Looking for a quick hookup? There are plenty of hookup sites out there for you. We have taken the effort to go through all of them and put together a list of the best hookup dating sites around. Check out this list of 10 of them. We have tried to ensure that there is a little bit of something for everybody here.

This means that not every site is going to be the same. However, we encourage you to sign up to as many of them as possible. After all, the more sites you are a member of, the more chance you have of finding somebody to bone.

Adult Friend Finder

Back in the day, Adult Friend Finder was a website that was more for finding prostitutes than actual love. However, laws in the United States changed. This meant that it had to convert over to an actual dating website, and it has been doing a damn fine job of that too. Although, because of the history of this website, you probably will have to remember that the people that you find kicking about The people on this site are strictly about the casual hookups.

This means that if you are looking for a proper relationship, nobody on Adult Friend Finder is going to be there for you. If you love your nudes, though, then you will be pleased to know that many people have some awesome nudes as their profile picture. We suppose it makes a decent alternative should you not find a date.

Ashley Madison

You have probably heard of Ashley Madison, even if you have never been on the website. This is because it ended up hitting the news in a massive way due to a data leak. Although, thankfully, these issues have been cleared up now. Ashley Madison is, mostly, a website for those that want to cheat on their partners. Sure, there are other types of hookups that happen on this website, but if you aren’t willing to cheat, then this probably is going to be the website for you.

You will almost certainly be helping somebody to cheat, at the very minimum. This is one of those more ‘premium’ exclusive websites. Obviously, due to the nature of the whole thing, you can’t really expect to be finding a long term partner here. Well, not unless you want to be one of those homewrecker types.


OKCupid is your typical dating website. So, you are probably going to have more success looking for a long-term relationship here as opposed to a casual hookup. Although, there are several people looking for nothing more than a hookup too. This is a site that tends to work better in some areas than others. If you don’t live in a decently populated town or city, then you may want to steer clear.

The whole thing about OKCupid is that you will answer a shit ton of questions about what you are looking for in a person. The site will then try to match you up with somebody that sort-of meets the criteria that you have laid out. Of course, you are free to choose anybody on the site too, but if they can see your profile, they may not like what they see! You stand a better chance of getting something long-term here, so if you are into that, then check it out.


Grindr is another hookup dating sites that you may have heard of. This is one of the best hookup sites for gay, bi, and trans people. In fact, that is all you are going to be able to find on Grindr, something which very, very few websites out there offer. Sure, other hookup sites will probably allow you to look at gay, bi, and trans but it will be such a small segment of the website that you probably don’t even want to bother.

This site is going to be for the casual hookups only. We can’t imagine that there are many people that are heading to Grindr with the intention of long-term dating. Since this is the most popular site in the world for gay people, we are fairly confident that no matter where you live, somebody will be there to chat to.

Plenty of Fish

Plenty of Fish is one of the original dating sites. While it is now owned by the team behind Match.com, it is still a well-visited website for those that live in Canada and the United Kingdom. It isn’t quite so popular in the United States. It has around 3-million people logging in per day, so you know that it is going to be a highly active site if you head there.

This is a completely free website to use, although there are some premium memberships available. However, that will go for all hookup dating sites. The intention of Plenty of Fish is to help people find long-term dating opportunities, but there are plenty of people looking for nothing more than a quick hookup too.


Seeking, more commonly known as Seeking Arrangement is completely different from the other best hookup sites that we have discussed so far. You see, this is a website that is all about sugar babies and daddies. So, if you are a rich man willing to splurge on women, then this is the place that you should be heading. If you are a hot woman that wants a man to splurge on her (sometimes quite literally) then this is going to be the place for you.

Obviously, all of the people here are going to be looking for longer-term relationships, but some of the sugar daddies are willing to spend a bit of cash for just a few meetings. The site is free to join. Sugar babies outnumber sugar daddies 4 to 1, so if you are a sugar daddy, then we are virtually certain that you will see a bit of success here, no matter who you are. The site claims that it should take most people no longer than 5 days to find somebody.


eHarmony is another one of those websites that is all about setting up people for long-term dating success. So, expect to be asked a lot of questions if you want to find your match on here. The only downside is that while the site is free to use, you may not be able to talk to everybody on the site unless you may some money for a premium membership.

This does make sense. eHarmony does pour a lot of effort into making sure that people have the best matches. This is also not a website to use if you are looking for a same sex relationship. eHarmony does not offer matchmaking there, but they do have sister sites that you can use for that. eHarmony does have millions of members, so we would say your chances of a quickie through this site are high.


More long-term dating options with Match.com, although a lot of the people you find about this site are also looking for a quick casual hookup every now and then. After all, who the hell is going to want to turn down sex? This is probably the largest dating site in the world too, so no matter where you live, you are probably going to be able to find somebody on Match.com that is right for you.

It had a lot of time to build up the site. It was launched in 1995, which means it is probably the oldest dedicated dating website online that is still in existence. The thing we love about Match.com is that they run singles events. This way you can meet people in person rather than just talking through a computer.


Now, this website is completely different. This is because ItsJustLunch doesn’t use computer algorithms to find somebody for you. Instead, it does it all by hand. So, you can tap in your details and a real person will try and find you somebody in the area. You can then plan a proper lunch date with them.

Very little communication will go on through the computer, which takes it back to the more traditional matchmaking service. It can be a little bit more difficult to find casual hookups here, but the ItsJustLunch team are so good at what they do that they will probably be able to find somebody that is perfect.

Silver Singles

Are you over the age of 50 and looking for a good casual hookup site? Great. Silver Singles is for you. Sure, there are not that many people that are actually looking for hookups up at this age, but we are sure that many people are going to be lucky.. Oh, and no, don’t try and sign up to this site if you are under 50. Nobody is going to want you there!


So, there you have it. A list of the best hookup sites in the world. Check out a few of them. We are positive that it won’t be long before you find your dream shag.


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