Discussion about Pubic hair was considered a taboo in most cultures. However, due to civilization talking about women and men bodies as brought issues of hygienic concerns.

Pubic hair is a sign of femininity or masculinity and that is why we shall see various ways in which both women and men can style their pubic hair to look presentable and to meet the expected hygienic conditions.

Read on and find out.

Men’s pubic hairstyle

Here are some of the popular men’s pubic hairstyle.

The Classics

The classics are in five types of classic pubic hairstyle. The first one is the Natural style which is incorporated with light grooming which leave some bushy looking pubic hair. When it is done properly it should not leave some cropped pubes or lines. There is also Mega-bush where the hair is left to hang just the way it was made. There is no use of a razor or a trimmer. 

Triangle style is a more contemporary look where the pubic is trimmed to form the shape of a triangle. It is a nice look that comes with more advanced designs. So you will need the right razor to shave it perfectly.

Another modern classic is the landing strip. It is a clean and elegant style of grooming pubic hair buy trimming the shaft into a single thin line down to a certain level.

The final classic can be termed as a naked mole-rat, the swimmer, prepubescent and the baldly. These nicknames show that it is not an attractive look because it is usually completely bald which makes it ideal for those active sexual partners and sportsmen.

The face Hunger

This is another stylish trend where the groin is tickled to provide fellatio buy a reverse molding person’s face. It is usually a complicated procedure that requires some expertise hence it is not a common way of styling pubic hair.

Holiday special

The holiday special requires lots of work and at the same time, it can get your lazy with a manscaping. .The most important thing is creativity. For instance, you can take carve a jack-o-lantern for your Halloween or streamers and bells for Christmas. This style will never become stale because of the ceaseless themes which are based on pubic creativity.

5 o’clock shadow

This is also another creative way of styling pubic hair. The nature of the shadow might vary because some like straight-up stubble while others prefer to keep the hair soft and long but maintaining the shadow.

Most popular pubic hairstyles for women.


The Brazilian style implies that you go on bare from the tip of your butt crack to the belly button. Some women don’t like being hairless because they feel uncomfortable and sometimes itchy but it is a good way of keeping your pubic hair.

The Silver fox

Some mature women love dying off the app rather than shaving this makes them look more sexy and appealing to men.

The Punk Rocker

If you want some beautiful curtain- like drapes and you’re up to the challenge then the punk rocker is what you looking for. It is maintained by using hair conditioner, shampoo, hair spray, and hair gel. As you style your pubic hair you should be sensitive on the adjacent skin so that it doesn’t get scorched by these products.

The postage stamp

This is a ground square above the clitoris which has the size and shape of a postage stamp. It is a great way of keeping pubic hair which is not bare but it is demanding because it requires a lot of care. It is like your small Bermuda triangle. You simply need to Remove the sides and the top part to remain with a tiny bit From the bottom.

The Arrow

This is a fun pubic hairstyle when it is done right. There is no need for verbal cues and it can be easily converted to a landing strip or a postage stamp because you might not have to shave everything. It makes you look sexy and romantic to your boyfriend.

Baby braid

You should not miss out on this pubic hairstyle because most people have expressed a lot of interest in them. When your pubic hair has grown to some height you need to make a braid out of them but ensure it is tiny enough. The sites will be shaved to giving give it a dominant look.

Popular pubic hairstyles over the Decades

The history of pubic hair is incredibly amazing which can be traced to the ancient Egyptian times where Stones was used as razors and painful Brazilian wax on pubic hair. Here are some popular pubic hairstyle over the decades.

The Brazilian

This is the most popular hairstyle which has been used for a long time It involves shaving all hair but leaving a small strip down at the center.

The Charlie Chaplin

The Charlie Chaplin pubic hairstyles are characterized by the horizontal strip at the pubic area which resembles a Chaplin mustache. It is also known as Adolf or Hitler because of being an ancient style.

The landing strip

The landing strip can also be termed as military circles which is narrower than the French but wider than a Brazilian style. The most important part is all on its width.

The French

This is a less dramatic hairstyle than Brazilian because it involves removing hair strips on both sides.

The Mohawk

This style was first used in Japan courtesy of Beckham mohawk and it has slightly wider than the Brazilian.


Then various people hairstyles have been used from ancient times the modern days. Both men and women can use this style for hygienic purposes and even to stay more stylish. Therefore the choice is all yours but ensures you choose the one that suits you and it makes you elegant.

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