the blog, Erika and Matt use research and comedy as well as sex-positive comics to educate viewers. For them, the world of sex is amazing.

Find out everything there is to know about the amazing world of sex from each and every comics they feature on their blog. Any questions you ever had about sex and all its aspects are answered by

Definitely a must-add to your short list of sex and relationship blogs you need to bookmark. The best part is that no topic is untouched by this blog, so whether you need help with relationship issues or sex toy issues, Erika and Matt have you covered.


HeyEpiphora is where sex toys get judged. This website has been around since 2009 and features tab after tab about topics that have to do with the best sex toys money can buy around the globe.

Not only is there are tab featuring the newest and the latest, you can also access information about everyone’s all time fave sex toy. Banter, features, reviews, toybox, faq’s and even guest reviews are available for readers at the click of the mouse.

This is a great site for newbies who want to know everything there is to know about sex toys. The blog speaks candidly and honestly about gadgets and toys worth more than a look. It comes as no surprise that HeyEpiphora has been around since 2009.


The moment you click on Redhead Bedhead you will see the title “Sex, Mental Health and How None of Us Are Broken.” JoEllen Notte aka The Redhead Bedhead is a toy reviewer and sex educator that has inspired millions in the bedroom right from the comfort of her blog.

You get sex tips, vibrator tips and reviews about the best sex toys. Unlike other sex blogs, you also get topics about healthy relationships, communication and depression. The emotional, intellectual and physical aspects of sex are all covered. You can see why millions of followers have been loyal readers since 2012.


When you want tons of information which are expertly researched and based on actual science, this is the blog for your. No more messin’ around with useless stuff. This is the real deal.

Justin Lehmiller is a social physchologist from the USA known for his books The Psychology of HumanNature and Tell Me What You Want: TheScience of Sexual Desire and How It Can Help Improve Your SexLife.

In his blog you get all the answers you want that have to do with sex. He has researched relationships, love and sex and has given you all access to great information on his blog. Definitely a cut above the rest, Lehmiller is worth a read about the most interesting topic in the world. Finally, something that makes sense.


Cara Sutra is a sexual online magazine that includes offers, giveaways, a sex shop and sex ed videos. Never before has a sex blog been so thorough.

This popular, award winning blog is home to sex articles by the thousands from buyers’ guides to sex tips, strong opinions and even reviews about the best sex toys in the world.

Immediately upon getting on the page, you get articles with great photos to read. You can find information about lingerie and dildos side by side. No wonder, this blog has won awards, you don’t really need any other blog once you found this one.


Slutty Girl Problems is the blog you need when you want to get better at sex. The first article you see is a guide to giving the perfect blowjob.

There are coaching tips, sex tips, sex toy reviews, feminism, lifestyle and giveaways. Lorrae, the found of slutty girl, believes that every person deserves a loving, awesome relationship with herself, her sex life and her partner.

Her mission is to actualize this and get every woman empowered to create the love and life they crave. Tools for wellness, mindset and relationships to live a happy, free and adventurous life are what you get from her blog. This one’s definitely worth a look-see.


Girl on the Net does not even seem like an actual sex blog at first, but then once you start reading her articles and listen to some of the audio porn available, you realize it is a subtle, serious, no-frills, tongue-in-cheek, down-to-earth blog about life and sex.

On this blog, people are real and articles are posted about real life without any topic uncovered. This means that you can check out how other people are doing and what their issues are.

This is refreshing after all the glitter and glamour of most other blogs on the net. In fact, this blog almost seems like it has allowed only three colors on its interface, quite refreshing and easy on the eyes.


The Future Of Sex talks about topics that older blogs seem to be missing. It has webcam articles, sex robots, remote sex, virtual sex, human augmentation where humans and machines are united, sex tech and a bazaar called “bizarre bazaar.”

Definitely unlike other sex blogs on the web, they weren’t kidding when they decided to call this blog the FutureofSex. The theme of this blog is about how emerging technology expands human sexuality.

Once you start reading all the newest and the latest tech that has expanded the possibilities of everything, including sex, it becomes hard to stop reading. Definitely something you need to check out and see for yourself.


These are the top eight sex and relationship blogs on the net that we found for you which adds real value to your lives. Never before has the internet been so full of great choices, and these top 8 choices tell you everything you need to know about sex.

After all, even now sex is still a closed subject that you can’t really bring up at the drop of a hat. These top 8 blogs about sex and relationship talk candidly about life in the bedroom whether you are going solo or are in the middle of a complicated or even a long distance relationship.

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