The world of anime is one of the most intriguing and entertaining fantasy realms in all of fiction. It is full of fascinating characters who often possess incredible powers that they use during their epic adventures. Another thing that the world of anime is known for is really sexy female characters. There are a to of popular anime girls out there that simply ooze sex appeal and this has helped to make their characters even more popular with their fans.

There really are a lot of ultra-sexy anime girls in this fascinating genre, but we have selected only the best of the best for this list. If you crave only the sexiest anime girls, then this list is for you. This is the top 50 best anime girls ever!

Rias Gremory

Rias Gremory is famous as one of the leading characters in High School DxD. She plays the role of the primary female protagonist and is known for having great contrasts in her personality. These range from kindness and compassion to fiery anger when she feels she has been done wrong. Beyond her complicated personality,

Rias Emory is also known as one of the hottest babes in all of anime This girl is an absolute babe who has fiery red hair that often matches her attitude. Her smoking hot body and well-endowed chest, as well as her attitude, have helped to endear Rias Gremory to countless anime fans around the globe.

Erza Scarlet

The next entry on our list of the top 50 best anime girls ever is the stunning Erza Scarlet. She is one of the stars of the beloved anime series Fairy Tale and is known for being impatient while also believing in the importance of delivering justice.

Erza Scarlet is also an absolute stunner and has brown eyes that will make you melt. This babe has flowing red hair and the kind of domineering look that really gets many of her fans excited. It really is no surprise that she would rank as one of our top 50 sexiest anime girls of all time!

Akeno Himejima

The next gorgeous beauty on our list of the top 50 anime girls also comes from the High School DxD series. She plays the role of a first-year college student and is known for a gentle personality and an elegant look. She is also known for her voluptuous body and which includes a massive rack of sweet tits.

Once you see her, it becomes clear why she is such a popular anime babe. This brunette honey sure looks amazing when she is wearing a tight-fitting top and a short little skirt. These factors help to make Akeno Himejima one of the best anime girls ever!

Yuki Asuna

The next one of the best anime girls ever that we had to include on our top 50 list is Yuki Asuna. She is known as a key character in the series Sword Art Online. Fans love her for her deep and warm hazel eyes, her chestnut-colored hair, and her slim and sexy figure.

This babe truly is the definition of sexy and her sexy appeal rises to another level when she is seen wielding a sword and looking like a true goddess. These are a few of the key points that add up to making Yuki Asuna one of the hottest anime goddesses in the world.

Elizabeth Liones

The lovely Elizabeth Liones is known as a princess from the Kingdom of Lioness. Her adopted father is none other than King Batra himself. This silver-haired beauty is a true princess in every sense and one of the best anime girls ever. Her fans love the fact that she is both slim and curvy at the same time.

This includes an impressive pair of tits that look truly amazing when they are squeezed into her tight-fitting top. The fact that she is such a powerful character only adds to how sexy she is. One look at Elizabeth Liones and you will see why she had to land a spot on our top 50 list for the sexiest anime girls.

Yoruichi Shihouin

Yoruichi Shihoin has a reputation as one of the strongest female characters in the anime series Bleach. She has an athletic look to her and her proportions add to her stunning sex appeal. Yoruichi is of average height and of slender build and she has beautiful black hair that goes down to her waist. It is absolutely impossible to deny that she is truly one of the world’s sexiest anime girls and deserving of a spot on our top 50 best anime girls ever list.

Mirajane Strauss

We couldn’t do a list of the best anime girls ever without including Mirajane Strauss from the Fairy Tale series on our roster. She is one of the best anime girls ever and one of the sexiest anime girls. She has a slim and sexy body that goes perfectly with her flowing white hair. She also has an amazing set of tits that she tends to show off with the shirts that she is shown wearing throughout the series.


With a slender and sexy appearance, Touka looks absolutely amazing when she is dressed in a little waitress uniform. She has bob-length hair that is sometimes black and sometimes purple. She is known as a major character in the Tokyo Ghoul franchise and she is also known as one of the sexiest anime girls. The fact that she has a complicated personality seems to only make her even more appealing and attractive. A definitive pick for any list of the best anime girls ever.

Nakiri Erina

Nakiri Erina is the next ultra-sexy anime girl that we are profiling on our top 50 list. She has earned her spot as one of the sexiest anime girls due to her stunning appearance that includes a curvaceous body that includes a thick sexy ass and luscious tits. She is a girl that looks amazing dressed in schoolgirl attire. The Shokugeki no Soma character is also known for having some real attitude. This is a girl who clearly knows that she is hot and loves to flaunt it.


Akame is the major heroin of the Akame Ga Kill! franchise and a true anime goddess. Her sexy pale skin compliments her long, dark, black hair and her mesmerizing red eyes. Her physical beauty matches well with her interesting personality that can often see her act in a coldhearted manner while other times she can be seen acting awkward in social settings. Either way, Akame is one of the best anime girls ever.

Lucy Heartfilia

Fairy Tale continues to add sexy anime girls to this list with Lucy Heartfilia. This sexy Team Natsu member is truly stunning and loves wearing revealing clothing that shows her womanly features. She is curvy and like so many of the sexiest anime girls, she has a massive set of juicy tits that drive fans wild.

Tsunade Senju

Tsunade Senju of the Naruto universe is one of the sexiest anime girls in the world because she has a true look of natural beauty. She is fair-skinned in her complexion and has beautiful blonde hair as well as stunning and warm brown eyes. She is also curvy and has a big set of breasts that help her to attain her status as one of the best anime girls ever.


Akame Ga Kill! character Esdeath is the next sexy anime girl that we are profiling here. She might be known for being absolutely ruthless, but she is also known for being ultra-hot. She is tall and slender and has beautiful physical features. Her big tits are a major plus that helps her to earn her spot as one of the top 50 hottest anime girls ever.

Irina Shidou

We once again come back to High School DxD for our next anime chick on our list of the top 50 best anime girls ever. Like many of the female anime characters in this fictional universe, Irina is stunningly beautiful and truly sexy. Her sexy body is stacked with big tits and a curvy figure. This top anime girl also has long hair that she ties into pigtails. Other times, she will let her long hair flow. She is another definitive member of the list of the 50 sexiest anime girls.

Orihime Inoue

The Bleach fictional universe has truly delivered in the sexy department with Orihime Inoue. She might look a bit innocent, but Orihime has large, luscious tits and her figure is curvaceous and womanly. She is one of those hot anime girls that you just expect is going to earn a spot on a list such as this. She truly is one of the top 50 hottest anime babes within this amazing genre of fiction.

Kushina Uzumaki

Kushina Uzumaki is another hottie from the world of Naruto. Her beauty is renowned in her own universe and it is well known in our world as well. She is truly stunning in her build and has sexy tits and a slender, curvy frame. Her sexy red hair really does complete the picture when it comes to Kushina Uzumaki.

Nico Robin

Our of the One Piece universe, Nico Robin stunning beauty to the screen. She has a slim waistline and a tall frame that goes great with her giant boobs and her gorgeous black hair. She is regularly seen in revealing clothing that exposes her amazing physical attributes. Nico is one of those girls that just has to be included in any list that discusses the hottest anime girls in the world.


Albedo is a powerful anime character from the Overlord universe who has stunning physical beauty. She is also one of the most fascinating looking anime girls on our list due to the pair of horns that she has protruding from her head. Beyond this, her slender body and her black hair are perfectly complemented by her woman curves and sexy tits.

Saeko Busujima

From High School of the Dead, we now must discuss Saeko Busujima. She is tall and slender and her hair is straight, purple, and goes down to her sexy thighs. The popularity of her character along with the fact that she is absolutely sexy make Saeko Busujima one of the world’s best anime girls ever.


The lovely and sexy Hestia is from the DanMachi fictional world. She is a petite little goddess that looks youthful and beautiful. Her blue eyes and her black hair that she puts into pigtails are the perfect complements to her sweet and sexy tits. She only stands 4’7″ but she packs a whole lot of sexy into that tiny frame and she is one of the world’s sexiest anime girls.


We come to yet another amazing and sexy anime girl from the world of High School DxD with Kuroka. This Vali Team member is voluptuous and loves to wear incredibly sexy clothing that highlights her large tits, hazel colored eyes, and her black hair. One look and you will instantly recognize the fact that Kuroka has to be a part of this top 50 list.


Akame Ga Kill! has already offered up several of the world’s best anime girls ever and it has done so once again with Leone. This young girl is a curvy beauty with blonde hair who loves to wear outfits that are revealing and leave very little to one’s imagination. She is one of those anime girls you simply have to check out if you have not yet had the pleasure.

Xenovia Quarta

Xenovia Quarta continues to prove just how sexy the girls of High School DxD really are. She is another one of the primary female protagonists in this popular anime series. She has blue hair that goes down to the level of her chin. As one might expect, Xenovia Quarta also has big, sexy tits as one of her defining physical features that help to make her one of the best anime girls ever.

Ino Yamanaka

The world of Naruto once again comes up sexy with Ino Yamanaka. Her fair skin and blonde hair help to establish her impressive sex appeal. She is a powerful character and a completely sexy one as well. Ino Yamanaka is another example of what makes this series so good and so sexy!

Rin Tohsaka

A member of the Type-Moon universe, Rin Tohsaka is an anime girl who is simply unforgettable due to her sex appeal and her total beauty. She has a slender build and cute little tits as well as brown hair that is often seen tied up in long pigtails. This anime babe has countless fans around the world that love her sexy appearance and her engaging personality.

Juvia Lockser

We have yet another sexy Fairy Tale character with Juvia Lockser. She is slender in her appearance while being curvy in the places that you want her to be. This blue-haired beauty also has some sexy tits and blue eyes. A list of the sexiest anime girls of all time would not be complete without her name being mentioned.

Yoko Ritona

Yoko Ritona also goes by the name Yoko Littner. She is from the Tengen Toppa Gurren Logann series of anime. She is commonly seen wearing next to nothing other than short shorts and a tight-fitting top that exposes her impressive cleavage and huge tits. Those that are dedicated to sexy anime girls consistently love Yoko Ritona as she really is the perfect example of what the genre is all about.

Moka Akashiya

From the Rosario + Vampire series of anime comes Moka Akashiya into our top 50 list for the best anime girls ever. She is one of those dream girlfriend types of girls and one of the sexiest characters in the series. She can appear innocent at times and sophisticated at others but she is always sexy no matter what.


With Seraphim, we have one of the sexiest anime girls from the realm of Koreha Zombie Desuka. Her green eyes are one of the things that will immediately catch your attention. So will her long, black hair and her truly womanly and sexy body proportions that are emphasized by her outfit choices.

Kazuha Miniwa

The sexy and innocent look of Tsumiki Miniwa is a key factor in her inclusion on this list of the top 50 sexiest anime girls. She is cute and sexy at the same time and another beauty that we had to include in this list of the top 50 best anime girls.

Shinka Nibutani

Shinka Nibutani is another anime beauty who was a sure thing for our top 50 list of the world’s best anime girls. She comes to us from the popular Chūnibyō Demo Koi ga Shitai! series. It is easy to see why Shinka is considered to be one of the most beautiful girls in her series.

She is true schoolgirl sexiness personified and has long brunette hair, a curvy body, and nice tits. The fact that she is such a sexy girl matches up perfectly with the fact that she is extremely polite, well-mannered, and known for being friendly. All are factors that make her one of the best anime girls ever.


The innocent look of Ikaros is one of the things that has helped her to earn a spot on our top 50 list. This girl is busty and beautiful and you should see her in a bikini. Her massive tits are simply outrageous in a good way. She has attained prominence in the anime world as a main character in the Sora no Otoshimono series. Beyond her huge tits, this anime babe has eyes that are emerald green in color and her body is voluptuous and delightful.

Meiko Shiraki

Meiko Shiraki comes to anime fans from the Prison School world. She has grey hair, is tall, and notable for her intense beauty. This has made her a popular character with anime fans around the world. Another one of the sexiest anime girls that we were obviously going to include in this top 50 list.

Aya Natsume

The next one of the best anime girls ever that we will note on this top 50 list is Aya Natsume. This lady from the Tenjou Tenge universe is truly stunning in her appearance and has long brown hair as well as a curvy body and nice tits to go along with it. She is also a girl that looks really sexy when she is wielding a sword while wearing tight-fitting clothes.

Rangiku Matsumoto

From the Bleach universe, Rangiku Matsumoto is the next hot anime girl of note that we are going to talk about on our top 50 list. Her physical features include blue eyes and long blonde hair. She also has gorgeous lips. The beauty mark near her mouth is one of her defining features as well. Beyond these f defining features is the well-endowed chest that she regularly flaunts with the outfits that she chooses.


Tsukiumi is a prominent female anime character in the Sekirei series. Her tits are often on the verge of completely falling out of the tight little tops that she wears. She has engaging blue eyes and long, flowing blonde hair. These factors combine with her amazing cleavage to make Tsukiumi one of the sexiest anime girls in the world.

Kashiwazaki Sena

She is from the anime series called Haganai and a true stunner. This blonde beauty is a true schoolgirl goddess who looks amazing in a short skirt and a tight top that emphasizes her massive rack. This buxom beauty has a massive fanbase around the world due to her character development and the impressive physical characteristics that she possesses.

Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck

The Bleach universe continually delivers with some of the world’s sexiest anime girls. She is known for her well-endowed and womanly figure that includes a rack of tits to die for. She certainly enjoys showing them off with the outfits that she wears. She also has green hair that just simply fits perfectly with the rest of her look.

Kirika Misono

Kirika Misono comes to the world of anime fans from the Eiken universe. She is a true stunner who had to be a part of our list of the top 50 sexiest anime girls. The thing that you will immediately notice about Kirika Misono is her absolutely massive tits. In this case, saying they are massive does not even do them justice.

This is a true big tit beauty. Kirika’s breasts seem exaggerated and yet perfect at the same time. Her tits are jiggly and bouncy and massive and they go perfectly with her sexy purple hair and her curvy body. This girl loves to show off the physical attributes that she has been blessed with.


You will be blown away once you see the flowing purple hair and her well-endowed chest that looks so good in a tight-fitting top. Kan’u’s entire body looks great when she is wearing tight-fitting clothes that do not leave a whole lot to the imagination. She is an anime girl to take note of for fans that love to admire beauty.


Leafy is also known as Kirigaya Suguha and she is a true anime beauty. Kirigaya Suguha She often appears as a sexy schoolgirl with big sexy tits and an innocent look. For those that love a girl with a sweet appearance and an outgoing demeanor, Leafa is sheer perfection. A true hottie and a member of our top 50 list of leading anime girls.

Erza Knightwalker

We now must talk about Erza Knightwalker. She is an obvious choice as one of the anime world’s top 50 hottest girls. She is another stunner from the Fairy Tale series. She is known for dressing provocatively and showing off her well-endowed physical features that include huge tits. Her flowing red hair and her curvy body add to the pure sex appeal that comes along with Erza Knightwalker. A true example of what a hot anime girl is all about.


Rushuna has earned her top 50 spot because she truly represents everything a hot anime girl should be about. Her curvy figure and huge tits look amazing. This is particularly the case considering the skimpy outfits that she wears. This sexy blonde beauty loves to show off her hot body that has helped to make her one of the most popular anime girls in the genre.

Boa Hancock

Boa Hancock of One Piece fame is considered to be the world’s most attractive woman within her fictional universe. It is easy to see why when you see how her character is conceived in a physical sense. She is slender and tall in stature and has long black hair as well as massive boobs.

Mei Terumi

Mei Terumi of the Naruto universe has a slender figure, auburn colored hair, piercing green eyes, and fair skin. She also has a well-endowed chest that rounds out her stunning physical appearance. Her sex appeal is complemented by the fact that she is known for her moderate and kind personality that her fans adore.

Mei Momozono

From the Mouse franchise, Mei Momozono is truly one of the sexiest anime girls. This busty blonde is not only unbelievably sexy, but she is also a true intellectual and a leading physicist and computer expert. Her well-endowed chest is something that Mei Momozono delights in showing off. Her cleavage is a thing of beauty. She is curvy all over and in all the best ways and truly is one of the hottest girls ever conceived in the world of anime.

Ryofu Housen

Housen Ryofu is known as an outstanding fighter in the Ikkitousen universe. She is also known for dressing like a slutty little trollop with a promiscuous attitude. She loves showing off her big rack of tits by wearing tops that expose her cleavage. This is complemented by her short skirt that leaves very little to the imagination. When you add in her cute pigtails that she puts her green hair into and you have one of anime’s hottest girls.

Medaka Kurokami

The Medaka Box character Medaka Kurokami is one of the hottest girls in all of anime. Within the franchise, she is a standout student who is known for her academic prowess. She is also known for being incredibly sexy. Medaka Kurokami has purple hair that extends down to her waistline.

She also has bangs that fall across her gorgeous and piercing red eyes. Her sex appeal is rounded out by her big, sexy tits that she delights in showing off. She is another anime hotty that we certainly could not forget about for this list.


Hakufu is the babe that rounds out our list of the top 50 sexiest anime girls in the world. This sexy little tart is a key part of the Heroes franchise and she has a fiery personality due to her training in the martial arts. She also has a stunning appearance and looks ever so good in a short skirt. Her sexy body is made even more stimulating in appearance due to the big set of tits that she carries around. They perfectly complement her strawberry blonde hair. A definitive pick as one of the best anime girls ever.


This concludes our top 50 list of the sexiest anime girls ever. These sexy anime characters all have intriguing personalities and play key roles within their own anime universes. They are also absolutely beautiful and sexy. These factors have combined to make these anime girls some of the most popular in the world. They are certainly the hottest and best anime girls that the industry has to offer!


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