If you are a porn fan, you have probably come across the term glory hole. You might find yourself asking what this term refers to. If you are wondering WTF a glory hole is, you are in the right place, We have all the answers to your questions about the fascinating and stimulating world of the glory hole.

What Is a Glory Hole?

To put it in simple terms, a glory hole is a hole in a wall or a partition that allows two individuals to engage in sexual activity. Various forms of sexual activity can be facilitated through a glory hole. The most common form of sex that glory holes are synonymous with is allowing an individual to insert their penis into the glory hole while the person on the other side of the hole gives them a blowjob.

Though this is the most common sexual activity associated with glory holes, the can also be used for penetrative sex or the observation of mutual masturbation. Glory holes can also serve as a way for an individual on one side of the hole to watch two or more individuals on the other side engaging in sex.

Essentially, we are saying that there are a lot of variations on how the glory hole can be used for sexual activity. For people who are into this fetish, the allure is often the fantasy of anonymity. For those who enjoy frequenting glory holes, they get a rush of sexual stimulation from engaging sexually with someone who they cannot fully see due to the wall or partition that is between them.

Where Did Glory Holes Come From? Brief History

The history of the glory hole is a fascinating one that goes back hundreds of years. The year 1707 is the date for the first historically documented glory hole. This documentation came from the records of a trial that occurred between one Thomas David and one Thomas Vaughn. In the court records, a man named Mr. Guillam is referenced. He claims that while he was relieving himself in a public restroom stall, a man in the stall next to him slipped his penis through a hole and tried to get him to engage in sex with him.

The documented history of the glory hole continued in the 1900s. Gay men were often harassed by the police for their use of glory holes in bathrooms. The glory hole continued to be a phenomenon that was primarily associated with gay men throughout the mid-1900s. A book called Tearoom Trade: Impersonal Sex in Public Places was published by one Laud Humphreys, a sociologist, during the decade of the 1970s and it also referenced the glory hole term. This book again referenced the glory hole as a term connected with gay men. In 1977, The Joy of Gay Sex was released which also listed the glory hole term as a practice associated with gay sex.

As this history has shown, for much of the documented history of the glory hole, it was associated with gay sex. This is something that has changed tremendously in recent decades. Though glory holes are certainly a thing that continues to be enjoyed by gay men, their popularity has been spread to those of every other sexual persuasion and identity. The glory hole has become a popular niche within the world of porn.

There are now entire porn websites that are dedicated to the glory hole. These websites often feature hot pornstars coming into adult video booths, and other locations where they then suck and fuck the cocks that come through the glory hole contained inside. Many of these popular websites feature girls sucking one cock after another and getting completely covered in cum. It is even common for these websites to feature counters that show the number of cumshots that the girl has coaxed out.

This has become one of the most popular fetish niches within the world of porn and it is a perfect example of how the glory hole is now more popular than ever. It is far from being a sexual phenomenon that is only associated with one sexual orientation. Instead, it has become a type of sexual activity that can be enjoyed by anyone who gets off on the idea of anonymous sexual activity through a hole in a wall. There are even people who set up glory holes in their private life for the pure fun and excitement of engaging in the fetish.

Glory Hole and COVID-19 – What’s Happening?

The arrival of COVID-19 has rapidly transformed the world over the last year and has encouraged people to change many of their behaviors to accommodate social distancing practices. In what might come as a bit of a surprise until one thinks about it, the use of a glory hole for sexual pleasure actually has some significant benefits in today’s health environment that are focused on stopping the spread of this disease.

Health departments have been recommending that reducing the use of face-to-face sexual positions can help to slow down the spread of the virus. They have recommended that people should look for alternatives to their usual sexual activity and it turns out that a glory hole fits the bill perfectly.

The fact that a glory hole involves a barrier between the two partners and prevents face-to-face contact means that this kinky sexual practice might now be one of the safest sexual practices that one can engage in during the COVID-19 pandemic. This has even been encouraged, one could say, by places such as the New York Health Department as it has recommended that people need to get creative in their sexual behavior while the virus continues to be an issue.

It is fascinating to think that what is often considered to be among the kinkiest sex acts, and one of the most notorious is now one of the safest ways to get freaky and the government is even encouraging it. This is a big change from the backwards days when police tried to harass people for engaging in glory hole sexual activities. It is truly one of the most unexpected developments that have come from the current global health crisis.

Potential Health Advances

The fact remains that the COVID-19 virus continues to be an issue. At the current moment, it is hard to know when this will come to an end. For the time being, the glory hole might continue to be one of the safest ways to engage in sex. It is also important to remember that participants who are going to use a glory hole safely should make sure that they are taking advantage of the resources that are currently available for STD testing so that they are not putting themselves and others at risk.

Though the thought of pure anonymity is absolutely stimulating and a big reasons behind the popularity of the glory hole in general, it must be pointed out that it is safer to engage in the practice with a partner that you know and trust. This way, you can both be certain that you are not putting each other at any risk because you can verify that you have both been tested for STDs. It is certainly the case that anyone who knows that they have COVID-19 should remain quarantined and not engage in any sexual activity with another person until they have been cleared by their doctor.

Tips for Your First Glory Hole Experience

Whether you are a man, a woman, transgendered, prefer any other of the many gender identities, you want your first glory hole experience to be a fun, memorable, and safe one. There are some key tips that you can follow to make your first glory hole experience a truly stimulating and memorable one that will have you coming back for more.

If you have decided that trying the glory hole experience is something that you want to do, you must first locate a good glory hole location. You are going to have to do some searching on the internet to find out where a glory hole might be located. This is something that is going to be easier to locate in larger cities. Once you have found the site of a verified glory hole, you can go and try your luck.

The usual signal that lets a person on the other side of the glory hole know that you would like to receive their penis in your mouth is to put your finger through the hole and signal them to come there. If they are willing to participate, you might soon have a nice hard cock coming through the hole to greet you. If you want to take their cock in your ass or pussy, you want to show it to them so that they know where their dick is about to go.

For those that are looking to get their cock stimulated, the best move is to wait and see if someone on the other side of the glory hole calls you in. If someone on the other side is looking to have some fun, they will signal that they want some dick, and you can insert your member into the hole to let the fun begin.

You need to remember that if you are going to participate in sex at a real-life glory hole, you must always respect the anonymity of the other person. You should also bring protection. Remember that if you are having anonymous glory hole sex, protection is key since you do not know who is on the other side of the hole in the wall that you are using to have sex.

For those that want to have a more controlled glory hole experience, it is recommendable to instead set up a fantasy scenario with your partner, or a group of partners. You can always get a hotel room and set up your own glory hole style gang bang with partners that you know you can trust to be free of STDs. From there you can get creative in enjoying the fact that you might not know who’s dick you are currently sucking or getting fucked by.

This is a safe way to enjoy the kink of the glory hole. It should be noted that in today’s COVID-19 environment, this scenario might be best kept on hold until things are better. Regardless of this, you and your partner can still enjoy the fun and kink of a glory hole sex experience that you set up in your own home. It can be a fun way to spice up your sex life between you and your partner.

Is It Legal?

One of the most important things to remember about the topic of the glory hole is that it is not something that is exactly legal everywhere. If it is in a public place, then the likelihood is that a glory hole is going to be an illegal activity to engage in as it is considered to be public sex. Though this is the case, this does not stop many people from engaging in the fun and the thrill of the glory hole in public.

If you are going to do so, you must always utilize caution and make sure that you are not acting in a way that could end up getting you in legal trouble. One needs to remember that getting caught using a glory hole in public could lead to a conviction that could leave you branded as a criminal for life.

Due to the legal issues related to the use of glory holes, many people choose to engage in them in set up scenarios that take place in hotels, or in private residences where they practice can be engaged in without the threat of legal consequences. Using a glory hole in this setting is also much safer, even if it does lack some of the allure of the traditional glory hole that is pure anonymity in a sexual experience.

There is a lot that one can do to make the home glory hole an experience that still feels quite authentic and in today’s world where COVID-19 is still a problem, it might be the safest way to engage in sex that we currently have available. What was once a taboo sexual practice is now being recommended by government-led health organizations.

Final Words

This concludes our discussion of the fascinating and stimulating world of the glory hole. As you can see, the history of the glory hole goes back a long time and the subject has seen a real evolution over recent years. From being a phenomenon primarily associated with gay sex to something that is a popular fetish for all sexual persuasions and identities, the glory hole is a truly fun way to get kinky and have some fun.

The glory hole phenomenon has exploded in recent decades with the rise of internet porn. There are entire porn websites that focus solely on the sexual fun and excitement of the glory hole and they have become wildly popular. There is something that is just so stimulating about watching a stunning pornstar taking one cock after another through an anonymous hole in the wall as she sucks out one load after another.

In some ways, the glory hole is more mainstream now than it has ever been. Due to current health concerns related to COVID_19, it turns out that sex through a glory hole might represent the perfect barrier needed to slow down the spread of this dangerous virus that has caused the world so much trouble in the last year.

It will be truly fascinating to see where the glory hole goes form here. It is a phenomenon that is only gaining in popularity and this does not look to be a trend that is going to end. The world of porn continues to find new ways to present the glory hole. From public bathroom glory holes to glory holes porta-potties, and glory holes in adult theaters and viewing booths, this is a kink that is on the rise.

It is even a sexual kink that is now practically endorsed by health departments. We now just wait to see where the glory hole can go next. Each year, more people are having their first glory hole experience and they are loving it. It is a truly unique take on anonymous sex. One of the beautiful things about the glory hole is the fact that it started out as a gay sex practice, but it is now clearly something that is for everyone.

It does not matter what your sexual orientation or your gender is. Anyone who has a kinky and fun side can enjoy the fun and excitement that comes from experiencing a glory hole sexual encounter. If you are going to do so, just make sure that you are careful and make sure that you stay safe. You do not want to put your health at risk. Beyond that, simply have fun if you are considering seeking out your first glory hole experience this year.

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