What is squirting and all you should know about it

What exactly is squirting? Is squirting even real? Also known as a female ejaculation, some folks think it’s an urban legend but squirting feels like a huge gush of something warm coming out of your vagina.

Squirting varies from one person to another and no two people squirt exactly the same way. In fact, You might not have expected it and may even think that you did a number 1 on your lover where you peed by mistake when in fact, you squirted. Now make her squirt here.

how to squirt

At the same time, squirting feels really good, and so different from urination. For many females, clear fluid comes out, about two ounces of which wets your sheets or your panties quite thoroughly. Women who squirt tend to do this weekly. Not every woman squirts. Most do it quite distinctively at the moment of orgasm.

It almost looks like the way a man cums, except, this time it’s a woman squirting what looks like jizz. Most men probably find squirting very sexy as men are visual creatures and love to see evidence of pleasure on the woman they are loving at the moment. The thing is, can squirting be learned? Is this a learned skill or do you need to be a learned squirter?

Is The Female Ejaculation The Same As An Orgasm?

Female ejaculations seem to be the same as having an orgasm, since they look like what happens to a guy. But are they the same thing? The truth is that you are not alone in wondering whether or not female ejaculation is the same as an orgasm.

The answer is both yes and no. Ejaculation for females is when the urethra squirts out fluid while having intercourse. This can occur during extreme sex arousal but does not automatically mean that the woman has had an orgasm.

In the past, scientists thought that female ejaculation was urine but recent research has disproved the idea and confirmed the fact that ejaculating women do exist. What happens is that during arousal, fluid accumulates in the bladder and goes out through the urethra when the woman ejaculates. People don’t really discus squirting aka the female ejaculation very often but this is actually a perfectly normal occurrence.

Most likely, about ten and fifty percent of females go through sex ejaculations. Some schools of thought think that all women ejaculate but for some, it simply isn’t noticed. Female squirting varies between women and no two squirters are alike. Everyone squirts in their own individual way and some squirt but don’t notice that they have.

How To Make Yourself Squirt

Have you been wondering how to make yourself squirt? There is nothing quite as impressive as a squirting orgasm. More and more folks these days admire squirters and guys find it a joy to watch, as if it was a reflection of their great lovemaking techniques. No matter what the reason is for you to want to squirt, It is one hundred percent pure pleasure to learn on your own.

Before you try and show off to your partner, it is always a good idea to try and learn how to do it on your own. Squirting will take more effort than most other skills, since most of the instructions are going to be for body parts that are inside you, which you can’t see. The question is, how do you make yourself squirt? What is the first thing to do? Here are a few tips and techniques to become an expert squirter in no time at all.

Tip#1-Drink Water And Get Comfortable

Since the plan is to be unloading a huge chunk of liquid, it is a good idea to stay hydrated. Drink a lot of water before you start to work on learning the skill of squirting. A few glasses before you start should suffice. Make sure you pee before you practice how to squirt or you may just end up peeing over those pristine sheets.

The next step is to get very comfortable. Read erotica or fantasize about sexy imaginary scenes. Try and get yourself aroused. Make sure you arouse yourself without orgasm for half an hour. Try and prevent yourself from coming no matter what.

Not reaching orgasm immediately and resisting is the key to great squirting. Focus on yourself and find your G-spot. It feels like a wet raspberry. Add pressure on this spot and keep the pressure on. Don’t worry about using a lot of pressure on this particular spot. Use a sex toy rather than your fingers.

At this point you will feel yourself getting closer and closer to the edge. The orgasm is different from a clitoris stimulation type of orgasm. Once you have pumped your G-spot for quite some time, you can expect a huge squirting reward at the end of all that hard work.

Tip#2- G-Spot Stimulation Duration

G-spot stimulation has been found to help in squirting. The problem is, where or what on earth is a G-spot? Everyone has a G-spot and for women, you can find this by sticking your finger into your vagina and making a motion of “come hither.”

When you feel an area that has the size of an almond with wrinkled skin, this is your G-spot. It is around two inches below your belly button, more or less. When the goal is to squirt, you will need extreme stimulation on your G-spot. Your fingers might get exhausted trying to stimulate yourself enough to squirt.

G-spot vibrator

Instead, find a sturdy, powerful vibrator and place it in the position your fingers were in. Find something that fits nicely inside your vagina and let it do the stimulation of your G-spot. The sensation is most likely different from regular clitoris stimulation.

Once you reach orgasm with G-spot stimulation you will realize that the orgasm is much stronger and there may be squirting involved. Remember that you must not reach orgasm for half an hour but keep yourself highly aroused. Then, pumping your G-spot after the half hour is over will result in extreme squirting.

Tip#3- Let It Go

Relaxation and not holding back is the key to a great orgasmic ejaculation. This is true for both guys and girls.

If you are feeling apprehensive or any type of pressure it is unlikely that any orgasmic experiences are going to happen. This is true even when you are masturbating, or learning how to squirt by yourself. It is so important to let go of every inhibition and practicing how to let it all go while you are alone.

When you are sexually active but hold back on having an orgasm, it might be to your advantage to let it all go when you do reach orgasm. See if you can let yourself go each time you come and check to see if you squirted. When women don’t hold back, their vaginas tend to follow accordingly.

When you practice losing every inhibition by yourself, it will be easier to be uninhibited when your partner does come into the picture. This might be all you need to finally ejaculate and squirt like a boss.

Tip#4- No Pressure

These days, there is so much pressure to outperform everyone else. As a matter of fact, for a lot of folks, squirting has become a benchmark of sexual success.

However, pressuring yourself to squirt is going to have the opposite effect. So many people feel pressured to do it, since it is quite the “in” thing to be able to do, a must-have skill. However, everyone knows that tension and stress will give you the exact opposite effect.

In fact, the key to a good squirting orgasm is really to relax, don’t pressure yourself and put everything you have learned into effect. Also, later on when you do practice with a partner, don’t pressure your partner to squirt either.

Remember, sex is play, not work. Now that you are learning how to squirt by yourself, you will most likely notice the direct proportionality of relaxation and squirting.

In other words, the more relaxed you are, the more likely you are going to squirt very, very hard. Remember, the only pressure you need to apply is pressure on your G-spot.

How To Squirt During Sex

Squirting during sex is going to be a lot easier after you have practiced how to squirt on your own. Basically, once you expertly manipulate your G-spot, you will be surprised at how hard you finally squirt.

To those who have never experienced a G-spot orgasm, it is on an entirely different level as a regular orgasm, and it won’t be surprising to see you squirt a huge load all over the sheets.

Tip#1- Lean Back While On Top

To squirt during sex, straddle your partner and lean back all the way. This way his penis hits your G-spot more than anything else. Once your partner’s penis hits your G-spot as you lean back and straddle him, reach orgasm without holding back. You may be surprised to see yourself squirting all over your partner in no time at all.

Tip#2- Reverse Cowboy

If you are sexually active with a partner, try getting on top, but in reverse. It is not going to be easy trying to squirt when you are flat on your back. Instead, try reaching orgasm by manipulating your man’s penis as you sit on him in reverse to hit your G-spot and see where that goes.

It may not be so easy in the beginning but with constant practice and sitting on reverse so your butt faces your partner like a cowgirl but reverse, should help matters. You’ll be squirting real hard in no time.

Tip#3- Get It From Behind

If you are not familiar with doggy style, this is when you kneel on all fours and your man pumps you hard from behind. Let his penis hit your G-spot and make sure he pumps you hard and fast. Let him pump your G-spot harder than usual. This might be all you need to squirt all over the sheets the moment you reach a very strong G-spot orgasm.

how to squirt during sex

Can All Women Squirt?

In recent years, squirting, also known as female ejaculation, has become more popular than ever in the main stream. This is partly due to porn showing female after female squirting to their heart’s content.

However, sex experts have always been fascinated by women that squirt. There is nothing as misunderstood as squirting and many women wonder whether or not squirting is possible for all women.

The answer is both yes and no. Anatomically, all women are created the same way. Thus, technically, every woman has the capability to squirt. However, some women are not aware of exactly how they can learn to squirt like the experts.

Needless to say, squirting is a skill women can learn with time, patience and a lot of practice. The key to squirting is to withhold orgasm for much longer than you are used to.

Most sexually-comfortable women are able to reach orgasm through a little bit of clitoral stimulation. However, this is not going to cause squirting.

Rather, squirting comes from prolonged pleasure withheld. In other words, you will need to force yourself not to come. Then, after about half an hour, go ahead and pump that G-spot with fierce abandon. The harder, the better.

You can let it all go after half an hour where you wilt definitely be squirting out an orgasm like there was no tomorrow.

Conclusion: Are There Any Benefits From Squirting?

Now that you have read everything about learning to squirt, are there real benefits involved to squirting? The fact is that the benefits of squirting are many.

Not only will you learn new levels of pleasure as you withhold your orgasm, you will also impress your man with your new prowess. Squirting takes discipline to learn and can be beneficial to saving your relationship. After all, what could keep a guy interested and at the edge of his seat more than a new bedroom skill?

Squirting requires a new level of mastering bedroom techniques and it is worth the time it takes to learn. Though some women naturally squirt since they naturally take longer and more work to come, others who are accustomed to coming immediately through their clitoris are not quite as advanced.

Nonetheless, whether or not you decide to learn the fine art of squirting, is up to you. Squirting can be a new skill and even a hobby and like every kind of skill, practice makes perfect. Making yourself squirt can be a great technique that you can practice on your own and later show off to your partner.

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