On this website, we spend a lot of time focusing on the best pornstars in the world. This makes sense, right? Who doesn’t want to see some of the sexiest people in the world being pounded like there is no tomorrow?

Today, we decided to do something a little bit different. We want to focus on those people that are famous on Instagram. While we are sure that many of these ladies have their own OnlyFans account (and we will point out if we know), we instead want to focus on sexy Instagram models that are more famous for the brilliant pictures they upload to the Facebook-owned website. This means that most of the images that exist of them will have them with their kit on, and there won’t be a dick in sight. Although, we are sure that you aren’t too fussed about that. At the end of the day, these are the most people around.

Let’s jump in.

Josephine Skriver

Danish-born Josephine Skriver is currently one of the most popular models in the world, even away from Instagram. It isn’t really hard to see why either. She has those beautiful Scandinavian looks. You can’t help but fall in love with her. Over the years, she has worked for a ton of different companies.

If there is a Victoria’s Secret photoshoot, then you can bet your bottom dollar that Josephine Skriver isn’t going to be that far behind. In the last year or so, she became one of the newest additions to the Sport’s Illustrated swimsuit issue, and you know that once you have been included there, you are one of the best models in the world. This lady is still young too, so who knows where she is going to end up next.

Aissata Diallo

African-American Aissata Diallo was born in Guinea, but it wasn’t too long before her family emigrated to the United States. Here, she is probably best known for being one of the stars of reality show Love Island. However, she has done a lot more beyond this. This includes being one of the sexiest Instagram models.

You aren’t going to be finding her on OnlyFans, though. She is going to be keeping her kit on for the time being. This is because she is completely celibate now. Instead, she prefers to show off her body when it is completely clothed. Not that we mind. It is still one of the sexiest bodies that we have ever seen.

Cindy Kimberly

One theme that you will see on this list of the twenty sexiest Instagram models is that a lot of them come from Europe. Although, let’s be honest, this is where most of the sexiest women in the world are located. After all, it has Scandinavia, Russia, and all those Eastern European countries. Cindy Kimberly isn’t from any of those, though. Instead, she is Dutch.

On her Instagram account, you will often find Cindy Kimberly modeling in some amazing swimsuits and lingerie. However, like most of the best Instagram models, she also shares videos of her day-to-day life too e.g. sharing what she is eating and the days out that she has with her friends. She posts pretty damn regularly too, so you are always going to be in for a treat when you view her Instagram profile.

Audreyana Michelle

At the time of writing, Audreyana Michelle is pregnant. However, that hasn’t stopped her from posting underwear photographs on Instagram. And, you know what? The fact that she still looks sexy when she has a ‘bun in the oven’ goes to show just how fucking beautiful this lady is normally. This lady has a rather unique look to her too. She is a mixture of American, Native American, and African American.

This is a lady that knows how to dress incredibly well too. Although, that isn’t surprising. She is a model, but she seems to have been dressing mighty fine even before she entered the world of modeling. This woman is fantastic all around. She hasn’t really starred in many major publications, preferring to keep most of the work that she does confined to the world of Instagram and whatever modeling contracts her management can pick up.

Megan Williams

British-born blondie, Megan Williams does a lot of swimsuit modeling on her Instagram, with a little bit of lingerie thrown in for good measure. While most of the work that she does nowadays is purely as an influencer on Instagram, she has been lucky enough to star in a few Victoria’s Secret fashion shows, where she managed to gain a little bit of a fan base.

She also seems to have her own brand of drinking cup. Not that this really plays into the sexiness of her, but we do love the fact that she is way more than beauty, she also has the brains to match. To cap it all off, she has her own podcast, which means that she is really going ‘all in’ on the social media side of things.


At the age of 52, you can’t really expect Lisa-Marie to be posting much in the way of lingerie to Instagram now. She spends a good chunk of her time just posting shots of her day-to-day life. However, as she is probably one of the most famous of models on this list, it is well worth checking her out. She has managed to hold her fantastic good looks for years now.

She has starred in many top publications over the year.s. Some may say that it is because she was married to famous director Tim Burton at the time but, let’s be honest, we all know it is because she was, and probably still is, one of the most beautiful ladies in the world. It is just a shame that she isn’t putting any content out on Instagram where we can truly enjoy her good looks nowadays.

Camila Morrone

Camila Morrone is an Argentinian-American model. While we are mostly going to be talking about her life in the world of Instagram here, we do want to point out that she has done so much more than modeling. While she never starred in anything major, she is a decent actress. Her first foray into the world of film was in a James Franco directed production, which certainly is a good start in the business.

On the modeling front, Camila Morrone has starred in publications such as Vogue. In recent years, she seems to have been leaning even more into the filmmaking area. She has several movies scheduled to come out, and she is regarded as one of the best ‘upcoming’ movie stars, which also isn’t a bad place to be at! Of course, she is also putting together some decent content for her Instagram too. She isn’t too busy to forget about all the people that helped her to get where she is in the business.

Gabby Westbrook

Gabby Westbrook is an Australian Instagram model. However, she isn’t purely Australian. She also has a dab of Samoan in her blood, which we really do feel helps to contribute to her unique, and damn sexy, good looks. She does have a few swimsuit shots on her Instagram profile, however, there doesn’t really seem to a theme to the type of content that this sexy lady posts.

As long as she looks good, she will post it. Simple as that. On her Instagram profile, you can expect a mixture of beautiful professional shots, and some shots from her day-to-day life. If you thought Gabby Westrbrook was sexy, then you should check out some of the friends that she photographs with. Many of them are on par with her too. it is a wonder that they also didn’t end up becoming models.

Madi Edwards

American blondie Madi Edwards is sexy, and she damn well knows it. This is a lady that isn’t afraid to post some lingerie shots…and she does it pretty damn regularly too. It is clear that she loves showing off her body. This is because a lot of these lingerie shots can be up close images of her knockers. She has even added a couple of topless photographs to Instagram.

Although, quite sadly, you won’t actually be able to see her rather large breasts in these images. Honestly, nearly every single image that Madi Edwards uploads to Instagram seems to be her in either lingerie or a swimsuit. She tends to push the rules of the platform to the absolute breaking point. Not that we mind all that much. At the end of the day, we are going to be looking at one of the sexiest Instagram models.

Jocelyn Chew

She only has 500,000 followers on Instagram. This may seem like a lot, but in comparison to many of the models on this list, Jocelyn Chew still has a long way to go. We reckon that she is going to get there, though. This Asian-American Goddess is an absolute knockout. Part of the reason why her following is somewhat on the small side in comparison to many of the other ladies on this list is the fact that she is pretty much always working.

Some of the photographs end up on Instagram, but most of her work is done for the major publications around the world. Thankfully, the images that she does post to her Instagram are some of the best of the best. Think along the lines of pretty much every single shot uploaded being a lingerie or swimsuit image.

Devin Brugman

With 1.3-million followers on Instagram, Devin Brugman is somewhat of a big deal on the platform. Once again, we have a lady that is not just about the sexy looks here. She is also a woman with brains. She actually runs two companies, both dedicated to swimwear. Oh, and yes, she is going to be modeling that swimwear, a lot.

She has the perfect body for it. She has a pair of breasts that are going to catch attention everywhere she goes. Honestly, you would swear that she is one of the most beautiful women in the world the very second that you see her. Most of the modeling work that she does nowadays seems to be for herself. This means that she really gets to choose the content that goes up on her Instagram and, honestly, every single image is gold.

Charlie Austin

Do you like your women with jet black hair and eyes that, try as you might, are just too damn beautiful to stop looking at? Brilliant! Charlie Austin is going to be for you. This swimsuit model causes a real stir on Instagram every time she uploads a new set of images.

Now, the swimsuit images that Charlie Austin puts out are brilliant. However, the main reason why we are including her on this list of the best Instagram models is because of the amount of fun she seems to have at her photoshoots. She seems to travel all over the world, which means that the location is just as much as a star of her photographs as she is.

It is worth noting that, in recent years, Charlie Austin has changed her name. Presumably, she ended up getting married. This means that if you want to check out her content, you will have to head to this link. Since she is not drastically popular, it won’t appear in the search engines at the moment!


Caroline Kelley

Caroline Kelley is yet another swimsuit model. You are probably sensing a theme by this point. However, there is a reason why we include a lot of swimsuit models here. It is the fact that they just look so damn good, plus they really treat us to the whole of their body. In recent years, she has been focusing on her own company. This seems to be a site dedicated to helping people to destress themselves, etc. We are not quite sure what it is about, but it does feature Caroline Kelley doing some yoga poses, so we love it.

Anna Herrin

It is clear from looking at this Instagram model’s profile that she loves both sports and wearing thongs. Sometimes, she loves them both at the same time. The slender body that Anna Herrin boasts has really allowed her to tap into the sport side of modeling.

We don’t actually think that she is playing the sport, but we suppose that she looks good in a tennis skirt, or holding a basketball while wearing a thong. As we have said several times throughout this page, we absolutely cannot complain. She shares more about her day-to-day life than many of the other models on this list. It allows her personality to really shine through.

Ashley Sky

While she does do a bit of swimsuit modeling, most of the work that Ashley Sky does tends to lean a little bit more into just your normal clothing modeling. She still looks damn great when she is doing it, though! She has a fantastic ass, tits, legs, and stomach. Basically, Ashley Sky is the whole package. It is no wonder that she is so successful on Instagram.

Elizabeth Sawatzky

We are not quite sure of the type of modeling that Elizabeth Sawatzky (now known as Elizabeth Rachale) does. This is because the content is very much just photos of her face. However, she looks damn good doing it. The rest of her Instagram seems to be a mixture of lingerie shots, couple with the odd standard modeling image. She likes to tease herself being topless quite a bit. However, sadly, this is Instagram. You are never going to be seeing that.

Beatriz Fernandez

Beatriz Fernandez has a little under 100,000 followers. While you may think that this is a great shame, which it is because somebody this beautiful deserves to have so many more followers, it also means that there is a bit more charm to her profile. While those with millions of followers need to focus on pumping out sponsored post after sponsored post, this Spanish lass doesn’t need to do that. She shares a great deal about her life, and a good deal of her content is just her looking beautiful. It isn’t professionally shot at all.

Erika Wheaton

Erika Wheaton runs a lifestyle blog. This means that most of her Instagram modeling is focused on pushing the products that she talks about there. She looks incredibly pretty doing it! All of the photographs that does share are professionally shot, including the ones with her family. This is a shame, because she is a beautiful woman and she really should be sharing some of the more candid shots. That being said, she still looks beautiful in these professionally shot images too.

Galinka Mirgaeva

She has under 3,000 followers, but since most of her Instagram is in Spanish, we can’t say that we are surprised. However, we are pointing her out because this lady is sexy as hell. She spends a lot of time on the beach, so you can expect a lot of swimsuit photos. However, she also works as a personal trainer, so expect to see Galinka wearing some tight, tight yoga pants on occasion.

Gemma Vence

At under 40,000 followers, Gemma Vence is an Instagram model that is on the cusp of making it big. However, her Instagram still has a quaint charm of a mixture between professional shot images and things that are more candid. In all cases, you can expect this beautiful brunette to look stunning in every single image she is in.


Remember, this is just scratching the surface of the sexiest Instagram models. There are still tons out there to explore. We hope we have given you a good starting point by sharing some of our favorites, though!


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