Brazilian Pornstars are famous for their big ass and luscious, sexy bodies. They just have a different way of standing out among the rest.

Most of the pornstars from Brazil were able to penetrate the mainstream and got successful in having their own adult business, others just got popular, but decided to stay in the business, with just filming adult videos. There is at least a few who decided to just stay out of the limelight and live a simple, happy life.

There are reasons other pornstars left the spotlight, and it may be because of the stress of filming for many hours, getting famous for doing porn film, getting shunned by their relatives, or even their family may also take its toll. If you don’t have a powerful conviction of what you want to achieve, out of the limelight may be another way for them.

Here are 10 Brazilian Pornstars who have made quite a name in the industry where others are just doubly popular than the rest.

According to them, all they did was to focus on their goal, and they just make sure that they don’t get lost along the way because once they do, it might mean they will lose what they worked hard for.

Many of them believed in hard work and in meeting expectations because people will expect things from you, and once you get to perform well at one time, they will always expect highly of you, and this is where most of the stars differ. Others will make sure that they will meet expectations by working doubly hard, others cannot face such stresses in their life.

All of them want to be successful and to be popular, they just have different ways of aiming for it. Some also are lucky while others need to work their asses off and give their best to achieve their goals in life. The aim here is popular and being famous, earning a lot of money as well.

Top Brazilian Pornstars

Elisa Sanches


Ms. Sanches was born on August 21, 1981, and she’s from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. She’s 38 years old and still single as of this writing. She has started her career in porn since 2016, and it seems that Elisa is loving it.

Most of her scenes include Girl on Girl, Anal, Cumswap, Double Penetration, Hardcore, Gangbang, and a lot more.

She worked with popular studios, including Brasileirinhas, Evil Angel, Camera Casiera, BM Video, among others.

Beautiful and fiery, that is what her co-workers describe Elisa. She loves the description, though, cause she says it fits her well, and she would like to add sexy as hell to that description.

Hot Wife Rio (Rio Blaze)


Born on November 7, 1977, this Brazilian, half-Colombian, and Latina babe is a fighter cause she wants to get the message across that women should be loved and pampered, hence her weakness for pampering during filming.

Hot Wife Rio likes her pussy being pampered from all angles and by different men because her weakness is also men cumming and shooting their loads on her face and tits. She likes to look at the men swearing while they are about to cum or while they are doing so, and Rio loves seeing them in their time of weakness.

It is a good thing that Rio has a very loving and understanding husband cause he knows how desirable his wife is, and he is all right with sharing as long as he sees the action himself.

Fernanda Ferrari


This missy is from Sao Paolo, Brazil, where she was born on January 14, 1987.

This 6-foot tall stunner believes that her glorious body, statuesque height, and her big tits are her edge in the business.

She started in the trade when she was 18 years old and fresh with excitement to take her first taste of different dick, unlike the cocks she tasted from her previous boyfriends. Fernanda is one focused porn star, hence, she made it big in the industry, and now she is handling two personal websites where you can see her video compilation.

So if you would like to catch her in action, visit her website now and enjoy your time with Fernanda.

Jessie Rogers


What can we say about Jessie? Just perfect!

She was born on August 8, 1993, from Brazil, and this luscious beauty has made a name for herself in the porn industry.

She also made some memorable parody like Spice Girls Parody in 2012, where dudes and dudess had their fun time watching.

Jessie’s got a D cup size and just the perfectly rounded rump that had won Nightmoves Awards in 2013.

You can catch Jessie in action in these videos Jessie loves it hard from behind, Cock Hero CH First experience by DonBrazo, Naughty America Jessie Rogers fucking in the bedroom, Jessie Rogers Johnny Sins – Party Girl – Brazzers, MOFOS – Blonde Latina, Jessie Rogers, Work It hard fuck harder and so much more.


Darlene is from Rio de Janeiro, who was born on February 9, 1975.

She’s got an ample boob size that is all-natural and not enhanced by surgery – ever. Her ass is just ripe for the picking, just like big watermelons. Her body that seems to promise so much pleasure for men and women,

Darlene will not disappoint.

Darlene loves black dick more because of their size and girth that never fails to amaze her, she’s always hungry for big, huge, black, pulsating, sausage every time.

Her videos include Darlene Amaro Getting Fucked At A Swing Party, Hotgold Brazilian Anal Sugar Ass, Reality Kings – Darlene shows off her big booty, Darlene big Brazilian bunda anal fuck by ass maniac among others.

Gina Valentina


Gina is the sort who wants less attention on her, but she loves giving attention to dicks of different sizes.

She’s your sweet and innocent gal next door, but can swallow your jizm without a drop on the floor.

Well, that’s Gina. She was born on February 18, 1997, of Latin ethnicity.

She loves to try out new things like getting fucked by two or three dicks at the same time, and as long as her energy can take it, she wants more. She believes that we only live once, so why not enjoy this life to the fullest? Gina is a fun-loving, sex-loving, and thrill-seeking type of woman.

Sexy Angel Stripper (Emanuelly Raquel)


SexyAngel is another Brazilian pornstar. She has the right stuff that can make men drool and daydream in broad daylight.

Most of the categories she likes are Hardcore, Anal, Threesome, Big Tits, Brunette, and so forth.

Although Sexyangel has always been a looker and she’s used to men ogle at her at every turn, she hated it at that time. Now, she feels differently with men admiring her sensual body, and she’s now happy that she gets to help men with their libidinous, appetite.

Sexyangel believes in doing what is best for others, and she wants to help them in her little way- like to make them cum in seconds and then some.

Lolah Vibe

Another Brazilian pornstar who is a stunner. Lolah is from Sao Paulo, Brazil, and she’s still active in the adult industry.

Besides filming adult videos, she’s also taking the time to do some modeling stuff. She’s also managing her social media websites, including her Twitter and Instagram.

You can watch her videos entitled I was very horny, so I came for my friend, Spanking my bitch’s ass inversion, Stinky trample, The Quarantine got me very excited, Brazilian girls very sexy orgasms, Hot legging pants pounded in all sweaty pussy after the gym, Lesbian Trailers with Lola Mello, Marcella Schultz, Bianca Santos and more, Faceslapping Compilation.

Monica Santhiago


Monica’s rump is considered one of the best in the business. Her big, round, luscious, and biteable ass makes every man imagine so many things they can do with it. Perhaps slap it, nip it, taste it and take a lick.

Monica can say that she’s blessed, not just with a big, sexy ass, but with a lovely face and gorgeous body as well.

Monica was from Porto Alegre, Brazil, where she was born on April 1, 1978. She’s quite a beauty and one with the talent. Her co-workers enjoy filming with her because of her lets-do-it attitude that always makes the production move faster, and they get to finish every filming with a bang.

Fernandinha Fernandez

Fernandinha is one loud and proud babe. When she’s getting the fuck she wants, you can hear it at a distance because of her screaming.

Fernandinha enjoys hard fuck, she also loves having a threesome, anal, or hardcore. She has no issues with being dominated or tied up while being fucked in every hole she got.

Fernandez just loves getting off, and if it’s from her being blindfolded, hogtied, or bound, then so be it. That is how crazy this lady is.

Well, as long as she’s being truthful with her preference, then who are we to question that? Let the lady do what makes her happy!


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