WHEN you type in “women don’t know how to …” in the Google search bar, the first four queries look like this: “wait”, “love”, “befriend” and “joke”. For some reason, the opinion is still popular that humor is the prerogative of men, and if a female comedy exists, it is only on the topic of “women’s” problems: about a husband, work and “what a fool she is”. However, gender bias is slowly fading into oblivion, and girls joke better and better than men are.

This trend is especially noticeable in the world of stand-up comedy – an individual conversational genre, where the skill of a comedian and his sense of the funny is tested by the public one-on-one without any screens and impurities.

Few of the comedians who are able to put together a stadium leave stand-up as their main job: both Ellen DeGeneres and Whoopi Goldberg, for example, quickly switched to television or cinema, where the chances of being as successful as their male colleagues did are higher.

Not all this means that if you have not met a funny stand-up comedian before, then they are not. Over the past decade, hundreds of girls have appeared in stand-up who no longer prove that they can joke, but strive to do it cool.

Katherine Ryan

Katherine is a Canadian comedian, actor, and television personality. In his stand-up, he talks about the eternal problem of women’s performances – acceptance by the male audience. Besides, Ryan talks a lot about self-partnership and that he does not need relationships with men, and how no one understands her. In 2008, Ryan won first place in the funniest woman competition, and in 2017, Netflix launched her stand-up videos for viewing.

Iliza Shlesinger

Iliza decided to become a comedian while still in high school. In addition, the strangest thing is that the family supported her. Iliza’s dad was ecstatic and was getting ready to print T-shirts with her name even before she first took the stage. This happened at the University of Kansas, where, as a freshman, she joined the “ComedySportz” comic group.

She began appearing on episodes of various shows and on stand-up channels, and in 2008 took part in the counterpart of the latest NBC hero “Last Comic Standing” and became the first woman to win the show.

Iliza Schlesinger’s comedy consists of a stream of consciousness and sounds of nature. She touches upon topics that are understandable to all women, while remaining a feminist. Iliza jokes on Instagram divas, parodying them with the voice of a llama chewing on kale leaves. Alternatively, she portrays her girlfriends as bleating sheep, who always meet at bachelorette parties or in a bar on Friday nights.

Iliza’s humor does not contain misogyny and other types of hatred, but without colorful cartoons, it would be impossible to describe the relationship between girlfriends and boyfriends so accurately.

The voice acting distinguishes Iliza from many comedians: she can portray a speaker or a robot, a reptile or chirping Tyrannosaurus, or maybe a stranger, and at the same time cause hysteria in the audience.

Sarah Silverman

Sarah Silverman has starred in a number of films and is considered a stand-up comedian, with a direction of black humor and satire. Sarah Silverman gained popularity with her participation in Saturday Night Live, a famous talk show. Has several nominations and awards.

When Sarah was 17, she decided to show herself as a stand-up comedian in Boston. She considered her debut very terrible, but this did not stop her.

Sarah really liked being in the center and playing, so at the age of 12 she found herself in a public theater. When she turned 15, she appeared on the local TV show Community Auditions. Then she took up stand-up: she wrote the text herself and performed herself. Sarah also performed in restaurants and sang songs there.

Participation in the project “Saturday Night Live” brought Silverman real popularity. However, she only participated in talk shows for a year, and then she was fired. In addition, if at the beginning the girl was upset, later she made a joke with it. It would have ruined others in high school, but Silverman feels the world around her too keenly, and she has an infinity of uncomfortable questions for him.

Sarah’s best jokes are about the Holocaust, sex, and dirty politicians. Her comedic style is rooted in a cycle of naive and crude irony that sucks in dumb stereotypes and cowardice to spit it back out into the world as a killer double-bottomed joke. Silverman is a master of political and sexual satire.

That is why she boasts an incomparable sketch of “Fucking Matt Damon”, the funniest election campaign in support of Obama, constant fights with the politically correct public, 3 seasons of her own show on the Comedy Central channel and a bunch of those lustful comments on YouTube.

Chelsea Handler

Chelsea Handler TV presenter, model, actor, writer, acclaimed stand-up comedian, screenwriter and producer. She became one of America’s most popular stars with her comedy The Chelsea Show. In its program, Chelsea sneers at show business, celebrities, the most current rumors and topics. Critics and audiences alike agreed that Chelsea had reformed the stand-up comedy genre with elegance and extreme delicacy.

Since 2007, producer and TV host of her own talk show “Chelsea Lately” and After Lately. In 2010, Chelsea is included in the Forbes magazine’s list of hundreds of celebrities. In 2012, she was included in Time magazine’s 100 Most Influential People.

Aisha Tyler

In 1994, she played the role of Charlie Wheeler on Friends.

In 1996, after she finished work in one of the advertising companies, she began her career as a comedian, for this she went on a trip around the country. Plays the role of a reporter in the acclaimed TV series “Detective Nash Bridges”. In addition, takes part in “Grand Avenue”, “Pretender”, “Dancing on Silver”, and then there was the series “Curb Your Enthusiasm”.

In 2001, Aisha’s career began to rapidly gain momentum in television.

Her career as an actor quickly lifted her up, and this made it possible to take part in the super popular TV series Friends. Her comedy for the CBS TV channel never saw the world, but Aishe starred in the film “Santa Claus-2” and got on Mad TV.

Ali Wong

Ali Wong is a rare example of not just a woman joking, but also a pregnant woman. If anyone had suggested this in the 1950s, in the days of Phyllis Diller, who had all her humor based on how she deliberately ridiculed her own body, that person would have laughed in his face.

However, Wong boldly occupied the niche of comedians-moms – and released two “pregnant” stand-ups at once (even Hard Knock Wife in 2018). “It is a rare and rather unusual occurrence to see a pregnant woman comedian perform on stage because women comedians do not get pregnant. Try to remember at least one. They are not! As soon as they become pregnant, they disappear,” she says from the stage. Wong.

April Macie

April Macie traveled to over 60 countries early in her career and performed in front of American troops to cheer up. In addition, she participated in the NBC program “The Last Comic” and won first place there in 2006.

Later she returned to try her hand at the same program but unfortunately dropped out in the first round. In 2008, she was recognized as the funniest and coolest female comedian. In addition, she starred in the successful movie “I am -Comedian”.

Nikki Cox

Real name – Nicole Avery.

From the age of four, she began to appear on TV as a ballerina girl. During her school years, she participated in the Los Angeles Music Ballet Center, danced in the Joffrey Ballet.

Since 1988 he has been acting in films (“Mac and Me”) and television series, plays children’s roles.

She became famous for her roles in television series. In the “General Hospital”, she played in several seasons in 1993-1995. Nikki Cox’s luck became the main roles – Tiffany Meloy in the comedy series “Unhappy Together” (1995-1999).

Yasmine Akram

Yasmine was born in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates. Her dad is Pakistani. After the girl Yasmin was born, the whole family left for permanent residence in Ireland.

She gained fame after playing the girlfriend of Sherlock Holmes in the serial movie “Sherlock”. Yasmin Akram has his own page on the Instagram social network.

In addition, the actor had a page on the social network Twitter, which is blocked Due to violations of the Twitter rules.

Natasha Leggero

Actor with a specialization in theater criticism. This is especially noticeable in the way she bakes her jokes based on vivid observation and callous cynicism in relation to what is happening in the world. In addition, although Natasha is better known as a comedic actor, who has appeared in more than three dozen TV shows, it was stand-ups that allowed her to become so popular.

Leggero often performs in cocktail dresses, and her monologue is reminiscent of the scathing complaints of a high-society woman fueled with alcohol, who boldly discusses presumptuous celebrities right behind them and greatly regrets that low-grade redneck prevails in culture.

Whitney Cummings

Whitney Cummings was criticized by many, for being too harsh, but behind the sarcastic and energetic humor of the comedian, there are very accurate observations about stereotypes and everyday vices. Cummings mainly concentrates on jokes about his hysterical behavior, sneering at women in general. Her experience of performing and life’s difficulties formed the basis of her own series “Whitney”.

The usual style of the stand-up girl is easy to recognize – if you laugh at “Two Broke Girls”, then it is her merit. She is one of the creators of the successful show about two poor waitresses in Brooklyn, and in the heroine Max is easy to recognize Cummings herself: sarcastic, but generally inclined towards the world – not without an impressive share of vulgar jokes, of course.

Chelsea Peretti

Is an American stand-up comedian, television actor, and screenwriter. Best known for her role as Gina Linette in the sitcom Brooklyn 9-9. In 2017, Paste magazine included her on Twitter in the list of “75 best Twitter accounts of 2016”, placing her in 42nd place. The sister of the BuzzFeed co-founder is in no way inferior to his sense of humor. Raised in an Italian-Jewish family, Peretti knows firsthand about the heap of national stereotypes.

She has enough screenwriting work on television, as well as a role in the series “Brooklyn Nine-Nine”, but it is much more interesting to watch her full-fledged performance “One of the Greats”, where, it would seem, behind the usual topics, she deftly cracks down on prejudices about women in stand-up .

Chelsea loves to debunk gender stereotypes and her performances are gender neutral. Peretti is in no way inferior to his male colleagues and as no one knows how to present himself on stage, so the ambitious title is not so much irony over himself as a statement of fact.

Nicole Arbor

Nicole Arbor is from Canada, comedian actor and youtube star, where she is known as well as acting. Arbor began her acting career in 2013. In 2015, she reached the final of Best Comedian, but ended up losing to Hannibal Buress.

Nikki Glaser

Nikki Glaser dedicated her whole stand-up to sex and its place in a woman’s life. “You can vote, go to college, but one way or another you will suck and die. This is a measure of a woman’s destiny,” Nikki says, raising a topic that is customary to remain silent. Orgasm, masturbation, menstruation, porn, abortion – nothing is forbidden for Glaser when it comes to the sexual liberation of women.

In conclusion, if you feel like laughing heartily, do not rule out that your next comedian favorite could be a woman.


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