Every year, countless women around the world choose to undergo the process of hymenoplasty. This is a surgical procedure that is continuing to become more popular. This is particularly the case in specific parts of the world where an intact hymen is valued significantly. It is a procedure that is increasingly popular in the Middle East as well as the USA and parts of Europe.

There are various reasons why they choose to undergo this procedure and the motivation behind each one of these reasons will often vary from one woman to another. With these key points in mind, the following is some of the most important information that one needs to understand about the topic of hymenoplasty surgery. Before choosing to undergo any surgical procedure, it is important to have an understanding of the specifics related to it as well as what happens after the procedure has been completed by the plastic surgeon.

When it comes to hymenoplasty, it is important to understand what it is as well as understanding the common reasons that a woman will choose to get one. It is also important to understand the specifics of the surgery itself and to understand the recovery time. We will also discuss matters such as cost and associated risk factors that are commonly connected to the topic of hymenoplasty.

What Is Hymenoplasty

Understanding the answer to the question of what is hymenoplasty is the perfect starting point for this discussion. The simplest explanation is to say that a hymenoplasty is a temporary restoration of the hymen through a surgical procedure. This procedure is often one of the services that are offered by cosmetic/plastic surgeons.

It is a type of surgery that is generally carried out on an outpatient basis. Other names for hymenoplasty include hymenorrhaphy as well as hymen reconstruction surgery. The bottom line to remember with hymenoplasty is the fact that it is an elective surgical procedure and should only be undertaken if you are certain that you desire it.

As with any and all surgical procedures, a hymenoplasty will carry with it certain risk factors and concerns that you must take into considerations before choosing to undergo one. Though it is a relatively safe procedure within the realm of surgical possibilities, it is still possible for there to be some negative, lasting effects, even if they are not particularly liekly.

Common Reasons for Hymenoplasty

The primary reason that a woman might seek out hymenoplasty is to temporarily restore her hymen. There can be many reasons why a woman might want to do this. The hymen can end up being ruptured in many different ways. Some of the common causes that lead to a torn hymen include:

  • Sexual Intercourse
  • Exercise
  • Horse Riding
  • Bike Riding
  • Tampon Insertion

The hymen is the thin membrane that serves to partially cover the opening of the vagina. It is a thick, membranous tissue layer that encircles a woman’s vaginal orifice. It runs from the urethral orifice and then goes backward to allow for the escape of blood during menstruation. The elasticity of a woman’s hymen varies from individual to individual.

In some cases, women can engage in sexual intercourse without having their hymen tear. For most women who are virgins that have intact hymens, it is torn at the five, six, or seven o’clock positions during their first experience of sexual intercourse. As we have already established, other factors can lead to a hymen being torn before a woman has engaged in sexual intercourse.

The hymen is often used as a way to establish virginity but the previously given examples demonstrate that there are other factors outside of sexual intercourse that can lead to a nonintact hymen. There are many reasons that a woman might want to restore her hymen temporarily.

Many traditional cultures value an intact hymen before marriage and so many women will undergo the procedure to restore it so that it can then be broken again during their marriage night. There are additional reasons that some women choose to undergo hymenoplasty. It is common for rape survivors to want to restore their hymen if it was ruptured during the incident.

Some women simply want to give an intact hymen to their partner as a part of a marriage gift even if they have been sexually active in the past. Whatever the reason that a woman chooses to get a hymenoplasty, it tends to be a deeply personal decision. The be a good candidate for a hymenoplasty, there are some pieces of criteria that a woman should meet. These criteria include:

  • It is better for a woman to be a non-smoker if she plans to undergo hymenoplasty
  • She should be in good general health
  • She should understand that there are some risks involved in the procedure

It is also important to note that women who have previously given birth are often not considered to be viable candidates to undergo a hymenoplasty procedure. This would be a decision for your doctor, but many surgeons will not perform the procedure on women who have already given birth. This really does depend on the doctor in question.

To qualify for hymenoplasty surgery, it is necessary to undergo a detailed consultation with the doctor who will perform the procedure so that they can discuss all elements of your medical history. It is also necessary to undergo a thorough medical examination to ensure that you are a qualified candidate to undergo a hymenoplasty surgical procedure. This is a procedure that should always be undertaken after much prior thought so as to be certain that it is something that you truly wish to go through with.

Surgery – How Is Hymenoplasty Done?

With these points now made about what is hymenoplasty, it is now time to look at the surgery itself and how it is done. It is a surgery that is generally carried out on an outpatient basis.

What Is Involved in Hymen Repair?

Hymen repair that occurs during a hymenoplasty involves excising the torn edges of the hymen and then stitching them together with sutures that will dissolve. It is generally possible to conduct a hymenoplasty while only giving the patient a local anesthetic and sedation. It can also be performed under general anesthetic. Generally speaking, a hymenoplasty is not a particularly invasive procedure. The specifics of the anesthesia and sedation are a matter that must be discussed between the patient and doctor.

Before and During the Procedure

Before you undergo a hymenoplasty, your doctor will first determine whether you are a suitable candidate for the surgery. Types of anesthesia and sedation methods must also be discussed. During the hymenoplasty procedure itself, your doctor will take any torn skin that is around the edges of your hymen and remove it before stitching the remaining tissue back together. This process includes leaving a small opening as would have been present before your hymen was initially torn. This process restores your hymenal ring back to its initial size and initial shape.

If it is the case that there is not enough remaining skin from your hymen to restore it, your surgeon can create one. This is done using some of the thin skin from your vagina. It is also possible to accomplish this using synthetic tissue. The procedure often includes adding a blood supply as well. This helps to stimulate the bleeding that would usually be associated with the hymen being torn as you lose your virginity.

There are several surgical variations of the hymenoplasty surgery to note. These variations include:

  • A procedure that is purely cosmetic in nature and involves the creation of a membrane with no blood supply. This version of the surgery should be done for women that are planning to rupture the newly created hymen within a few days.
  • Another version of the surgery is to suture the torn hymen. This is often performed quickly after a sexual assault has occurred.
  • It is also possible to utilize a flap of a woman’s vaginal lining as well as the blood supply itself to build a new hymen. In this version of the surgery, the woman should avoid sexual intercourse for the following three months so that her new hymen can heal properly.

Care After Hymenoplasty – Recovery Time

Recovery time is also an important consideration when it comes to the topic of hymenoplasty. Generally speaking, a hymenoplasty surgery will take anywhere from one hour to two hours. The length of the surgery will depend on the individual and it will depend on the amount of repair work that is required to restore the hymen in the patient in question.

It is important to once again emphasize that this is generally an outpatient procedure that does not require any hospitalization afterward. Many women will even return to work on the very next day after undergoing a hymenoplasty. It is important to note that there are some safety precautions that should be observed after undergoing a hymenoplasty surgery.

These precautions include avoiding any heavy lifting during the time following the surgery. Women should also avoid strenuous activities. It is also normal to experience some light bleeding during the first 48 to 72 hours after the hymenoplasty procedure. This is not a cause for concern and is something that many women experience after they undergo this surgery.

Generally speaking, the overall recovery time for a hymenoplasty surgery is around six weeks. Once the surgery has been completed and the healing process has been completed, it will be impossible to tell the difference between a hymen that is naturally intact as opposed to a hymen that was restored through hymenoplasty surgery. Women who undergo this procedure can expect to feel the same sensations as would be expected during first-time sexual intercourse with a naturally intact hymen.

Hymenoplasty Cost

With any elective surgical procedure, the cost to undergo it must always be considered. Hymenoplasty is no exception to this rule and many women want to know what the expected costs will be to undergo this procedure. The cost of a hymenoplasty can vary greatly. In some places, it is quite an inexpensive surgical procedure as where other places, it can be quite a costly one. This cost variation is generally dictated by region and country.

Women who choose to undergo a hymenoplasty surgery in the United States can often expect to pay anywhere from $4 thousand to $10 thousand. The average cost of hymenoplasty surgery in India tends to range anywhere from Rs 15 thousand to Rs 20 thousand. Depending on the geographic location, and the figures that one looks at, some places will offer the procedure for as little as $600 to $1000. It really is difficult to state what the exact cost of hymenoplasty surgery will be as it depends so heavily on where you are looking to have the procedure performed at.

Risks Associated With Hymen Repair

The good news about hymenoplasty is the fact that it is a generally safe procedure to undergo. The risks as not significant for women that are deemed by their doctors to be medically fit to undergo a hymenoplasty. You must always remember that any surgical procedure comes along with some level of risk. In the case of hymenoplasty, that risk is fairly minimal.

Nonetheless, it must be pointed out that there is a risk of possible infection as well as a risk of a prolonged bleeding period. Anytime that a person is subjected to anesthesia, there is also a certain amount of risk involved though it is minimal.

From a general standpoint, hymen repair through hymenoplasty surgery is a process that rarely produces any serious or long-term side effects and it does not pose a significant risk to the women to has the procedure done. In some cases, hymen over-correction, known as a stricture, can occur. This can cause a woman’s next act of sexual intercourse to be difficult. Generally speaking, this is not a common issue that occurs for women that undergo hymenoplasty surgery.

Final Thoughts

Hymenoplasty is a surgical procedure that tends to represent a deeply personal subject for the women who undergo it. For many women, it represents a way to take charge of their body back if their hymen has been damaged through a sexual assault, or from simply going about regular, day-to-day activities.

For many women from traditional cultures, it is important to be able to give their husbands an intact hymen on their wedding night and so this surgery represents a chance to do so if their hymen has been ruptured due to physical activity or other factors. Other women simply want to give their husband the gift of a virginal sexual experience on their wedding night and they want him to have the pleasure of breaking their hymen. Regardless of the reason, a woman’s choice to undergo hymenoplasty should always be respected.

It is important to note that the legality of hymenoplasty can vary greatly from region to region just as the cost can. It is a procedure that is completely banned in some countries while it is allowed in others. You should always make sure that this is a procedure that you can undergo legally in your country of residence if it is something that you are considering.

In the United States of America, hymenoplasty is becoming increasingly available at private clinics that offer plastic/cosmetic surgery services. Hymenoplasty is a particularly popular surgical option in countries across the geographic region of the Middle East. In France, rape and trauma victims who have had their hymens ruptured can undergo hymenoplasty and have some of their costs for the procedure reimbursed to them.

For women that are considering hymenoplasty as an option, it is important to seek out the medical services of a trusted and experienced plastic surgeon who has performed these procedures successfully in the past. As with any surgery, you want to put yourself in the best hands possible and you want to work with a doctor who understands and sympathizes with your reasons for wanting to undergo this deeply personal surgical procedure.

When a hymenoplasty is performed by an experienced and qualified surgeon, it should be a procedure that you can quickly and effectively recover from. The final result is a restored hymen that will allow you to offer your partner a virginal sexual experience on your wedding night.

This concludes this piece about the important information that you need to be aware of if you are considering hymenoplasty. It is a procedure, as with all surgeries, that you should deeply consider before choosing to undergo it. At the same time, for many women, this surgery offers them benefits that they consider to make it well worth it.

It can help them to achieve a virginal feeling for their wedding night and it can help rape victims to reclaim something that they feel was stolen from them as a result of their sexual assault. These are all key factors for why hymenoplasty continues to be a surgical procedure that is growing in popularity across many regions of the world.


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