Who doesn’t love a porn star that spends a lot of time at the gym? They are flexible. They have well-proportioned figures. They fuck good. It is just fantastic to watch them.

On this page, we are going to introduce you to our 17 favorite athletic pornstars. These are the people that you know are spending half the time in the gym, and the other half of their time being fucked in every hole imaginable.

We have tried to choose pornstars that star in a ton of different porn kinks, so there should be something for absolutely everybody on this page. We doubt you would disagree that these ladies are hot too. Let’s jump in, shall we?

Fit & Athletic Looking Pornstars:

Stella Cox

We are going to kickstart our list of the top athletic pornstars with Stella Cox. She is 30-years-old, although, she doesn’t look 30. If she wanted to pass in the world of teen porn, then we probably wouldn’t know any different. That is just how versatile this little minx actually is. Now, we do not actually know where she comes from. Some websites state that she is British, and others say that she has a bit of an Italian in her.

The truth? It doesn’t really matter. She produces some amazing porn. Like, seriously amazing porn. She is probably best known for all of the lesbian orgies that she stars in, and she has won numerous awards for the foot fetish porn that she manages too. As you might imagine, her body is fucking remarkable. Nice and slender, with a good pair of jugs to match.

Gianna Dior

You know what you don’t get much in the world of porn nowadays? Fit pornstars with a bit of bush on their pussies. Most of the ladies nowadays are rocking a completely shaven haven, but not Gianna Dior. Obviously, she does try to keep things nice and trim down there, but her pussy provides a nice little break from the norm. Lesbian X and Girl Girl are where you are going to find Gianna Dior the most.

This is because she absolutely loves her lesbian porn. However, she has starred in a few Blacked videos, so if you want to see that hairy muff pounded by a huge cock, then she has you covered on that front too. Coming from LA, she has that true Hollywood look, so if you want to see her glitz and glamor, then check out a couple of Gianna Dior’s videos today. We are pretty damn confident that you will love them.

Brandi Love

Brandi Love got started in the porn business way later than most other porn stars. In fact, she didn’t start her career in the porn business until she hit the age of 31. This means that was regarded as a MILF from the very first day.

Of course, this athletic pornstar is still playing into the whole MILF theme, and we love her for that. She is now 47, but she really doesn’t look like it. Seriously. She is the perfect example of how a good amount of time at the gym can pay off in dividends when it comes to looking nice and trim. Lesbian, solo, VR, and incest porn seem to be her niche.

However, since she is probably one of the hottest 47-year-old porn stars in the world, there is barely a type of porn that she hasn’t starred in. Hell, you have probably heard of Brandi Love before. She is immensely popular. It is worth checking out every damn video she has starred in, and that is a LOT over the past 16 years.

Khloe Kapri

Mofos, Fetish Network, Blacked, and Raw are where you will find most of Khloe Kapri’s content. This means that she has pretty much covered all of the main porn networks, even though she is pretty new to the industry. Khloe Kapri doesn’t have the largest tits in the world, but her body is fucking fine.

Like, you can tell that when she isn’t starring in a bit of porn, she is down her local gym or out there running. It looks amazing when you see her tight, little pussy get licked by another hoe. Actually, you know what is better? Seeing that asshole fucked too. It is just so much better when that happens to athletic pornstars.


Do you know what the most interesting thing about LeoLulu is? It is the fact that you are pretty much never going to see her face. Her videos are all about the banging body that she boasts. Hell, we don’t think she has ever shown more than the bottom half of her face in a video, and we reckon she wouldn’t even do that if she didn’t have to suck a dick.

However, despite this lack of face showing, she has still starred in videos produced by some fantastic porn producers. This goes to show just how ‘in demand’ she is just based on the look of her body alone. This is a lady that really loves to be fucked outdoors. You can find most of her videos on PornHub, where she teams up with her partner for some hot and randy sex.

Sydney Hail

She may be 39, but Sydney Hail has only been the porn business since she was 37. We aren’t really sure what took her to this point where the sexy milf wants to be fucked on camera, but we can tell you this much for free; we are glad that she took that jump. Obviously, since she is 39, the bulk of the porn she is going to star in will be MILF porn. This means that you are going to see a lot of videos where she plays a mother fucking her son’s best friend or something like that.

You know, the standard fare for MILF pornstars nowadays. The thing that we love about Sydney Hail is that she is a remarkably good actress. She isn’t afraid to get a little bit experimental when she is kicking about on camera. This means that every single video that she produces has a bit of a unique feel to it, and that is awesome. You never know what you are going to get.

Lexi Luna

Did you ever have one of those teachers that you would have loved to have seen naked? Well, Lexi Luna is one of those people that probably had students dream about her too. The difference? She actually took the leap from teaching into the world of porn. Although, this probably isn’t that surprising. She taught about sex. A lot of her content is very fetish-focused. Again, this isn’t really surprising.

She was discovered through one of the top fetish websites in the world. One day she was taking sexy pictures for herself, and the next day she was taking hard dick for money. Due to her ‘origin story’, most of her content is solo, but she has a good amount of lesbian porn and sucking and fucking thrown in too.

Esperanza Gomez

It seems as if most of the best athletic pornstars are on the older side of things, and Esperanza Gomez is no exception. However, at 40-years-old, she still looks remarkable. Again, a testament to how good a gym workout can be on a body. This Colombian lady is another lass that boasts a bush, and it is one of the best bushes we have ever seen. It seems that there is barely any type of porn that Esperanza Gomez isn’t afraid to tackle, and we love her for that.

She doesn’t really focus on the MILF porn quite so much, though. She just loves to be fucked, and she doesn’t really fill a role beyond having one of her holes filled. Of course, there is a good bit of solo masturbation thrown in for good measure too, just so you can really enjoy her trim body. Oh, and if you love huge knockers on your milfs, then Esperanza Gomez is your girl.

Paige Owens

Starring in Digital Playground, Raw, Blacked, and Tushy videos, you know that you are going to be in for a real treat when you are enjoying one of the many videos pumped out by Paige Owens. While she many people claim that her face isn’t the prettiest in the world of porn (we do love it), we have never seen a single person deny that she has one of the hottest bodies in porn.

It looks so fucking amazing. She has a tight pussy. A tight asshole, and she isn’t afraid of being pounded whenever she stars in a video. Honestly, it is evident that she loves being pounded so much that we really have no clue where to start when it comes to talking about the videos that she is in. Threesomes featuring anal and a bit of solo masturbation seems to be where most of her talents are, though.

Mia Bandini

Considering she has over 150-million video views on PornHub, there is surprisingly very little information out there about Mia Bandini. What we can tell you is that she is Italian. We can also tell you that she is in her 20s. We can also tell you that her body is absolutely stunning. Oh, and we can also tell you that you will love nearly all of the porn that she stars in.

We love Mia Bandini because she is one of those few porn stars that really shows off just how athletic she really is. Nearly every video that she is in will have her moving her body around into unique poses. Like, you would never imagine a woman could be this flexible if you hadn’t seen Mia Bandini on camera. It is remarkable. She stars in foursomes, and most of her videos will end in the most epic orgasm you have ever seen.

Kenzie Reeves

Kenzie Reeves is a lady that we have included on many of our lists. This is because she fits a variety of different kinks, and she never gives anything short of one of the most amazing performances you have ever seen on camera. This lass, with some seriously perky tits, got her start in the world of stripping, but it wasn’t long before she managed to cultivate enough of a following to start appearing in some porn videos and be fucked for a lot of cash.

She has worked for most of the big porn studios in their various series, but she appears a lot in Bratty Sis and Filthy POV videos. However, there is barely anything that Kenzie Reeves isn’t willing to do for money.

Brianna Jordan

Brianna Jordan is another lady where it is tough to find out anything about her. However, once you gawp at her amazing tits, you will probably forget all about that. She hasn’t starred in that many porn videos, and it doesn’t really seem as if she is working with the big studios, but with the performance that she puts on cam, it is likely only going to be a matter of time before she hits the big time.

The bulk of her work seems to be in the world of lesbian porn (you really do have to see her tits being sucked on at least once, instant orgasm!), but she isn’t afraid to get filthy with a good, hard cock buried deep in her snatch either.

Blanche Bradburry

Who doesn’t love a good Eastern European lady? While Blanche Bradburry may be 32 now, she could easily pass for being in her 20s. Her body looks that good. The real highlight of watching any video starring Blanche Bradburry is just how damn good looking her body is. Honestly, with how fantastic her tits, ass, and pussy are, you would instantly believe that God exists.

The best part is that she has starred in a lot of 4K and VR porn, which means that you can enjoy Blanche Bradburry videos the way that they are meant to be enjoyed. She has worked with all of the major porn studios, so if you watch her content, you will be able to enjoy a good mix of porn. Lesbian and anal is the way to go for most of her stuff, but there is a lot of romantic, sensual porn thrown in for good measure.

Kendra Lust

Kendra Lust is probably a name you have heard of, right? We are sure you have. This is another lady that has worked in some huge videos. This includes productions from Bang Bros, True Anal, and Brazzers. While she doesn’t give too much about herself away online, her videos do the speaking for her.

This one of our top athletic pornstars has built her name upon being more than willing to be fucked in every single hole. She is a tremendous actress, and she really pulls you into the content she stars in. While she has been in the business for a long time, we predict a lot more to be coming from her.

Jewels Jade

Jewels Jade is well into her 40s now, but those titties look as good as the titties on anybody half her age. As you can probably guess, the bulk of the content she stars in will be MILF porn. She is probably one of the best pussy lickers in the business. Because of the bitchin’ tits that she boasts, most of her videos have a good titty fuck or two thrown in for good measure. If you look at her abs, you wouldn’t believe she is almost 50.

Nicole Aniston

Nicole Aniston has starred in a lot of Bang Bros. Bubble Butts videos, which should give you a rough idea of what you can expect when you watch one of her videos. She has one of the nicest asses in the business. In recent years, this cute, little blondie (and we do mean little) hasn’t been starring in that many porn films with the big studios.

Instead, she has moved onto producing her own videos for her OnlyFans account, which adds a bit more of an authentic feel to the content she stars in. Don’t worry, you will still get to see a lot of fucking and images of her cute butt in them.

Sarah Banks

Let’s wrap up with this athletic ebony lass. She has an amazing pair of knockers (all natural), and a fantastic ass (also natural). Honestly, you are going to be so awestruck about how good she actually looks, you will barely notice that Sarah Banks is being fucked half of the time. Most of her videos are self-produced, where she stars with her boyfriend. However, she has starred in a few videos with Brown Bunnies and Team Skeet.

Sarah Jessie

Sarah Jessie is one of those athletic pornstars that bills herself as a hippie. Don’t worry. She isn’t one of those hippies that is all about covering her body in hair. She is more the type of lass to spread ‘peace and love’ to anybody that will listen. Weirdly, Sarah Jessie comes from a porn family.

You don’t really hear about that much. Her dad directed porn videos, her mom was a star. No. They never worked together. However, who wouldn’t love a supportive family like that? She is mostly into MILF porn now, but there are a few other videos from her early days but, sadly, you won’t get to see her awesome ink if you watch those.

Haley Ryder

Haley Ryder is a porn star that doesn’t like to fuck about on camera. She wants to get down and dirty as soon as possible. This means that pretty much every single video you see from this fit pornstar is just straight sex. A bit of sucking. A bit of fucking. A whole lot of looking at her amazing body on camera. We challenge you to just close your eyes and listen to her when she is getting pummeled. She makes some of the best noises in porn. Her moans are out of this world.

Abigail Mac

You have probably seen Abigail Mac before. She works at PornHub, testing out some of their sex toys. She is one of those rare ladies that you will never, ever see in anything but lesbian porn. She doesn’t take dick on camera. It is all about that pussy licking or toy play. Don’t worry, though. All of her videos are hot, and you will be hard within seconds from listening to her voice alone.


As sad as it is, that is the end of our list of the top fit pornstars. Of course, this doesn’t mean that there is not anybody else out there to discover. Hell, the world of athletic pornstars is packed to the brim with some seriously sexy lasses. Get started with the 17 on this page. Have a wank to all of them. We promise you, these are the best of the best. You can then start to explore what the rest of the porn world has to offer because there are some mighty fine ladies out there. Trust us on that one.


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