Looking for some great sex stories sites? There is nothing more entertaining for avid readers than sex stories and erotic stories. What can be better than curling up in bed on a late Saturday morning and entertaining yourself by reading story after story written by actual contributing authors about sex?

Depending on whether you like sex stories sites with a lot of visuals or prefer a more minimalist interface, there are the top five we have put together for your total entertainment. The best part is that you can switch to chatting, audio or video stories when you want a change of pace.


When you need a great sex site for sex stories, Literotica has it all. Check out Literotica sex stories site and never be bored again. Get the hottest, free erotic fantasy and fiction from Literotica.

Featuring one hundred per cent original stories about sex from various authors, enjoy story after story of the best adult fantasies beyond your wildest dreams. Erotic fiction has never been so hot. Aside from pics and stories, Literotica features personals, web cams, videos, toys and a bulletin board where you can meet authors.

You will love the adult story videos where you can actually watch the stories rather than read them, if you prefer. Watch your favorite web cam models at the Literotica live nude webcams. Get a free preview chat with potential chat mates that you may really end up connecting with on various levels.

This website dishes up all the different ways you can entertain yourself through stories, videos, chat mates, mini movies and the like.


Do you love choosing your own adventure stories? Here is the sexy adult version. Chyoa features fiction for adults and interactive erotica. Viewers can participate and read over twelve thousand sex stories full of many happy endings, one hand, two fingers and even choose your own adventure book style.

This fiction site is interactive and for adults. You get a great environment full of stories in which you will determine the outcome of your selected sex story. Interesting, beguiling stories such as as four hot guys finding themselves embarrassed and naked is one example.

One thing’s for sure, you will definitely be entertained for hours on end. Gone are the days where you wondered what to do every Saturday. With Chyoa, your days of boredom are definitely over.


When it comes to sex stories sites, aastr needs to be on your short list. Basically, asstr stands for Alt Sex Stories Text Repository. This is a site for adults who like user-supported, free sex stories to wile away the hours.

You will love the audio, nudity, visuals and actual stories featured on this website. No matter what sex story you have in mind, you will most likely find it on this site. The more recent stories include a saga of sexual perverts called The Perverts Club.

Other titles include The Halloween Slut, iPod People, Solitude Interrupted and Little Model Annie. Newer stories include The Punishment Must Fit The Crime. There are weekly and monthly indexes you can check out for great reads.

Folks that love sitting down on a cloudy Saturday and reading story after story about their favorite topic will most likely love staying on this website for hours.


Established in 1992, this Nifty Erotics Stories Archive features almost three hundred thousand sex stories written by over fifteen thousand authors. Categories include transgender, gay, bisexual and lesbian stories that are extremely entertaining.

More recent stories include Workout Buddies, Queer Mel, Coming to a Head, Chasing Christmas and My Sister’s Boyfriend. As you can see, the titles alone are quite interesting.

This minimalist website is mostly text and not a lot of graphics, quite refreshing without a lot of distractions. This means you can read story after story without being interrupted by pesky pop ups.

Nifty’s mission is to provide a collection of the aspirations, dreams, fantasies and real experiences of the Queer Community through information and stories on the internet.

Volunteers maintain this website and you are free to donate any amount any time you want to. The lack of visuals is a testament to free speech, according to the site. Definitely worth your time and money.


Lush Stories is a community with almost half a million members. There are chat rooms and stories as well as live cams, chat groups and a store.

You will love the stories on the forum. This erotica focused sex story adult network is for adults to be able to meet and greet like minds and be entertained by a topic that they love.

The top three latest stories are The Diaries, Taming The Cougar and A Good/Naughty Mom and an Even Better Son. Various categories include exhibitionism, cuckold, cross dressing, college sex, bisexual, BDSM, anal and fantasy.

Other categories include author’s eBooks, editor’s picks, competitions and audio stories. This means that you can listen to your favorite sex stories even on the go. Lush cams are also available for your viewing pleasure. You will love the free sex stories and adult chat mates. This site seems to be the most comprehensive, covering every sex topic you can possibly think of.


Now that you have seen a run through of our short list about the best, in our opinion, sex stories sites you can go ahead and pick your favorite.

Do you love to choose your own adventure type books? Do you prefer audio or video stories?

Are you looking for a chat mate to make a connection with? No matter what you love, these top five sex stories sites will definitely deliver.

After all, there is a great reason these sites have been around for years. Thousands of contributing authors, participating web cam models in all categories are sure to fulfill your greatest fantasies.

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  1. You could also try https://eroticprose.com. It’s a relatively new site but unlike many of the other erotic story sites, ertoticprose.com illustrates its stories with hi-resolution graphic photographs. This really does out to the arousal when reading your favorite fantasy. It’s really worth a look.

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    Thanks for the great list you created Amy.
    I’ve also worked on a website called StoryVa, as an author, for the past year. It actually pays those who give them authentic sex stories.
    It really has quality sex stories and is being always updated, almost everyday, with new erotic stories.
    I’m not sure if I can ask you this or not, but hope you like the site, and If so, please include it in your list.
    Thanks, and keep up the good work

  3. Thanks for reading our blog Jessica, we checked the StoryVa and will include it for sure in our next update. Stay safe

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