There has been a paradigm shift from how dating used to happen before and how it happens now.

The biggest contribution in this regard has been from the internet of course, however, there is a very evident change in how socializing and dating over internet has evolved over time as well.

In this article you will read about:

In the past decade and a half, the emergence of social media was being tagged as one of the biggest gifts to the mankind. People could virtually see and get in touch with their friends.

However, with the emergence of dating sites, internet has just taken the socializing to another level, because here, one is not just restricted to his/her family friends, but is also acquainted with like minded people, people with similar interests, outside his/her known circle.

And in a world where the society is getting liberal and open-minded day by day, we can see the gradual acceptance of dating sites for homosexuals as well.

There are several reasons because of which people resort to such dating sites, mainly to drive that part of their life in the most convenient manner possible, and it is completely fine to acknowledge those reasons and not hide from them, as they are nothing more than the results of different kind of human behavior.

In fact, several studies in this regard as well have also suggested that if people are being given a regulated and a proper access to such like minded people around them, the communication will automatically start because of the desire generating from inside, and this is something which can, in most of the cases, lead to fruitful and long lasting matches between people.

We believe that one must have the full liberty to live the romantic part of his life as per his/her whims & fancies, irrespective of the manner or the way.

It is in this regard that we familiarize you with the best gay dating sites, that will not just provide you with an opportunity to get in touch with other people, but are also safe & secure, so that your personal information does not get into the wrong hands.

So let’s start:

The most popular gay dating sites

It’s a gay dating website wherein multiple users can create their own profiles. It can be accessed through desktop, iOS and Android mobile phones. One can register on the website free of cost, either by creating an account on the website itself and getting the email ID verified subsequently, or by registering through his Facebook account.

It gives you an opportunity to connect with thousands of other men on the website/app, and it is also very convenient to filter through the
responses and directly getting in touch with the men with the exactly the similar interests as yours.

There are certain operational restrictions if one is registering as a guest, like not being able to see the archives, having a restricted number of daily views, etc. However, the same can be bypassed easily by purchasing a membership subscription which will several other incentives to offer as well. Another significant thing about gaydar’ is that it does not only requires its users to put up a single photograph of theirs, but it also asks for other details such as their age, location, sexual inclinations, etc. which increases the authenticity of the profiles.

It is a gay dating website spread at a global level, and is known for building serious relationships, as it does not focus on casual hook-ups or flings at all. It is again a website with a very convenient option of filtering and narrowing down your search based on several criteria, such as the distance, location, interests, etc.

It also provides its users with an internal messenger facility wherein users can communicate personally with each other. This is different because unlike most of other gay dating sites, it allows its users to comment on pictures of other users as well.

This website also allows you to see users who are online at that particular moment when you’re online. This opens a gateway for real time chatting, something which is not present in most of such dating websites. You can also see users who have been categorised and have been given tags, such as hottest user’, etc.

Apart from this, the site definitely has a very exquisite interface, making it very convenient for its users to access it. It is highly recommended for someone who is looking out for a serious and a long term gay relationship in the future.


It is a dating site for both gays and lesbians, with the facility of free membership, which allows you the users to explore the website in the best way possible. It is a website used for engaging into both casual dating as well as serious relationships.

It allows its users to search through advanced options, such as mutual interests, etc. and once a user finds his/her interest in someone, it then goes on to provide additional options such as private chat rooms, mail facility etc.

It not only allows a user to get in touch with other interested singles in the area, but also given an option to save the searches, so that it can facilitate in an ideal match making in future.

Certain options are available for members only, who have purchased the subscription, however, it is to be noted that the subscription cost is also very less per month as compared to other alternatives in this regard.

This website does not restrict itself to casual dating or long-term relationships only, but also extends its services to arranging marriages for the couples. Talking about advanced search options, it has a plethora of choices available, ranging from educational preferences to drinking & smoking habits, from color of the eyes to religious endorsements, and what not.

It is a website bettering the interests of both gay as well as the lesbian community. It has a sister website as well, with name of eHarmony, however, it has been developed and modified in a slightly different manner keeping in mind the distinctive nature and interests of the gay community specifically.

This is again a platform which lays down emphasis on building long term relationships between gays, and not just casual hook-ups or flings. The fact that it is one of the oldest gay dating websites on the internet in itself portrays the trust the users have been showing in it. It’s regional expansion is, as of now, restricted only to the United Sates as well as Canada, however , that shouldn’t be considered as a factor to undermine its credibility in any manner whatsoever.

After you register yourself on the website, you will have to go through a very detailed and a very comprehensive questionnaire of almost 200 questions, the responses to which will only help and assist in finding the accurate match for the respective user. The questions range from your behavioral attitudes to you emotional inclinations, and not only that, you also have the option to make your responses public.

It also has a special feature of helping its users to start the conversation with the match that they have found, in case they are being shy in doing the same. Such sort of new features distinguishes this website from the other websites in this domain.

The website again has a membership subscription plan available for 1 month, 6 months and a year. It is advised that one must go and try out this website initially, and then, if satisfied, he/she can choose to buy the subscription.

The target groups for this website are gay, as well as transgender, with over 6 million users registered under it. It is also responsible for the creation of Planet Romeo Foundation, which works to safeguard the interest of its users.

There are several complications that a user can probably observe the moment he opens the website, as this website has a lot of other facilities to offer as well, like booking clubs and resorts for vacationing, etc. It allows its users to register in various capacities, like registering individually, as a Club Administrator, or even as an escort for the purposes of business promotion.

This website also has a comprehensive questionnaire during the registration process, touching upon several areas such as the user’s background, his previous and present relationships, his life style and work profile, etc. The searches can also be filtered on the basis of a plethora of options such as location, ethnicity, color of the age, gender, etc. Simultaneously, there are options available for filtering while searching for clubs and escorts as well.

The website’s best subscription plan is the PlanetRomeoPlus Plan, which has a variety of features to offer to its members, for example, storing over 900 messages, uploading over 150 pictures, etc., and guess what, most of these exciting features are available for free on Fridays for all its members. The best thing that this site has to offer is a huge user base, giving thousands of options to its users to choose from. Now that’s something definitely to look forward to.


In very basic terms if we have to put it, it is nothing more than a social networking site, specifically being designed for the gay community. It again focuses on building long term relationships amongst the like minded gay people, and acts like a genuine forum to do so.

During the registration process, which is completely free and easy to do, it asks you to write a small brief about yourself, which will facilitate the other users to identify if they might be interested in you or not. At regular intervals, the website keeps on notifying you about the people in your region, or in close proximity to you, based on mutual relationship goals and interests.

The website is very authentic in nature, as its team puts in special efforts to make sure that there aren’t any fake profiles in the database. This allows the users to have genuine connections with the other users. The website also has a very active user base, and the same can be experienced the moment someone joins the forum.

You have other features to explore once you go to the website like sending messages to other users, participating in chat rooms, blocking out disliked users, etc. All these cumulatively combine to make this as one of the most trusted gay dating websites on the internet.

It is an entirely gay oriented website, mainly emphasizing on building the network amongst the gay community, both in a friendly manner, as well as in a sexual manner. The website is very well designed, and is very convenient to access as well.

The best feature about the website is that it allows you to explore around your options worldwide even without signing up. You can go and choose the Explore option, and find people interested globally. The website also allows you to chat and message freely, with the males that you wish to talk to. You can also check out the online status of people around, and can indulge into real time chatting if you find them online.

The website also gives you an option to make your pictures wither public or private, depending on you want them to be. The most interesting thing about the website is its diverse user base, as you are likely to find out people even in small towns across the world, if you are present somewhere nearby.

It is very important for anyone who is looking to resort to such gay dating websites to be fully aware of the implications and the nuances associated with the same. Even though such websites act as facilitators, there have been incidents of gross misuse of such platforms.

Hence, it becomes imperative to act responsibly on the part of all users, so that nobody is hurt in any manner whatsoever. The essence is to spread love, and it must be respected, no matter what the cost is.

This shouldn’t be used as a platform to judge people, just because people are being open about their sexual orientations, because that would be the last thing on Earth that you would want to happen to yourself. So let us make the most of such websites, and spread love & harmony around, because hey, why not?

So, check out this list and find the best gay dating sites for yourself.

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