What exactly are sex toys?


Sex toys are devices or objects used primarily for facilitating sexual human pleasure, such as a vibrator or a dildo.

Many popular toys for sex are created resembling the genitals of human beings and may be either non-vibrating or vibrating.

In addition, the term can also mean sex furniture such as slings or apparatus and tools such as riding crops.

Keep in mind that the term sex toy does not encompass items including condoms, pornography or birth control.

Another term used to indicate sex toys are marital aids or adult toys.

How To Use Sex Toys


Every sex toy has it’s own use and it is important to find high quality sex toys made with safety features.

After all, you are using sex toys right next to your skin so you want hypoallergenic features and secure attachments.

Every adult toy has its own use such as for erotic electrostimulation, manual stimulation, genital or anal penetration, glass toys used for manual stimulation, vibrators, penile and nipple toys.

The list is endless but here we are going to feature the top ten that give you the most, and the safest bang for your buck, so to speak.

Sex Toys For Women

Sex toys for women vary and every woman has her own preference. When it comes to selecting sex toys for women, it is important to know what is available on the market today.

Which sex toys are considered the best?

Remember, since these toys operate right on or inside the body, safety is the number one priority.

Next, find out what you prefer, are you looking for something that stimulates your clitoris, something penetrative, or something that does both.

If you have a preference, you will need to get the corresponding toy that will deliver the pleasure you seek. The good news is, you can be assured with the array of items to choose from, you will definitely get what you want.

Lovense – Remote Control Vibrator


Lovense vibrator feels just like second skin. It is no wonder it made it to this list.

This sex toy is nearly silent but packs a bigger punch than most toys this size. The best part is that you can control it with a bluetooth remote and even with an apple watch.

The orders on this nifty little gadget are probably overwhelming, for good reason. The latest version is their best version yet with the egg that you insert into your vagina made with a nearly perfect fit.

Button is at the end of the antenna so you can wear it anywhere and still turn it on or off. The motor on the latest version is even bigger than the last time, giving you a more intense, fulfilling vibration.

This sex toy is literally all you will ever possibly need in life. This love toy is rechargeable via USB, wireless, waterproof so you can wear it in the bathtub, body safe and feature almost three hours of use continuously.

In other words, it is as perfect as they come, in terms of adult toys.


A dildo is an explicitly phallic sex toy intended for sexual activities such as penetration with sex partners or during masturbation.

Dildos are devices made for penetration of the vagina, anus or mouth. Usually, these are shaped like a penis.

Some vibrate and double as vibrators. Others include butt plugs. Every type of gender can use dildos for sexual activity such as masturbation.

Many jelly-rubber toys as well as PVC types of dildos contain plastic softeners and make them feel rubbery and pliant, but sturdy.

The conventional shape of a dildo is like a human penis. Others resemble various shapes such as figures or even cartoon characters.

To enhance sexual pleasure, dildos are often textures. Others are over a dozen inches long and have macrophallic dimensions. Dildos meant for anal penetration in which there is thrusting is called an anal dildo.

On the other hand, other anal dildos that are meant to be inserted into the anus and remain in place without thrusting are called butt plugs.

There are also dildos with suction cups at the base called wall mounts, inflatable dildos and even another type that fits on the face of a partner.

Recent popular social acceptance has resulted in highly adorned dildos, including those which are jeweled.

Remote Control Vibrating Panties

Remote control vibrating panties look just like regular panties except for one difference. These have a remote control to control the vibration of the panties.

Whether you have a real life partner you want to tease or love going for the solo, hands-free experience, underwear that vibrates can be a great way of trying a new experience.

Some vibrators for vibrating panties have panties included while others are designed ot be worn with your favorite panties. Thus, if you are trying to find great recommendations for gifts or just want to treat yourself, there are a few different types to choose from.

There are kinds that vibrate steadily and others that vibrate to the beat of music. The boat-looking curved vibrator is supposed to be tucked into the crotch part of your underwear and controlled with a remote for up to twenty-feet away.

This is a great way to play with your partner in public or get frisky just around the house. There is a microphone in the wireless remote so the vibes can bump with the music when you go to the club, or even at the sound of your partner’s voice.

One charge gives you enough for four hours with five intensity levels. Never has wearing underwear felt so good, literally.

Sybian Saddle

Sybian machines, also known as Sybian saddles, are devices for masturbation mainly created for women’s use.

It consists of a saddle-like hollow seat that has two motors, speed control, pulleys and a platform on top of a unit that vibrates at various speeds using an external wired hand controller.

There is a shaft that points upwards set at an angle. The ridges can be made to rotate at speeds up until hundreds of rpm’s.

The remote control controls everything. Riders insert the dildo into their bodies for internal stimulus as the external erogenous parts vibrate the ridges against their body.

Popular since the late eighties, the Sybian saddle, also known as the Sybian device never really lost its popularity.

Newer models are able to satisfy women and give pleasure more precisely than ever. This is due to the new, more innovative materials used that mimic skin and real sex more than ever before.

Indeed, through the years, this sexually satisfying device just got made better and better, helping women masturbate and reach orgasm without a man’s help.

Designed to be sat on, a mechanical dildo moves mechanically in and out of the vagina of a woman as well, to complete the feeling of extreme satisfaction.

If you’re still not sure if this toy is for you, I would highly recommend to check an amazing and useful sybian riders guide provided by sex toys expert Joanne.

Sex Toys For Men

When it comes to sex toys for men, it comes as no surprise that men love attaining better levels of satisfaction.

Whether they use sex toys along with a partner or to enhance their experience of masturbation, sex toys will of course require the necessary caution in order to ensure that the penis remains safe and sound before, during and after playing with toys.

The broad array of sex toys for men fall into basic classifications including imitation vaginas or anal devices, vibrators and cock rings.

Any of these enhances the sensations of sexual activity when used properly and with all the right precautions.

Penis Vacuum Pump

A penis vacuum pump, also known as a vacuum erection pump, is not only a sex toy, it is also what the doctor recommends to treat and maintain erectile dysfunction for an insufficient erection.

These bad boys can usually get you going each and every time.

Penis pumps consist of plastic a tube made of plastic that you insert the penis in. Next, a pump attached to the tube can be either hand-powered or machine-powered. Once the pump starts pumping the penis enough to get an erection, a brand is fitted around the penis base to maintain the erection, as this stops the blood from escaping while sex occurs. 

Used correctly and with some practice, the vacuum pump can help most men get an erection.

There is less risk involved when a pump is used compared to other types of erection-stimulating devices.

The best part is that it is non-invasive. There are hundreds of pump styles and selections you can choose from.

You can find the kind you like based on preferences including whether you prefer a machine or a hand-pump to get things going.

Silicone Sex Dolls

Silicon sex dolls feel real.

Their breasts feel real and so do their vaginas. You can find blonde, brunette, red-heads or even platinum blonde dolls depending on what you prefer.

Top quality sex dolls give you the best bang for your buck, literally. These days dolls tend to be meticulously made with top quality materials that make the vagina and breast feel lifelike and well-contoured.

Even the internal vaginal walls and eye lashes are realistic. Some guys with tons of sex doll experience might say that this is better than the real thing.

Also referred to as love dolls, sex dolls are made of medical grade silicon and cured with platinum.

This helps in keeping the quality of the dolls intact over time. Hand crafted materials make these dolls very well-detailed.

Some dolls stand on their own, some need to be manipulated into your favorite positions. The best dolls retain their shape and quality over time.

Sex doll selection means you get to choose what breast size you prefer and which features you want in your own doll.

No one will probably admit it, but these dolls can even totally alleviate loneliness in so many different ways and positions.

In other words, they do exactly what you want them to do, every time.

Penis Ring

A cock ring or penis ring are rings worn around the penis base.

Mainly, the purpose of a cock ring is to restrict an erect penis’ blood flow for the purpose of stronger erections, or to train your penis to hold an erection for longer time periods.

Some wear cock rings just for adornment. These are also called shaft rings, penis rings or C rings.

Medical terms also call them erection or tension rings when used to cure a flaccid erection.

The variety of cock rings known as cock crowns, head rings or glans rings are worn just behind the penis glans corona.

Those worn at the scrotum to hold testicles are called ball stretchers or testicle cuffs. These rings all serve the same purpose and that is to enhance erections, masturbation or sex.

They are also used for delaying orgasm or to increase the sensation of engorgement or tightness.

There are cock rings that vibrate and these are worn at the penis base. Used both for aesthetic reasons or as sex toys, cock rings maintain an erection due to the trapped blood within the penis.

To attain a seemingly permanent erection, cock rings need to be worn on the base of the penis and not anywhere else. These rings are made of stretchy material and are stretched over the penis.

Sex Toys For Couples

Looking for sex toys for couples?

Now that you have reached certain milestones in your relationship, you might want to take it one step further.

What better way to do that than to go sex-toy shopping together? Enhance your relationship with your partner by increasing both intimacy and pleasure.

To do this, you might want to consider sex toy experiments along with your partner.

Using products to enhance pleasure shows you are open to adventure and exploration.

You might even consider it foreplay when you go sex-toy shopping while holding hands.

You can go for an adventurous date at the local adult sex store or browse together online just before you go to sleep.

After all, playing with others is always a fun thing to do.

Riding Crop, Whip

Also known as a hunting crop or a whip, riding crops have become famous from being featured in the movie Fifty Shades of Grey.

Sexual partners are ‘tamed’ by the riding whip in a sadomasochistic game.

After all, what can be more erotic than showing your partner what a very, very bad boy or girl she has been.

Using a whip can be the most titillating, arousing sex toy for couples. The tassel ended type can be used for tickling and the whip side can be used to pretend-spank your loved one.

Both parties can be gratified by brief, light spanking or even more extensive light spanking with the consent of both parties.

Keep in mind that the thinner your riding crop, the more pain it inflicts so you might want to start with an all-over body couples massage first, each giving the other an all-over body massage using just the tip fo the whip.

Then, if one of you has been bad, or has been very very bad, you can graduate to some light, erotic spanking to show your partner that bad deeds never, ever go unpunished, ever..

Silicone Vibrating Cock Ring for Couples

Now that you are ready to go to the next level as a couple, it is time to consider getting a silicon vibrating cock ring. Once you know exactly how to use them, you get rewarded with extra hard erections, a vibrating dick on command or just the aesthetic appeal of a dick with a ring.

No one said that you are supposed to enjoy sex toys all alone.

What could be better than celebrating your love and bedroom exploits with a few extra toys?

A couples cock-ring comes with an extra attachment designed for stimulating the clitoris or anus of your partner as you thrust in and out of her, seemingly hard forever.

The ring traps the blood of your penis so it stays hard for hours, while the clitoris stimulation attachment rubs over her most sensitive regions.

There are also couples cock rings that vibrate, for a screamingly great experience as a couple.

You can turn the ring around to arouse the outer part of the anus as well.

After all, its your couples’ cock ring, so you make the rules.

Another type of couples cock ring is one that fits over your cock to keep you hard as you thrust in and out of her and at the same time, a phallic attachment thrusts in and out of her anus.

Find the right kind of couples’ cock ring and you will no doubt enhance the bedroom experience like never before.

Double Headed Dildo

A double headed dildo is a dildo with two heads used by two people on either end.

There are equally sized heads or one end with a smaller head for anal play. For a girl-and-girl couple, double dildos are inserted into both vaginas and each partner takes turns thrusting on the other partner.

Of course, you can also thrust the dildos separately, on either end to your heart’s content.

You can do missionary position or choose to simply thrust on either end, both on your back.

For a heterosexual couple, one end thrusts into the girl and the other, smaller end thrusts into the anus of her partner.

You can also find smaller versions for anal sex both ways.

There are really no rules to use a double headed dildo. The most popular use for a double headed dildo, however, is for lesbian sex.

Both girls pump the dildo on either end like there is no tomorrow, getting their fill of the way the ridges feel and the silicon which feels like second-skin.

Needless to say, size does matter with a double dildo and finding the size that is right for both of you is the first step to a doubly satisfying bedroom experience as you celebrate your love and pleasure of being together.


Hope you liked the article and what I had to share with you. Always remember, stay safe and find the product that fits* you and your partner’s pocket.

Thank you for reading.


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