Did you know that you can make money posting porn to xHamster? A rather sizeable sum of cash too. Let us explain a little bit about how to make money on xHamster.

What is xHamster?

While we are positive that you already have some sort of idea about what xHamster is, if you don’t, then it is one of the most popular free porn websites online. This means that all of the content that has been uploaded to the platform is free to consume. The site manages to generate millions of viewers each month. it isn’t the largest free porn website in the world, but some would argue that it is the best.

How much money can you make on xHamster?

xHamster claims that you can make up to $30,000 per month posting porn on their platform. Although, unless you are a top porn producer, it is likely that you will be making a lot less cash than this. We reckon that it shouldn’t be too hard to make a few hundred dollars each month,providing you are uploading quality content. However, we will talk more about that part in a second.

Who can make money on xHamster?

Please bear in mind that the method that we are going to discuss here is purely for those that produce their own porn videos. You cannot steal somebody else’s content and expect to make money on xHamster. There will be a copyright strike against you. This is a method for porn producers only. Although, there is no real requirement as to what makes a porn producer.

For example; if you are producing videos in the comfort of your own home, even to an amateur quality, then you will be able to use xHamster to make money. The same goes for people that want to create awesome content for webcams and the like, but we will talk more about this part in a short while.

What type of content can you upload to xHamster?

As we said before; you can only upload content that you legally own to the platform.

You are allowed to upload videos of any length or quality. Although, it must fit into one of the categories on xHamster. Of course, any content that you upload to the platform should also be legal content.

So, now all that is out of the way, let’s dive into how you can make some cash using xHamster.

Upload Your Site Banner to Use Below Your Videos

If you own a porn website with a subscription service attached, then this feature may benefit you.

If you upload content, xHamster will allow you to post a banner to your site below it. They will then be able to send free traffic to your website. Well, sort-of free.

In exchange for the banner on xHamster, the company will want to revenue share with you. This means that if you sell a subscription due to the traffic that they sent your way, then they will be able to take a small amount of cash as ‘payment’ for that.

Of course, this is going to be 100% worth it. xHamster is going to be able to give you a lot of traffic to your website. Traffic that you would struggle to find anywhere else. All of the people that head to your website will have already shown an interest in the porn that you have created, and you know that they are interested in seeing more porn. This means that it should be an easy conversion. This may be one of the only free porn sites out there that really can give free traffic to anybody in the porn industry.

Get Paid for Videos You Upload to their Platform

As you may well know, xHamster is a free porn website. This is a website that relies 100% on advertising. It also relies on user uploads. The only way that xHamster makes money is if people view or click the ads, and the only way that is going to happen is if people start to upload quality content to their website. This is where xHamster hit upon a rather cool idea.

If you upload your own content to the platform, you can receive a small payment each view your video gets. While the payment for a single view is unlikely to be that high, if your video ends up getting tens of thousands of hits, or even millions of hits, then you will be making a decent sum of cash. In fact, some of the most popular videos on xHamster have made thousands of dollars for their content creators. This is a decent sum of cash, particularly if you are uploading amateur porn.

The reason why xHamster pays out on each view of the video is because they know just how important quality content is when it comes to running a website like this. They are nothing without that quality content, and they feel by paying people for uploading it, their site and website users will benefit. In fact, we think that it is schemes like this that has enabled xHamster to become as successful as it is.

We do want to point out that the amount of money that xHamster pays you per view will vary from uploader to uploader. If you have demonstrated a history of uploading quality content, and a history of generating a ton of traffic for xHamster, then they will pay you more for each hit your content gets. There are some people that will receive 100% of the advertising income that xHamster gets on their videos, but do bear in mind that this is something which is going to be exceedingly rare!

Sell Your Videos

We know that this is not an especially unique feature but, if you are interested, xHamster provides you with the opportunity to sell your videos on the site. This is fantastic for amateur porn producers, particularly cam models. If you can tie these video sales into a webcam show (more on that in a short while), then you can make a nice income. In fact, some people have found that the income from selling videos is far better than receiving tips for their content.

Obviously, to ensure that you sell a lot of videos, you may want to give people a sample on the free part of their site. Remember; if this is your own content, you will be double benefitting. You will be able to enjoy the payment on views of your free videos, and then a sizeable sum of money for the sale of your video. Add in being a potential cam model on the site, and it really isn’t difficult to see how some people are making tens of thousands of dollars on the platform.

Become a Cam Model

While most of the discussion on this page has been focused on porn producers and the like, we do want to round off by telling you that there are other ways to make money through xHamster. One of the ‘most popular’ of these methods is becoming a cam model.

Now, xHamster is not the most popular cam website in the world. So, if you are looking to make tons and tons of cash, then you will probably want to head to another website. However, we reckon that there is a rather sizeable number of people watching the cams on this website. This means that you can make a decent income. In fact, you could even use it to promote your own videos on xHamster, and earn money through the method that we discussed previously.

Obviously, you do not need much in the way of gear to become a cam model on xHamster. As long as you have the following, then you should be ‘good to go’:

  • A decent internet connection
  • A quality webcam
  • A quality microphone

Of course, you will also need to be willing to perform on webcam. Only those that put on a decent show on the webcam are going to be making tons of cash. If you are going to be sitting around fully clothed, not really doing much, then being a cam model is not for you.

We do want to point out that anybody can be a cam model on xHamster. Although, the people that do seem to be the most successful on the platform will be younger women. Although, anybody could probably carve out a niche for themselves on the platform, just do not expect to be making a ton of cash. It doesn’t work like that, sadly.

Finally; if you are a cam model on the site, you will be pleased to know that xHamster offers prizes to the most popular cam models each month. This can easily stretch to over $10,000. This means that if you put on a good show, you could end up rather rich indeed. Although, the competition is going to be quite stiff!

How to make the most money uploading porn to xHamster

We have talked quite a bit about how you can make money on xHamster by uploading porn. We now want to talk about how you can make the most amount of money possible. Once again, we do want to stress that you should only be uploading your own content to the site, particularly if you want to be benefitting from their payments. The last thing you want is to be banned from the platform, right?

Upload quality content

Do you know which content gets the most views on xHamster? That’s right. It is the videos that are highly rated. This means that you need to put a lot of effort into creating quality content. If you are good looking, then we have no doubt that even the simplest of videos would likely garner some views on the site, but we know that you probably want to make the most amount of money possible.

Our suggestion is to go through some of the more popular amateur porn videos on xHamster. You can have a look at these and see what type of content seems to get watched the most. You can then think about whether you can produce this type of porn. If it is in a popular category, then you are more likely to make some cash with it.

Of course, you will also want to ensure that you have fun while recording whatever videos you upload to the site. While, let’ say for instance, anal sex makes a lot of money on the site, we wouldn’t recommend doing anal scenes if you are not a fan of anal. It won’t get many views or high ratings, because people will be able to see that your heart isn’t quite in the content you have produced.

You will also want to ensure that you produce content using high-quality equipment. Do not use a cheap webcam or a phone to film your videos here. Well, not unless you are going for a sort-of amateur style. If you plan to be making a lot of money on xHamster, then you will need a proper camera and microphone. Luckily for you, technology is now at the point where this type of gear shouldn’t be too expensive.

Produce regular content

The people that make the most amount of money on xHamster are those that upload regular content to the website. Ideally, you should be uploading a couple of videos per week. After all, the more videos you have up there, the more views you are going to get. Although, do try to make sure that you are not spamming the platform with low-quality content. xHamster has been known to ban people that do this. Plus, as we said before, the people that make the most money on the site are those that make quality videos.

We believe that the trick to being successful on xHamster is to create a sort-of brand image for your content. If you become known as the person that uploads a certain type of porn, then you will probably end up getting a lot more hits.

Uploading the Content

Whenever you upload a new piece of content to xHamster, you will need to make sure that any videos are categorized properly. This will ensure that you have the most eyes on your content. A lot of people browse through xHamster by looking at the newest videos, so if you categorize well, you may end up making a new fan.

You will also want to ensure that your videos have descriptive titles and thumbnails. Do something that will pull in those viewers and encourage them to view your porn.

If you want (and you have a website), you can also upload your site’s banner at the same time. Although, this is not going to be strictly necessary.

Promote Your Video

While you could upload your video and leave it to gain hits naturally, we do not feel that this is the best way to make money through xHamster. If you want to make the serious bucks on the platform, then you are going to do need to do a bit of your own promotion. Obviously, regularly uploading new content to your xHamster account will go a long way here, but there is even more that you can do.

If you are a cam model on xHamster, then you will find it dead simple to attract people to your videos. If you put on a decent cam show, then people will search for the rest of the content that you produce. This is why the people that are making the big bucks on xHamster are those that are uploading content regularly, while at the same time performing on webcam.

It would also be wise to share your content via social media, or even on your own website if you have one. Try and get as many eyes on your link as possible. Promote the hell out of it. We are positive that it won’t be long before the views start to roll in and your bank account starts to fill up with xHamster cash.

Once you have found a promotional method that works for you, build upon it. The major benefit of promoting outside of xHamster is that it will attract reviews and more views on your content. Once the views start to go up, you will find that your content starts to promote itself naturally on xHamster.


xHamster may be a free porn website, but it still makes a lot of cash. If you want to learn how to make money posting porn, then xHamster is probably one of the best sites to head to. Yes, there are other websites that will pay you for posting porn on them, but none of them are going to pay out anywhere near as much as the xHamster website does.

The major benefit is that while this website is fairly popular, it is still a lot smaller than other websites such as PornHub.com. This means that it can be a little bit easier for you to make your video stand out from the crowd and start to make some serious cash with it!


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