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The internet is full of low-quality and poorly made adult content. There are countless movies released every day which depict people having every type of sex known to man. If you’re looking for quantity, look somewhere else.

If you’re looking for some adult content, but are also looking for a well-made movie, this list is for you. These films are all overflowing with sexual content, yet have cohesive stories more compelling that a plumber or a pizza delivery man.

This is a list of films that will get your blood flowing without the cheesy music and bad dialogue. Here are some socially accepted adult films.


A movie that is written after Vladimir Nabokov’s novel of the same name, Stanley Kubrick’s Lolita is not only overtly sexual, but it’s also a work of cinematic art.

The movie follows European professor Humbert Humbert as he rents a room from a widow Charlotte, who is a lonely woman with a precocious and beautiful teenage daughter Lolita. As the professor grows sexually attracted and eventually obsessed with the young girl, he courts and eventually marries her mother in an attempt to get closer to the girl.

As his obsession with the young teenage girl grows, her mother suddenly dies and he is left alone with the young girl. This movie is a must-see for anyone who is a movie fan, and especially those who are fans of adult movies.

The forbidden nature of the man’s obsessions and thoughts with the underage girl make this a controversial film, but that’s also part of the appeal.



A newer movie, Nymphomaniac was made in 2013 and is a modern sexually charged drama that will awaken your intellect and your libido.

This movie follows the interactions of Seligman, a highly-educated man with no sexual experience or desire to speak of, and Joe, a self professed nymphomaniac. The movie begins with Seligman finding Joe in an alley after a beating, and he brings her into his home to take care of her.

As he nurses the injured woman, she begins to detail her life to him, especially her sexual experiences. As Joe recounts numerous memories of her own extensive sexual encounters, Joe tries to relate the stories to subjects more familiar to himself, since he has no experience to draw upon.

Her stories grow darker and more self deprecating and Seligman begins to open up more about himself to the woman. Her stories and the tension between the two make a great combination, and produces very unexpected results.



This one is a little lighter, more romantic, and often a little funny, but still manages to be steamy enough to inspire you. This Italian film follows Rentao, a 12 year old boy living in Italy during the beginning of World War 2.

As the boy is trying to live normally despite the war, he notices and eventually becomes obsessed with a beautiful woman named Malena.

She is a woman living in his town, who’s husband is off fighting in the war. She is a kind woman who’s beauty makes all of the town’s men lust after her, and thus makes most of the woman dislike her for the attention she brings.

While Renato idolizes the woman, people in the town begin to treat her very badly and spread vicious rumors. Renato decides to save her, and begins to secretly protect her and punish those who have hurt her.

He continues to obsess and protect her from afar as he goes through life, yet never interacts with her. This is a romantic and cute film that won at the Cabourg Film Festival.


Basic Instinct

This film is a big-budget Hollywood thriller, and it delivers with an incredibly sexy and provocative story. The story follows a police officer investigating a murder of a famous rock star.

He develops sexual tension and eventually a steamy sexual relationship with the chief suspect of the murder, author Catherine Tramell. Besides having an occasional sexual relationship with the deceased rock star, his murder echoes eerie similarities to a murder in one of the author’s own stories.

This erotic thriller is a non-stop stream of bedroom action and the sexual tension that leads up to it. From the opening sequence where the rock star is murdered while having passionate sex, to the various other violent and steamy sexual encounters, this film delivers.

While the entire movie has incredibly erotic imagery, one is perhaps the most famous. This film became famous from the police interrogation scene, where Tramell(played by the beautiful and famous Sharon Stone) uncrosses her legs under the bring lights, allowing all of the policemen and the viewers to see that she doesn’t wear panties.

Honestly, it’s worth a watch for that scene alone although the film stands well on it’s own.



Another Hollywood erotic thriller, Disclosure is a film about sexuality and power in the corporate world. The movie follows the steamy and combative relationship between Tom Sanders and Meredith Johnson, two high achieving corporate executives in the software world.

When Meredith gets a promotion that Tom felt he deserved, he goes to confront her and she forces herself on him sexually. While initially enthusiastic, he eventually refuses to go through with it and angers her.

He comes to work the next day to find that she has filed a sexual harassment complaint against him, and the company begins to punish him to keep the scandal quiet. He eventually files a counter-claim for sexual harassment against her and attempts to let everyone know the truth.

This sexually charged drama stars budding young stars in Michael Douglas and Demi Moore, and it really stands up many years later with the continuing sexual scandals in the corporate world.


Devil’s Advocate

A bit of a curve-ball in our list, this sexually charged and very dark thriller will awaken your senses and twist your mind. This movie begins as a legal drama where rising young lawyer Kevin Lomax receives a lucrative offer from a Manhattan law firm.

He accepts the offer, and begins his tenure at the firm with their leading attorney, John Milton, acting as his personal mentor. While Kevin is immediately successful as an attorney, he begins to experience friction with his wife who’s having trouble adjusting to the change.

While working through the friction, he begins to notice the flirtations of another lawyer in the firm, the beautiful Christabella. As the pressure between the married couple intensifies, so do Kevin’s questions about the law-firm and John Milton specifically.

After his wife’s suicide, John Milton reveals to Kevin that he is not only his real father, but Satan himself. He also reveals that he has planned that Kevin have a sexual relationship with Christabella, his half sister, to produce the Antichrist. This movie contains some very sexual and provocative imagery, including a final scene that must be seen to be appreciated.


Fifty Shades of Grey

If erotic thrillers aren’t your thing, perhaps a movie about the world about Bondage and Sado-Masochism might be for you.

Made after the incredibly popular book of the same name, this sexually charged film about an uber-wealthy business man Christian Grey and his relationship with a young and naive Anastasia Steele.

While she is initially swept off her feet by his romantic advances, she soon finds herself questioning him when she discovers his hidden obsession. He opens up to her, and invites him into his playroom, which is a dungeon with all manner of whips, chains, and other devices for restraint or pain.

The thought of this lifestyle stuns her, but she reluctantly begins to allow herself to become his playmate and begin a rather controlling an specific relationship with the man.

This movie may seem tame to those who are fans of bondage films, but the amateur enthusiasts will enjoy this small walk on the wild side.


Brokeback Mountain

While the list includes mostly films of heterosexual (albeit somewhat deviant) relationships, this film focuses on a relationship between two men.

Brokeback M0untain follows the lives of two sheep herders in the 1960’s in Wyoming Jack and Ennis. While together on a sheep drive, Jack gets drunk and makes a clumsy pass at Ennis, and he eventually reciprocates, and the two begin a secret sexual relationship.

The movie follows their lives, including each of them getting married to women, while they continue to occasionally see each other and continue their secret affair for more than 20 years. This film is a thoughtful and sad film which shows the two men genuinely in love, but having to live tortured lives of secrecy and shame because their way was not acceptable.

This film shows a very romantic and passionate love between the two co-stars, and it stands up as a film that should be seen by everyone to understand the frustration that occurs when you can’t be open and honest.


Confessions of a Brazilian Call Girl

This erotic film follows a young Brazilian girl, Raquel Pacheco, who was adopted by a fairly wealthy family, as she rebels and runs away to live by herself in Sao Paolo to become a prostitute.

She continues to sell herself and becomes a fairly high priced call girl, and she begins a blog online about her experiences. Her online fans dub her “little surfer girl” and her fame and followers grow.

She eventually becomes one of the most popular blogs in Brazil, and her life and stories begin to make their way around the globe. She experiences newfound fame and appears on several popular Brazilian talk shows, but the fame begins to catch up with her.

She spirals down through drugs and eventually becomes an addict who’ll do anything to feed her habit. Quite a sad story about a young girl with big dreams who falls into one of the pitfalls of fame.

Sometimes you’re looking to get some blood flowing and your imagination sparked without turning to rated X movies. This is a great list of movies where you can enjoy a good story and some big time actors while being stimulated.

These movies are also perfect for date night, as it’s not really smooth to plug in a porno to enjoy together on the couch. That’s a little too forward, but if you can get her into one of these films, you can both enjoy a great movie and when it’s finished, hopefully you’ll both be charged up and ready for more.



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