We love watching skinny pornstars. This is, mostly, down to the fact that their bodies almost always look brilliant. If you love tiny titties, but nice and cute asses, then skinny is probably the way to go. If you love pornstars that are able to pass off as teens even as they are late into their 20s, then skinny is the way to go.

Here are 20 of the best skinny pornstars around. Each of these stars has been selected for the depth of videos they have, as well as the awesome show they put on each time they head on camera. They look fucking amazing too.

Best, Hottest Skinny Pornstars

Lexi Lore

With over 500-million views on PornHub alone, Lexi Lore is somewhat of a sensation in the world of skinny pornstars. This 22-year-old lady (at the time of writing) seems to have her pussy buried deep in many different types of porn. One minute, you can watch her doing a bit of solo masturbation in the shower, the next she will be in a huge orgy getting pounded by a big, black cock, and later on, you may catch her in an epic lesbian scene. She is loved by all, no doubt due to that innocent, blond look. However, once she peels off her clothes, well, you have no idea what she is going to do next.

Kenzie Reeves

Kenzie Reeves not only is skinny, but she is incredibly short too. So, she is the perfect option for the person looking for a bit of classy, petite porn. At the time of writing, Kenzie Reeves is new to the world of porn. However, that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have a clue what she is doing. This lady was on the stripper pole not too long ago, and she managed to attract rave reviews.

It isn’t hard to see why either. Her nice and firm titties look fantastic on camera, we can only imagine how good they would have looked ‘in real life’. Kenzie Reeves is one of those skinny pornstars still trying to find their niche, but this is good for us. It means that she is willing to do just about anything. Most of her stuff is step-sister focused, but there are some good blowie and anal videos thrown in for good measure too!

Alex Grey

Alex Grey is a slim blonde and innocent looking webcam girl. She has over 100K Followers as a webcam model. She is young and for sure will catch your attention in the years that come.

Kiara Cole

Weighing in at just 85lbs, it is fair to say that Kiara Coles really is one of those skinny pornstars that we all know and love. This midwestern girl has just hit her 20th birthday at the time of writing, although she is a lady that has been active in this business for a long while now.

If you have ever watched the ‘Bratty Sis’ videos, then you will probably recognize Kiara Cole from them. This is where most of her career has been spent, although she now seems to be expanding into other areas of porn. Although, to be honest, most of the stuff that she stars in seems to involve her being dicked by multiple guys, or maybe having a woman thrown in there for good measure.

Bella Rose

Bella Rose has been in the industry for a while now, but she hasn’t always gone by Bella Rose. It wasn’t too long ago you would have found this one of the skinny pornstars starring in clips as Bella Snow. She weighs in at just 96lbs. While this lovely lady has long since shot past being classed as a teen, the bulk of the movies that Bella Rose stars in are teen-focused.

This goes to show just how young her skinny look makes her appear. It seems barely a clip goes by where this North Carolina lass is not paired up with another woman. She seems to love those threesomes and lesbian clips. However, you will find a good chunk of BJ porn and the like coming from Bella Rose.

Piper Perri

Born in 1994, Piper Perri has starred in a lot of porn films. With over 400-million views on PornHub, it is clear how much the world loves her too. Despite her older age in comparison to most of the ladies starring in teen porn, she still manages to pull off teen porn videos with ease. You can thank her perfect skin for this.

Perhaps one of the main reasons why people seem to love her is the fact that she has some cute little braces. While she seems to have ditched these in recent years for some videos, it is by all accounts a little bit of a trademark for her. Of course, those cute little braces do not get in her way of delivering some fucking amazing blowjob scenes.

Chloe Temple

Chloe Temple is another lady that is new on the scene, but she certainly knows her way around a cock and other women’s bodies. She weighs a little bit under 100lbs, but because she is taller than many of the other skinny pornstars that you find on this list, we are going to say that Chloe Temple is more than qualifying for the title.

One thing that we love about this lady (and there is a lot that we love about her) is the fact that she enjoys doing POV videos. This means that you are going to know what it is like to shag one of the hottest pornstars in the business. Well, you will almost know what it is like to fuck one of the hottest pornstars in the business…and that is good enough, right?

Lola Fae

Born in 1996, Lola Fae regards herself as a BDSM expert. It seems that barely a video goes by where she isn’t dabbling in at least a little bit of BDSM. This petite pornstar can get pretty bloody freaky when she puts her mind to it too! One kink that she does cater to, which you really do not see much in the world of porn, is the whole gender fluid scene.

While she hasn’t made many videos in that kink yet, she does talk often about how much she wants to do it. She is a lady that also talks heavily about how good it would be to star in some DP shit too. Since she is early on in her career, we predict that we are going to see huge things from Lola Fae. Huge things.

Gina Gerson

All of the skinny pornstars that we have spoken about so far come from the United States, so we are going to break away a little bit from that with Gina Gerson. She comes from Russia. She weighs in at 110lbs, but she is the tallest pornstar on this list so far. One of the things that we love about Gina Gerson’s videos is that they tend not to have a high production value. Since she is in Russia, she can’t really work with the top American porn producers.

As a result, she produces all of her own porn. She does a sort-of a backstage look at her life. This does mean that she is often going to be starring in sex videos with the same people, but that is cool with us. It adds a more ‘real’ feel to things. When somebody really bonds with their co-stars, then magic happens during the fucking…and believe us when we say that magic really does happen whenever Gina Gerson launches a new video.

Jane Wilde

Jane Wilde has been shagging on screen since her 18th birthday, and she claims that she isn’t going to be slowing down any time soon. She is probably best known for working with Digital Playground, but she has worked with most major porn companies now. She regularly stars with one of the other skinny pornstars on this list (Emily Willis) who we will talk about soon.

One thing that Jane Wilde really seems to fucking love is anal sex. It is evident that this filthy lass cannot get enough of it, and almost every single video, if they are not lesbian porn, will have some sort of anal sex thrown in. Check out her Evil Angel videos if you want to see just how filthy this slut can get.

Jessica Portman

You know one of the things that we really, really love about skinny pornstars? It is the fact that, more often than not, they seem to be pretty damn flexible. While we do not know much about Jessica Portman, we do know that she is Russian. We also know that she can bend in all sorts of amazing positions, and this means that her videos are always a thrill to watch. The bulk of her content is going to involve her being shagged after a good blowjob, but she does produce some epic solo content too. It can be hard to track her stuff down but, when you do, it is a real fucking treat.

Gina Valentina

We are stepping outside of the United States and Russia for the next inclusion on our list of the best skinny pornstars. Let us introduce you to Gina Valentina, a Brazilian pornstar. Now, sadly, it is going to be damn tough to track down her content in the free domain. This is because this perky titted beauty is very much in demand. She can mostly be found in Fetish Network videos. If you are ever able to catch her content, then we would regard you as one of the luckiest people in the world. No word of a lie on that one. She is just that bloody good.

Kira Noir

All of the ladies that we have spoken about so far are white girls. So, let’s go for an ebony beauty next. Although she also has a hint of Asian in her (Chinese by all accounts), so you have a good mix of ethnicities when you dive into a video from Kira Noir. With her trademark dreadlocks, every video this lady stars in is gold. She loves a good bit of anal, but she isn’t afraid of pumping out a solo video every now and then to really get her fans nice and hard in their pants.

Unless she is starring in a bit of lesbian porn (and she does a lot of that), it seems that nearly every one of the videos that she stars in will have a good bit of anal sex at the end of it. She still somehow manages to end up with one of the tightest assholes we have ever seen on camera, though. it is just magic!

Tiffany Tatum

Oh my. Where do we begin with this Hungarian lass? Looking at the screenshots for her videos makes it seem like you are opening the greatest porn selection box ever. She is hot as fuck, and she is fantastic in every scene that she stars in. Whether Tiffany Tatum is begging to have her mouth filled with cum, or she is jumping into an epic lesbian sex scene, you know that you are going to be in for a real treat. Despite only being in the business for a year, she has starred in a lot of videos. This goes to show just how in-demand this beauty actually is.

Naomi Swann

You know the worst thing about Naomi Swann? It is the fact that, at the time of writing, she hasn’t really starred in that many porn films. it is a shame, because based on what we have seen so far, the top producers should be going gaga for her. That being said, we still don’t mind. What we have seen thus far is fucking brilliant.

This lady has an amateur feel to her videos and, in our opinion, this makes them so much fucking hotter. Tushy Raw, New Sensations, and Spy Fam seems to be where she spends most of her time performing, which should give you an idea as to the type of content that she pumps out. Awesome lady. Awesome body. Awesome everything.

Vina Sky

This 84lb ebony lass has been picked up by Girls Gone Wild any many other major porn studios, which shows just how great she is on camera. Although, it isn’t the pro-shot stuff that we really love about her. Sure, it is great, but the true joy will be the once per week privately shot video that she releases on platforms such as PornHub. There is always something new to discover in these videos, and it shows exactly why Vina Sky is regarded as one of the best in the business.

Elsa Jean

Elsa Jean is another one of those ladies that got their start in the porn business after being a stripper and being much loved there. In fact, she managed to become a stripper then make the jump to porn at the tender of age of 18. She was a fast mover, right? This means that she is still a pretty young lass, and she really plays on the whole ‘schoolgirl’ look in her videos. We must say that her snatch looks incredibly tight, but there is barely a throbbing cock that she isn’t willing to slide deep inside of her.

Emily Willis

As we mentioned previously; this is a lady that has starred in some lesbian scenes. However, she is an award-winning pornstar outside of that. In 2020, she received an award for the best anal scene, which shows what type of porn she really loves to perform in. Tushy, Vixen, and Family Sinners are where you will find most of her work. However, she is so in-demand in the industry, and is going to be even more in demand in 2021, that we wouldn’t be surprised if she started popping up just about everywhere that you can enjoy your porn.

Riley Reid

It isn’t often that a pornstar has their own Wikipedia page, but Riley Reed does. It shouldn’t really be surprising, though. She has won a LOT of awards. She is so popular that she is even a Fleshlight Girl, which means that if you really love this skinny pornstars shows, then you can purchase a Fleshlight that has been molded to the shape of her pussy. Riley Reed is new to the porn business, but we predict massive things for her and, no, we are not just talking about cocks.

Nancy A

Let’s wrap up this list with Nancy A, a Ukrainian (but may also be Hungarian) pornstar. She loves her BDSM and solo performing videos. For a skinny pornstar, her natural tits are huge. However, the real highlight of watching a Nancy A porn is the epic ass that she boasts. Like, it is nice and plump. The only downside is that it isn’t us being able to enjoy that tight, little booty.


So, there you have it. The twenty hottest skinny pornstars in the world. Check out their content. We are positive you will love it.


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