There is a lot to love about the expansion and diverse world of anime. The talent that is involved in the creation of quality anime is something that is worthy of praise in its own right. Anime shows also offer a viewing experience that takes you to another realm where you can escape reality. Beyond all of this, there are the sexy characters that have become a hallmark of the anime genre.

You will find some of the sexiest anime characters ever in the anime genre. There have been many prime examples of this over the years. The last few decades have produced some highly memorable and extremely sexy anime characters. If you are someone who craves sexy anime, then this list is for you. These are the top 20 best sexy anime shows of all time.

If you have never had the pleasure of checking out all of these memorable anime shows, then tonight might be the perfect night to settle in for a marathon. Many of these anime shows are perfect for a night of binge-watching. You will quickly see why these anime shows have such devoted fan followings.

They are the perfect opportunity to grab your popcorn and get comfortable. Just be aware that you might experience some strong feelings of arousal while you view these sexy anime shows. This could lead to you grabbing for more than your bowl of popcorn.

Nana (2006)

For many lovers of anime content, Nana is simply the best anime show out there when it comes to sex appeal. It is a series that revolves around two girls who have the same name but different personalities.

Regardless of this fact, they become close friends. The series follows the friendship of the two Nanas as they face various obstacles. Throughout it, there are plenty of adult themes and sexy moments.

There is also some nudity in Nana. All of these factors have helped to make this iconic anime series one of the best when it comes to powerful sex appeal. You will quickly recognize why Nana has such a devoted fan following around the globe.

Sekirei (2008)

You will be blown away by the humorous storylines in Sekirei and you will also be blown away by the overload of big-breasted, sexy anime babes. This is a best anime show contender in the sexiness department because of its copious amounts of nudity and its many adult themes.

What is certain when it comes to Sekirei is the fact that it is truly an adults-only anime series. It is also one of the best sexy anime shows ever released. This has helped it to build a large and loyal fanbase within the anime community.

The so-called Sekirei in this series are actually extraterrestrials who can help humans to bring out their inner powers when they kiss them. You can easily see how this theme can lead to lots of adult-oriented fun and plenty of sexy themes.


To-Love-Ru is an anime adaption of a manga series that bears the same name. This iconic series contains a total of twelve-episode. There is plenty of sex appeal jammed into these episodes.

The characters are brilliantly adapted from the original manga series and their sexuality really comes through. This has helped To-Love-Ru to build a massive fanbase among anime devotees who love sexy, adult themes.

Highschool of the Dead

High School of the Dead might be an anime story that revolves around a group of survivors who are fighting back against hordes of zombies but it is also one of the best sexy anime shows of all time. It is a series that features hot and sexy characters like Rei and Takashi who do their best to prevent themselves from becoming the next zombie victims.

The animation in High School of the Dead is amazing and it really brings these sexy characters to life. The intriguing storylines in the series along with the attractive characters help to make this one of the leading sexy anime shows of recent decades.

Who can argue with a series that includes scenes of sexy anime girls taking a bath together!


Fans of sexy anime known that Keijo is one of the best of all time within this category. This is one of the most highly sexualized anime offerings ever put forward and focuses on a unique women’s sport where they have to use their tits as asses to defeat their opponents.

One can imagine from this description of Keijo that it is full of adult themes and sexuality. Anyone who would assume this would be correct. These are some of the key reasons why Keijo is rated as one of the best sexy anime shows to ever air. This is evidenced by its massive fan following that it enjoys worldwide.

Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom

The series Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom focuses on an assassin syndicate called Inferno and a Japanese national who they have kidnapped. This anime series has some of the darkest themes on this list. Just like the other anime shows on this list, it is sexually charged.

Viewers who love a high level of sex appeal in their anime will be please with what Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom has to offer. The characters in this anime series ooze pure and raw sex appeal that is a perfect complement to the dark and adult-oriented themes that are presented.

Gangsta. (2015)

The anime series Gangsta is full of lots of drama as well as plenty of action. It is also loaded with the type of intense sex appeal that is required to land a spot on this list of the top 20 sexy anime shows.

There are a total of twenty-three episodes in the Gangsta series and they all contain plenty of sex and violence. There are a lot of adult themes involved in this show in a general sense.

The action in Gangsta takes place in a city called Ergastalam and features a pair of mercenaries who are known for their impressive skills. They are supposed to target a prostitute named Alex but end up offering her protection instead.

It is all a part of an engaging storyline that will have you watching this one from start to finish.

Gantz (2004)

2004’s Gantz is another one of the most iconic sexy anime shows to ever be created. It is also one of the darkest shows when it comes to the world of anime.

There are all kinds of sex going on in Gantz as well as violence, murder, and plenty of gore. All of these factors help to make Gantz one of the most memorable and iconic examples of a top anime show but the sex appeal is what has landed the show on this list.

There are a lot of sexy characters that are a part of the cast of Gantz. You do not want to get too attached to most of them though as they tend to not survive for very long in this dark-themed anime show.

Prison School (2015)

Prison School is an anime series that is notorious for its adult and sexual themes. This includes graphic nudity that has helped to make it one of the best sexy anime shows ever created.

The characters in Prison School are notable for their funny personalities but they are also known for their intense sex appeal. This is one of the best anime show options for binge-watching.

The intriguing storylines and the powerful sexuality of the characters will keep you wanting more as you watch every episode of Prison School.

Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou

Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou is another one of the best anime show examples to use when demonstrating how sexy the genre can be. This series takes place in a fantasy world that sees humans and monsters living together.

The sex appeal is off the charts in this series. The characters are absolutely stunning. Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou depicts a world where monsters are trying to adapt themselves to the world of humanity.

Plenty of sexy monster women are depicted throughout the process. It is another one of the top sexy anime shows that we knew had to land a spot in our top 20.

Shinmai Maou no Testament

Shinmai Maou no Testament is another sexy anime show that is a must for this top 20 list. If you love hot anime characters dressed in slutty little skirts, then this is the show for you.

This sexy anime show features succubuses and demon lords. All of this sex appeal is wrapped up in a truly captivating storyline that has made Shinmai Maou no Testament one of the most iconic anime shows to air these past few decades.

High School DxD

High School DxD is another given for a list like this. For many fans of the genre, this is the best anime show. It certainly is one of the most iconic and also one of the sexiest.

There are few anime shows that can match High School DxD when it comes to the sex appeal factor. The character Rias Gremory is one of the hottest anime babes ever created.

Just her presence alone would be enough to land High School DxD on this list but there are a lot of other factors that make it one of the best sexy anime shows as well.


For anyone that has seen the show, it will be no surprise that Haganai is on this top 20 list for the best sexy anime shows of all time. This series takes sexy schoolgirls to the next level.

It focuses on the story of Kodaka Hasegawa as he is helped to make new friends by the stunning Ozora Mikazuki. She goes out of her way to build Kodaka’s reputation up by portraying him as a true badass.

This anime show is full of some of the sexiest animation that has been seen within the genre and it is no surprise that it is one of the top sexy anime shows to ever hit the airwaves.

Kill La Kill

Kill La Kill is another sexy anime show that is a must for any top 20 list that seeks to profile the best in adult-oriented anime content. It features the kind of sexy, scantily clad female characters that anime fans crave.

This is an action-packed show that features plenty of adult situations and dark thematic material. All of these factors make Kill La Kill one of the best sexy anime shows to ever air. This show was an obvious selection for this top 20 list and one that you need to check out if you are currently unfamiliar with it.

Trinity Seven

Trinity Seven is an anime series that provides viewers with many sexy scenes. The series includes a long list of hot female characters that are dressed in outfits that leave little to the imagination.

This is one of those sexy anime shows that is sure to get your attention quickly. It has an uncanny ability to getting your sexual juices flowing once it starts to play across your screen. These are factors that have landed Trinity Seven on our top 20 list.

Seikon No Qwaser

The school lives and adventures of Tomo Yamanobe and Mafuyu Oribe are at the heart of the story behind Seikon No Qwaser. As with all of the anime shows in this list, Seikon No Qwaser features plenty of skin showing babes wearing outfits that leave next to nothing to the imagination.

If you are unfamiliar with this great piece of anime work, tonight might be the perfect evening for a binge-watch of this sexy anime series. Seikon No Qwaser delivers on the kinds of adult themes and sexuality that so many anime fans desire.

The Testament of Sister New Devil

We now come to The Testament of Sister New Devil. This is another sexy anime series that is worthy of inclusion on this top 20 listing. The anime babes in this series are stunningly illustrated. They are also well-endowed with big, juicy breasts that constantly look ready to burst out of their tops.

Fans of sexy anime shows have delighted at The Testament of Sister New Devil since its release and it continues to maintain a devoted fanbase. New fans are finding out about this sexy, spicy anime series every day. It is another one that is a must-watch if you have not done so yet.

Berserk: The Golden Age II – The Battle for Doldrey

This film is the second installment of a series that successfully adapts the manga comics that inspired it. It does a good job of bringing forward the adult themes and highly sexualized imagery of the original.

You will get plenty of scantily clad babes when you sit down for a viewing of Berserk: The Golden Age II – The Battle for Doldrey. This series is action-packed as well as being packed with plenty of sexy characters. These factors have helped to make it one of the most iconic anime show to air in recent decades.


The Baki series is composed of 24 sexy and action-packed episodes. It is a faithful adaptation of the Manga comic that has the same name. On your initial viewing of this show, you will see why it is one of our top 20 sexy anime offerings.

This anime show is full of sex and adult-oriented themes that have made it a major hit with devoted anime fans around the world. Some of the hottest scenes in the recent history of anime shows can be found within the 24 episode run of this series.

Devilman Crybaby

Devilman Crybaby is where we are concluding our list of the top 20 best sexy anime shows to ever hit the airwaves. Viewers around the world have delighted at this action-packed and highly sexual anime show that is full of dark, adult-themed content.

It is based on a manga comic by the same name and it expands on many of the themes from its predecessor. This series includes many common themes that anime fans will recognize such as high school students that are faced with adventure.

In this case, they are faced with demons from the Amazon rainforest. All of this is played out by some of the hottest anime characters ever created.


This is where we will wrap up this list of the top 20 best sexy anime shows ever. Fans of sexy anime will delight in going through this list.

Some of them, you might already know and yet you might feel inspired to watch them again after reading this top 20 list. Others might be new to you. In that case, we suggest you delve into them more deeply.

You will quickly see why we have rated them among the best anime shows ever when it comes to sex appeal. These sexy anime shows have incredible sex appeal and they also have engaging storylines that keep viewers coming back for more.


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