People love to know just how much money people make. We suppose it helps to make them feel as if the other person is a little bit more attractive. Money means success, right? It, therefore, probably doesn’t come as much of a surprise that people want to know who the richest pornstars in the world are. After all, a rich pornstar must be a good pornstar.

Obviously, it is pretty difficult to find out exactly how much cash somebody has earned over the years. It isn’t something many people have talked about. However, we do feel that we have put together a list of the richest pornstars around. Everybody that you see here has enjoyed immense amounts of success in the porn industry, as well as outside of it. So, we wouldn’t be surprised if they had a few million in the bank.

Richest pornstars with millions in the bank:

Tori Black

Tori Black is a massive name in the world of porn. She is the only woman in history to pick up consecutive awards for the best female performer from the AVN awards. In fact, she has done the same with a multitude of different award bodies.

She really manages to attract people to view her content. She has regularly been regarded as one of the most beautiful people to ever work in the world of porn too. Now, we do not have exact information on how much Tori Black has made. The same will apply to any of the richest pornstars on this list.

However, the fact that she has won so many awards, starred in actual mainstream content as an actress, and even directed a few videos, we are fairly confident in saying that she has a bit of cash in her pocket. She is still young too, which means that her career has a lot of places that it can go from here on out.

Sunny Leone

Sunny Leone retired from the porn industry back in 2013. However, this Indian woman still made a massive mark on the industry. In fact, just a few short years later, she was making lists as being one of the best women in the world. And no, that didn’t just apply to the porn industry.

One thing Sunny Leone has managed to do is make it big in the world of Bollywood, where she is now a successful actress. We wouldn’t be surprised if she has made more money from her acting at this point than in porn.

It isn’t too hard to find porn content than Sunny Leone has starred in. She made a ton of videos before she quit the industry. If you do get the opportunity, we suggest that you check out a few of her Bollywood videos. You will find that she is a tremendous actress.

Audrey Bitoni

As a top 200 pornstar on and one of the most successful women on,. it probably wouldn’t surprise you to know that she is one of the richest current pornstars in the world, and she is absolutely taking in the dough.

There are very few porn studios that she hasn’t worked for over the years but, nowadays, she seems to be diverting a lot of her time and attention towards her account. However, since she received her breast implants, she has been popping up in more and more locations. This woman is still young, so we expect a lot of things to still come from her. Of course, she probably expects that she will be making more money too.

Jenna Jameson

Let’s be honest. You literally cannot write a list of the richest pornstars in the world without bringing up Jenna Jameson. Hell, she is going to be one of only a few porn stars on this list that the average person recognizes. Most of her money doesn’t come from her actual acting, though.

As good as it was, Jenna Jameson clearly had a decent business mind from the very first days of her career. She made a major porn website (, has written books, owned strip clubs, and even managed to forge a career on TV and radio. While she has had a couple of controversies in more recent years, this hasn’t stopped money landing in her bank account.

This is a woman that you just know is going to keep making more and more money as time goes on. Granted, most of it will be related to the porn business since she understands that well. However, let’s be honest, you make money where you can get it, right?

Tera Patrick

Asian-American porn star Tera Patrick didn’t have the easiest life growing up. Sadly, she was one of the people that experienced the bad side of the porn industry at an age where she really shouldn’t have been anywhere near the porn industry (she was forced into it).

However, this setback wasn’t enough to deter her from the life of a porn star. However, she knew that if she wanted to make money in the business, she had to retain control over her work. This is exactly what she done. Of course, the first few years of her porn career, she worked for other studios.

However, it wasn’t long before she spun off her business and started to make videos for herself. She then licensed them out worldwide. She has been out of the business for a good few years now. However, she has a ton of videos that have still yet to be released, and they are slowly being released, and she is collecting all the cash for them!

Peter North

Starring in over 2,500 porn movies, it is evident that Peter North is one of the richest pornstars in the world. Imagine how much money you must have rolling in from this amount of content? He has also directed 13 movies. Nowadays, he is probably best known for the amount of porn that he produces.

He runs his own production company and, even if you haven’t seen any of the videos he has starred in, you will probably have seen some sort of content that has been emblazoned with his logo. He is an incredibly popular pornstar, and this is a name that is clearly going to go down in history. It seems that almost all of his money has been made from porn. He hasn’t really had any businesses outside of that.

Jesse Jane

Jesse Jane got started in the porn industry due to the success of Tera Patrick. She saw that Tera Patrick was making a lot of money with Digital Playground, so she figured that she would try and give it a go too. It only took a few months of her acting in movies before she became an absolute sensation, with companies wanting to snap her up for all sorts of content.

However, she spent almost all of her time working for Digital Playground due to a contract that she had with them. This meant that most of the content she ever produced in the industry was purely for Digital Playground before she retired. When she came out of retirement, she filmed one movie for and then disappeared again. It is likely that she made a shit ton of money for that specific movie.

Traci Lords

Traci Lords is another one of those names that seem to have gone well beyond the world of porn. Despite this, she never actually starred in much in the way of legal porn. This is because she faked her way into the industry.

When she was 17, she produced a fake birth certificate, starred in a lot of movies and, once she hit 18, retired from the industry within a couple of days. This means that she may be one of the most famous porn stars in the world, but you will never have seen her porn.

It is fair to say that Traci Lords has managed to make a success of her life, though. While that porn she starred in will never make her money (it has all been banned), she has made money from modeling, fashion design, and she is even a successful mainstream actress!

Maria Takagi

Maria Takagi has not acted in the porn industry for a while now. However, she is successful as a TV and movie actress in Japan. While there isn’t much to say about her due to her limited career outside of Japan, it is fair to say that when she was in the porn business, she was regarded as one of the sexiest Asians acting.

She only starred in a small amount of content, which means that some of it can be tough to track down. However, we do love the fact that she managed to use her limited porn as a springboard to TV fame, albeit in Japan. The result? She is one of the richest pornstars in the world.

Ron Jeremy

We were trying to work out whether we should include Ron Jeremy on this list. This is because he is one of the richest pornstars in the world, but he has also lost pretty much everything in his life now, with a major prison stint awaiting him.

We decided to include him, this is because he still is one of the most successful men to enter the business. With his mustache, he is one of the most recognizable male porn stars. He has starred in over 2,000 known movies, but it is highly likely that he starred in a shit ton more beyond this.

Outside of the porn business, he has starred in TV shows, video games, movies, and music videos. Although, as we said, he isn’t likely to be doing any of this soon. He is facing 250-years in prison for sexual assault at various porn conventions, which does put somewhat of a dampener on his career.

Bree Olson

Bree Olson starred in 280 movies during her time as a porn actress. Which, while it may seem like a lot, is not actually all that much for a porn actress. It turns out that despite receiving a ton of praise for the scenes that she did star in, she wasn’t really ‘feeling it’ as a porn actress, so she left the business a short time after.

She then moved onto mainstream content, with an appearance in Keeping Up With the Kardashians being one of the first places she ended up, although that stint lasted just 1 episode. She was more of a ‘comic relief’ for that episode. Since then, she has gone onto starring in a couple of movies, a web series, and some minor appearances in TV shows. Of course, even though she has left the porn business, she has money rolling in from that older content too.

Katie Morgan

Well, Katie Morgan certainly had one of the craziest introductions we have ever seen into the porn industry. Many of the women that you see on this list entered the porn industry because it seemed fun to them. Katie Morgan? Well, she was a drug runner for huge quantities of drugs.

She ended up being caught, and she figured that the only way to make the money to afford her bail was to be a porn actress. It sounds like the plot of a porn movie, doesn’t it? It certainly did work out for her, though. She ended up becoming one of the richest pornstars in the world, and she ended up with mainstream success with TV, movies, and podcasts.

Lexington Steele

Lexington Steele is another name that you will have probably heard of. This is because, for a long while, if a company needed a huge black cock for a scene, they would be calling in Lexington Steele to pull it out. Weirdly, he never planned to enter the world of porn. He is actually a licensed stockbroker.

However, after he received his license, he ended up at an orgy, and somehow this managed to transition him into the world of porn. He starred in 1,300 videos for other companies. He, eventually, started his own production company to produce his own content and make more money. In recent years, he has started to appear in mainstream TV productions.

Jenna Haze

For the first part of her career, Jenna Haze would only work with women. This means that almost all of her early scenes are lesbian scenes, with a couple of solo scenes scattered in for good measure. Despite this, she was still regarded as one of the best women in the business.

As a result, it was a massive deal when she finally transitioned into female-male scenes. She has since retired from the porn industry as an actress, but she still produces and directs videos for her own company. She has achieved a little bit of mainstream success, but the bulk of her cash seems to come from her own productions.

Evan Seinfeld

Good luck finding Evan Seinfeld’s content. He seems to have put this part of his career behind him. He only ever performed with his then-wife Tera Patrick. He performed under the name Spyder Jonez. He is probably best known for his career away from the world of porn.

He can be found in the TV show Oz (he was a main character) and as the lead vocalist in the band Biohazard, although he has since moved on from that too. He has also dabbled in a bit of porn production and directing.

Sasha Grey

It is pretty tough to know exactly how much money Sasha Grey has, or even where it all comes from. While you probably best know her for the stint in the porn industry, she has done a little bit of eerything in her time. She has really made a success of herself. She has books. She has starred in documentaries. She has been on TV. She makes money as a Twitch streamer. She has been in video games (a main character in the Saint’s Row series). All in all, she is a pretty damn busy woman. No wonder she is so rich.

Gianna Michaels

It is surprisingly tough to find out much information about Gianna Michaels. She is one of the few pornstars that really likes to keep themself to themself. However, we do know that this beautiful big-breasted lady is bringing in a lot of cash for her scenes.

A lot of the content that she produces nowadays seems to be aimed at her own website, of which she can keep all of the proceeds. This means that even though she isn’t producing the amount of content that she did in the past, she is still making a lot of cash.

Evan Stone

Well, Evan Stone likes to tell people he makes money, so this one was pretty obvious. His Twitter profile clearly states he is a millionaire. Not that we wouldn’t have thought he was to begin with. He is regarded as the most popular male porn star of all time.

In addition to porn, he has also been a professional wrestler and a comedian. We can’t tell you how he makes his money now. He seems to have disappeared outside of a few Twitter posts, but we are sure that he is enjoying the cash that he has made from his life in porn.

Jayden James

You may also find her referred to as Jayden Jaymes. While she doesn’t seem to be that active outside of the porn industry, she has achieved a lot of financial success from her acting. This doesn’t really come as a surprise, to be honest. She boasts one of the sexiest bodies in the business, and you know that whenever Jayden James is in a porn movie, it is going to be one of the best that you have ever seen. With countless AVN awards to her name, it is likely she is going to be making money in the business for years to come.


This tattooed minx has been retired from the porn business for over a decade now, but she is still making a lot of money, having starred in a few mainstream films. In the porn business, she appeared in scenes with some top actors and actresses. This included Lexington Steele. She also starred alongside Jesse Jane in her famous ‘Pirates’ movie. Belladonna now spends her time raising her children, but that old porn she was in funds her lifestyle.


There you have it. A complete list of the best and richest porn stars in the business. Why not check a few of them out? You probably know some of their names already, so why not see the porn they have appeared in?


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